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Role of Evil Houses In Prognostication By R. A. Parmar

Classics in Astrology while classifying the houses of the horoscope have defined the 3, 6, 8 and 12 houses as evil houses. The owners of these houses, though they may be natural benefic work as functional malefic, giving adverse results to the native during course of their period and sub period. In addition, they spoil the result of houses where they have been positioned. Even when they come in contact with any planet they harm the result of said planets.

  • Yogakaraka planets become incapacitated to yield the result ascribed to them, when they happen to occupy the evil houses.
  • The planets occupying the constellations ruled by the lords of evil houses also give bad result.

Powerful yogas become defunct when they come in contact with evil houses or their lords. However, we have to be cautious while evaluating the result connected with lords of 3rd and 6th houses, as these houses besides being considered as evil houses, have been defined as alpachaya houses also. Hence, these houses and their lords assume special signification in delineation, to cause good or bad result.

Third House

The 3rd house has governance over co-borns, younger brothers and sisters, friends, helpers, courage, adventure throat, ears, etc. 3rd house significator or karaka is mars. Lord of 3rd house, if placed in 3rd house makes the native brave and adventurous. He will be contented and happy. He will get faithful and dependable friends and helpers.

Sixth House

The 6th house indicates, diseases, mental anguish, enemies, maternal uncle, cousins, litigations, misfortune, accident, obstacles, injury, wounds, stomach, etc. Its karaka is Saturn, if lord of 6th house occupies the 6th house it constitutes Harsh yoga, which helps the native to overcome sufferings and misfortune. This yoga gives good result as far as income is concerned. It also gives determination and courage to the native. It also helps the native to thwart the enemies; especially Mars in 6th plays vital part to overcome the enemies. Rahu too gives good results, if placed in 6th; of course, benefices in this house do not give good result. Whenever 6th lord is well placed, it gives good result in ones job.

Eighth House

The 8th house deals with longevity unearned wealth, circumstances and condition at the time of death, legacies, disgrace, degradation and so on. Saturn is karaka of this house, the native enjoys good health and long life provided 8th lord occupies, the 8th house. Mercury and Venus, when posited in 8th house confer good longevity. Saturn too if positioned in 8th gives good longevity. Influence of Mars on the 8th house, by the way of occupation, aspect or association indicates violent death. In the circumstances stated above heat attack, accident, shooting, injury through sharp edged weapon, surgery, poisoning, drowning, hanging play the vital part

Signs In 8th House

The nature of death depends upon the zodiacal sign connected with 8th house.

  • Whenever moveable sign occupies 8th house, duly aspected by Mars, death is ‘likely’ to occur on way during journey outside the normal residence.
  • If common sign falls on 8th house, death may occur near to his residence or in the hospital.
  • In the above circumstances, if fixed sign takes the place on 8th house, the native dies in his own house.
  • If fiery sign occupies the 8th house, fire accident, burning, shooting could be cause of death.
  • When earthy sign rises on 8th house accident, fall from high places, vehicle accident may cause the death.
  • Airy sign in 8th house causes the death by suffocation, loss of breath, stroke or stoppage of blood flow.
  • Watery sign in 8th will cause death by drowning, poisoning, diarrhea, water borne diseases etc.

Planets In 8th House

For determining the cause of death, due attention should also be paid to the planet positioned therein.

Sun if positioned in 8th house causes death by fire, Moon, in same place causes death by water, similarly placed Mars brings death by accident, shoot out, wounds, surgery etc. Mercury causes death by suffering from high fever. Jupiter will cause death by provocation of wind and cough. Hunger will the cause of death if Venus is positioned in 8th. Saturn invites death because of thirst. Rahu will bring death because of serpent bite or undiagnosed disease. Ketu will cause death in accident.

Twelfth House

12th house signifies losses, expenditure, bed comfort, retirement emancipation, left eye and feet. Saturn is karaka of this house also. If 12th lord occupies 12th house it gives good result especially pertaining to income. The native gets happiness and engages himself in the religious work. Sun and Venus have been found good, if positioned in 12th house.

We can safety surmise from the foregoing discussion that whenever lords of evil houses occupy the evil houses they loose their evil propensity and give good result. This principle can also be extended to the planets getting exalted in the evil houses, of course, this is a matter of research and readers can do well if they examine the matter in detail. Mutual exchange of evil houses between lords of evil houses constitutes Veeparetha Rajyoga. This yoga has been considered as good.

Hence, natal chart should not be discarded whenever its majority of planets are placed in evil houses.  Each planet should be evaluated and due emphasis should be given to its result before arriving at any decisions.

Now we can corroborate our discussion by citing the result of practical charts available with us. Chart details have been withheld for obvious reasons. This horoscope belongs to a gentleman who has risen from middle class to the dizzy height in the society enjoying all paraphernalia.


He is Leo born native with as many as seven planets situated in evil house. Five planets – Jupiter, Mercury, Mars Venus and Sun are positioned in cancer in 12th house. Saturn is exalted in 3rd house. Moon has gone to Capricorn in 6th. Apparently, this chart does not decipher the inner meaning of combinations available. Ordinary layman with some knowledge of astrology will discard the chart as an average chart. Moon chart does show some promises.  This chart requires special attention. Here Veepareetha Rajyoga has played a conspicuous part in exacting the native to the dizzy height in the society. 3rd lord Venus has gone to 12th.  12th   lord moon has been positioned in 6th .  6th lord Saturn is exalted in 3rd . Mercury is 11th lord. Jupiter is lord of 8th positioned in 12th. All these factors have contributed to the rise of native showing the working of lords of evil houses.

As per the normal techniques of astrology, native born with cancer or leo ascendant are not happy with regard to their marital life as in this case 7th house from moon has been tainted with the  ownership of 6th  and 8th  house.

Let us now consider   the chart of our ex. Prime Minister, Late Shri Morarji Desai

Prime Minister, Late Shri Morarji Desai

8th house contains exalted mars, mercury and Venus. Mars owns 11th and 6th houses. Venus is Yogakaraka with lordship of 5th and 12th. All these houses are evil houses of course.

There are other yogas which has taken the native to the post of prime minister. Since our discussion has been confined with the implication of evil houses we abstain from going into probing into other aspects.

This is a chart belonging to elderly woman who finds difficult to get along with her, husband.

ascendant and Venus

She has been born with Libra ascendant and Venus aspects ascendant from 7th, 6th house contains moon & Saturn in Pisces. Moon and Saturn have been aspected by ketu from 2nd . And 7th lord mars has gone to 8th along with two malefics Rahu and Sun. Saturn with its 3rd aspect, aspect Rahu, Mars and Sun. Here planets positioned in two evil houses, 6th and 8th, have played vital part in the life of the native.

Still we can cite many charts to substantiate our discussion, but it is presumed this is enough at this juncture.