Role of Dasamsa & Vimshottari Dasa By Pradeep Goel, India

I am born on 06 Oct 1953 and took voluntary retirement in the year 1996 as an officer from Punjab National Bank. Since I had deep interest and fascination in Vedic Astrology, I joined proper study under I.C.A.S Delhi Chapter II in June 2001 and passed Jyotish Visharada in June 2003 in first class. After completing Post Visharada sessions under the able guidance of seniors and eminent persons like Shri M.N.Kedar and Shri K.Rangachari, I joined ICAS Delhi Chapter-II as faculty member. Subsequently I became the Treasurer of the Chapter and now I am Secretary of ICAS Delhi Chapter-II Hari Nagar New Delhi – 1100 64. In the mean time I also completed the certificate course on IDENTIFICATION AND TESTING OF PRECIOUS STONES AND GEMS by Indian Gemological Institute Govt of India New Delhi. This was to ensure that the Gem stones suggested and worn by the persons are really natural and genuine. I am presently taking classes of Astronomy, Ashtakavarga, Shad Bala. 

Article Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Background: The word “Profession” is not as simple as it appears. A deeper analysis of this word “Profession” indicates that it includes practically every aspect of working life of a native from appearance in an interview process, selection into a career/job, appointment, transfer, promotion, postings, relations with boss, colleagues and subordinates, receipt of salary, sanction of increments, release of arrears etc. Each of these aspects has important bearing on the personal life of a native. The role of Astrology in all these aspects is to know what is destined, what is likely to manifest, when, how and in what manner the manifestation will be, in order to take a decision to choose the best course of action.

Practically in a Rashi chart (D-1) the 10th house is known to be the house which is primarily considered for one’s Professional life and the 11th house is the house for consideration of all types of gains and receipts which an individual is able/capable of to earn in his life. But the matter is very complex since there are persons having many qualifications and talents, but are not able to earn enormous amount of money. On the other side there are people having limited educational background and talent who are able to earn lots of money. There are natives with excellent educational background and talent who are earning money only out of a few limited talents without exploiting their potential to the fullest extent. Therefore, the manner in which one earns his/her livelihood does NOT necessarily depend on the talent /qualifications / interests one possesses.

Determination of one’s profession, therefore a process in which almost every aspect of one’s personality is reflected through the promises in the chart, yogas, status of planets etc are the factors which need to be taken into consideration, to decide how the native could get his professional involvement in Society.

Let us see what our Shastras and great Masters guide us to:

Jatak Parijata – Shri Vadyanath Dikshit, says that from 10th house and from Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn ascertain person’s authority, the rank, name, fame, knowledge of special arts and learning, means of livelihood, ornaments etc.

Uttar Kalamrita – Shri Kalidas, says from 10th house see honor from government, riding on a horse, fame, sacrifices, magnitudes of moral merits, honors, honorable living etc.

Jatak Tatwa – Pt. Mahadev Pathak: says from 10th house one must consider vocation, profession, status and official position, directions and command ability to complete the work etc.

Jatak Bhushan – Acharya Mukund Devagya, says from 10th house one may see governance, directions, occupation, father, name, fame, dignity, official status, ornaments, living in foreign country, people working under the native, loan, constraints in life etc.

Dr B.V. Raman, says that from 10th house see dignity, self respect, rank, temporal honors, religious knowledge occupation, respect and means of livelihood.

If we look at the Kalapurusha (time personified) the 10th house, relates to knees which enable a person to stand on its own thereby facilitate one to move out and exhibit his qualities/talents to the society. This indicates that 10th house enables the Kalpurusha to move out and merge in the universe – become an agent to the Almighty – a real divine agent in a more practical manner.

From above, we learn that from the 10th house we primarily see temporal honors, rank, social status and means of livelihood. But to consider these we have to study and understand the basic motivating forces/factors leading to achievement of these honors/rank/social status with due involvement in the means of livelihood. These motivating forces revolve around the following.

(a) Yagna: Meritorious moral deeds, talents, the knowledge of special arts and sacrifices:

(b) Vyapar:  Business with social interaction leading to means of livelihood.

(c) Gamana: Traveling and moving out.

The resultant response of the Society to such involvement by any individual is by conferring temporal honor, rank, social status etc which are expressed in different ways depending on time, status of the individual and prevalent social and economic practice of the place. The response could be: –

  1. Kingly: Victory/Great royal celebrations accompanied with religious observances i.e., Yagas etc., or noble men riding on horses i.e., glorify the achievement / status.
  1. Giving command: Appointment in senior or ministerial position.

