Prashna – A Unique Approach By Venkat Ramana, India.

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Venkat is a law graduate and presently pursuing post graduation in management. He has studied jyotish visharada in the ICAS (Indian council of astrological sciences) and is an honorary faculty in one of its branches at Hyderabad. He has been studying palmisty for more than 10 years and over a period of time his interest drifted towards astrology. He has developed a deep interest in the subject and endeavors to do service to the people. A friend of Saptarishis Astrology and a very humble yet extremely dedicated student of this subject.

There are several methods in Horary (Prashna) astrology. All methods require certain basic calculations before the results are announced for the Prashna (query) of the questioner. The method which is explained in the following lines is a very unique and instant way of giving predictions for the queries by the questioners. This does not involve any calculations and can easily be practiced by persons who have even basic knowledge in astrology. Further an attempt is made to explain the method in a very lucid and systematic way so that it can be easily adapted by all. I found this method very useful and giving accurate result. In this method we have to obtain a three digit number at random from the questioners and reduce it to a single digit by adding the number and relate the number so obtained to the planets as detailed hereunder. I hope this method will be appreciated by scholars also.

I have taken a cue from the book “Jyotish Vibration Siddhantam” by Shri Sivala Subrahmanyam for allotment of numbers to the planets which are slightly modified from the conventional system. It appears that there has been a great deal of research done for such modification. For example he has allotted No. 6 to Mars. According to him Mars is represented by Lord Subrahmanya who is also called Shanmukha representing No. 6. In the natural zodiac Mars is allotted Chitra Star in the 6th Rashi Virgo. Further Mars is also a fighter and signifies disputes which again is represented by the 6th house.

The Conventional System

Sun- 1   Moon – 2    Jupiter – 3   Rahu – 4   Mercury – 5   Venus – 6   Ketu – 7   Saturn – 8    Mars – 9

The Numbers Modified As Per Sivala Subrahmanyam:

Sun- 1   Rahu – 2    Jupiter – 3   Ketu – 4   Mercury – 5   Mars– 6   Moon– 7   Saturn – 8    Venus – 9

While prodding over the book by Mr. Sivala Subrahmanyam a thought came to this scribe that these numbers might be made applicable to prashna system also wherein at times the querent does not possess birth charts. Even in cases where birth charts are available this method can be applied to answer single questions instantly. Though the numbers allotted to planets are slightly modified, the method of prediction followed is not deviating from the fundamentals of the Vedic Astrology. The following are the steps to be followed.

Step: I

  1. One should have in his mind the days’ transit chart with the position of planets including the degrees and the star lords at which they are located and also the speed with which they transit. This is fundamental rule for this method.
  2. The Rashis which are friendly, enemy and inimical to the planets are to be memorized.
  3. The places of exaltation and debilitation should be kept in mind.
  4. Karakatwas of the planets also to be borne in mind.
  5. Conjunction of planets in the transit chart should be borne in mind.

Step: II – Favorable Position Of Planets

  1. Exaltation
  2. Moolatrikona
  3. Friendly Rashi
  4. Friendly Nakshatra

Step: III – Unfavorable Position For Planets

  1. Debilitation
  2. Enemy Rashi
  3. Enemy Nakshatra
  4. Retrogression
  5. Combustion\

Step: IV – Planetary Periods for Fruition/Non Fruition of events.

       Sun:             Six months

        Moon:             Immediate

       Mars:               Six Months

       Mercury:      Two Months

       Jupiter:         One month             

         Venus:            Fifteen days

       Saturn:         One year

       Rahu:           Eight months

       Ketu:              Three months

Note: planetary periods have reference to classics ‘Sarvarth Chintamani’ and ‘Brihat Jataka’, except for the period of mars which stays in a Rashi for six months in case of kuja sthambana. During the course of its transit sometimes Mars stays in a Sign for Six months. This is a unique feature with regard to Mars. This unusual behavior of Mars is known as Kuja (Mars) Sthambana (paralyzing the movement).

E.g. Number given by querent is 312, so add it 3 +1+2= 6, this is the final number. Let’s take another example wherein the number given is 689= 6 +8+9= 23, now reduce this further to single digit, so we add 2+3=5, which becomes our final number.       

Step:  V (Prediction)

Ask the querist to give any three digit number. Reduce it to single digit by adding the numbers. Then select the planet according to the number arrived at by referring the numbers given above. Locate the position of the planet in transit chart.

