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Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant By Yenbeeyes, India

Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant By Yenbeeyes, India

Copy Editor: Bhaskaran Natesan, India

Manuscript Supplied By: Upendra Bhadoriya

1.Tell about the chart wherein Jupiter is in Gemini, Rahu in Pisces, Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Venus in Libra, Mars in Aries, Ketu is in Virgo and Ascendant is Gemini.

2.When Parvati asked, Athri rishi said: This is definitely a male birth. His birth house is situated in a street running east west and the main door is facing south. On the western direction there will be a tank (a natural tank – a small place on earth filled with water), on the north a large water course (a brook), and on the eastern side a Mari Amman Temple.

saptarishis astrology chart

3.Tell about the chart wherein Jupiter is in Gemini, Rahu in Pisces, Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Venus in Libra, Mars in Aries, Ketu is in Virgo and Ascendant is Gemini.

4.When Parvati asked, Athri rishi said: This is definitely a male birth. His birth house is situated in a street running east west and the main door is facing south. On the western direction there will be a tank (a natural tank – a small place on earth filled with water), on the north a large water course (a brook), and on the eastern side a Mari Amman Temple.

5.To the east of that, there is a Vinayakar (Lord Ganesha) temple, in the northeast a temple for Kali. In the opposite side of his house, there are no houses. In such a small place, in a thatched roof house the native will be born. Will be born in an agriculture family. Oh! Parvati! Further, listen.

6.In this horoscopic treatise, we will tell about the native’s birth, his fortunes, the fortunes of his beautiful father, mothers fortunes, fortunes on account of wife and children, previous birth, re-birth and about co-borns. Oh! Mother!

7.We will tell about the father’s characteristics. Will be reddish in color. Leveled body; a man of wisdom; gives food to those who come begging for alms. Pure in his words; has a sacrificing mentality; is of good conduct and follows the rule and path of virtue,

8.Note: Reddish color of father: Father is to be studied from 9th house. 9th house in this chart is Aquarius whose Lord Saturn gets exalted in Libra and is in association with friends Mercury and Venus and enemy Sun.  Sun being karaka for father will have a say in the matter. Saturn since he is sitting in the house of Venus will be inclined to adopt the qualities of Venus. Me has no independent say and he will follow what others say due to association habit of him and in this case will take side of Venus as he is placed in his house.  Mars and Jupiter are also aspecting the house. So the colors of Mars – blood red or deep red, Sun – red or copper and Jupiter golden yellow, Venus – variegated color should prevail. From Moon 9th house Lord is Mercury who has no separate say in the matter. As the major influencing planets are Mars and Sun, the reddish color of the father is justified.

9.Has good knowledge and education. Dear to the employees of the King; a Very intelligent person. Never says no to those who come asking for alms; capable of attracting the enemies; will accumulate lands; dear to saints; will live with a name as good man. Oh! Mother! Further, listen.

10.Note: For the father Aquarius becomes 9th. From Aquarius, note the placement of Jupiter in the 5th house in the house of Mercury ND THE 5 – 9 relationship between Jupiter and Mercury. No doubt he will be intelligent. When we consider the 9th house as the Lagna of his father, we find a host of combinations in the 9th house Libra which are responsible for all the beneficial results stated in this and the next verse.

11.Has cart and vehicles; will be doing business; has plenty of bullocks and cows; will live praised by his tribesmen; supports those who took shelter under him; has servants; gets famous in all eight directions; has a bilious body.

12.Engaged in a trade connected to the King; Observes the prescribed rites; Dear to the devotees of Shiva; has a black dot on the hands and legs. Is fond of wife; walks fastly; hot bodied person; has lot of spiritual instructions; Oh! Parvati! Further, listen.

13.We will tell about his (native’s father’s) co-borns; three male members will be long lived; others will not stay; we will tell the results for the co-borns in the second part; the native will be the third son to such a father having such disposition.

14.We said that he would be born. We will tell about the characteristics of him (the native). He will be interested in curd, ghee and milk; has the relationship of good people; beautiful colored person; has a windy body; will take bath in many sacred rivers; will construct a beautiful house.

15.Note: I have already given a note in chart 1 about construction of a beautiful house. There are mainly 3 conditions which I repeat here.4th house is occupied by a planet in exaltation

If you see from Lagna, Lord of 9th house Saturn is occupying a Trikona and not a Kendra. Lord of 4th house Mercuy is in his friend’s house Venus and associated with him. 4th house is occupied by ketu – not in exaltation.

