Saadesati, A Bane Or Boon By Dr. Amar Agrawal, India

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Dr. Amar Aggarwal I was in November 1945 in small town Zira (Dist. Punjab) .later on shifted to Chandigarh with my parents at a very young age. I am Ayurveda Graduate (BAMS) and MD in alternative system of medicine. I started my practice as consultant in medicine. In 1995 I got interested in this divine science, Astrology, and studied for two year from ICAS, Chandigarh chapter. In 1997 on completion of my course I was inducted as faculty member.. In the year 2002 I got associate with AIFAS (New Delhi) and started teaching astrology as Chapter Chairman, Chandigarh chapter. Later on I was elevated as Governor (AIFAS) Chandigadh and Haryana. In the year 2000 I studied the Great Lal Kitab also. I was conferred with Punjab Rattan, highest stats award given by Punjab Government in the year 2008. I have visited whole of Europe, Malaysia, Bangkok and Singapore to participate in various international seminars on Astrology. Currently settled in Panchkula and teaching Astrovedic Sciences…

The name “Saadesati” (A period of seven and half year) sends a chill in the spine of a common man. Most of the astrologers consider it as a dreadful occurrence by just ignoring the positive qualities of Saturn. Apart from seven and half years transit of Saturn i.e. Saadesati, the transit of Saturn over the 4th house from the natal Moon known as Ardhashtma Shani and over the 8th house from the natal Moon ie Ashtam Shani, the transit of Saturn over the 4th and 8th houses of natal Moon is known as Dhayiya of Saturn, which are considered equally bad by the majority of astrologers. The natives who are born during the period of Saadesati or of Dhayiya of Saturn likely to suffer maximum during the Saturn’s transit over the sensitive houses. But the experience shows otherwise. Before sharing my views I will like to divide this article into three parts as under:

@ Opinion of classics pertaining to transit of Saturn over the said sensitive houses.

@ Exact occurrence of Ardhashtama, Ashtama and Saadesati.

@ My views with real life illustrations.


Almost all the classics attribute the transit of Saturn over the 4th, 8th, 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the natal Moonas a period of distress and misfortunes. The views of sages are generalized manner which cannot and should not be applied verbatim. Given below are the views as described in classics.

Brihat Samhita

@ During the Saturn’s transit over the natal Moon the native concerned will be troubled by poison and fire, will be separated from one’s kith and kin’s, will wander in foreign countries, will neither have friends nor a house to live in..

@ During the Saturn’s transit over the 2nd house from the natal moon, the native will be bereft of happiness and pride. Even if one earns much wealth through many channels, it would not be sufficient to fulfill one’s needs..

@ During the Saturn’s transit over the 4th house of one’s natal Moon the native will be separated from one’s friends, wife and wealth etc. Everything in one’s mind will be wicked sinful and crooked.


@ During the transit of Saturn over one’s 8th house from the natal Moon the native will be separated from one’s wife and children. One will be engaged in mean activities..

Yavana Jathaka

@ When Saturn is transiting over the natal Moon the native has fear from imprisonment. There will be danger from fire or weapons etc. native will be deceived by others and will have miseries. Native’s wife and child will pass away or will leave him alone..

@ During Saturn’s transit over the 2nd house from the natal Moon, native will have excess in expenditure and loss of money is feared..

@ During the Saturn’s transit over the 4th house from the natal Moon native will be prone to suffer humiliation. He will be running from pillar to post and will always be in difficulties…

@ During Saturn’s transit over the 8th house from the natal Moon one will suffer a lot in every sphere of life..

@ During Saturn’s transit over the 12th house from the natal Moon all endeavors of the native will fail. His intelligence and skill gets diminished, his respect is affected and he suffers humiliations..

Jyotisharnava Navanitam  

@ During Saturn’s transit over the natal Moon the native looses his physical energy, mental balance and suffers from various diseases..

@ During Saturn’s transit over the 2nd house from the natal Moon the naïve will be in grief will incur losses in all his undertakings. There will be futile wandering..

@ During Saturn’s transit over the 12th house from the natal Moon one will lose one’s honor will be anguished, will have limited gains. One will be in the grip of strife and penury..

@ During Saturn’s transit over the 4th house from the natal Moon one will have body troubles, mental distress and fear etc.

@ During the Saturn’s transit over the 8th house from the natal Moon one will face obstacles in one’s undertakings. One will be troubled from diseases, there will be decline in income etc..

Note: These are the views of few classics but almost all the classics have similar type of views but studies shows otherwise.. One should not ignore the sayings of great saints instead it will be go into hidden meanings so as to locate if “Saadesati is Bane or Boon”

Exact time of Ardhashtama Shani, AshtamaShani & Saadesati :

All the three transit position of Saturn are dependent on the placement of Moon in the horoscope, but what will be the exact time of occurrence of above three positions is a matter of debate. Hence one should ascertain the exact time of occurrence of Ardhasthama Shani, Ashtama Shani and Saadesati since most of astrologers opine that starting point of Saadesati should be as and when transiting Saturn enters the 12th house from the natal Moon and it ends when the Saturn leave the 2nd house from the natal Moon..

