Psychological or Mental imbalance permanent and Temporary and concerned planets in context with Nadi texts or Samhita Shsashtras and particularly with Nadi Nadi.

By Prof: – D.A. Nigandhi

Nadi texts or Samhita Shastras are the basis and main parts of astrological science. While in north India including the area from Bombay to Kashmir and Calcutta to Dwarka, in all such States Nadi texts are known as “Samhita Granthas.” Thus all Nadi texts or Samhitas were written by all the Seven Sages during gatherings in front of Goddess Mata Parvati. She was having a devine love for vaidic texts. The texts were compiled and engraved under the supervision of Mata Parvati. Such texts are Saptarishi Nadi and Bruhat Nadi Astrology and Saptarihis Brahmavakya.

These all the three texts were preserved and are available only in Tamilnadu as Tamilnadu is parental home of Mata Parvati. it is believed that these basic there texts including different volumes in the name of every sage, were written in the midst between, before 5,000 years from today and before 7,000years from today. Some Bh-Chakras (horoscopes) are added by the follower Sages. Such addition is visible and such charts and Bh- Chakras are of 500 years before today, which are the latest additions. Even in Nandi Samhita such examples are visible.

Psychological imbalances are of two types. One is known as Psychiatric or mental imbalances, which is for a temporary period. The other is mental or psychological Disability, but such cases are very rare in Nadi texts.

For psychological imbalance, there portfolio of which, is lying with the planet named “moon. (2) Intellectual power or ability is aligned with the planet ‘Mercury.” It clearly the great responsibility for psychological imbalance is lying with weak “atma” or soul. Portfolio of “atma /soul” lies with planet Sun.

Now if all the three weaknesses are a combined with Rahu Ketu altogether then and then only a person looses the balance of mind or becomes whimsical, known as more or less madness. Not only that but it must be taken into account that imbalance effects may remain from three years of age. Except in some rare cases. It is a fact that mental or psychological imbalance in such cases is not by the birth, but it starts after some years of age only. This imbalance is not permanent or lifelong. Let us discuss all the three above matters one by one.

But before going into deep, one important matter is to be considered first and that is “illusionary effects or cloudy vision,” which is a resultant effect of or Rahu –Ketu only. It is very clear that all the three planets –trio mentioned in the above paragraphs, if they are under the clutches or Rahu –Ketu (2) and it depends upon the severity of the combination with the Rahu. More Acuteness or more nearness requires more curing time and it takes longer time and process to be fiat. Such children, from childhood, being disappointed often, and at stages become disappointed. This is a primary character. During the reading of the Horoscope, whenever, we find such situation or combination, immediately, we advise the parents clearly that, “In any circumstances, such child, may be boy or a girl, should not be shifted or sent to hostel, boarding, or to foreign country and should not be separated from the cover of parents, otherwise we have seen many bad results in such cases. There is an illusionary effects or cloudy vision because or Rahu –Ketu. For such situation parental cover or company is necessary.

