Saptarishi Nadi Virgo Asc – Chart 1 By Yenbeeyes, India Associate Editor: Saptarishis Astrology

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கன்னியா லக்கினம்

Kanya Lagna

ஜாதகம் 1

Horoscope 1

ஜனனகால நிலை

  1. 1பரிதி 2மால் 3வெள்ளி 4மேடம் பங்குமே 5நந்தியாக

6அரியினில் குருவும் புக்க 7ஆரலும் கேது மீனம்

8தெரிவையில் 9கயிறு மாகச் சந்திரன் 10விணை[1] யாக

நிரையவே கன்னி சென்ம நின்றதால் பலன்சொல் வீரே.

  1. சூரியன் (Sun) 2. புதன் (Mercury)         3. சுக்கிரன் (Venus)                               4. சனி (Saturn)   
  2. ரிஷபம் (Taurus) 6. சிம்மம் (Leo)                                        7. அங்காரகன் (Mars)                      8.கன்னி  (Virgo)
  3. ராகு (Rahu) 10. மிதுனம்

Yenbeeyes hails from a Tamil family wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to learn by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then was slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he, having retired in 2007, has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

In the first verse the Rishis have stated the position of planets of the native and the chart will be as shown below. In this Sri C.G.Rajan has given the balance of Vimshottari dasa also though it is not mentioned in the verse above. The same is mentioned in Verse 49. Astrological community remains indebted to Madras Govt & GOML to initiating this project 5-6 decades back of bringing out Saptarishi Nadi along with commentary of Late C G Rajan on some Ascendants. The entire Saptarishi Nadi is the discussion between Goddess Parvati and the Seven Rishis (Atri, Agastya, Jayamuni, Songinar, Narad, Vashisht and Vishwamitra.) wherein the Goddess asks explanations for each of the Lagna with specific position of planets.

“Tell me the results when Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Aries, Saturn in Taurus, Jupiter[1] in Leo, Mars and Ketu in Pisces, Rahu in Virgo, and Moon in Gemini with Lagna in Virgo.

[1] 12H if often said to be the house of Super Karma from Past Life. A BSP rule of 2nd from Jupiter was presented in March 2011 at ICAS, Secunderabad at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan by Saptarishis Astrology. It states that ‘2nd from Jupiter’ something unshastriac or not the right code of conduct will happen, whatever be the state/sign of Jupiter. Note this chart and see the results of the natives past life as given by the Rishi, the BSP will flower out. –  SA Publisher.


The above is the chart as given in the book wherein we find the balance of Dasa also at the bottom.

[1] 12H if often said to be the house of Super Karma from Past Life. A BSP rule of 2nd from Jupiter was presented in March 2011 at ICAS, Secunderabad at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan by Saptarishis Astrology. It states that ‘2nd from Jupiter’ something unshastriac or not the right code of conduct will happen, whatever be the state/sign of Jupiter. Note this chart and see the results of the natives past life as given by the Rishi, the BSP will flower out. –  SA Publisher.


Notes from C.G.Rajan[1]:

 For the above Rasi chart the following positions in Navamsa will be apt:

Rahu in Aries, Jupiter and Venus in Taurus, Sun in Gemini, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo, Ketu in Libra, Moon and Mars in Aquarius. Mercury and Venus are combust.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

To calculate the Navamsa position of the planets, one must know the longitudes of the planets or the Nakshatra pada in which each of the planets and the Lagna are placed. Here except the position of Moon for the rest of the planets nothing is known. For Moon in Ardra 3rd pada the Navamsa position would be Aquarius. How Sri Rajan has arrived at the position of other planets in Navamsa is not clear to me. Also he has not mentioned the Navamsa Lagna in his clarification.

Here is the table of Nakshatra Padas of Planets based on the above position of Navamsa given above:

[1] The works of Late C G Rajan is lost, English reading astrologers would never know the greatness of this man who was considered in the highest regard by even Dr B V Raman. Mr. Rajan’s efforts to bring out many nadis were noted by scholars during that era and hence we departed from Gemini Asc translations to Virgo Asc where C G Rajan has given commentary, reading commentary of greats such as Sri Rajan, can at times bring to light minimum one or two unknown brilliant points in astrology which can never be found anywhere else. It is SA magazine’s deepest desire to bring to light greats of the past like Sri C G Rajan and this is only possible by the select few who know Tamil language and would translate for free for the world Jyotish community. – SA.