It, therefore, emerges that the 10th house can be said to be a house of “Social Interaction and of social happiness i.e., for the manner in which an individual involves himself in the environment/society”. Only due to this involvement process an individual get status/honor/rank and other allied features including involvement in the Society through means of livelihood. The extent of social happiness of a native could be measured by the nature and disposition of the 10th house.

As most of the average persons have very few interests/talents and capabilities, therefore, for such individuals, their profession or means of earning livelihood is their Only means of getting involved with the society. Therefore, for such person’s 10th house would be, indeed, is the most important basis for ascertaining their professional life.

But for a person possessing many qualities and interests in life, his relationship and activities, which relate him to the Society at large and also the response of the society to his actions, could be many. Often such a person gets bouquets of appreciations and bricks bats i.e., adverse response simultaneously. Such experience depends on the impulses generated by him in different areas of activities and his relationships with different segments of the society. For example, a Bank Employee by profession may be getting adverse working reports from the customers or from his boss in his office while getting reward for his sports/art activity or appreciation by the Society for his meritorious social work.

It is also a fact that a person may be a great administrator, a financial wizard and deep student of history, lover of art, an art creator or expert table/Sitar player but may not be using all these talents in himself with his interaction to the society to earn his livelihood. But whatever he does, he does from his inherent talent and capabilities. For such type of individuals, though the cause of interaction with the Society leading to the basis of employment/professional engagement, depends upon the nature and influence on the 10th house and the extent of his income i.e., flow of income would be indicated by 11th house. Here comes the role of 11th house and 10th house. There is the fine and beautiful relationship between the 10th and 11th houses.  Eleventh house, therefore, indirectly depicts the manner or the extent to which an individual is able to exploit – is capable to take the advantage of   the interaction or his relation with the Society as revealed through the status and strength of 10th house, to earn his livelihood.

It is not essential that 10th and 11th houses are jointly bad or good. These two houses may show their own contradictory disposition. Some may have very afflicted 10th house where as his 11th house may be very powerful and vice versa. This is the vital clue why there are persons having negative interactions with the society and with the group where they live, yet had a very good level of income while there are persons with lot of merits to their credit due to their role in the society at large, but with totally indifferent sources of income.

Dasamsa (D-10)

According to Rishi Prashara one should consider happiness and fortune (Bhagyam) from “Turyamsha i.e., Chaturthamsa (D-4), for happiness from Spouse consider Navamsha (D-9) and for considering important event affecting native’s life Dasamsa chart (D-10). Dasamsa chart is a microscopic view of the 10th house of the basic rashi chart (D-1). Therefore, this divisional chart is important for consideration of prestige, name, fame, power, position, social status, prosperity, source of livelihood, success and failures in life. Purpose wise, we can say that this chart (D-10) should be studied to ascertain: –

  1. Inclination and aptitude of the native and level of his success.
  2. The overall field of activity where the native could have good success/fortune.
  3. Progress and growth in business or service for the native Karaka: Jupiter.
  4. Karma or actions by an individual: Karaka Saturn.
  5. Generation of Wealth through occupation/profession/career: Karaka Mercury.
  6. Position – power – status – authority earned by a native, Karaka: Sun.

Different Houses of Dasmansha:

(Source: Article by Mr Justice Kapoor & other research papers)

For Native himself:

1st house: Self and one’s stable reputation-status through own karmas, acquisition of position and reputation.

2nd house: One’s speech, liquid financial resources available for profession. The Kendras (quadrants) from 2nd house i.e., 5th, 8th and 11th house indicate the money generated in business through bank/own sources or money of partners etc.

3rd house:  One’s Communication capacity, parakram (valor) of profession, short leaves from profession.

4th house: One’s mood and real property resources available.

5th house: One’s intelligence, motivating capacity, Intelligence for earning money. This house also indicates subordinate staff and help since 5th house is for own children therefore, sub staff is expected to assist native like his own children.

6th house: One’s subordinates’ capacity to compete, to raise resources from any financial institutions. This house rules service. If there are benefic plants or house 6th house is strong the native will get a good job.

7th house: One’s position in the office, one’s colleagues and partners. This house rules business. If 7th house is strong the native would be engaged in business. Alternatively, if 7th house is afflicted, has debilitated planets, service (6th house) will be encouraged and not business.

8th house: One’s professional secrets, contacts across the seven seas and capacity to work in secrecy and retirement.

