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Vasistha in Hindu mythology was one of the Saptarishis (Seven Great Sages Rishi) in the seventh, i.e. the present Manvantara, and the Rajpurohit / Rajguru of the Suryavamsha or Solar Dynasty. He was the manasaputra of Brahma. The star Mizar of the stellar constellation Ursa Major is thought of as Vashisht and the small one beside it, Alcor, as Arundhati his wife. Vashisht is credited as the chief author of Mandala 7 of the Rigveda. Vashisht and his family are glorified in RV 7.33, extolling their role in the Battle of the Ten Kings, making him the only mortal besides Bhavayavya to have a Rigvedic hymn dedicated to him. Another treatise attributed by him is “Vashisht Samhita” – a book on Vedic system of electional astrology.

Guru: Shri Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra

  1. Suresh Chandra Mishra is one of the most popular names in Hindi Jyotish having translated the highest number of classics ever done by any modern author along with exhaustive commentary. Apart from his mastery over sanskrit he has studied all branches of astrology and his book in English titled ‘Panchadhayee’ has been considered the rarest book in last 100 years containing not to be found techniques alongwith applications. He was also a regular contributor in the English magazine Vedic Astro.

Jataka Tatva Commentary

  • Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Ashtama Viveka, Verse 33 & 35 (page 188)

राह्वच्छौ खे सर्पान्मृतिः।

If Rahu and Venus are in the 10th house the native shall die of cobra bite

खेऽर्के सुखे भौमे मन्देऽष्टमे सर्पान्मृतिः।

If Sun is in the 10th house, Mars is in the 4th and Saturn is in the 8th the native shall die of a snake bite.

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

Rahu & ketu represent serpents in Vedic Jyotish. The word Mrityu or Mriti does not always mean literal death. It can result in excessive physical and or mental trouble. Since X house denotes mind, brain or head, such a combination may result in disorder of worms spread over brain, infections or other such ailments and /or snake bite as Rahu, a demon and Venus ( considered Guru of those) are combined in X. Here Venus must have Markatwa for such an impact.

The Sun & Mars (heat and fire) respectively affect IV, the brain and Sukha, while Saturn in VIII falls trine from Sukha. Hence, severe loss of Sukha from heat, fire or venom, radio therapy etc.

  • Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Ashtama Viveka, Verse 98 & 109 (page 196 & 198)

उक्तयोगाभावेऽष्टमभावाधिष्टितञ्यंशेशस्योक्ताग़्न्यंब्वादि स्वगुणहेतुतो मॄत्युः।

When the aforesaid Yogas are not operative the cause of death shall be declared for the lord of the decanate containing the 8th house (22nd dec from Asc) as fire, water etc according to its characteristic

मॄगाद्ये सिंहवराहवृश्चिकतो मद्ये भुजङ्गतोऽन्त्ये चौरा ग्निशस्त्रज्वरतो मृत्युः।

When it is the 1st decanate of Capricorn, death shall be caused by a lion boar or Scorpion; if it is the middle one, it shall be by a snake; if the last, it shall be by thieves, fire weapon or septic fever.

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

This is an established fact of vedic Jyotish that the 22nd drekkan is the most likely cause of death when the VIII has no planet. One must refer to Drekkan appearance as described by Parashar or VarahMihir 

 Rashi Makar pertains to water, wet area and serpents moving on earth and /or water.

The first Drekkan in Makar contains big sharp teeth, biting or piercing ability, hence, lion, boar or scorpion are included.

The II Drekkan has black shining appearance in serpents, thus snake and the last one is personified as a human with weapon and blanket, therefore, heat, fire, fire arms and thieves are included.

  • Stri Jataka Chapter Verse 62 (Page 274)

सूर्यवारुणद्वादश्यां जाता विषाख्या।

She would be Visha Kanya, if born on a Sunday under Satabhishak on Dwadasi.

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

Yogas based on the week day, Nakshatra, Tithi and other Panchnga factors have been established after a long observation by sages, characteristics of such components and effect of such combinations. Shatbhishak contains scatteredness in nature and related to rain god Varun, the Tithi is labeled as Paksha Randhra (draining out good) and the Sun lord of the day is the sole cause of water and life. This all in its combined form, disburse good always in flushing out form.

  • Stri Jataka Chapter, Verse 56 (Page 273)

अष्टमे जीवे वा शुक्रे नष्टगर्भा वा मृ तापत्या।

If Jupiter or Venus occupy the 8th house the native would miscarry or have children born dead

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

Under such Yoga, a female might suffer from disturbance in her generative organs which can cause such effect. But Venus or Jupiter here in a strong rashi will not show much obstacle in this regard. An adverse effect is increased when these are in a weak rashi or own V house.

  • Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Ekadasha Viveka, Verse 20 (page 246) 

भाग्येशाल्लाभेशेंशे सुखेशे धर्मे वाहनसुखम्।

If the lord of the 11th house counted from the lord of the 9th is in the Navamsa of the Atmakaraka and the lord of the 4th is in the 9th, the native shall have vehicles at his command.

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

House IX being house of Punya or inherited comforts reserves all sort of luxuries. Analysis of a house needs the house, its lord, Kaarak of that house, etc. In this reference, XI from the rashi inhabited by IX lord is equally important. (refer Panchadhyayee) the IX and XI lords give rise to good of a house or planet occupied by them.

  • Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Shashta Viveka, Verse 155 (page 160)

पापेऽङ्गे त्रिकोणे गुलिके चौरभयम्।

If a malefic is in the 1st house and Gulika is in the 5th or 9th, the native should guard against thieves.

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

Gulik is the super most entity among malefics, in such a Yoga the chart or lagna or the native himself will have multiple bad effect on lagna. Here the word ^Chor Bhaya* has implied meaning as crook, trick masters, Thugs, thieves and alike anti socials.

  • Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Panchama Viveka, Verse 188,189,190,191 (Page 137)

Query: What is the logic of the number of issues here?

धीस्थेऽर्के शुभदृष्टे त्रिपुत्रः।

If the Sun aspected by a benefic is posited in the 5th house, the native shall be blessed with three children

मृगेऽर्केजे सुते त्रिपुत्र्ः।

If Saturn occupy Capricorn in the 5th house, the native shall have three children

सुते मृगगे भौमे त्रिपुत्र्ः।

Mars in Capricorn in the 5th house shall grant three children to the native.

कुम्भे मन्दे सुते पञ्चपुत्रः।

Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th house shall bless the native with 5 sons.

Guru Shri Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra:

The number of issues here indicates progeny more than one only. The Sutras have literal compilation of an age old reference book which in practice varies in accordance of age, era, cult and culture as well as common vogue.

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