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Note: The Chapter is in a Poetical form and is a conversation between Goddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva and Athri Maharishi. Maharishi Athri replies to the queries raised by Goddess Parvati on various position of planets in the chart at the time of birth.

  1. Kindly tell me the results for a Gemini Ascendant with Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Virgo, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, Moon and Rahu in Taurus, Sun and Ketu in Scorpio, Mars in Libra.


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  1. When Parvati asked, Athri Maharishi replied. Chart belongs to a man. His house is in a street running north south and the main door of the house is facing west. In the North of the house, there is a temple for Devi and Shiva. In the west, there will be a garden. There will be a big river too.


  1. In the south, a Mariamman temple is there. In addition to that, one more Mari and a temple for Thirumal (Another name of Lord Vishnu) are in a dilapidated condition. At such an ordinary place the native was born. Oh! Mother of Lord Subramanya! We further describe, please listen.


  1. After carefully studying the position of planets, we are telling about the native’s yogas (luck, fortune), his parent’s, children and wife’s yogas, native’s previous birth and his rebirth. Oh! Mother! Your graceful words will never fail.


  1. We will tell the character of the native’s father. He will be black like Thirumal (Vishnu). No fraud or deception in his mind; has beautiful head and face; has lean body; Dear to his relatives; Always a liberal man; Has good characters; Doing agriculture.


  1. He will construct a beautiful house. He will have good character, which will be praised by others. Dear to his wife; A compassionate person; Tries to avoid frivolous or trifling disputes; will have dual character; will have bilious nature of body. We further narrate-Please listen.


  1. No unanimity with siblings; will be lucky through his mother; the native’s father had 2 wives. When rishi was telling like this, Parvati interrupted at that time. ‘You said that the native’s father had two mothers-to which mother?’


  1. The native’s father will take birth, I am narrating, please listen mother! Native’s father’s elder mother had no male progeny. she had only two female children; Then the elder mother will die. The native’s father will be born to the second mother – we said like that- Mother.


  1. The native’s father had two brothers and 3 sisters. All of them will have long life. The native will be born as the seventh child to such people of character. Oh Parvati! Please listen.


  1. We will tell about the native’s colour and character, please listen. He will have black colour, lean body, a learned man; no evil thoughts in mind. Will be looking like a poor man. Has no bad habits. a little hot-tempered.


  1. The native of the chart will be doing agriculture. He will be good to many people. Will be capable of speaking sweetly. Will have lots of cattle, sheep, goats and oxen. Will have no desire on the wealth of others. Will be capable of succeeding in the work taken by him. Knows many tricks. Belongs to ‘Sithini’ tribe.


  1. Eats little; has the fortune of offspring; has interest in wealth; has a rudra rekha (line) in his hand; is skilled in speech. Will do a little charitable work. has love for his relations. is interested in insignificant things.


  1. We will now tell about the native’s siblings. They are ten in number. Only one male and female sibling will have long life; others will die; will not stay; Sister will be elder to the native and brother will be younger to him.


  1. We will tell about the sister’s news. She will have faith in God. Her words will be effective. She will live comfortably. She has no poverty. She will live with her husband. We will tell about her offspring – Please listen-Mother!


  1. We understand that she will have two male and two female children. We will tell about the younger brother of the native. Short-tempered man; learned person; can walk very fast; will be doing small business. will have secrets.


  1. In the beginning period, he will have calamity. However, the same will recede due to the grace of Lord Subraman He will be a man of probity. He has the skill of talking by juggling the words. We will tell about the defect-less house of children. One male child and two female children will be there and they will have long life.


  1. We will tell about the timing of marriage of the native. In the native’s twenty first year, from the north-east direction from his residence, from the native’s father’s side relationship, he will get his wife. He will have only one wife. First, we will tell about the progeny; Please listen.
  2. When we look at the house of children, the native will have eight children. However, out of them, two male children and three female children making a five will be with long life. Others will not stay. Oh! Mother of the elephant headed God! Listen further.


  1. We will tell about the characteristics of the native’s mother. She will have a black body like that of Mahavishnu. She will have a wavering mind. A guileless woman, very patient woman, without brothers and sisters, will work hard in the world, not capable of using unwanted words.


  1. She will not have an attractive face. Will be loving her husband. Will be a good woman to her relatives. We will tell about the siblings of the native. It will be great. Will not have many brothers. One brother who will also live in a foreign country.


  1. He was also born after the native. Along with the younger brother of the native, his uncle (i.e. native’s father’s younger brother) will go to foreign country and return back – we said. Which planetary positions made you say like that?