9th house:   One’s own ethics and morals in relation to one’s profession and seniors/bosses. Ninth house denotes father or elderly person who supports the native the boss is similarly responsible for the promotion of native.

10th house: One’s actions, reputation, power, success, attainment and failures.

11th house: One’s liquid gains from one professional action.

12th house: One’s professional expenditure, professional communication to distant land/overseas. Long vacation from profession.

The 7th house, being 10th from 10th or “Dasham Pad”, the planets placed here broadly indicate the following possible areas of social interaction/manifestation: –

Sun:         Political Career – since Sun denotes King.

Moon:      Service in Hotels, restaurants – confectionary etc

Mars:       Service in Police, army

Mercury: Business, journalism, writing and publishing jobs.

Jupiter:    Lawyers, Judges and Consultants

Venus:     Art and beauty, entertainment industry, fashion industry etc.

Saturn:    Burden, menial jobs, relating to iron and machinery

Rahu:       Foreign jobs, working in MNCs

Ketu:        Exports

For Consideration of Native’s Boss / Seniors: (10th House to Be the Base)

1st house: The organization/office in which one is working/place of work of native.

2nd house: Intelligent decisions – right decisions of the boss at correct time for monetary success.

3rd house: Subordinates of the boss, capacity of the boss to raise finance from Public and financial Institutions.

4th house: Partners or co-directors of the boss and status of the boss in the Organization.

5th house: The causes and reasons of the downfall of the boss, His contacts with distant land across seven seas and his capacity to work in secrecy.

6th house:  The moral and professional ethics of boss and his mentors and Guides.

7th house: The actions of the boss and reputation.

8th house: Income and gains of boss from the profession.

9th house: Expenditure of the boss on labour welfare.

10th house: The stable reputation of the boss and long-term failures and success.

11th house: The liquid funds and finances and speech of the boss.

12th house: The capacity of the boss to communicate with others, his Managerial Team particularly relating to human resources.   

Important Considerations from Dasmamsa Chart, as per Eminent Astrologers:

  1. It is desired to study the “Arthtrikona” or finance trine composed of 2nd,6th and 10th houses of a chart, specially keeping in the tatwas of the rashi/lord /planets placed in, to ascertain their impact on social interaction i.e. profession.
  1. If lagna lord is placed in 9th house, one loves to be his own boss and self work/own work is best advised.
  1. Rahu in lagna of D-10 shows fluctuations in fortunes and frequent changes in career.
  1. Sun and Saturn association in 6th house or 10th house from Moon in D-10 chart indicate conflicts with boss/superiors.
  1. Planets in quadrants of D-10 give promotion and support/profit during their main/sub dasha.
  1. Planets in Trines (5th/9th) give favors and fortune through friends/superiors in their main/sub periods.
  1. Saturn in 10th house or with 10th lord or existence of malefic or debilitated planet in 10th house or with 10th lord leads to unemployment or loss of job. Saturn with Mars or other malefic planets in 10th house or with 10th lord leads to bad reputation or insult in professional life.

Practical Construction of Dasmamsa Chart (d-10) & Its Use:

Under Dasmamsa (D-10) each rashi is divided into 10 equal parts of 3 degrees each. Counting starts from the sign itself in case of odd signs and in case any planet is placed in Even sign the counting starts from 9th sign from the sign occupied by that planet. Each Dasmamsa has a name which is according to the 10 Directions with their deity/Gods which form the basis of such social manifestation. These are as follows: – 

Chart 80

Meaning & Practical Use of these 10 Dasmamsas in Modern Context:

  1. INDRA: Indra is the Lord of Gods, the God of Rain, lord or ruler, first or best among all. Excessively feared, great physical strength and charm, terror to enemies, protects the Gods and Gurus with great power and strength, sometimes loss to discrimination and can deceive the trusted rivals to get better from them.

In modern context it means the power, lust for power, recognition, lordship over arrogance, dominance, ability to take measures to attain one’s ends without always caring for the means. Arrogant decisions, controversial acts. Such type of persons can obstruct many equal rank persons so that none can get equal status or higher status than himself. He can even deceive the king to acquire his kingdom. So, such type of persons can even commit mistakes which could cost them their power and position. The person could suffer because of controversy or conflict with the senior officers or a court judgement against them. Such persons have all the comforts of life but a fear exist in them that they can lose power and position any time. These persons could be the Heads of Department or Organization or State, this is especially true if the lagna of rashi chart falls in Indra Dasamsa.

