Sage Kashyapa Vidyashram by Shri U. K. Jha

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Kashyapa was an ancient sage, who was one of the Saptarshis in the present Manvantara. He was the father of the Devas, Asuras, Nagas and all of humanity. He married Aditi, with whom he fathered Agni, the Adityas, and most importantly Lord Vishnu took his fifth avtar as Vamana, the son of Aditi, in the seventh Manvantara. With his second wife, Diti, he begot the Daityas. Diti and Aditi were daughters of King Daksha Prajapati and sisters to Sati, Shiva’s consort. Kashyapa received the earth, obtained by Parashurama’s conquest of King Kartavirya Arjuna and henceforth, earth came to be known as “Kashyapi”. He was also the author of the treatise Kashyap Samhita, or Braddha Jivakiya Tantra, which is considered, a classical reference book on Ayurveda especially in the fields of Ayurvedic Pediatrics, Gynecology & Obstetrics.

Guru: Shri U. K. Jha

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee) U K Jha has produced over 100 thought provoking articles in several astrological journals and is a known name in the academic foray of this science. He is known for his innovative ideas, one point sharp logic, acute rationality and scientific approach for dealing with the things. He is the author of famous book “Utopia and Anarchy of Stars” and his commentaries on Yoga-Pushpanjali and Phala Deepika are a master piece for absorbing reading.

 Q.1 Mars in the 4th house is considered very bad, why? Question by Vikas Pandit, Jharkhand.

Shri U.K.Jha:  In the 4th house Mars becomes devoid of Diga Bala i.e. directional force. Hence it is deemed weak there. In the natural zodiac 4th house represented by Cancer sign is the place of debilitation for Mars. So, in the 4th belt of any horoscope Mars suffers from this intrinsic lacuna of depression. Because of the above two reasons Mars does not get full strength in the 4th house even for Libra people, despite exaltation. The sublime currents of weakness caused to Mars when placed in the 4th house increases its virulence also. Because of this reason the placement of Mars in the 4th house is not deemed good for any horoscope. 

Q.2 Why Jupiter is not considered bad for Libra people despite owning two bad houses – 3rd and 6th? Question by Sreenivas Narayan, Chennai.

Shri U.K.Jha:  Jupiter is an expansive planet and on exoteric level it signifies increase in wider perspective viz. increase of wealth, knowledge, power, prestige & so on. The 3rd and the 6th houses are also called Upachaya houses meaning places for increase. When Jupiter owns these two houses its potential for increase is enhanced on account of acquisition of identical field. In other words the planet of increase gets the lordship of houses of increase and hence extra potential to increase wealth etc. Hence, for Libra people Jupiter is not considered bad so long the increase in wealth, position, prestige etc are concerned.

 Q.3 Why Moon represents mind as well as blood in astrology? Question by Priyesh Dutt, Mumbai.

Shri U.K.Jha:  In astrology significations of planets are based mainly on the principle of symbology besides other factors of esoteric imports known to the God realized seers. Moon is the fast moving entity in the horoscope and in human system mind is the fastest moving (abstract) thing. Hence, mind is represented by Moon in astrology. Based on the same reasons of symbology Moon also represents blood which circulates in the body at maximum speed. In astrology blood is represented by both Moon and the Mars.  

Q.4 Venus in the 12th house is considered very good, why?        Question by Manoj P, India.

Shri U.K.Jha:  Venus is a planet of luxury, enjoyment and revelations. The field of 12th house is also suffused with the vibrations of same order. When Venus is deposited in the 12th house, two identical vibrations of Bhoga – luxuriation and enjoyments; match together to yield augmented fruits of this house. In Tantrik doctrine Bhoga (enjoyments) is for Moksha (emancipation) – Bhogayate Mokshah; and Moksha (emancipation) is to steer clear from this Samsar (world) – Mokshayate Samsarah.  Hence, Venus is considered good in the 12th house.

Q.5 For Pisces born people a Vargotam Jupiter placed in 5th house is said to be giving more female issues, why? Question by P.M.Shastry, Trivandrum.

Shri U.K.Jha:  A planet acquires the elements and property of the sign where it is located in. In the above case Jupiter is exalted and Lagna lord. Besides it is a male planet. But in Cancer it acquires the female characteristics. Further, Cancer represents mother in the natural zodiac which is again a female attribute. Therefore, the Jupiter in above case works to give more female progenies to the native.