Rare Yogas Of Jyotish Sangraha – Part 3 By Yenbeeyes, India

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Yenbeeyes hails from a Tamil family wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to learn by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then was slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he, having retired in 2007, has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

These articles are published with the permission of ASTROVISION E Journal


Jyotish Shyam Sangraha is a Sanskrit classic compiled by Pandit Shyamlal, who lived in Bans-Bareilly or simply Bareilly which is now in Uttarkhand State. His forefathers were also Pandits well versed in Astrology. His family history is given in the last chapter of his collection Jyotish Shyam Sangraha.  According to him he took 4 years to collect all the materials for writing the book. It is believed that originally he wrote it as two parts – One on various Yogas in Jyotish and the other the general part. I got a book edited and published by Khemraj Srikrishnadas of Sri Venkateshwara Steam Press, Mumbai. It is an old edition and unfortunately the year of publication page is missing. I do not have any idea whether the said book is still available in the market. After going through the book which contains Sanskrit Verses along

with explanations in Hindi, I thought of testing some of the Yogas presented therein. Though Dr B.V.Raman has already given to the Astrological community the 300 Yogas through his book 300 Important Combinations, I feel this book has some other Yogas not mentioned by Dr. B.V.Raman and some other yogas already explained by Dr. B.V.Raman have more detailed explanations here. One important part of this Yoga chapter is the remedial measures he suggests for each of the Ashubha or bad Yogas. In my write up I am omitting the remedial portion and will be listing out the Yogas one by one and will try to explain the same with example charts as far as possible. Mistakes or errors if any are attributable to me and if they are pointed out to me, I shall feel obliged and shall get an opportunity to correct myself.

Part 3

अथ शक्रयोगः। – Shakra Yoga

मेषे मार्त्तण्डलाभस्थो कर्के जीवधनस्थितः।

कर्मस्थितो दत्यपूज्यः शक्रयोगो भृगूदितः॥ ५९॥

इंद्रयोगे नरोत्पन्नः सुललाटः सुविक्रमः।

द्विजदेवार्चने प्रीतिर्द्युतिमान्कीर्तिमान् वशी॥६०॥

द्रव्यं न स्थीयते गेहे सदा चिंतासमाकुलः।

साधुसेवीति विख्यातो नराणां च नराधिपः॥६१॥

  1. Meaning; Sun in Labhasthana (11th house) in Aries, Jupiter in Dhanasthana (2nd house) in Cancer and Venus in Karmasthana (10th house) indicate Shakra Yoga. Person with this yoga has got a beautiful forehead, is valorous, takes interest and gets satisfaction in worshipping the Brahmins. Will shine like a star with name and fame. Wealth will not stay with him. He will always be a worried person. Persons who do service to saints are kings among men.

Explanations: This combination of placements of planets is possible only for Gemini Ascendant. Jupiter in the 2nd house of Cancer is exalted, Venus in the 10th house of Pisces is exalted and Sun in the 11th house of Aries is exalted.

Exaltation of Venus in the 10th house (being lord of 5th house) brings in name, fame.

3rd lord of courage gets exalted: it indicates valour or courage to the highest extent.

Exaltation of Jupiter in the 2nd house indicates the native’s respect and adoration of saints and Brahmins. Jupiter is also Badhaka Sthana lord (lord of 7th house) and his placement in Dhanasthana  destroys the wealth. Jupiter also aspects Venus and tries to destroy whatever is given by Venus.

There is another Yoga which goes by the name of Chakra Yoga – Rahu in the 10th house, Lord of 10th house in ascendant and ascendant lord in 9th house – It is like a chakra or wheel. This makes a person a big administrator of a place. He commands an army. Another version is all planets in Odd houses beginning with Ascendant. It bestows high social status to the individual. The other name given to this yoga is Akirti Chakra.