  1. AGNI: Is God of Fire, sacrificial fire which is reported to be of different types i.e., fire of stomach, digestive faculty, bile and cold. It is highly desirable to have lagna or 10th lord in a Dashamsha ruled by Fire God.

In modern context it may mean energy – the fire which helps life to go on to ensure survival, capacity to perform and consume, inclination towards virtues and sacred deeds, fearful when provoked, and limitless appetite. EX:  One who has energy, zeal and capacity for achievement of goals. Such persons can be entrusted the work of protecting the valuables/riches e.g., Chief security officer/head of the armed forces or head of the rescue team, head of a team for rescue mission etc.

  1. 3. YAMA: Means upholding Dharma (justice/righteousness), law, rules of law and justice and grants the fruits of karmas. Not affected by attachments and allurements. Impartial in his disposition. Controlling, curbing factors, control, restrain, self – religious, great moral or religious duty or observance.

In modern context it may mean a person who witnesses all good and bad deeds of living beings, working under restrictions or in grueling/compelling hard conditions, impartiality, justice, power without discrimination, immense power to enforce rules and justice as well as to give punishment as one deems fit. The person himself has to be restrained and live within the overall limits – on breaking/lapse shall face strict punishments may be health problems/indulging in scandal/bad name etc. This may also indicate working under demanding bosses’ companies or partners or situation. Professionals under this category could be judges/magistrates/jailors or very strict HR bosses, Auditors, Controller of accounts, election authority or persons having great morale or religious duty or observers etc.

  1. RAKSHASA: Evil spirit, demonic nature, a demon or anti god or a goblin against benevolence and virtues. Ruler of South-west (Nirriti) being ruled by demon Nirriti- most inauspicious direction reserved for unclean and undesirable purposes. Raw energy, inclination towards wickedness, great physical strength and untiring disposition with determination, vengefulness.

In modern context capacity to do/take hard and tough acts/decisions (even killing or equivalent to killing) for achieving the desired end or working under situation – circumstances where one is never able to sit idle or under a boss/administrator who has capacity to cause havoc, having Evil/tamsic nature/harsh–ruthless attitude totally getting work done by force, disregarding interests/feelings of others.

This also includes those who work actively in the night, who are deeply involved in research and probe.  It is also possible that the native’s own nature could be lethargic and inactive during the day but extraordinarily active during night time.

  1. VARUN: God of Waters. Son of Goddess Aditi – the mother of Gods. Expansive, great learning, hidden strength, expansion ability to pacify tempers i.e., contain / control fire.

In modern context one that is always for expansion – new opening, innovative idea implementation – widely accepted as a leader in some area/group, having army of friends – working overseas, dealing with overseas countries, a sailor, ship owner, marine engineer and seller of marine products, dealer in water or selling water or products extracted from water.

  1. VAYU: the God of Wind, also called Maruta. Air or vital air. It is not only air but it is a current or energy that flows through everything in the universe so as to make possible for the individuals to survive.  Instability, strength to generate capacity to permeate every where and having wide range of interests – capacity to destabilize, interest in wide range of things, immense strength and energy.

In modern context it indicates fast movement – fast actions, could understand and act deep inside matters i.e., penetrability, able to spread the basic instinct (fire) in widest possible area – every corner, sometimes may cause overall instability thereby affecting masses, movement, circulation, great strength, permeability, working in communication and transmission or in air related projects. It also indicates instability in the working/decision making process or having flexible/adjustable decisions tailored to the needs/situations. It can also indicate wild imaginations and fantasies needed for successful achievement of goal / profession.

  1. KUBERA: In the Indian context one can, be considered as God of Riches and Treasures, wealthy and prosperous – half brother of Ravana’s friend of God Rudra, often leading to arrogant behavior in some way.

In modern context having capacity/opportunity of earning wealth and riches and excellent financial income. God Kubera was owner of “Pushpa Viman” (Aeroplane) therefore the one having aero plane or in any means of transportation equivalent to that of an aeroplane or working in aeroplane. It also indicates to be or to be able to remain with the close association with the elite group of the Society. 

  1. ISHAAN: Lord Shiva: The most auspicious and most benevolent of all the Dashamamsha lords. The professionallord falling into this group could be a ruler, master, lord conferring benevolence, auspiciousness and prominence. A ruler, master, lord, name of Shiva, name of Vishnu. Auspiciousness, prominence, benevolence.