The works of Late C G Rajan is lost, English reading astrologers would never know the greatness of this man who was considered in the highest regard by even Dr B V Raman. Mr. Rajan’s efforts to bring out many nadis were noted by scholars during that era and hence we departed from Gemini Asc translations to Virgo Asc where C G Rajan has given commentary, reading commentary of greats such as Sri Rajan, can at times bring to light minimum one or two unknown brilliant points in astrology which can never be found anywhere else. It is SA magazine’s deepest desire to bring to light greats of the past like Sri C G Rajan and this is only possible by the select few who know Tamil language and would translate for free for the world Jyotish community. –

ஜனனமான நாட்டுச் சிறப்பு

 அம்மனும் கே(ழ்க்)கும் போது அத்திரி முனிவர் சொல்வார்

செம்மையாய் ஆண்பால் சென்மம் செனித்தயில் கீழ்மேல் வீதி

நன்மையாய்த் தெற்கு வாசல் நவிலுவோம் மேற்கில் மாரி

வண்மையாய்க் குண்ட முண்டு வடமேல்பால் கணேசன் மாரி.

Eminence of place of birth

When Goddess Parvati asked the Rishis like that (as in verse above), Athri Rishi started telling that the child born will be a healthy male child. The native is born in a street running east-west. The main door of the house where the child is born will be in the southern direction. In the west side of the house there will be a temple for Goddess Mariamman. There will be a pond which will be full (with water) to the maximum extent. In the north western side there will be a temple for Lord Ganesha and Mariamman.

மீனத்தில் ஈசன் காளி விருத்தியாம் கோஷ்ட முண்டு

ஆனதோர் குணக்கி லேதான் அரிகோவில் நிற்குமென்றோம்

மானமாய்த் தெற்கில் ஓடை வயல்களும் தங்கு மென்றோம்

பான்மையாய்ச் சிற்றூர் தன்னில் பாலகன் கங்கை வம்சம்;

In the northern direction of Pisces1 a temple for Lord Shiva and a temple for Goddess Kaliamman will be there and both will be wealthy2 There will be a cattle shed (where herds of cow, buffalo, oxen etc. are kept) and/or a temple3. In the eastern side there will a temple for Hari (Lord Vishnu). We say that in the southern direction there will be a brook and also cultivable agricultural lands. In a small village having such qualities (as described above) in Gangai4 caste the native; (continued in next verse)

Explanations for the references given above: By Yenbeeyes

  The Tamil word used by the Rishi is “மீனம்” the English equivalent of which is “Pisces”, the 12th sign of the Zodiac. Pisces indicates the Northern direction. Hence I have given both the meanings in the translation.

 The word used in Tamil is “விருத்தி” which has two meanings – one is Growth or increase and the other is prosperous, wealthy. I have taken the second meaning that it is a prosperous temple meaning that the temple is having good income and is in a wealthy state. If we take the first meaning we have to conclude that the temple is just coming up and is growing slowly in popularity.

The Tamil word used is “கோஷ்டம்” which can mean a place where cattle are kept. If we take the pure Tamil version of the word leaving out the Sanskrit alphabet “ஷ்” it will be “கோட்டம்” meaning a Temple. C.G. Rajan in his explanation has taken both the meanings and has stated that “there will be a cattle shed and a temple.”

 Gangai caste – readers who have read the earlier translations of Saptarishi Nadi-Gemini ascendant might be aware of the references given for this community called as “Ganga” or “Gangai”. They are the agricultural class of people of Tamil Nadu and are generally named as “Vellala Community”. The word Vellala has its origin from “Vellanmai” – the two words Vellam + Anmai – ‘Vellam’ means cultivation, tillage and ‘Anmai’ means management. There is a traditional story of the origin of Vellalas and is given in Baramahal Records – Section II – Inhabitants (Government Press, 1907) wherein the name of Ganga kulam appears. Kulam means caste or community. For want of space I am not going into the details contained in the said book.

Astrological significations to determine the Caste or community: By Yenbeeyes

The caste system which is now decried in its present form by many as a great social injustice was originally based on the classification of people by their natural propensities. The four castes that were in vogue were –


  • Brahmin or Brahmana – People engaged in religious, philosophic and altruistic service. The two Gurus – Asura Guru Venus and Deva Guru Jupiter indicate this caste.
  • Kshatriya – Those who concentrate on politics, rulership, fighting for the country etc. Naturally the two aggressive planets viz. Sun and Mars are of kshatriya.
  • Vaishya – Those with an aptitude for agriculture, keeping cattle, trade and business are classified under this category. Moon and Mercury control this domain.
  • Shudra goes to the service and labour oriented people and Saturn is the significator.


