Psychological Problems & Nandi Nadi

Prof: – D.A. Negandhi, India
Readership Level: Intermediate

Nadi texts or Samhita Shastras forms the basic part of astrological science. While in North India Nadi texts are known as “Samhita Granthas.” Thus many Nadi texts or Samhitas were written by all the Seven Sages during gatherings in front of Goddess Mata Parvati. She was having a divine love for vaidic texts. The texts were compiled and engraved under the supervision of Mata Parvati. Some Nadi texts are Saptarishi Nadi and Bruhat Nadi Astrology and Saptarishis Brahmavakya.

All these three texts were preserved in Tamil Nadu and available even today in Tamilnadu as it is considered by some to be the parental home of Mata Parvati. It is believed that these basic texts including different volumes in the name of every sage were written in the period between 5,000-7000 years ago. Some Bha Chakras (horoscopes) are added later on by the followers till 500 years ago. Even Nandi Samhita is subjected to such additions as verifiable on close scrutiny.

Psychological problems can be divided broadly into two types 1) Psychiatric or mental imbalances, which is for a temporary period and 2) Psychological disabilities which are of permanent

nature, but such cases are very rare in Nadi texts.

For detecting psychological imbalances, the position of following three planets is to be carefully analyzed.

  • Moon, as the significator of mind;
  • Mercury, significator of intellectual prowess or ability; &
  • Sun, significator of soul, Atma as the persons with a weak “atma”-soul is vulnerable to psychological problems.

Now, if all the above planets are afflicted and Rahu-Ketu is combined with the three, then only a person looses the balance of mind or becomes whimsical or mad in layman’s terms. Also, it must be taken into account that imbalance effects may start from three years of age, except in some rare cases. It is a fact that psychological imbalance in such cases is not by the birth, but it starts after some years only. This kind of mental imbalance is not permanent or lifelong. Let us discuss all the three above matters one by one.

But before going into deep, one important matter is to be considered first and that is “illusionary effects or cloudy vision,” which is caused by Rahu –Ketu. It is very clear that the affliction to all the three planets, mentioned above, by Rahu and Ketu leads to various levels of psychological disorders. Depending upon the role of Rahu in the combination, more time and effort to cure such natives is required. Such natives, from childhood, should be brought up by the parents in a way that situations of disappointment should be avoided by all the possible means. Whenever we analyze a horoscope, if such a situation or combination is found, we advise the parents clearly that, “In any circumstances, such child, should not be shifted or sent to hostel, boarding, or to foreign country and should not be separated from the parents”.  The illusionary effects or cloudy vision by the Rahu –Ketu affliction warrants parental love, affection and attention necessary to tide over.

  • If in any Horoscope if Moon has Rahu in the 5th House from Moon for which a term can be given that is Re-Reflationary vision or Aspect “Punaravartit Drasti” or Moon –Rahu conjunction degree wise combination, than it can become[1] a severe case, and if there are no planets in between 5 houses, five years of that time or time cycle, are very difficult. An example of 1976 born two Males /Boys, had taken birth between two days, having similar Bha Chakras or Horoscope, both boys had lost /spoiled 5 years in education. Here Gemini Moon had Rahu in the 5th house, Tula. In both the cases ordinary Astrologers considered this phenomenon as polluted –“Dushit” Moon. While according to Nadi texts which narrate it as, “Mother’s Birth is in “Daityaamsha” means mother will be of Demon quality or Mother’s mind must not be working. It was found out by researches that, “such Native’s- Grandmother or Mother’s mind must not be working or must have lost mental or psychological balance. It is also found out that, if Moon is in even sign than she must have lost one female child or miscarriage. Otherwise in case of odd sign Moon, must have lost a male child in early days etc. anyhow, but this combination states that, he or she must have survived from drowning, and in other farther stages this combination provides heavy expenses or heavy losses during Saturn’s transit in the life. It shows “No proper decision in the life.”

An example chart is given below.

Chart 1: Succo, Roberto Date: 4/3/1962 Time: 13:10 MET (-1:00) Gender: M Place: Mestre, Italy Lat: 45 N 29 Lng: 12 E 15

Italian serial killer who shot and killed his parents and seven other persons. Captured, he was assigned to lunatic asylum & killed himself in February 1988. He has Moon in the 9H and Rahu in the 5th from it and in Lagna and in the sign of Cancer (owned by Moon).

Chart2: Vacher, Joseph Date: 11/16/1869 Time: 01:00 LMT (-0:26) Gender: M Place: Beaufort, France Lat: 45 N 43 Lng: 06 E 35

French psychopathic serial killer who, from May 1894, strangled, knifed, raped, sexually mutilated and disemboweled seven women and four youths.

One of 15 kids, as a young man he served in the military.  From the time he was a kid, he was vicious, shy and lazy.  In 1893 a girl resisted his advanced so he hurt her badly. He was sent to an asylum where he attempted suicide, shooting himself in the head. He was wounded, but survived.

When released on 1st Apr 1894 he thought that his persecution mania was over, but he promptly began his gruesome murders that eventually reached the total of 22 people over a period of 3 1/2 years.

Vacher was arrested on 4th Aug 1897.  Upon sentencing, he was carried semi-conscious to the guillotine where he was executed on 31st Dec 1898. He has Rahu in the 5th from Moon.

In all these cases, Rahu is in 5th from the moon.

Since all these cases are discussed in various astrological forums and for want of space, we abstain from the long discussion.

  • Mercury means intellectual ability or sharpness or mind. Mercury is a eunuch planet. Being denoted by “Mohini Swarupa”, mercury assumes the quality and significations of the planet with whom he is conjoined. Sun –Mercury combination provides education of Accountancy. If it is with Mars (Mercury –Mars,) it gives expert knowledge of mathematics. Basically Mercury being demonic in nature is a friend of Rahu. If there is Mercury –Rahu combination, it constitutes “Bahu vidhya Yoga”; person will have education or knowledge in many fields, even though Rahu will shadow over the intellectual ability and the native may lose his/her intellectual ability. If there is sun Mercury –Rahu combination in a Horoscope, then Sages Like “Nandikeshwara” states “this birth of the Native’s Father will be the last one and no re –cycle of births for the father.”

This native, a post graduate in Arts, was admitted in a lunatic asylum in 1992 and escaped from there in 1999. He knows about 8 languages including German.

  • Similarly, is the case of sun, the atmakaraka. If sun is strong, “Aatmabal” or power of soul will be high which will make the native to face any situation, even from worst position, the native comes out unscathed. If soul power or Sun is weak, then the person is indecisive and finds it difficult to take decision even in small matters. The combination of Sun Rahu, so many a times disrupts the power of soul. Even if the combination may be in the exaltation house of Sun, the resultant effects are more or less the same. Here Sun becomes weak because of Rahu consuming all the powers.

Thus, in any horoscope, if Sun, Mercury and Moon, all three planets are in clutches of Rahu –Ketu axis, then such person has to take medical treatment from a psychiatrist or a mental doctor. In most of such cases it is proved that, they mostly all had to take medical treatment.

So many such examples can be cited. Readers are requested to apply these techniques in as many charts as possible. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn on Rahu is proved to be a bit difficult and afterwards, the cure starts for temporary psychological imbalances.