In modern context the one who has basic nature or who works in such a manner that the other person dealing with him is not subject to unreasonable loss/suffering or is not subjected to any sort of undue advantage. For such a business man – he could be buying in cash or may be making prompt payment – not holding the supplier’s payment unreasonably. He could be the one who devoted himself towards charitable activities or the one who is first among the lot in many other benevolent ways, a trustee, a missionary or a religious head with a flock of followers.

  1. BRAHMA: The creator – the lotus – born God. Creativity is the prominent feature of this Dashamamsha, freshness, power to materialize, great learning and wisdom and ability to disseminate knowledge.

In modern context the persons having fertile mind with highly creative disposition, the one who brings something new, materialization of new ideas – new methods – creating new avenues/job opportunities, finding ways and means to achieve something which is not in existence. Such an individual can create a world of his own but it is possible that he may not get due credit for his deeds.

1o. ANANATA: Limitlessness, Endless, infinite, boundless, inexhaustible, power to sustain, benevolence, virtue. This is the name for God Vishnu, God Shiv and God Krishan.

In modern context sky is the limit. Not sticking to something one – endless – limitless inexhaustible. Exploration of those areas which are hidden– unknown like treasures of occult sciences or being involved into those areas having no limit – no boundaries. One who gets satisfaction – happiness and contentment at the end.


  1. The 10th house of a rashi chart (D-1), in totality, is a house of Social interaction: This house indicates how an individual is able to merge with the society thereby influencing and causing his/her status, name, fame etc.

While the planets, represented by the strongest of the Lord of 10th house from lagna, Moon and Sun along with  their Navamsha lords, their nakshtra (star) lords, planets aspecting them, the strongest planet of the chart, the Atmakaraka, Amatyakaraka, the exalted planet of the 10th house/rashi etc., play prime role in creating situations and circumstances due to which the individual is directed to be placed comfortably in a particular category of profession  i.e. Doctor,  lawyer, engineer, educationalist, police – army duty, banker, chartered accountant, artist etc., Through such placement, caused by these planets, the individual is able to ultimately come in contact with the Society  in which he/she  gets name , fame and status etc .

  1. The 11th house of rashi chart (D-1) indicates the extent, ability and the manner in which an individual is able to take advantage of the promises of the 10th house, as stated above, to earn money, name, fame, gains, social status and reputation.

Each of the 10 Dasamsas indicates the type and manner of such manifestations within the overall spectrum of the category.

Outcome of Vimshottari Dasa:

The Broad outcome of results of the Maha dasha lord and Antar Dasa lord can also be ascertained from each of the 10 Dasamsas in which the dasa lords are placed.   

Case No: 1: Dr. B.V. Raman: DOB: 08th Aug 1912 TOB: 19.43 POB: Bangalore: His name and fame and extent of income has no comparison:

Basic Chart D-1: Mars (Courage): in Pushkar[1] Navamsha. Mercury (Intelligence) Vargottama. Moon – Jupiter in quadrant to each other cause Gajkesari Yoga, Venus + Mercury = Raj yoga.


1) Aquarius in Shatbhisha~2 Star – lord Rahu placed in Jupiteran sign in 2nd house. In Navamsha Rahu is in Ascendant with Sun.

2) Lagna (Ascendant) lord Saturn is placed in 4th house with exalted Moon, in Rohini~1 Star whose lord is Moon, aspecting 7th lord Sun, 6th house, 10th house and Ascendant. Jupiter in Anuradha~3 Star is placed in 10th house aspecting Rahu,

3) Lagna lord Saturn, Moon and Sun. Therefore, Jupiter has important bearing on the Lagna –the self, Moon the mind and Sun the soul. Mars (Courage), Venus (Specialization) and Mercury (Intelligence) aspect lagna.

4) In Navamsha (D~9) Saturn is again in 4th house aspecting/aspected by Jupiter and Mars

5) In Dasmamsa Saturn has lordship of 9th and 10th house placed in 12th house aspecting rahu in 2nd house, Sun and 9th house.

How to be in involved in Society: i.e., 10thhouse Scorpio sign (Secretive/occult). Lordship of Mars represents 3rd house(courage) and 10th house (Social Interaction) aspects 10th house, Ascendant (D~1) and 2nd house from 7th house (10th to 10th) with Mercury lordship of 8th (Deep research bend) and 5th (emotions/feelings) and, Yogkaraka Venus, Mars is in Star of Purva Phalguni – lord Venus. 10th house has Jupiter in Anuradha Star of Saturn (Symbol Lotus) – the lord of 11th (gains & earnings) and 2nd (speech/kutumb/dhana). Jupiter’s aspect on 2nd house, ascendant lord Saturn, Moon (the mind) and sun (the soul) has completely brought the Benevolence in the nature and actions. Due to all these planets, he came in contact with all sort of people which raised him to heights of social acceptance but no where equivalent to financial achievements.