In order to fix the caste, we have to fix the planet whose has a dominant influence on the Lagna, Chandra Lagna as well as its lords. The Pitru Lagna (the 9th house) is occupied by Saturn indicating labour class. Its lord is conjoined with Mercury and Sun of which Sun is stronger. All the three are influenced by Jupiter also. Pitru Lagna is also aspected by Rahu and the lord of the sign occupied by him is Mercury and as such indicates Vaishya. Venus being placed in the house of Mars may take up the role of Mars too. Hence we find a mixed influence on the Lagna Lord and it is difficult to decide on this. Coming to the Chandra Lagna, it is placed in the house of Mercury and as such represents the caste of Mercury which is Vaishya. Taking the placement of Rahu and Moon we can decide that the native’s father must belong to Vasihya community.

The native’s father is said to be born in Ganga caste which is a sub-caste of Vellala who are categorised as Vaishya.

உதிப்பனாம் இவனின் யொகம் உருந்தந்தை தாயின் யோகம்

மதித்திட துணைவர் யோகம் வரும்புத்திர களத்திர யோகம்

கதியிலா முன்பின் சென்மம் சாற்றுவோம் நவக்கோ ளாய்ந்து

அதிகமாய்த் தவங்கள் செய்யு மம்மையே யிந்நூல் தன்னில்.

(…the native – continued from previous verse) will be born. The Rishi addresses Goddess Parvati as “the one who is doing the maximum penance or leading the most austere life” and continues. We will examine the Navagrahas or the nine planets and will tell in this treatise about the fortunes of the native, father’s fortune, mother’s fortune, yogas applicable to siblings, yoga of wife, children’s fortunes and also tell about the genesis of the previous and the next birth of them.

ஜாதகருடைய தகப்பனாரின் குணாதிசயங்கள் முதலியன

 தந்தையின் துணைவர் தன்னைச் சாற்றுவோம் பதினொன் றாகும்

சொந்தமாய் ஆண்பால் ரெண்டு தோகையும் மூன்று தீர்க்கம்

நொந்திடும் மற்ற தெல்லாம் நுவலுவோம் பிதா குணத்தைச்

சந்தத மொடிசல் தேகி தானவன் சிவந்த மேனி.

Characteristics and other matters pertaining to father of the native

We say that there will be eleven co-born to the native’s father. Out of these two male and three female co-born will have long life. Rest of them will die quickly. Now we will tell about the characteristics of the native’s father. He will have a lean and long body. (Meaning he will be tall and lean). He will be reddish in complexion.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

 One allied classification of the planets distinguishes them according to their effect on bodily fluids. Sun, Mars and Saturn are dry planets which when configured with the Ascendant, tend to dry out the body and make it thin.

Also according to Jataka Tatva – If the Lord of the Lagna be conjoined with a dry planet or occupy a sign owned by a dry planet, the native will be lean.

Now the 9th house of the chart will be the Lagna of the father and it is occupied by Saturn which gives him a lean body. The lord of the Lagna of father Venus has conjoined Sun, a dry planet and is placed in the house (Aries) of a dry planet (Mars).

For the benefit of the readers I give the results pertaining to other planets. Moon, Jupiter and Venus are wet planets, which tend to cause the body to gain or retain water or fat when they influence the ascendant. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu have no significant effect in this respect.

Now coming to the colour of the body of native’s father it is stated to be reddish in complexion. Two planets – Sun and Mars are responsible for red colour, while the former indicates dark red, latter suggests bright red. If these two planets are related to Lagna or influences Lagna or the Lagna Lord, then we can verify the rule. Mars and Sun do not have any association with the Lagna. Lagna lord Venus is placed in the house of Mars (Aries) and has conjoined the exalted Sun there. Additionally Jupiter is aspecting Venus and since Jupiter is placed in the house of Sun, he acquires the qualities of Sun. Now Rahu also influences the Pitru Lagna Taurus by its 9th aspect. Rahu’s colour is black. But since Rahu is placed in the house of Mercury it acquires the qualities of Mercury. Mercury has no say in the matter as he is already conjoined with Sun and Venus and has to toe their line.

From the Chandra Lagna too we find the influence of Jupiter as the 9th house from Moon is Aquarius and is aspected by Jupiter.