  1. 4th Lord Mercury and 5th Lord Venus are conjoined is the reason for that. …. We will tell about the previous birth.


Note: This verse the 3rd line is absent and hence does not give a complete meaning.


  1. We will tell about the previous birth of the native’s father. Born in a village called Sirupakkam in a hunter’s caste, had his livelihood by hunting in the world. Was proud with wife and children.


  1. After death, as a rebirth, in this birth, we said, he became the father of the native. When the rishi, learned in vedas, said like that, Parvati asked – You said that the native’s father in his previous birth was born in the not so elegant hunter community. What is the reason for that?
  2. In his previous birth, he used to bring honey to the three eyed Shiva and also thought of Mari Amman and did Puja, hence was born like that.
  • Note: The word used here is ‘Mathu’ – I have taken it to mean honey. However, it has another meaning also – Toddy – a kind of local intoxicating liquor just like wine).

We continue to tell about the father of the native’s rebirth.


  1. He will be born in the same village in the business We will tell about mother’s birth details. She will be born in a business community in a small village east of Thirukkadaiyur (A place that even now exists in Tamil Nadu). Along with children,


  1. While living in comfort, some evil deeds happened. In the house where she lived, a bird had given birth in a nest to younger ones. Without even thinking that it is a sin to destroy the nest, she destroyed the nest.


  1. While destroying the nest all the young ones died. The mother bird, which had gone out, returned and saw that not none of its young ones were available and gave a curse. The mother bird gave a curse that (there) she will have no siblings and children. Born to her will be under curse. That curse reached her.


  1. In her last days she was affected by a sallow kind of jaundice and died. Lord Brahma again created her and hence she was born in this birth. Oh Mother! The curse of previous birth caught hold of her in this birth.


  1. Siblings will get blemish or defects. Children also will get defects or blemish. We will tell about the re-birth of the native’s mother. To the west of Kancheepuram, in Saiva community she will be reborn. Oh! The worshipper of Shiva! Mother! Please listen.


  1. We will tell about the native’s previous birth. Having taken birth in Kancheepuram, in a family known for penance (Brahmin), and living without education, we will tell about a curse the native was subjected to. Please listen, Oh Mother!


  1. At the time of doing puja, the native used to eat the food cooked without offering them to God. Because of that, he had a curse. During his last days, his body was subjected to diseases and then he died. We said that again he was created by Brahma and took birth now.


  1. In the previous birth, he was born in a Brahmin family. However, in this birth what is the reason of his birth in a business community; the native according to Brahmin customs, having been born in a Brahmin family, he ate the cooked food without offering it to God was the reason.


  1. Thus, he was born in this community. We will tell about his rebirth. He will be born in a business community in a village to the east of the country called Virinchi. Oh! Concert of Shiva who has Ganga and Moon on the head! Oh Parvati! Listen further.


  1. We will tell about the last days of the father of the native. When the native is of 28 years, in the month of Krittika, father will pass away. There will be danger to the native’s mother at his 36th ageduring the month of poushya( After Sun’s ingress into Makara)


  1. When Athri maharishi was narrating like this, Parvati started asking. You told that the native’s mother had a brother. You said that he would also go to a foreign country by travelling in a ship. When he will go?


  1. We will tell. Please listen, Mother! He will return after his tenth age. He will be getting all comforts and his expenses will also be very high. Oh remover of sufferings! Oh Parvati! please listen.


  1. We will tell about the death of the native. In his 60th age, in the month of Mrigasirsha, during dwidiya thithi in the waning half, he will die on account of Oh! Mother, worshipped by great elderly persons doing penance! Further, listen.


  1. The native will take rebirth in Kancheepuram in the same community. We tell about his general fortunes. He will be a respectable family man. He will increase his fertile land, house. Will live to the praise of relatives. Oh Mother superior! Further, listen.


  1. Fortunes will increase after the 20th age of the native like that of the waxing moon. Will amass wealth to a large extent. Will become famous. Lakshmi will reside. Will construct a beautiful house. Will be without any debts in the earth. Will have a happy mind and disposition.


  1. His sons will be live better than him. At the time birth, the native will have 4 years, 6 months and 10 days in Mars Mahadasa as remaining period. We will tell the general results.


  1. Will construct a beautiful house. However, expenses will become more. Native will get disease and will be cured. The possessed lands will be fertile. Relatives will also get fortunes. Oh! Mother of elephant headed God! we are continuing.


  1. In Mars Mahadasa, addition of brothers will be there. Bad disease will come. Uncle (Father’s brother) will get married. So, we said that, in this dasa the results will be equal. Oh! Sister of Lord Kanna (Lord Krishna)! We further state. 

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