  1. The planet in the friendly Rashi will give positive result
  2. A planet though in a friendly Rashi but in enemy star may not give favorable result till it is in the enemy star but the position may improve once it crosses the enemy star in transit.
  3. Planet in exaltation will give benefic result.
  4. Rahu/Ketu may not give favorable result as they are always retrograde.
  5. Retrograde planets will not give favorable results as long as they are retrograde. They start giving favorable result once they become direct provided they are located in Exaltation/Friendly Sign.
  6. A planet in a favorable position and moving to an unfavorable may not be able to produce positive result.                        


1) For the purpose of deciding the Planetary Friendships and Enemity the relationships as given in the Traditional System is followed. This can be found in any astrological book. However, for the convenience of the readers a table of Planetary Friendship/Enemity is given here.

2) The Lordship of Lunar Mansions (Stars) is to be memorized for predicting results. This will help to know whether a Planet is in a Friendly Star or Ememy Star in transit. A table containing the 27 Stars and their Lords is also given here.

Table Of Planetary Friendship/Enmity






Jupiter, Mars, Moon

Saturn, Rahu, Venus



Sun, Mercury

Rahu, Ketu

Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars


Moon, Jupiter, Sun

Mercury, Venus, Rahu



Rahu, Venus, Sun


Jupiter, Mars, Saturn


Sun, Moon, Mars

Mercury, Venus

Rahu, Saturn


Mercury, Saturn, Rahu

Sun, Moon

Jupiter, Mars


Venus, Mercury, Rahu

Sun, mars, Moon



Venus, Mercury, Saturn

Sun, Mars, Moon



Venus, mercury, Saturn

Sun, Mars, Moon


Table Showing Stars & Their Lords

















Purva phalguni


Purva ashada






Uttara phalguni


Uttara ashada
































Purva badra








Uttara badra











In the above table lordship of the Stars should be seen horizontally. Ex: For Ashwini, Makha and Moola the Lord is Ketu.

Some example (practical) charts are given below which will make the readers understand the method easily. Kindly note that in all the charts the location of the chart is taken as Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. (Note: Location of Prashna (Horary) chart will be the location of the Astrologer).

Example Chart – 1:  date/time of query 26th June-2006/11:25hrs No. 4

The querist enquired whether her daughter can make up in the interview for the post of Flying Officer in the Indian Air Force which was slated after two days in Dehradun. Will she get the job was the question. The number she gave was 4 which represent Ketu. It can be seen in the chart below that Ketu was located in Virgo. As Ketu is a retrograde planet it cannot give any favorable result and also he was placed in an uncomfortable position/rashi. Therefore, the prediction given was her daughter may not get through the interview. But she was not happy with my prediction and approached some other astrologers who predicted positively. She informed me that she is sending her daughter by spending more than Rs. 20000/- for the flight tickets as there was very short time to reach the place & go in for the interview. After the date of interview she came running and told that her daughter could not clear even the first level in the interview.                   

Example Chart – II:  Date/Time Of Query 05-July-2006/14:22 No.8

chart 285

A very senior officer of Government of India had asked whether there would be selection for a deputation post applied for. I asked the person to give a three digit number. There was a book in front of the officer and I asked to open the book and tell the page number that comes on the right or left side. The book was opened and the three digit number given was added up to No. 8. This number is the number of Saturn. Saturn was in inimical rashi but in a friendly Star (Ashresha) conjoined with enemy planet Mars and friendly planet Mercury. Mars though enemy planet is weak here being debilitated and Mercury being retrograde is not effective.  Saturn was moving to Leo during November 2006 and becomes retrograde in December 2006. Though Saturn was moving into enemy rashi he is comfortable in Leo the house related to government (Sun).  The query was related to profession and government. I told the officer that there would be selection during mid of November’06 and before mid of December’06 (keeping in view the Saturn’s retrogression in December’ 06). The officer though happy with the reply was not sure as there was some opposition for the selection and opened the book for giving one more number. Again number 8 was the page number opened and third time also No. 8 was chosen. I myself wondered with the repetition of the No. 8 three times. As predicted the officer was selected for the deputation post during November’06 and relieved of the duties for reporting to the new office before Saturn became retrograde in December’06.