 अथ विलासहानियोगः। – Vilasa Hani Yoga

जायेशः पापसंयुक्तः शीर्षोदयगतोऽपि वा।

कुजो राहुः सप्तमस्थो पापग्रहनिरीक्षितः॥६२॥

सप्तमे भवने भौमः अथवा राहुसूर्यजौ।

दारानाथः त्रिकस्थाने पापग्रहयुतो भवेत्॥६३॥

योगो विलासहानिः स्याद्भार्यादुःखी भवेन्नरः। ……

  1. Meaning:
  2. Lord of the 7th house is conjoined with malefics and placed in Shirshodaya Rasi
  3. Mars and Rahu placed in the 7th house and aspected by malefics
  4. Mars is in the 7th house
  5. Rahu and Saturn in the 7th house
  6. Lord of 7th house is conjoined with malefics and placed in any of the trik houses

Such a combination is known as Vilasa Hani Yoga. The native will grieve on account of wife or woman.

Explanation: Vilasa in Sanskrit means – manifestation, appearance, aspect, diversion, coquetry, dalliance, liveliness, charm, grace etc. Hani means detrimental, cessation etc. So the name of the yoga suggests that there will be problem for the liveliness of the native in other words, married life will become problematic.

Shirshodaya rasis mentioned in point 1 are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Libra and Aquarius.

At times this yoga is responsible for divorce too. I give below some example charts:

For want of space I am not giving the birth charts but only the planetary positions.

Chart 1: Martha Stewart; Born on 03-08-1941 at 13:33 hrs. Time Zone 04:00 West; 74 W 04; 40 N 43.

Ascendant: Libra; 7th Lord Mars is placed in the 6th house, Pisces along with Ketu. Hence influence of Rahu will also be there as he will be aspecting Mars. – Married in 1961 and divorced in 1990.

Chart 2: Nathalie Wood; Born on 20-07-1938 at 11:15 hrs. Time Zone 08:00 West; 122 W 25; 37 N 46

Ascendant: Virgo. 7th Lord is Jupiter placed in the 6th house, Aquarius. Pisces, the 7th house is occupied by Saturn and is aspected by Rahu from Scorpio. First marriage ended in divorce and married a second time.

Chart 3: A female born on 23-03-1975 at 15:00; Time Zone 05:30 East; 76 E 36; 28 N 15

Ascendant is Cancer with Lagna Lord Moon placed in Lagna and Yogakaraka Mars placed in the 7th house of Capricorn in exalted position. Saturn is in the 12th house of Gemini. Sun and Jupiter are in Pisces and Rahu is in Scorpio with Venus in Aries. See the placement of Mars in the 7th house and the 7th lord getting displaced to the 12th house. The marriage ended in divorce.

Chart 4: Male born on 18-02-1970at 09:15 hrs. Time Zone 05:30 East;  88 E 08; 25 N 32

Aries Ascendant with Saturn in it. Jupiter is placed in the 7th house of Libra. 7th Lord Venus is placed in Shirshodaya rasi of Aquarius along with Rahu and Sun. Mars is placed in Pisces. Thus the 7th house receives the aspect of Saturn as well as Mars and the 7th lord also gets heavily afflicted. The marriage ended in divorce.

It is not necessary that the said yoga must be or will be present in divorce charts. Because there are many other rules also which decide the divorce nature. It is but one of the combinations.

अथ शून्ययोगमाह। – Shunya Yoga

देहाधीशे पापयुक्ते षष्ठाष्टमव्ययस्थितः।

कुजतो राहुदुश्चिक्ये योगोअयं॥६८॥

शून्या मतिर्भ्रमश्चिंता तथा रोगान्वितः सदा।

निशीथे शोकसंतप्तो उदासीनो भवेन्नरः॥६९॥

विंशत्रिंशद्वर्षमध्ये बहुरोगान्वितो नरः।

सुदानाद्विलयं याति अदाने शून्यवर्द्धते॥७०॥

  1. Meaning: Lagna Lord conjoined with malefics and placed in the 6th, 8th or th 12th house, and Rahu placed in the 3rd house from Mars, constitutes Shunya Yoga. Such a native’s mind will always be empty or will be distraught with worries as also he will always be affected by diseases. During night because of worries he gets vexed and feel dejected. Such a native will be afflicted by diseases between the age of twenty and thirty.
  2. अथ इलाख्यसर्पयोगमाह। – Ilakhya Sarpa Yoga

त्रिषु केंद्रेषु पापस्थ इलाख्यः सर्पयोग-तत्। …………..६९

अस्मिन् योगे नरो जातः परदाररतिर्भवेत्।

दुष्टात्मा छित्रपापश्च द्विजदेवविनिंदकः॥८१॥

  1. Meaning: If malefics are placed in three Kendras, it is known as Ilakhya Sarpa Yoga. A person born with this yoga will be interested in other’s wives, and will be a wicked person, a sinful person and also will abuse Brahmins and Devatas.