If you see from Moon – Lord of 9th house Mercury is placed in Kendra in 10th. Lord of 4th house Mars from Moon is in his own house. 4th house from Moon is occupied by exalted Mars. Hence all the 3 conditions are satisfied. No doubt, he constructed a beautiful house.

16.Has the fortune of having milk-yielding animals; will make friendship with enemies; has good conduct and observes the prescribed rites; supports those who are in distress; has liking towards his wife who has spear like eyes; likes to eat healthy food; a severe poison to the enemies; looks like a lion.

17.Has the piles disease; is hot-tempered; later becomes calm; will become famous in the world; has good knowledge and education; a pious man; has beautiful figure like Kama; a charming person; Oh! Parvati!, Concert of the kicker of Yama! Stated words will not go wrong.18..Will be friendly to all; has increased wealth of grains; has a good family; has teeth like pearls; fondness towards God; a charitable man; doing business; capable of talking with parables. Strong-minded person.

18.A person with Short-hairs in the body; capable of giving advices; never thinks of evil to anyone; knows music very well and also sings; interested in sex; a liberal minded person; has friendship of the guards; will increase land holdings; has the strength of arms.

19.He has the Lotus line in his hand; one circle is also there; secretive person; broad chested person; will do service for excellent temples; speaks sweet words; Oh! Mother: listen.

20.We will tell about the co-borns of the native; has three siblings – One brother and two sisters; others will not live; we say that two will be born and die; Oh! Swan (Calling Goddess Parvati as Swan – meaning God walks like swan)! Our sayings will not go wrong.

21.We will tell about the marriage time of the native. At the age of eighteen, from the same place, from the mother side relation, we say a good-natured girl will come. She will have light complexion; an evilless character; will not talk evil words.

25.Will offer food to hungry persons; observes the prescribed rites and is of good character. Talks sweet words; is chaste; has wisdom; has blemishless beautiful body; will have affinity towards elders; behaves according to the wishes of her husband.

26.When the rishis said that the native has two wives; and has no sons, Jaimini started asking: you said that native has two wives; what is the reason for that?

Note: Sapta Rishi Nadi was supposed to be created by seven rishis – Athri, Agasthiyar, Songinarr, Jaimini, Narad,  Vasishta and Viswamitra. A reference to this is available in the preface to this grantha.. Jaimini who is asking the question here is one among them.

 27.Lord of second house (indicating family) Moon is placed in the 8th in Capricorn, placement of Ketu in the fourth house, the house of comforts and the conjunction of Venus and Saturn are the reasons for two wives. Since Jupiter aspects the seventh, the house of wife, Venus is in his own house and Saturn is exalted…(continued in next verse)

28.only one wife will be permanent. Kindly tell me the reasons for the blemish of childlessness, Athri rishi states: Placement of Venus in Libra in the fifth house (the house of progeny), debilitated Sun.. (continued in next verse)

29.Conjoined with the eighth lord Saturn and aspected by Mars, we said that there is Putra dosha (blemish of childlessness); Parvati again stared asking: even though malefics are placed in the fifth, since Jupiter aspects the fifth house, there will be definitely issues. Rishi started telling: Since Rahu is in the tenth.. (continued in next verse)

30.Note: Rahu is in the tenth-By these words the rishi means that Rahu is placed in the sign of Jupiter. So Jupiter acts like Rahu and gives bad effects. There is a general rule that Whenever a planet is lord of a sign which is occupied by another planet, the former planet tries to modify the results – good or bad.

31.In addition, Lord of second house Moon is placed in the eighth house, because of the evil deeds done by the native in his previous birth, children will not live. Rishi Kausika asked: Tell the sinful bad deeds of the previous birth, Athri rishi started telling.

32.We tell about the native’s previous birth. Born in a big place, to the south of Dhavaleswaram ( a place near Rajamhundri in East Godavari district of AP) in gowri race, having the strength of fate, doing business and became the head of his race…(continued in next verse)

33.And living with his wife and children, we will tell about an evil deed that happened. Oh! Mother! Listen. While giving pecuniary aid to poor and the destitute, he did some cheating in the accounts.

34.When the money was asked to be returned, they returned the same without knowing the cheating he has done. However, became angry and started asking as per the accounts. The troubles poor people, cursed as follows: In your next birth you will get Putra Dosha (no issues).