            Important: The ascendant lord of D-10 is Venus placed in 7th house of D-1 aspecting 10th house, lagna and 2nd house and the 10th house lord of D-10 is Saturn who is also lagna lord of D-1 and is placed in 4th house aspecting 10th house and ascendant of D-1. Therefore, there is relationship of ascendant lord and 10th house lord of D-10 with ascendant and ascendant lord of D-1 and 10th house.

In what manner the involvement in society is to manifest i.e., D-10

Basic Chart: D-1:   Ascendant lord Saturn in Kuber Dasamsa being at 10deg 10mts of even sign Taurus: Indicate owner of wealth and riches or mixing with persons of elite income group of Society besides getting lot of name and fame.  10th House Lord Mars in Ishan Dashamsa indicating involvement with the society in most poised, sacred and benevolent manner. Eleventh House Lord: Jupiter in Vayu Dasmamsa: Unending-limitless area of operation. Ability to get with deep penetrating understanding   of subject which becomes a life-giving source for many.

Dasmansha Chart: Ascendant Lord Venus in Indra Dasamsa: Ability to be first and king/master in his (D-10) Own area of operation / jurisdiction. 10th House Lord: Saturn in Kuber Dasamsa: Having Social capability to earn lots of money, riches, name, fame & dignity. Eleventh House Lord Jupiter in Vayu Dasmamsa.

Vimshottari Dasa

In Maha Dasa Jupiter from 03rd June 1937 to 03rd June 1953, age 25 to 41 yrs is in Vayu Dasmamsa enabled him to probe deep into areas in occult sciences which spread his name and fame like air to the remotest corner of the world.

Case No: 2: Male Doctor:  DOB: 27th April 1964: TOB: 04.11 DOB: New Delhi.

[1] Pushkar Navamsa is a navamsa in which grahas give special results and ability to regenerate. For more details on Pushkar Navamsa refer to books of  Late C.S.Patel

Basic Chart: D-1: Ascendant Pisces sign In Uttarbhadrapada Star – lord Saturn – lord of 11th and 12th house placed in 12th house in Mool Trikona Rashi. Ascendant lord Jupiter in Ashwini Star (Celestial Doctors) placed in 2nd house with 6th lord Sun and 4th (Such) and 7th (10th to 10th) house lord Mercury – both in Venus Star aspected by/aspect of 5th lord Moon from 8th house. Moon is in Swati Star – lord Rahu. Mars in ascendant – who is lord of 9th and 2nd – yogkaraka – in Star Revati and ascendant lord Jupiter placed in 2nd house of mars, exchange between ascendant and 2nd house. In Navamsha Meena Rashi occupies 7th house with Mars too, and Saturn in fiery sign in 4th house aspecting 10th house and lagna.

In Dasmansha (D-10) Saturn in 4th house aspecting 10th house and ascendant.   

How To Be in Involved in Society: i.e., 10th house:  Fiery sign of Dhanu – on Rahu – Ketu axis.

10th lord Jupiter – in Ashwini Star (celestial doctor) placed in fiery sign of Aries with 6th lord (Diseases etc) Sun and 4th and (Sukh) and 7th (10th to 10th) lord Mercury aspected by/aspect of lord (education/emotions/feelings etc) Moon from 8th house. Moon is in Swati Star of Rahu and Rahu aspects 10th house from 4th house. Saturn the lord of 11th and 12th aspects from 12th house. Saturn is in Star Shatbhisha – Rahu. Jupiter is dispositor of yogkaraka Mars.

Important: The 10th house lord of D-10 Mars is in Lagna of D-1. The ascendant lord of D-10 Saturn is in 12th house of D-1 aspecting ascendant lord and 10th lord Jupiter from 12th house. The ascendant lord and 10th house lord of D-1 i.e., Jupiter is in exalted state in 6th house of D-10 aspecting ascendant lord and 10th lord Mercury.

Therefore, 6th and 12th house of D-10 and D-1 are linked with lagna and 10th house of D-1 and of D-10. Moreover, existence of fiery signs, Rahu, Mars, 6th house, 12th house, Ashwini Star and benevolent aspect of Jupiter on Moon as well as on own (10th) house, leave deep impact on the native to be involved in the society through medical profession.