Example Chart – III: Date/Time Of Query 27th June-2006/17:00 No: 6

chart 286

The question was from a person who is the brother-in-law of the person who was operated and in the hospital. He asked whether the person in the hospital would recover. The number given was 6 representing Mars. Mars was in Cancer debilitated conjoined with enemy planets Saturn and Mercury and also in the enemy Star (Ashresha). The position of Mars was very bad. If the person should recover Mars has to move to Leo a bosom friend’s Rashi.  The prediction given was if the person can survive 15 days he would recover as Mars was to move to Leo after 15 days. However the individual could not survive for 15 days but expired before that.

Example Chart – IV   date/time of query 20th March 2006/10:30 No. 1

This query is related to profession. The individual had applied for transfer to his choice station and he wanted to know whether his transfer would be considered favourably. He has given a three digit number which was reduced to 1. Number 1 represents the Sun. Sun was in a friendly Rashi and conjoined with an enemy planet and in Saturn’s star who represents profession. Rahu is a retrograde planet and therefore cannot stop the Sun giving results.  Further the nakshatra lord Saturn in which Sun is posited was also retrograde. The Sun was to move to its exaltation sign Aries around 15th April, 2006. As stated above the period for Sun to give result is six months. Prediction given was that the transfer will fructify within six months more specifically between 14th April and 14thMay 2006 and between July 15th and September 15th 2006. As predicted the transfer order came during the third week of April 2006 by that time Saturn also became straight and the individual was relieved of his duties on 30-04-2006.

Here Rahu is coming towards Sun. One may get a doubt won’t Rahu eclipse Sun and stop him from giving result? It is a genuine doubt, but as already explained being a retrograde planet Rahu becomes ineffective and has no strength to obstruct the Sun who is in a Friendly Sign. Even if it does so, it may delay but can’t negate the result. Keeping this point in mind time of fructification was given as after 14th April and before 14th May when Sun transits Aries (Exaltation Sign). Further, second period from 15th July to 15th September was given as Sun transits Cancer and Leo Signs during that period (the period from 15th May to 14th July is not favorable as Sun transits his enemy Sign Taurus and a Neutral Sign Gemini)

*Special Note: Here I would like add one point regarding the period or exact timing of an event. Notwithstanding the planetary periods (for fructification of results) given above I noticed that the planets are giving immediate results when they transit Exaltation/Friendly sign more so the faster moving planets like Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Moon.

Example Chart – V: date/time of query 14th Sept-2006/17:16 No. 6

One lady asked me whether she will be blessed with children in near future. The number she gave was 6 representing Mars. As seen in the chart Mars is in Virgo an enemy Rashi and conjoined with Mercury (Enemy) and Ketu (retrograde). Mars was in the star of Moon and Moon was in the star of Mars there is an exchange of stars between the two. As per the disposition of Mars in the chart I told her that she may not be blessed with child in the near future. After a month or so she rang up and told that she was pregnant. I thought I have gone wrong somewhere. Further, after some time she rang up and told me that there was a miscarriage.

I could not understand why the lady was pregnant and why there was miscarriage. I discussed with a very senior scholar regarding this. He clarified that Mars is the planet who gives and takes. I was able to understand why this had happened like this.

Example Chart – VI: Date/Time Of Query 28th May -2007 No 9

The Query was regarding lost article. Mr. X wanted to know whether the gold chain lost by his wife would be traceable. He was not sure where she lost the chain. The number given was 9 representing Venus. The above chart shows the Venus is in Gemini a friendly sign along with his friend Mercury who is in own house. The sign of Gemini represents bed room among other things and Venus the ornaments I told him the chain was not lost and to search in his bedroom at the place where his wife keeps make up articles. The gold chain was found exactly the place which was told to him on the same day. One may note that the planetary period for Venus is 15 days. The article was found within this period.

This query was from a senior level officer who was alerted for transfer and wanted to get retained in the same place for two more years. The number given was 2 representing Rahu. He wanted to know whether he can get retained as desired. Rahu is a retrograde planet and conjoined an enemy planet Sun. Rahu was placed in the star of Mars Dhanishta. Without any hesitation it was predicted that his desire cannot be fulfilled. Later on I was told that being a very senior officer he was having highest political contacts & moved earth and heaven to get retained. But inspite of all his efforts it went in vain and now he is serving at a different place against his wish.


I have given several predictions applying the above method and found it working fantastically and miraculously. Therefore, I request the readers to utilize the above tool, test it further and post it for us to further perfect it as it is very simple and a snapshot way of answering questions with accuracy. I would acknowledge Shri Sivala Subrahmanyam whose work inspired me think differently.

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