Some of astrologers opine that the impact of “Saadesati” starts when the Saturn is 45* away, towards 12th house from the natal Moon and it ends when Saturn passes away 45*from the natal Moon.

But both above mentioned statements seem to be ambiguous and absurd. Since it is known fact that the occurrence of “Saadesati or alike” is dependent upon the exact longitude of the Moon. Say in a horoscope the Moon’s longitude is 3*10’ in sign Cancer. Now as per theory No.1 when Saturn will enter sign Gemini “Saadesati” will start and as and when Saturn leaves sign Leo the “Saadesati” will end. As per theory No.2 with the entry of Saturn will be in sign Taurus at 18* (approximately 45* from the natal Moon) the “Saadesati starts and as and when this Saturn is at 18* (approximately 45* from the natal Moon) in sign Leo “Saadesati” will end.

Here the question arises that when the Moon is pivotal point in deciding the occurrence and ending of “Saadesati”, hence the Moon’s longitude should be a pivot in deciding the beginning and ending time of “Saadesati”. As we are considering that the Moon is at 3s 3*10’ hence when transiting Saturn will be at 2s 3*10’ will be the time of occurrence of “Saadesati” and ending point should be 5s 3*10’ with reference to transiting “Saadesati”, if we calculate the total span of Saturn’s transit it will be 90* (here * indicates degrees). The similar method should be adopted while deciding “Ardhashtam Shani or Ashtama Shani”…


Case No.1 Male Native, DOB: 06/09/1953, TOB:03/58AM IST, POB: Varanasi.

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Dagdha Rasi: Taurus and Leo, Yogi Planet:Mercury, Avayogi Planet:Mars

Chart belongs to a very senior IAS officer of Haryana cadre. Saturn is in 4th house from the natal Moon thus native was born under Ardhashtama Shani. Saturn was transiting over sign Cancer in October 2004 thus as per conventional astrology native was under “Saadesati”. During this period native’s name was forwarded to the central MHA for a coveted post in Chandigarh, there were two more contenders along with the native, at that time all odds were against native. On the onset of Mars’s Major period in December 2004 native got selected for the said post.

Now in this case Mars is a Yogakarka planet for Cancer ascendant. Mars is a natural malefic planet placed in sign Leo. Leo happens to be a Dagdha rasi and as per rule a malefic planet in direct motion if happens to occupy a Dagdha rasi it gives most auspicious results. Further this Mars is an Avayogi planet and as per rule an avayogi planet in a negative house or a negative rasi gives excellent results. Mars being Avayogi planet is placed in Dagdha rasi, which happens to be a negative rasi became most powerful to give most auspicious results. Thus a powerfully disposed Dasha lord destined to nullify the ill effects of “Saadesati”.

Case No.2. Male Native.

DOB:08/05/1965, TOB:08/25, POB: Chandigarh…

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Dagdha Rasis : Gemini, Virgo. Yogi Planet:Mercury, Avayogi Planet:Mars

Native was born with sign Gemini  rising in ascendant. Lord of ascendant Mercury is placed in 10th house in its sign of debilitation.. Saturn is in 9th house in its Mooltrikona sign while the

Moon is placed in 2nd house in its own sign thus native was born in Ashatma Shani. In October 2004 Saturn was transiting over the natal Moon, thus the native was under Saadesati.. on 1st October2004 native purchased a bungalow costing Rs.Two Crores. Again on 15th December2004 native entered into a consultation agreement with a multinational company and the fee offered to native was Rs. Thirty Lacks per annum. A powerful Moon and equally powerful Saturn nullified the negative effects of Saadesati..

Case No.3..Male Native..

DOB:04/05/1973, TOB:01/45AM IST, POB: Chandigarh..

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Dagdha Rasis:Saggitarius,Pisces. Yogi Planet:Venus. Avayogi Planet:Jupiter

Native was born with Capricorn sign rising in ascendant. Lord of ascendant, Saturn is placed in 5th house conjunct with lord of 7th the Moon.. Both of luminaries viz. the Sun and the Moon are placed in their signs of exaltation thus giving enough strength to the horoscope. Lord of 9th Mercury and lord of 10th Venus are conjunct in 4th house giving rise to “Dharamkaramadhipati Yoga” . Both Saturn and the Moon are under the aspect of Jupiter. Native was born under Saadesati. On 12th July 2001 native got married at that time Saturn was transiting in sign Gemini ie 2nd house from the natal Moon, thus native was under Saadesati, during the same period native was blessed with a girl child. In February 2004 Saturn was in its retrogression in sign Gemini ie 2nd house from the natal Moon native was selected for state civil services and got his first posting as a tehsildar and currently native was promoted as SDM.. Native achieved every thing in Rahu’s major period since, this Rahu is placed in a Dagdha rasi gave excellent results…

Conclusion: In this research paper these three examples were selected since out three one native was born under Ardhashtma Shani, second native was born under Ashtama Shani and third native was born under Saadesati. In spite of this all the three natives prospered during Saadesati. Otherwise if we go on conventional studies the period of Saadesati should have caused havoc in the life of all the three natives. Thus a strong and well placed Saturn and the Moon supported by a good dasha Saadesati does not that harmful as it is considered. Now it is left to fellow astrologers to decide if Saadesati is a Bane or Boon…

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