Raja Yogas from Exaltation and Debilitation by Iranganti Rangacharya, India

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Iranganti Rangacharya is one of the oldest authorities on Jaimini alive today, born in 1927, he started astrology at the age of 25 in 1952. Later in 1960 he started meticulous study of Jaimini astrology & thus has 48 rich years of experience in Jaimini at this age of 81. Author of numerous articles since 4 decades, 9 books & an extremely humble soul who inspite of weak health contributes to the cause of Jaimini. His work Jaimini Sutramritam published by Sagar Publications, New Delhi is considered a classic by the serious student of Jaimini Astrology. 

Raja Yogas from Exaltation and Debilitation


Iranganti Rangacharya, India.

Typed & Proof Read By Pam Rosevear, United States

Maharishi Jaimini begins his novel exposition of predictive astrology with the aspects and Argalas to decipher the Raja Yogas in a chart.  The Argala signs are reckoned from a planet aspecting the Janma Lagna (Ascendant).    They are the 4th, 2nd, 11th, 5th or 9th and 3rd signs.  The Jaimini aspects are different from Parasari.  The cardinal signs aspect the 5th, 8th and 11th from them.  The fixed signs aspect the 3rd, 6th and 9th from them.  The dual signs aspect the 4th, 7th and 10th from them.  The planets be they benefic or malefic in the Argala signs are the cause of Raja Yogas.  In the 3rd Argala sign, only malefic numbering 3 or more constitute Raja Yoga.  Debilitated planets have no role in the formation of Raja Yoga.  The commentaries on Jaimini Sutras and the Vriddha Karikas too enumerate a number of graded Raja Yogas depending on the number of Argala signs and the number of planets therein.  Vriddhas hold the opinion that good results could be expected if any planet aspects the Janma Lagna (Lagnam pasyanti yekhetasthe sarve subhthadaayincha). 

Vriddhas contend that one becomes a king if the Janma Lagna is aspected by even a debilitated planet.    Here we get their specification(Shashtashtama gate neeche lagnam pasyati vaatatha, shashtastanadhipe neeche lagnam pasyati vatatha triteya labhage neeche  lagnam pasyati vatatha).

Raja Yoga is formed:

  1. By a debilitated planet in the 6th or 8th aspecting the Janma Lagna.
  2. By a debilitated planet in the 3rd or 11th aspecting the Janma Lagna.
  3. By a debilitated planet being the lord of the 6th or 8th aspecting the Janma Lagna.

Now let us look at the possibility of Raja Yoga for the 12 Ascendants on the basis of these provisos:

  1. Aries Ascendant has a single chance of Raja Yoga from the Moon in Scorpio.
  2. Taurus Ascendant has three chances from Mars in Cancer, from the Sun in Libra and from Jupiter in Capricorn.
  3. Gemini Ascendant has no chance.
  4. Cancer Ascendant has no chance.
  5. Leo Ascendant has two chances from Jupiter in Capricorn and from Saturn in Aries.
  6. Virgo Ascendant has no chance.
  7. Libra Ascendant has no chance.
  8. Scorpio Ascendant has three chances from Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn from Aries and Mars from Cancer.
  9. Sagittarius Ascendant has one chance from Venus in Virgo.
  10. Capricorn Ascendant has one chance from the Moon in Scorpio.
  11. Aquarius has two chances from Saturn in Aries and Mars in Cancer.
  12. Pisces has one chance from Venus in Virgo.

So we find that two cardinal signs and two dual signs are deprived of the chances of Raja Yoga by the above mentioned factors.  Vriddhas again speak of Raja Yoga by the aspect of exalted planet on the Janma Lagna

राजयोगो जन्म लग्न पस्येतच्च ग्रहं यदि

rājayogo janma lagna pasyetacca grahaṁ yadi

The four Ascendants Gemini, Virgo, Cancer and Libra devoid of any chances of Raja Yoga from the debilitation aspect mentioned earlier have a chance of Raja Yoga from the aspect of exalted planets.

To sum up, the Raja Yoga and/or Dhana Yoga may increase depending on the number of planets aspecting Janma Lagna (Ascendant), the number of planets in the Argala signs, and the number of Argala signs occupied by the planets.

Going by स्थामीपुलाक न्याय (sthāmīpulāka nyāya), some examples are given below.

Chart 1 belongs to Mother Teresa. 

The birth Ascendant is Capricorn.  The exalted Moon aspects the Janma Lagna Capricorn.  From the Moon, the 4th Argala sign (Leo) is occupied by planets Mars and the Sun and the 5th Argala sign (Virgo) is occupied by two planets Jupiter and Mercury.  So two Argala signs and four planets in them are involved.  The number of planets aspecting the Janma Lagna is three.

Chart 2 belongs to a professor in a university who had fabulous wealth.  The Ascendant is Leo, aspected by exalted Saturn.  The 5th Argala sign is occupied by two planets Jupiter and the Moon, partially countered by the Sun and Rahu. 

Chart 3 belongs to Vinoba Bhave.  The Janma Lagna is Pisces aspected by exalted Mercury and debilitated Venus, the lord of the 8th.  The three planets Saturn, Jupiter and Moon are exalted in the three Argala signs, the 2nd, the 11th and the 9th.  This explains his noble personality and the reverence people held him in.

Chart 4 belongs to an ophthalmologist with high qualifications working in  one of the most reputed hospitals.  His Ascendant is Scorpio aspected by Saturn debilitated in the 6th house.  Mercury occupies the 9th Argala sign.

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