Source of Income: 11th house: 

11th house Rashi: Capricorn Lord Saturn placed in 2nd house from own house, i.e., 12th house from Asc in Mool Trikona sign. Lagna lord Jupiter getting aspect of Saturn indicates income through Service/employment.

In what Manner the involvement in Society is to Manifest i.e., D-10

Basic chart: D-1: Ascendant Lord: Jupiter in Rakshasa Dasamsa 10th House Lord: Jupiter in Rakshasa (Nirriti)Dasmamsa. 11th House Lord:  Saturn in Rakshasa Dasamsa.

Dasmansha chart (D-10): Lagna Lord: Saturn: in Rakshasa Dasamsa, 10th House Lord: Mars in Agni Dasamsa, 11th House Lord:   Jupiter in Rakshasa (Nirriti) Dasamsa.

In Rakshasa Dasamsa: The native has to work under hard tiring situations and has capacity to take hard and tough decisions even leading to killing or near to killing and one is never able to sit idle.

In Agni Dasamsa: One has energy, capacity and zeal with immense courage to achieve the goal.

Vimshottari Dasa

Maha Dasa: Mercury w.e.f. 4th Apr 2005 and Antar Dasa of Mercury: which is in Varun (Crossing Water) Dasmamsa. He went to UK got employment in a premier hospital in a prestigious post of an Anesthetist who is virtually engaged in putting to sleep every patient.

Case No: 3: Jail Superintendent. New Delhi:  Date of Birth: 16th May 1956 TOB:20.29 POB: DELHI.

Basic Chart: D-1:   Gajkesari yoga: 3-9 house:

Ascendant: Scorpio sign (Secret sign) in Jyeshtha Star of Mercury– lordship of 8th and 11th placed in 7th house with 10th lord sun on R-K Axis. Ascendant lord: Mars in exalted state in 3rd house of parakrama (immense prakrama/valor) in mutual aspect with exalted Jupiter lord of 2nd and 5th houses and 9th lord all in 9th house. Ascendant has Saturn – lord of 3rd (Parakrama) and 4th (Sukh – popularity) in own Star Anuradha with Rahu (debilitated?) again in same Star aspected by / aspecting Sun – 10th lord and Mercury 8th and 11th lord. Saturn aspects 10th house as well.

How to be in involved in Society: i.e., 10th house: Fiery sign of Simha

            10th lord Sun in 7th house (10th to 10th) aspecting ascendant. Sun is in own Star Kritika-2 (Symbol Razor – scissor) giving extremely critical nature to the native in the Society. Aspect of 3rd lord (Parakamesh) Saturn – the dispositor of exalted lagna lord Mars and Rahu make the native very tough/strong hearted before the society.   

Important: The 10th rashi of D-10, is the ascendant rashi of D-1 whose lord Mars is exalted in D-1 aspecting Bhagyesh (9th lord) Moon who is forming Gajkesari yoga with Jupiter. The Lagna lord of D-10 is Saturn who is placed in lagna in D-1. The ascendant lord of D-1 is Mars who is placed in 4th house in D-10 aspecting 7th, 10th and 11th house and 11th lord of D-10. The 10th rashi of D-10 is in 7th house of D-10 (10th to 10th) and their lord Sun is placed in 12th house (Hospital / Out of country / Jail etc) of D-10. The 12th lord of D-10 is Saturn placed in ascendant of D-1.

Therefore, the ascendant, 10th house of both the charts are related with 12th house of D-10. The involvement of Sun (Government) with Mars (energy) Saturn (Service) Rahu (with criminals) indicate involvement of the native to the society through police/law enforcing agencies.

Source of Income: 11th house lord Mercury in Rohini Star whose lord Moon (Symbol – Chariot) placed with Sun (Government) aspected by Saturn (Service) indicate income through government sources in employment.   

In What Manner the involvement in the society is to manifest in D-10

Basic Rashi chart: D-1: Ascendant Lord Mars in Agni (Fire) Dasmamsa: To have lot of energy/parakrama/power to use.

10th House Lord:  Sun: in Ananta Dasmamsa: To be able to probe/explore anything and everything.

11th House Lord: Mercury: In Varun Dasmamsa Incharge/Head/Wide Powers in Hand.                                    

