Plates Of Nephi Found By T.Stokes, U.K


George Stokes was a London born Englishman who spent much of WWII both in India, and the Western desert, and because he spoke Arabic he was dropped into the desert to gain information on troop movements from passing Bedouins to radio back to base, and once a month a plane would fly past and drop medical provisions water and food.

The Bedouins would curiously stop at his tent and have any wounds treated, George an army doctor found many of these simple people were amazingly generous, and impressed him by being spiritual and non material, the simplicity and warmth of these passing people stayed with him all his life.

One of the strangest people he met during his time in India was the fakir Kuda Bux, whom George befriended, he said he had been given seven gifts, these he demonstrated many times to the British army soldiers.

These are the only ones I remember him saying.

(1)   The ability to be buried alive for several days

(2)    To see with a blindfold on, on top of dough wound round his head.

(3)    To stop his heart, in front of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) doctors

(4)    To walk through red hot embers of a burning fire in bare feet.

(5)    He told a man he would soon die, and while digging a trench was stung by a scorpion and died 4 days later.

George Stokes would seek out Kudu Bux to learn of his cultural and spiritual philosophy, and from him he learnt how to see with the inner eye, and to discern the real from the unreal.

George was angry about Winston Churchill’s decision to withhold help from India during the famine which killed 4 million people while India was fighting England’s war, and Churchill gave huge amounts of aid to Russia, whom our own intelligence people said were our real enemies all along.

Not many Englishmen understood the religious and cultural zeitgeist of the Indo/Pak subcontinent, but George did, and said Gandhi was a wonderful man who achieved everything by peaceful means or Ahimsa, and Bhakti devotion to god, and Prema  love of god, and when Churchill wanted Gandhi murdered as a troublemaker, George was one of the group of Englishmen who protested.

After the war George never forgot the lessons and the kindness he received from the desert Bedouins,  Kuda Bux, Gandhi, and the Indian people, and on his return to England began to devote his life to meditation and good works between communities.

He became known throughout London as “The coin man” because could hold a coin in his hand and could relate everything depicted on the coin to the Book of revelations and tell of both past and future occurrences in history,

Over 50 years ago he foretold Britain begging to enter the Common Market, after fighting W. W. II. to keep out, he foretold the Marxist dictator Tony Blair coming to power with his faked up wars, and Britain’s economic decline, with corrupt banks and drug companies taking over.

He foretold the collapse of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church through corruption and perversion, with a dehumanizing lowering of all standards in public life. He also told of China and India becoming world powers, as Both America and Britain declined, he spoke of the Cold War, changing from a war with armaments to a war of words,  where communism would sweep Europe, and replace god with the State and the State would control everything, he spoke of cataclysmic world events such as hurricanes earthquakes and tidal waves until man returned to god.

He found organizations would consult him, and he was known as the London seer to the Roman Catholic theologians, seventh day Adventists, and the Black Muslim assoc and when asked by the local Mormons now known as

“The church of Jesus Christ latter day saints” to look at their literature,

he said he had found the missing Plates of Nephi which was the basis of the religion and which were presumed  lost, but were actually coins of the realm, proving Gods plan yet again.

Over the coming months, many senior latter day saints came over from Salt Lake city to discuss the finds, one man said within my hearing, ‘for anything to be accepted into the dogma of the church it must have from between 5 to 10 complex similarities”

George replied quietly, ’’I have 3,500 and have stopped counting”

The upshot was that a group of Latter Day Saints came over to Georges home in East London, and heard a lecture on the meaning of the find, and that it confirmed God’s hand in the religion, and the right way for the future.

The find was discussed at length in Salt Lake City HQ, and was narrowly defeated, this meant the finding of the Plates of Nephi was hidden from the devout followers, and all further news suppressed, but those of us who watched the proceedings on a day to day basis, know the wonder of its truth.

George died just 8 years ago, and many devout Latter day saints still make the trip to Georges little East London home to ponder on the Plates of Nephi, but I know the truth as George was my father.

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