Profession as per Nadi discussion

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When the Lord of the Bhava under reference  i.e the 10th  is in the combination with the lords of other bhavas, avocation of the native will be one pertaining to the powerful planet of the combination.

The strongest planet, which is the lord of 10th house or which occupies the 10th house or which aspects the 10th house is responsible for the profession of the native. As in the case of other bhavas, the weakness or strength of this planet should be judged in predicting the results concerning “Jeevana” or profession of native.

Example when the lord of Jeevana associates with the lord of 4th house the native may be having an occupation with education, trade etc.

The lord of the constellation in which the planet of Jeevana situates will indicate the nature of occupations or avocations of the native:

Like if it is in the Sun’s constellation, the profession will be connected with medicine, gold, gems, government service etc.,

If it is in the Moon’s constellation, he will be connected to agriculture, maternal properties, dealing in liquid substances and white articles etc

If it is in the Mars’ constellation, the native will though agriculture, landed property, brother’s wealth, police, military, workshops, machinery etc

If it is in the Mercury’s constellation, the native will be connected to music, religious matters,paintings,drawings,sculptures,astrology,matheematics,engineering etc.,

It it is in the Jupiter’s constellation, the naïve will be in government service, postal, judicial ,bank, treasuries, educational dept. priest or preacher etc

If it is in the constellation of Venus, the native will be connected in trading in horses, cattle, fruits, flowers, scents fancy goods ,lawyer or restaurant keeper etc.,

If it is the constellation of Saturn, the native earns thrugh hard labor, oils, iron etc.,

If it is in the constellations of Rahu same as Sani and if the constellation of Ketu then treat as Kuja.

Profession Chart 1

 Lord of 10th house, Sun is in the constellation of Punarvasu-the lord of this is Jupiter, who is is yoga karaka for this Ascendant. The native rouse from an ordinary position to an officer of high rank.

chart 136

Sun in Punarvasu

Profession Chart 2

Asc Pisces, the 10th lord is Jupiter, who is in the constellation of Pooravashada whose lord is Venus, she is lord of 3 and 8th houses, hence the native is troubled about his living.

chart 137

Jupiter is in the constellation of


Profession Chart 3

Profession Chart 4 Continuity of Profession

Profession Chart 5 Break and Change in the Profession

Profession Chart 3

In this chart Mercury is the lord of 10th house yet he is employed in the Excise department.Mercury by himself has nothing to do with excise. Mercury is in Aridra’s star whose lord is Rahu and Rahu is with mars in. There is Rahu and Mars association. Both these planets are in Hastha in Moon’s star. (Watery planet) Since Mercury is controlled by these two dry planets associated with Moon the native landed in excise department.

chart 138

Rahu is in Hastha

Mars is in Hastha

Mercury is in Aridra


As per Nadi astrology, the influences of the Jeeva of the professional bhava,starts the person, into its’ dasa in a particular professiona. If this influence continues during succeeding dasas in the life time of the person,he continues in the same profession without any break or should the influence of another planet become stronger subsequently, a break of change is indicated in the profession of the person according to the relationship and power of this planet with existing profession.

Profession Chart 4

Continuity of Profession

chart 139

Rahu is in the star of Mrigaseera

Mercury is in the star of Chitha

The 10th lord Mercury is in the star of Mars and Mars has become Jeeva for 10th house, and in the Mars dasa the native started his profession and continued in the same profession even in the Rahu dasa also because Rahus is in the star of mars. And mars influence had continued.

Profession Chart 5

Break and Change in the Profession

Moon is in Uthirashada

Rahu is in Kritika

Jupiter is in Sadabhisa

Jeeva for the 10th bhava is Sun, since the lord Moon is in the constellation of Sun.

In Rahu dasa the native was in a particular profession and linked to Jeeva planet Sun, but when Jupiter dasa started he left thisand joined in another profession, because influence of sun, the Jeeva of the bhavas is not there in Jupiter dasa.

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