  • If in any Horoscope if Moon has Rahu in the 5th House from Moon. For which Astros Research Centre has given a term named Re-Reflationary vision or Aspect “Punravartit Drasti” or Moon –Rahu degree wise combination, than it became a severe case, and if there are no planets in between 5 houses, Five years of that time or time cycle, are rary difficult. An example of 1976 born two Males /Boys, had taken birth between two days, having similar Bha- Chakras or Horoscope, Both boys had lost /spoiled 5 years in education. Here Gemini Moon had Rahu in the 5th house, Tula. In both the cases ordinary Astrologers considers this phenomenon as polluted –“Dushit” Moon. While according to Nadi texts which narrate is as, “Mother’s Birth is in “Daityaamsha” means mother will be of Deman quality or Mother’s mind must not be working. Astros Research Centre of 48/A, Vidyanagar, Bhavnagar has found out by researches that, “such Native’s- Grandmother or Mother’s mind must not be working or must have lost mental or psychological balance. In most of such cases narrated relatives are speaking lonely or in alone. It is also found out that, if Moon is in even sign than she must have lost one female child or miscarriage. Otherwise in case of odd sign Moon, must have lost a male child in early days etc. anyhow, but this combination states that, he or she must have survived from drowning, and in other Farther stages this combination provides heavy expenses or heavy looses like sea During Saturn’s transit in the life. It shows “No proper decision in the life.”
  • Mercury means intellectual ability or sharpness or mind. This Mercury is and enuch planet. It is a “Mohini Swarupa”. It has a quality of the planet , with whom, he is lying. Sun –Mercury combination provides education of Accountancy. If it is with Mars- “(Mercury –Mars”,) it gives expert knowledge of mathematics. Basically MERCURY is a demon planet. Mercury –Rahu are friends and if there is Mercury –Rahu combination, it means “Bahu vidhya Yogaha.” It means the person will have many fold or types of education. Though Rahu will provide darkness or shadow over the intellectual ability, may it be his friend even. Such person, so many a time, loose his/her intellectual ability. If there is sun Mercury –Rahu combination in a Horoscope, than Sages Like “Nandikeshwara” states “this birth of the Native’s Father will be the last one and no re –cycle of births for the father.”
  • Similarly sun is a “Aatam or Soul.” In case of strong sun, “Aatmabal” or power of a soul will be a bigger one and can face any situation. Even form wrost position, the Native comes out. If soul power or Sun is weak, than in small –small matters, such person felt disappointed. The combination of Sun Rahu, so many a times disrupts the power of soul. Though, the combination may be in the exaltation house of Sun, but the resultant effects are more or less the same. Here Sun is weak, because, Rahu has consumed/ swallowed all powers of Sun.

Thus, in any horoscope, if Sun Mercury and Moon, all the TRIO planets are in the clutches of Rahu –Ketu, then such person has to take medical treatment from a psychiatrist or a mental doctor. In most of such cases it is proved that, they mostly all had to take medical treatment.

In my South India tour, there I faced such an interesting case. I was with my family. It was a Cochin (at night hours) and we had no accommodation. Both the hotels were full. In one hotel there were vacancies in dormitory but family did not permitted us. Not only that but, we were not prepared to live to relative’s house. The trustee of “Jain Dharma Sthanak” permitted us to stay on the ground. At that time, it was 11.00 hours in the night. Somebody suddenly got an idea that, there was a big land owners  karnataki Brahmin family, who had a marriage Hall. He was not pleased to wake in the night hours but, when he knew that; I was an Astros scientist, and am going to bow to Guruji R.G Rao  at Bangalore; he gave us a room. Then he gave a horoscope, where sun, Mercury and Moon all where in the clutches of Rahu- Ketu. I stated that “the lady’s mind, soul and intellectual ability are not working. “He stated that, “it is the same position.” She was not wearing the clothes. She was imprisoned in the nearby room. It was forecasted that, the lady will be alright in the year 2000.

Similar such other case was discussed in public. The case was of a boy, who had the similar position. The statement in public was that “from the laptop and from the “Bh-Chakra, all the trio planets were in the clutches of Rahu –Ketu. The advise to the young Boy was that, “he should never remain separate from parents, or otherwise he will have to take psychiatric treatment.” He had already taken Psychiatric treatment. Therefore, his father asked for visit for consolation at Kavio. It is a short form of Kutchhi Visa Oswal Samaj Dharmashala. This is a best place to stay at Bhuj. (Kutch –Gujarat). Even it is better place than a nice hotel.

Part (2) is regarding permanent mental disability: there are rare such examples in Nadi text. In addition to the Sun, Mercury and Moon; if weak Jupiter, in case, of a male and Weak Venus in case, of a female, is also under the clutches of Rahu-Ketu; such worst situation is arrived at due to the combination. Medical doctors or medical science also do not help in such cases.

So many such examples can be cited. Readers can check such examples. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn on Rahu, Proves bit difficult. And curing starts, there afterwards, in cases of temporary psychological imbalances Astu.

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