Robert Koch D 60 Analysis via BCP

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings
Robert Koch

Hi Robert, a bit tight due to various issues at home and office but will try to write in detail as much as possible.

1)  If Asc of Cp is correct or not, LL Saturn in the 8H of occult with 9L in the 8H (change of religion or religious beliefs) along with Venus the 10L of Karma, so ur karma was and is in the occult and religion. In Saturn Venus (dispositor of 5H of mantra) dasa there has to be transformation as both Saturn Venus are in the 8H of occult and transformation sitting with Mer (Vishnu), the dispositor of this is in the 12H of abroad. U travelled and joined Gurus ashram (9L is Mer with Saturn Venus) and got diksha of mantra, Venus the AD is 5L of mantra aspected by Mars from 5H and this 8H has A5. Ketu the planet of Spirituality was in transit in ur 8H during   June 5, 1970: Received Hari Nam Diksa from my guru – Age 23. Age 23 would mean 11H of chart where Jupiter (Guru) is placed and its lord Mars is in the 5H of mantra.

2) Jup is in the 11H of jyotisha making u an astrologer apart from 10L in the 8H which is one (not necessary) of the combinations for astrologers along with Rahu in the 9H for foreign influences. The karakatwa of Jupiter is Guru and as it is in ur 11H it is Jyotish Guru, this Jupiter is the 3L of writing and 12H of spirituality aspecting the 5H of authorship where 11L of Jyotish Mars is sitting causing Guru mangal Yoga, as it is in the 11H 47,59, these ages give something to do with Jyotish writing and authorship and spirituality and u wrote – October 5, 2005: Book on Drig dasa was released.  – the book drig dasa was on spirituality but since Mars is aspecting this 11H of 59th year there has to be some jealousy involved and some blockage. To be noted the sign of Jupiter is Sc – of the occult. The Chara dasa of KNR was Cn Dasa , 5th from there is Jupiter making u an author and during this Cancer dasa u would become a bigger Guru since Jupiter is the 9L sitting in the 5H from Cn Dasa, also making u a sishya and making u meet ur guru. The only unfortunate thing is this Jupiter is aspected by Rahu (remember the article I wrote on Rahu implements itself in the 3rd from it Vol 2 or 3) and its unfortunate that whenever u become a guru or get a guru some cheating or bad name will happen eventually (am using true nodes, but if mean nodes then Rahu will be conjunct Jup which explains it easily I presume). Jupiter in the 11H, jyotish or guru can become a badha in life at some stage

3) Sun is in the 12H so something to do with 12H matters would have happened in the 25th year, pls see if it happened. Any feedback would be nice

4) An event regarding ur mother or 4/5H in the 32nd year

5) May 20, 1989: Left temple life for good and started supporting myself doing

Jyotish readings – Age 42, this would mean 6H, its lord Mercury is in the 8H of transformation along with 10L of karma and 2L of vocation so something new started in ur life related to Mer (9L of dharma) and 2nd series of ur dharma started.

6) March 12, 1986: Started illicit affair while still pujari in the temple – this lasted a

year and 1/2 – Age 39 – this would be the 3H where Ketu (mistake) and AL (image) is placed and its lord Jupiter is in the sign of Sc (sex scandal) and in the 11H of wife (woman) and Jyotish, this relationship would eventually lead u to Jyotish I guess, think so u mentioned that earlier many years back to me. Ketu the 39th year is in the 3H of new karma opposite 9H of temple and aspected by Rahu (scandal), u mentioned that this lasted 1.5 years which makes it 40th year where Moon (ones name) and A8 (scandal and sex) is placed in the 4h of ones prestige causing some scandal. The woman must have been feminine I presume.


7) July 3, 1994: Met Sri KN Rao and Jyotish reached a new level as a result – Age 47 – this would be the 11H of Jyotish where Jupiter (Guru) is sitting who is 3L of travel and 12L of abroad . K N Rao travelled from abroad (to where u were placed) and u met him and this changed ur life since 3L is the house of unlocking of Karma (mentioned this in the previous editorial). You should have stuck to K N Rao as this was Jupiters 4th round, the result would have gone into the 8H and he might have unraveled quite a few secrets especially since u have the intelligence to understand it.

8) January 1, 1995: Started relationship with Dana – Age 48 – it is 12H of bed pleasures and 8L of sex Sun is sitting and this is a very very past life karma for you Robert.

9) March 16, 2005: Life-threatening illness started:  I was sick until July that year –

almost died – Age 58 – Age 58 would be 10H where A6 (disease) is sitting and its lord Venus has gone in the 8H of chronic diseases, remember in last issue I revealed a Bhrighu Technique , where Venus sits one has to spend on diseases/health issues, use that with this BCP, the lord of the 58 year has become Venus so you spend on disease and it being in the 8H it would be chronic and concerning ur longevity (since 8H is house of longevity as u know and u wrote that u almost died)


7L if Moon sitting with A8 (bad) and 6th from it is Rahu, 6H is the natural house of black magic and Rahu is spirits. This Rahu from 7L becomes badhak lord of chara rasis and also 6H is the house of badha. Around age of 62 (2nd house) the spirit problem would have enhanced as Rahu lord of Aq sits in the 6th of badha of 7L of wife.


Based on our article presumably titled ‘Timing Kala’ written few years ago on D60 and sent to ACVA and BAVA to be published there (it never got published presume Internet Jaimini Parampara has strong roots there since D60 article will break their theory on D60 for curses only whereas our article was based on what K N Rao taught me) we used same technique and asked the chart holder what happened when Tr Saturn transited around 17 Ar 27 which is the Moons degree in D60 (earlier only one software Goravani used to give years back and now Jhora also gives this option of degrees in Shastiamsa, obviously this is a hypothetical degree and not actual degree of planet). Moon is with A8 (occult) and it is the 7L of PadaPrapthi (Public Platform and Status) & 7L of wife/partner. The lord of Moon is Mars and goes in the 5H of fame in D60 aspected by Jupiter (being Guru)


“Also when Saturn was at 17Ar 27 what happened in ur life”?  This occurred on 2/14/2000, and I was in the Ketu MD and Moon AD (Vim.).  It was in this month/year that I travelled to Sedona, AZ for the ACVA conference and gave a lecture there.  I was also a guest speaker at a workshop on spirituality at the same conference, the result of which I gained great ground in reputation as a “spiritual” astrologer.  My wife also met me in Sedona afterward, and we had a vacation.  Shortly thereafter, however, in May, 2000, I declared bankruptcy. (note A8)

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