Rare Yogas Of Jyotish Sangraha – Part 1 By Yenbeeyes, India

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Yenbeeyes hails from a Tamil family wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to learn by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then was slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he, having retired in 2007, has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

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Jyotish Shyam Sangraha is a Sanskrit classic compiled by Pandit Shyamlal, who lived in Bans-Bareilly or simply Bareilly which is now in Uttarkhand State. His forefathers were also Pandits well versed in Astrology. His family history is given in the last chapter of his collection Jyotish Shyam Sangraha.  According to him he took 4 years to collect all the materials for writing the book. It is believed that originally he wrote it as two parts – One on various Yogas in Jyotish and the other the general part. I got a book Edited and published by Khemraj Srikrishnadas of Sri Venkateshwara Steam Press, Mumbai. It is an old edition and unfortunately the year of publication page is missing. I do not have any idea whether the said book is still available in the market. After going through the book which contains Sanskrit Verses along with explanations in Hindi, I thought of testing some of the Yogas presented

therein. Though Dr B.V.Raman has already given to the Astrological  community the 300 Yogas through his book 300 Important Combinations, I feel this book  has some other Yogas not mentioned by Dr. B.V.Raman and some other yogas already explained by Dr. B.V.Raman have more detailed explanations here. One important part of this Yoga chapter is the remedial measures he suggests for each of the Ashubha or bad Yogas. In my write up I am omitting the remedial portion and will be listing out the Yogas one by one and will try to explain the same with example charts as far as possible. Mistakes or errors if any are attributable to me and if they are pointed out to me, I shall feel obliged and shall get an opportunity to correct myself.

  1. Nirapathya Yoga:

अपत्या – means a pregnant woman, a woman capable of creating the offspring.  So निरपत्या  means one who cannot create an offspring. So this yoga deals with Aputra Yoga or the person will have no issues. Dr. B.V.Raman has listed this Yoga under serial number 224 in 300 Important Combinations. According to this yoga if the 5th lord occupy a Dusthana (6th, 8th or 12th) the native will have no issues. The same thing is mentioned in this sloka also and some more additional combinations are also given.

पंचमेशे त्रिकस्थान् अस्ते वा रविसंयुते। निरपत्यामिधो योगो भाषितो मुनिसत्तमैः॥१॥

पंचमे भवने पापा अथवा सौम्य्सूर्यजो। रोहिणीरमणो वापि तमसा सह वै भवेत्॥२॥

The combinations leading to an issueless position as per above Sloka are listed below:

  1. 5th Lord placed in 6th or 8th or 12th.
  2. 5th lord debilitated or combust.
  3. Malefics Sun, Mars, Rahu and Saturn – Either one or more than one or all placed in 5th
  4. Mercury and Sun in 5th
  5. Moon and Rahu in 5th

Comments from CSS[1]:

Shloka1 does not talk of affliction due to Brahmin’s curse. That is in the 2nd shloka.

shloka 2 _ 3rd line says the lord of the 3rd in 3rd, Lagna, 2nd or 5th

Shloka 2_4th line says Moon and Mercury in the 5th bhava etc. indicates curse of Brahmin in the last birth (cause of being without progeny).

In all the above combinations the native will be issueless. In case he begets progeny it means that that native has not done wrong to a Brahmin.More combinations are given in the next verses.

सुते च दशमे कोशे भूमिनंदनसंस्थितिः। अष्टमे च तृतीये च संस्थितो भास्करात्मजः॥३॥

सहजे सहजाधीशे लग्ने वित्ते सुतेऽपि वा। चन्द्रेंदुजौ पंचमस्थौ द्विजदोषः पुरा॥४॥

Comments from CSS:

Shloka 3 says: 5th lord being a female planet in conjunction with another female planet and placed in a Kendra give rise to Nirapatya Yoga and causes destruction of progeny. The jataka is wealthy and has ample grains but bereft of progeny. Listen now oh my son (shishya) what efforts (remedies) will beget him progeny. {The last line’s words are not very clear}

  1. Mars placed in 2nd or 5th or 10th
  2. Saturn placed in 3rd or 8th
  3. Lord of 3rd house is placed in Lagna or 2nd or 5th
  4. Moon in 5th house is in Vriddha Avastha

Vriddha avastha is a baladi avastha and is related to age. Vriddha means old and hence is not capable of producing good or better results just as an old person cannot do much work. Longitudinal wise in Odd rasis from 18° to 24° and in even rasis from 6° to 12° indicate Vriddha avastha. There are other schools of thought also using Drekkana or Shashtiamsa divisions to decide the avasthas. Readers can refer to any standard book to know more about these.

It is to be understood that natives born with the above yogas must have done some wrong to a Brahmin in his/her previous birth.

सुतेशे स्त्रीग्रहे केन्द्रे प्रमदाग्रहसंयुते। निरपत्याभिधो योगौ भवेत्पुत्रविनाशकृत्॥५॥

धनधान्ययुतो नित्यं पुत्रहीनो भवेन्नरः। शृणु पुत्र प्रवक्ष्यामि तस्य यत्नं लभेन्न्रः॥६॥

  1. Lord of 5th house is a female planet and in Kendra places Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu conjoined in Kendra there will be no issues.

Female planets are Moon and Venus. Moon will be 5th Lord for Aries Lagna. Venus will be 5th lord for Gemini Lagna and Capricorn Lagna. Saturn and Mercury are treated as Neutral. Others are male planets.

If any issue is born it will not survive. He will be happy with the wealth in his possession but will be sad on account of no or loss of issues. To overcome this if the native takes efforts by mantra japa, hawan, donations etc. as said he will get the benefit of children.

I am not going into the details of mantra etc. explained in the classic.

Now let us verify the results from some example charts. The chart of Sanyasins is the best example as they will not be entering a wedded life and hence no progeny. Let us examine some of them. I have also included some charts of personal friends known to me. I have used Jhora package to generate the charts selecting Lahiri-Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa which is being followed by me. It is not correct to say that the combinations present alone are responsible for the results but we may say that it is also one among the many possibilities.

CSS opinion on example charts:

If I can give my opinion on example charts, I think Sanyasin’s chart to show there is no progeny will be counterproductive as no yoga for not having children is to be applied to those who will not have progeny. Anyway sanyasins have a lot of shishyas who are like sons to them. This is just a thought.

So let us turn to the analysis of charts.

chart 314
chart 315
chart 316

5th house has Saturn and Rahu.

Mars is in 10th house.

3rd Lord Saturn is in 5th house.

chart 318
  1. Moon is in 5th house Libra which is an Odd house and the longitude of Moon is 19° 09’ and hence in Vriddha avastha.
  2. Mars is in 2nd house.
  3. 5th Lord Venus is combust.
  4. 3rd Lord Sun in Lagna.
chart 220

Only one combination that is 3rd lord Saturn is placed in Lagna.

Astrology offers numerous combinations for childlessness. The one discussed here is one among them. It is not necessary that natives with the combinations above will definitely go issueless as some other superior and strong combination may override this yoga.

To prove this I have given the charts of the  couple above who got a male child after lot of efforts by way of Puja, Mantra Japa, havan, visit to holy places etc. etc.  and finally medical treatment. The child was born through ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.

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