Explanations: Out of the 32 nabhasa Yogas, there are 2 Dala Yoagas. One is Srik and the other is Sarpa. While the Srik yoga is formed when all benefics are in three Kendras (some take it as all the 4 Kendras) and no malefic is in a Kendra, the Sarpa Yoga is its converse in that all the malefics are in three or all Kendras and no benefic is in a Kendra. Some do not take into consideration the presence of malefics in kendra for Srik Yoga and benefics in kendra for Sarpa Yoga. However we cannot conclude that this yoga is the same as you will see from the next yoga though there is a slight variation.

अथ विफलनामयोगः। – Vipala Yoga

चतुष्केंद्रेषु क्रूरस्थो रिपुरंध्रनिशापतिः।

विफलाभिधो भवेद्योगः फलं तस्य तथा श्रृणु॥८२॥

विफलाख्यफलं चैव तत्काले तद्विलीयते।

कदाचिन्न ददेद्दानं द्वात्रिंशद्वर्षतो सुखम्॥८६॥

अस्मिन् योगे नरो जातः पश्चान्निर्धनतां व्रजेत्।

बहुदुःखान्वितश्चैव भृगुणा वै प्रकाशितः॥८७॥

  1. 15. Meaning: When malefics are placed in all the 4 Kendras and Moon is placed in the 6th or 8th house, it is called Vipala Yoga. The result of this yoga is that everything gets destroyed at that moment itself, if he does not give alms, and he will be happy for 32 years. A person born with this yoga will be without wealth or money in his later years and will be subjected to many sorrows, says Bhrighu Rishi.

अथ आमयोगः। – Ama Yoga

लग्ने मन्दोऽष्टमे राहू रवि भौमौ सुखे स्थितौ।ई

आमयोगे भवेत्कुष्ठी धनहीनो महादुखी॥ ८८॥

षट् त्रिंशन्मिते वर्षे नरो वै निर्धनो भवेत्।

अस्मिन् योगे भवेद्रोगी दानाद्दोषी विलीयते॥ ८९॥

अस्मिन् योगे नरो जातस्तदा वै पूर्वजन्मनि।

बालस्त्रीघातकः सोऽपि तेन पापेन कुष्ठभाक्॥९२॥

  1. 16. Meaning: Saturn in Lagna, Rahu in the 8th house and Sun and Mars in the 4th house produces Ama Yoga. Persons born with this yoga live without money or wealth and experience many sorrows. When such a native reaches his thirty sixth year he becomes impecunious and also will be afflicted by diseases. A person having this yoga in this birth has destroyed in his previous birth a young girl and because of that dosha, he is suffering in this birth.

Explanation: The Sanskrit word ‘Ama’ indicates something raw or uncooked. Probably because of the penniless nature and the sufferings the native is going to face on account of this planetary combination, it might have been given this name. The word ‘Gathak’ means destroyer, mortal, fatal, deadly, insidious, a killer etc

अथ दारुणयोगः।– Daruna Yoga

मूर्तिरंध्रस्थिते भानुव्र्यये षष्ठे खलग्रहः।

सौम्याः केन्द्रत्रिकोणस्था योगोऽयं दारुणाभिधः॥९४॥

धर्मकर्मरतो नित्यं शास्त्रज्ञो बहुसेवकः।

धनधान्ययुतः सोऽपि सभावक्ता गुणान्वितः॥९५॥

आदौ च षोडशे वर्षे पीडा भवति निश्चितम्।

षट् त्रिंशन्मिते वर्षे महद्दुःखं भविष्यति॥९६॥

  1. Meaning: Sun is placed either in Lagna or the 8th house, malefics in the 6th and 12th houses and benefics in Kendra or Trikona constitutes a Yoga called Daruna Yoga. He will be doing his duty and follow religious rites in a routine manner. He will be learned in Shastras. He will have many servants. He will possess wealth and grains. He is capable of giving speeches in a gathering or assembly of people. During the initial 16 years of age, the native will definitely have sufferings. In the thirty sixth year, there will be many sorrows coming to the native.