35.Like that, many poor people started telling. That curse reached the native. In addition to this, I will tell one more thing. On the side of a much benefitable sacred river, there was a statue of a cobra (snake) and near to that, there was a pipal tree. Listen. Mother!

36.In that tree, there lived an evil spirit for a long time. The native cut off that tree with courage. The evil spirit, which was living there like his own place, now cursed him because of want of place to reside. I will tell that curse. Mother! Listen.

37. Houses will be ruined; in the coming births also the living house will be destroyed. Cursing like that, the evil spirit went to another tree. Mother! That curse came to this native. Lot of sufferings came and also became poor.. (continued in next verse)

38.He lost his own house to debts (he sold the house to clear the debts). Then he along with his wife, took bath in the sacred rivers in the southern direction, then reached Sethu (Rameswaram) and took bath there and did puja and other things.

39.Then he praised the lingam and with a clear mind reached the flourishing Madurai and took sacred bath there (probably in the river – vaigai) and then reached Srirangam and returned back (to his place) and died after ten months.

40.Then we said that this native was created by Brahma. When the rishis knowing the Vedas said like this, Parvati asked: In the previous birth, he was born in the Gowri race and was a miser and also got the curse of the poor people, but in this birth.. (continued in next verse)

41.What is the reason for taking birth in the Ganga race (the Vellala tribe who claim to have migrated from the Gangetic region)? We say that because he took bath in the Sethu possessing bubbling waves, was born in this race in this birth.  Because of the curse of the evil spirit, we said that, there will be difficulty in getting the  birth house.

42.He will get another house, we say wise woman. Because of the curse of childlessness (Putra dosha), progeny will not increase. We will tell a remedy to remove the curse. Oh! Mother of Lord Subramanya! Listen and grace!

43.The native should go to the bird hill, pray and worship the half male and half female Siva (Arthanareeswara) there, then with due devotion should go round the hill on a Tuesday, then offer special food to the all knowing and Veda knowing Brahmins,  (The verse is not complete here and continues to flow into the next stanza)

Note: There is a place in Tamilnadu near Kancheepuram called THIRUKAZHUKUNDRAM, popularly known as Pakshi Thirtham and Dakshina Kailasam. The word Thirukazhukundram comes from Tamil word Thiru (Respectful) + Kazhugu (Eagle) + Kundram (mount). The Siva temple in this place is on a hillock and the presiding deity is called Vedagiriswarar. Two sacred eagles appear over the temple, after circling around the temple top, come down to a rock where sweet rice is offered as food to them by a priest. They eat the balls of rice and after cleaning their beaks in the water kept in a small vessel nearby, take off, circle around the tower again and fly off. This has been going on for centuries now. Rishi refers to this place as Pakdhi hill. In the second line the rishi states that ‘half male and half female’ – which is one of the forms of Shiva called ArthaNareeswarar (Artha means half; Naree means-woman i.e. half woman body; Eswarar means Lord Shiva). However, the presiding deity at Thirukazhukundram,  is not half male and half female. Instead of telling directly as Shiva, probably the rishi gives the other name of Shiva. The most famous Arthanareeswarar temple in Tamilnadu is in Thriuchengode, a place near Erode. Here also the temple is situated on a hillock. However, this place has no relation to birds. So what exactly the rishi means is not clear. Whether the native has to go to both places, viz to Thirukazhukundram as well as Thiruchengode and do the rest of the things as said in the remaining part of the verse is not clear.

44.(Contuned from previous verse)..Offer flowers, sandalwood paste, gold (give a fee) and betel and nuts to Brahmins, then after returning back to his place, should observe fast on Shashti thithi(the 6th day after new moon or full moon day). If he does like this for a year, the curse will be removed; children will be born and will have long life.

45.If you do not do as per our sayings, children will not prosper.  If you do as per our sayings, one male child and two female children will be born and they will live long. However, the first two children will have blemishes. They will not stay. (Meaning that the native will get a total of five children and the first two will die and the rest three will survive)

46.We will tell about the character of the mother of the native. She will have reddish with a mixture of black coloured body. Has windy body; a little deceitful; but not evil minded; has good conduct; will worship ascetics (The word used is “madhavar” means ascetic. If we take it as “Madhavan” it will indicate Thirumal or Vishnu). Dear to her husband.

