Rahu in 3rd House- A New Observation By S.Thiyagarajan, India

S.Thiyagarajan, hails from a temple priest family in the region of Tanjore, Tamilnadu and is a postgraduate in chemistry , working as a research chemist in a private pharmaceutical company. Learning astrology in self-interest for the past 2 years only and doing humble research in various aspects of human lives. He has learnt astrology from Shri K N Raos books and is deeply inspired from him.


[SA: As a rule we publish articles from young students to very experienced astrologers and do not reject any article sent by anyone irrespective of his age in astrology, but often we hide the number of years a person has been studying astrology since some readers ignore articles of young ones. Yet in this article we have not done so, since this young lover of astrology has touched upon one of the best kept secrets in astrology for the first time in print, though it has not been explicitly explained in this article, hats off to him. Read between the lines and ponder more on it and may he be blessed to bring out the rarest of gems of astrology without ego touching his soul.]


Ardha kaayam maha veeryam chandraditya vimardanam

Simhika garbha sambhutam tam Rahum pranamamayaham

By divine grace, I got an observation ,which is a corollary  of Shri K.N.Rao’s finding  related to Rahu in 3rd house.

Rahu, astronomically, a sensitive point in the zodiac and it was perfectly used by the rishis for the astrological predictions. It is considered by eminent astrologers that  Rahu and Kethu are playing a  predominant role in  assessing our poorva karmas. This article connects Rahu and 3rd house in the birth chart.

We know third house deals with siblings, specifically younger co-born, courage, relatives, throat, ears, short journeys, father’s death as it is 7th from 9th house etc.,

This article is related to ‘siblings’ in relation with Rahu among the other significations of 3rd house.

Shri K.N.Rao, in his book “Karma & Rebirth in Hindu Astrology”, Page No 33, says

 “The 3rd house is the house of younger siblings and the 11th of elder ones. Rahu in those houses alone makes one either the youngest or the eldest of the children of parents or the eldest or the youngest in that sex. Rahu the cause of eclipses performs the same act of eclipsing the siblings here”.

The above observation has been reemphasised in a separate chapter named as “Rahu in 3rd house-a group research” with examples in the book “Finer Techniques Of Astrological Predictions –Vol-2” under Shri K.N.Rao’s guidance. According to his theory Rahu should be alone in 3rd house to get the above result.

Now, here, I am presenting my observation of Rahu in 3rd house. Actually I have analysed the presence of Rahu in 3rd house, not from the lagna, but from the houses of our close relatives, that is,

Observation No: 1

Rahu alone in 3rd house from the house of mother (4th house -3rd house to 4th house of mother is 6th house, siblings of mother), and

Observation No: 2

– From the house of father (9th house-3rd house to 9th house of father is 11th house, siblings of father) and

Observation No: 3

– From the house of marriage partner (7th house – 3rd house to 7th house of marriage partner is 9th house, siblings of marriage partner).

I think, now readers are able to catch, what I am intending to say.

I will elaborate my observation with example, one by one, below.


Observation No: 1 & Charts

If Rahu alone in 6th house (3rd house to 4th house of mother) in a native’s chart, mother of that native is first born or last born among the female or the only female child in her family.

Example 1: Female, DOB:23-Aug-1991, Time: 04:03 AM, Place: Mannargudi (Tamilnadu).


This Cancer ascendant female native has Rahu in 6th house, that is, 3rd house to 4th house of mother. Mother of this native is last born female among the three female siblings of hers.

Example 2: Male,DOB:08-Aug-1988,Time: 9.30 AM ,Place: Karaikudi  (Tamilnadu).

rashi chart

This native has Rahu in 6th house; it is 3rd to 4th house. Mother of this native is last born female among the other female siblings of her.

Example 3: Male, DOB: 10-Nov-1982,Time:12.35 PM, Place:Tiruchirappalli or Trichy (Tamilnadu).


This native has Rahu in 6th house (3rd to 4th house).Mother of this native is last born female. She has one elder sister.

Example 4: Shri K N Rao

Shri K N Rao

Observation No: 2 & Charts

If Rahu is alone in 9th house (3rd house to 7th house of marriage partner)  the husband or wife is first born or last born or the only born child in their respective sex .

Example 5: Female,DOB:12-APR-1992,Time:6.28 AM, Place: Polur (Tamilnadu).

husband or wife is first born

The above female native got married recently in January 2014. She has Rahu in 9th house, it is 3rd house to 7th house of marriage partner. Interestingly, Husband of this female native is the only and eldest son in his family.

Example: 6 Female Native, DOB: 9-JAN-1959, Time: 08:29 AM, Place: Mannargudi (Tamilnadu)


This female native got married in June 1980 and she is having Rahu in 9th house, 3rd to 7th house of marriage partner. Her husband is the eldest son in his family and he is having one younger brother.

Observation No: 3 & Charts

If Rahu alone in 11th house (3rd house to 9th house of father) father of the native is first born or last born or the only male in his family.

Example 7: Male native, DOB: 10-Aug-1977,Time: 02:20 pm ,Place: Tiruvarur (Tamilnadu).


This native has Rahu in 11th house and his father is the first born male in his family.

Example 8: Male, DOB: 19-May-1953, Time: 02:49 AM , Place: Pattukottai (Tamilnadu).


This male native has Rahu in 11th house and his father is the only son in his family.

Examples provided above are correct and the family details of exemplified persons above are well known to me.

The core idea behind this observation is totally based upon the concept of Shri K.N.RAO. Every positive credit of this observation will be of him. I have checked these observations in minimum number of charts and it is working well in them.I request the readers to analyse these on more charts before accepting the observation presented here. I thank Shri K.N.Rao and Saptarishis Astrology group.


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