Explanation: Daruna means harshness or severe. Could not understand the reason behind giving this name to the yoga. Four more slokas are given wherein remedies for this yoga are given which I am omitting. Finally Bhrighu says that the person has killed a Brahmin in his previous birth and that Brahma Hathya Dosha is affecting him in this birth.

अथ चन्द्रयोगमाह।– Chandra Yoga

लग्नाद्द्वे पञ्चमे यावत् क्रूराः सौम्यास्तु खेचराः।

चंद्रयोगे भवेद्भ्रोगी अश्ववांश्च धनान्वित॥३॥

पुत्रपक्षे भवेच्चिंता वातरोगकफान्वितः।

सवत्सा धेनुर्दातव्या गुरवे च भृगूदितः॥४॥

  1. Meaning: If all benefic and malefic planets are placed from Lagna to the fifth house, then it is called Chandra Yoga. Persons born with this yoga will always be in prosperity and enjoy all pleasures, will travel on horse and will have enough wealth. There will be worries on account of children. He will have pulmonic complaints (flatulency bile and phlegm or rheumatic afflictions).

Explanations: In the last line Bhrighu gives remedies to ward off the evils arising out of this yoga which has not been translated. One thing is not clear-why the rishi has stated “all benefic and malefic planets” instead of saying all planets.

The numbering of the slokas starts from 1 again in the after 100 slokas. Henceforth if the number is given as 3 it means it is 103rd sloka.

 अथ अद्भुतसागरयोगः।–Adhbhudasagara Yoga

चतुष्केंद्रेषु सौम्याश्च पापास्तु त्रिषडायगाः।

धनधान्यधरायुक्तो जातो अद्भुतसागरः॥५॥

दशवर्षाणि पर्यंते महद्दुःखं भविष्यति।

ग्रहार्चनेन दानेन यदि जीवति मनवः॥६॥

विख्यातो धुरि शूराणां स जातः कुलदीपकः।

सुशीलो सुकलाविज्ञो नृपतुल्यो भवेन्नरः॥७॥

  1. Meaning: Benefic planets placed in all four kendras and malefics situated in the 3rd, 6th and 12th houses create a yoga called Adhbhudasaagara Yoga. Persons born with this yoga will have wealth, grains, land and buildings. Up to the age of ten the native will be facing many problems and will be in sorrow. By doing Puja to planets and giving alms he can live. He will be the chief person amongst many courageous persons and will be famous also. He will be a scion of his community. He will be of good character, will have knowledge of good fine arts and will be akin to a King.

अथ अर्धाद्भुतयोगः। – Ardha Adhbhuda Yoga

मूर्तिस्थितो निशानाथः अन्ये सौम्यास्तु केंद्रगाः।

अर्द्धाद्भुतस्तदा योगो बलमर्दो भवेन्नरः॥८॥

  1. Meaning: Moon in Lagna and rest of the benefic planets placed in Kendra positions create Ardha Adhbhuda Yoga. Persons born with this yoga will be manning or controlling the army.