Note: Refer the note under verse 5 also. Fourth house  and Moon rules over Mother. 4th house Lord is Mercury and fourth house is occupied by Ketu. So in the first place Mercury will exhibit the traits of Mercury. But he has association of many planets as described under Verse 5. Also the said house viz. Libra is aspected by Mars and Jupiter. Hence more or less the same reddish color, mother also should get. But here, Moon representing Mother is placed in the house of Saturn and hence will be exhibiting the qualities of Saturn which is black. Hence it is stated as reddish with black color.

47.Will offer food with fondness to those who are hungry; bas a bilious body; will talk sweetly; But a little short-tempered; has no difficulties; has happiness; devoted to God; because of the windy nature, has little disease in hip and legs.

48.We will tell about the siblings of the mother of the native. One brother and one sister will be there with long life. Others will die. Mother’s house will be destroyed. Uncle will also come and join the native.

49.We will tell about mother’s previous birth. To the east of Kancheepuram, in a big town, took birth in ‘Senguntha’ race, gave birth to children, offered food with devotion to ascetics;

50.on the road side established lot of quenching water-sheds (to quench the thirsts of those who by foot), took bath along with her husband in many sacred rivers, lived for a long time with long enjoyment of married status and had a severe death because of purging – is she (native’s mother) who was then born in this birth.

51.Re-birth, she will take birth in Brahmin community and will be living in Kancheepuram. We will tell about the history of previous birth of the father.  Took birth in business community in Velankadu (see notes) and lived in high status by doing higher level of business.

Note: Velankadu is a name of place in Tamil Nadu which is in Vandavasi taluk, Tiruvannamalai district. Velankadu is a place filled with full of a tree with thorns whose botanical name is aracia Arabica.  There is reference to Thiruvannamalai in verse 45 and hence, we can conclude that Velankadu is indeed the name of the place.

52.Did service to Lord Shiva, lighted numerous lamps, due to the absence of the birth of sons took bath in many a sacred rivers, did service to the ascetic look alike Lord Subramanya, and in the end died; On account of the four headed Brahma, (Continued in next verse)

53.Got created, and took birth in this community. Here also he will be with proudness (with greatness). We will tell about his re-birth. We said that taking birth in Thiruvannamalai, in the Shaiva community, was living, by giving advice to others and duly praised by relatives and others.

54.We will tell about the native’s general fortune. Has Sakata Yoga; Free from debts in the world; will increase the fertile lands; will be doing business; will be dear to the Kings; no evil thoughts against others; will become famous.

Note: Sakata Yoga is caused when Moon is in the 12th, 6th or 8th from Jupiter. In this chart Moon is in the 8th from Jupiter.  Majority of the astrological writers are of opinion that Sakata Yoga produces evil results. Also there is a difference as regards this yoga.  According to the great Parasara and Varhamihira, when all planets are in the 1st and 7th, Sakata is caused. B.V.Raman, in his 300 important combinations states that “In the large number of horoscopes examined by me I have been able to mark that Sakata Yoga has not really made the natives poor and wretched but often the degree of poverty and wretchedness has been nominal.” He also quotes from “Sukranadi” which says that one born in Sakata will have his fortune obstructed now and then. The exact words used are “Sakata yoga jatasya yogabhangam pade pade”.

55.Accumulates jewels of gems; Will have devotion to Shiva; will be an excellent person; has the best breed of horse; will be helping his relatives; will not go back on his words; Oh! The begetter of the elephant headed God!

56.At the time of birth, the native had remaining Moon dasa, one year and four months. There will be danger to the native; he may fall down by mistake; will get different kinds of diseases. Oh! Delicate woman! Further, listen.

57.Will go to another place during Mars dasa. Will get loss in agriculture; there will be change in character; Expenses will be more; co-borns will increase; will suffer on account of small pox; will beautify his house.

58.After listening to this Jaimini suddenly asked: you said that he would construct a beautiful house. Where he will construct? Kindly tell the details clearly and without fear.

59.In view of the curse of the evil spirit in the previous birth, he will not get the house where he was born; to the east of that house, he will construct another house. We further state the results. Listen! Mother!

60.In the first half of Mars mahadasa, expenses will be more. Hence, in the later part will get more better results. For the mother and father and brothers, auspicious events will happen. Income from the fertile lands will increase; mental worries will leave.

Will do temple service; wealth will increase excessively; will do grains business; lands will remain with him; we will tell in detail in the second part. Oh! Giver of Lord Subramanya to the world! Please listen