In Dasmamsha chart (D-10):

Ascendant Lord: Saturn: in Ishan Dasmamsa: Honest man, faith in God and gives lot of charity. 10th House Lord:   Mars:  In Agni Dasmamsa: Use of force/power while in service.

11th House Lord:   Jupiter: In Indra Dasamsa: Independent Head/Incharge of Jail.

Vimshottari Dasa

Maha Dasa of Mars with antar dasa of Mars w.e.f.13th Mar 2006: Mars is exalted in 3rd house in Indra Dasmamasa gave immense strength and power/status – promoted head of a new jail in New Delhi.

 Case No: 4: A Sub. Divisional Magistrate posted in Delhi: 14th July 1957   TOB: 16.30 POB: Haryana.

Basic Chart: D-1: Sun & Saturn = Vargottam, Mercury & Rahu – Ketu in Pushkar Navamsha:

Ascendant: Scorpio Sign (Secret sign) in Jyeshtha-1 Star of Mercury – lordship of 8th and 11th Placed in 9th house with 7th & 12th lord Venus and 6th& ascendant lord Mars.

Ascendant lord: Mars in bhagyastana 9th house-(neechbhanga) in Ashlesha~2 (symbol: Snake) Lord Mercury, Lord of 8th and 11th with Mercury (Intelligence) and Venus aspected by 9th lord Moon who is in Dhanishta~1 Star of Mars. Ascendant has Saturn – lord of 3rd (Parakrama) and 4th (Sukh – popularity) in own nakshatra of Anuradha aspecting Moon the 9th lord, 7th house and 10th house.

Important: The ascendant lord of D-10 is Saturn who is placed in lagna of D-1. The 10th lord of D-10 is Venus who is placed in 9th house in D-1 with ascendant lord Mars and 11th   lord Mercury. The ascendant lord of D-1 is Mars who is placed in 10th house of D-10 and the 10th lord of D-1 is Sun who is placed in 3rd house of D-10 aspecting 9th house. Therefore, the ascendant and 10th house of both these are interlinked through ascendant-10th house, 9th house.

How to be in involved in Society: i.e., 10th house: Fiery sign of Simha:

10th lord Sun (Authority) in 8th house (secret/sudden) in Punarvasu-3 Star of Jupiter (Law/Legal matters) placed in 11th house. The Sun is Atmakaraka and is vargottama. In Navamsha Sun is in 7th house aspecting lagna and in D-10 Sun is in 3rd house aspecting 9th house. Therefore, Sun is the major planet giving power, position and status with legal background to be linked with the Society.

Source of Income: 11th house: Lord Mercury in Pushya -2, lord Saturn placed in 9th house with ascendant lord Mars and 7th (10th to 10th) and 12th lord Venus who is again in the Star of Mercury aspected by 9th lord (Bhagyesh) Moon from 3rd house. Moreover, Mercury is the dispositior of Jupiter who is in the Star of Sun –the 10th lord, therefore, intelligence with legal/law matters forms the basis of receipt of income/money.  Since Sun is actively involved service with status is indicated.   

In what manner the involvement in society is to manifest. D-10: Basic Rashi chart: D-1:  

Ascendant Lord: Mars in Yama Dasamsa: Native is tough task master-strict in enforcement of rules/law.

10th House Lord:  Sun: in Ananta Dasamsa: To be able to probe and investigate everything limitless as part of duty.

11th House Lord: Mercury: In Kuber Dasamsa: To be in a position to earn riches and lots of Money and be able to mingle with elite group of Society.

In Dasmamsha chart (D-10):

Lagna Lord: Saturn: in Varun Dasamsa: Have lots of authority and area under jurisdiction.

10th House Lord:   Venus:  In Yama Dasmamsa: Use of Force/Power While in Service.

11th House Lord:  Mars: In Yama Dasmamsa: Enforcement of strict rules/laws.

Vimshottari Dasa

Maha Dasa of Saturn with antar dasa of Sun w.e.f. 05th Nov 2006 – 18th Oct 2007: Saturn being in Varun Dasmamsa – indicating power and position and Sun being in Ananata Dasmamsa indicating capacity to probe and investigate limitlessly – he got promoted and posted as Sub Divisional Magistrate in New Delhi. 

My Sincere thanks for personal guidance, articles, and lectures to:  Hon. Justice S.N. Kapoor, Shri M.N. Kedar, Shri K. RangaChari, Shri O.P.Verma, Smt. Kusum Vashisht and Shri Krishan Kumar besides eminent writers of educative research articles published in various Astrological Magazines.

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