अथ सागरनामयोगः।–Sagara Yoga

यदा एकोऽपि केन्द्रस्थो भौमाद्याः पंच खेचराः।

स्वौच्चे स्वक्षेत्रगाश्चपि योगोऽयं सागराभिधः॥ ९॥

चतुश्चत्वारि वर्षाणि पर्येतं सुखमुच्यते।

ततो गोदानं कर्त्तव्यं ताम्रपात्रे घृतन्वितम्॥ १०॥

धनधान्ययुतो नित्यं धराधीशो प्रतापंवान्।

अंते दुःखमवाप्नोति देवदोषः कृतः पुरा॥११॥

  1. Meaning: Out of the five planets beginning from Mars (viz. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) even if one planet is placed in a Kendra and if that placement happens to be its exaltation or own house, then it is called Sagaranama Yoga. Such a native will be happy until his 44th year and after that he has to donate a cow and should donate ghee filled in a copper vessel. Then he will get money and grains and he will always be a much praised man on earth. In the end he will have to face sorrows. This is because of Deva Dosha in his previous birth.

Explanation: Deva dosha means anger caused on account of wrongdoing to a deva (deity) or God. This one seems to represent the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas. Bhadra (Mercury), Jupiter (Hamsa), Malavya (Venus), Ruchaka (Mars) and Shasha (Saturn) wherein the condition is that the planet must be placed in a kendra which should be his exalted or own sign. All these five Yogas do not give any negative results as per classics. However the effect of these yogas will get diminished if Sun and/or Moon is bereft of strength or the said planet causing the Yoga is combust. But in the sloka stated by Bhrighu Maharishi, there is no mention of Sun or Moon. Hence the stated results needs to be tested.

अत विपाकयोगः।–Vipaka Yoga

चतुष्केंद्रेषु शून्याश्च त्रिकोण अष्टमे स्थितः।

क्रूरा विपाकयोग्ऽयं वेदनिंदा कृता पुरा॥१२॥

तस्माद्विपाकयोगेशु जन्म जातं न संशयः।

राजरति विख्यातो म्लेच्छबुत्धिर्भवेदिति॥१३॥

  1. Meaning: When there are no planets in any of the four Kendras and malefics are placed in Trikonas or the eighth house, Vipaga Yoga is caused. The person born with this yoga has blamed or has been engaged in mud-slinging of Vedas in his previous birth. Because of this he has taken this birth with this cruel Vipaga Yoga. Though he may be famous as Maharaja of humans he will have a very wicked mind.

Explanation: The sloka continues and the rest are of remedies to ward off the evils arising out of the yoga. Finally Rishi says that by doing such remedies, he will be happy, his children and siblings will be happy. But in the end of his life he will have worries of money and will have to face many difficulties.

अत पातयोगः।–Patha Yoga

मूर्तौ चैवाष्ठमे षष्टे शनिराहुकुजा यदा।

पाताभिधस्तदा योगो धनधान्यविनाशकः॥१८॥

  1. Meaning: If Saturn, Rahu and Mars are placed in Lagna, 8th house and 6th house, then Patha Yoga is caused. This Yoga destroys wealth and grains.

Explanation: The order of placement of the three malefics in the houses mentioned is not clear. Whether Saturn, Rahu and Mars should be placed respectively in Lagna, 8th house and 6th house or whether there can  be an interchange of positions for the planets is not clear. Hence the rule needs to be tested.

अत नंदयोगः।–Nanda Yoga

युग्मं युग्मं भवेत्त्रीणि चैकत्र त्रिग्रही भवेत्।

नंदयोगः स विख्यातश्चिरायू राजपूजितः॥१२०॥

  1. Meaning: Nanda Yoga is caused when two-two planets are placed in three houses and three planets are placed in one house. Such a native will have long life and will be famous and honored by King.

Explanations: Out of the total of 9 planets, in three houses two planets are placed in each making it six and the remaining three planets are placed in one house other than the three houses stated already. Nothing more is available for this Yoga.

अथ ऐंद्रबाहुयोगः।–Aindrabahu Yoga

लग्नाच्च द्विवुके यावत् क्रूराः सौम्यास्तु खेचराः।

ऐंद्रबाहुस्ततो योगो धनी मानी सुविक्रमः॥२१॥

  1. Meaning: If all the planets are placed from Lagna to the 4th house Aindrabahu Yoga is formed. Persons born with this yoga are wealthy, respectable and courageous.

Explanation: In this sloka, the printing of the 2nd word is not clear. Also whether all the planets are to be taken or whether only the malefics are to be considered is not clear.

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