மனமது கவடு மில்லான் மர்மவான் யூகை யுள்ளான்

சினமிலான் அடக்க முள்ளான் சித்திர வீடு செய்வன்

கனமுடன் வாழ்வா னாகும் கல்வியு முள்ளா னென்றோம்

இனங்களால் பெருமை யுள்ளான் இவன்தாயால் சீவிப் பானாம்.

Native’s father will be without any intention of deceit, falsehood or fraud. He will keep secrets in his mind. He will be an erudite person. He will be without anger. He will be a modest person. He will construct a beautiful house. He will living with dignity and honour. We say that he will be an educated person. He will be honoured by his relations. He will sustain with the help of his mother.

 C.G.Rajan’s explanations:

Means of subsistence of native’s father: – Lagna of father is the 9th house of Taurus. The karmasthana (10th house) for this Taurus Lagna is Aquarius. Jupiter [who is lord of labhasthana (11th house) for Taurus] who is placed in Leo which is the fourth house of mother for this Taurus Lagna is aspecting Aquarius. If we consider from Chandra Lagna, Aquarius becomes Pithrusthana or the 9th Bhava indicating father. The karmasthana (10th Bhava) for Aquarius is Scorpio. Scorpio is aspected by Saturn from Taurus which becomes the Mathrusthana (4th house indicating mother) for Aquarius[1]. Karaka for Jeevanasthana (10th Bhava) are Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. Jupiter and Saturn as said above are already placed in the 4th house of mother (for the father of the native); the native’s father will be having his livelihood through his mother’s assistance.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

If we consider the Karaka for father as Sun, Sun is in Aries and the Karmasthana (10th house) becomes Capricorn whose lord is Saturn placed in Taurus and aspecting the 4th house of mother (Cancer) from Sun and is placed in the 2nd house of wealth indicating that the father with the help of his mother is likely to earn wealth and his karma will be guided by his mother.

Also note that the Pitru Lagna Lord Venus, who is the planet fond of truth (नेत्र सत्य वचः) as stated in Uttara Kalamritham, is conjoined with two satvik planets Sun and Mercury and aspected by another satvik planet Jupiter explains the qualities of the native.

தந்தையின் ஆஸ்தி தன்னைத் தானவ னடையா னாகும்

பந்தமாய் மாம னாஸ்தி பருகிடு மிவனுக் கேதான்

நொந்திடும் பேரைக் காப்பன் நுவலுப தேசம் கொள்வன்

சந்ததம் பித்த தேகி தாட்சணியன் கிரிஷி செய்வன்.

The father of the native will not get the property of his father. But he will get the property of his father-in-law. He will protect those who are poor. He will get the advice of elders and great personalities. He will have a pitta constitution.1 He will be a compassionate person. He will be doing agriculture.

Explanations of C.G.Rajan:

According to Janma Lagna, in the 9th house of father Saturn is placed. 9th Lord Venus is combust and is placed in the hidden house of 8th. 10th Lord Mercury also is combust and placed in the hidden 8th house. Hence native’s father will not get the property of his father. The 11th house of cancer is the house indicating father-in-law of the father of the native. (7th from the 9th indicate wife of father and the 9th from that 7th indicate father of the wife or father-in-law). Lord of this 11th house is placed in Gemini, the 2nd house of wealth to the father of the native (Taurus) and 10th house of the native. Hence native’s father will get the property of his father-in-law (father of his wife). To put it in a nutshell, if the 11th lord is placed in the 10th house, father of such a native will get the property of his father-in-law.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

 According to ancient Ayurvedic text, Charaka Samhita, Pitta functions in digestion, heat production, provides colour to the blood, provides vision and skin lustre.

மூலச்சூ டுடைய னாகும் முன்கோபம் பின்பு சாந்தம்

ஞாலம்மேல் நல்லோ னாவன் நற்புத்திர ருடைய னாகும்

மாலவன் பத்தி பூண்பன் மறுமொழி யதிகம் கூறான்

சாலவே தந்திர வாதி சத்தியே மேலுங் கேளே.

The native’s father will be suffering from piles. He will be shorttempered. But immediately he will calm down. He will be a good person on earth. He will get good children. He will be a worshipper of Lord Vishnu. He will not say much by way of answer (when questioned). He will be a cunning person. Oh! Goddess Parvati! Listen to what we are going to say more.

சொன்ன சொல் கேழ்பானாகும் துறாசையு முடைய னென்றோம்

கன்னியர் மோக வானாம் கரமதில் சங்கு சக்கரம்

தன்னிலே ரேகை யுள்ளான் சாந்தவான் மாமி ரெண்டு

பன்னுமிக் குணத் தானுக்குப் பாலக னிரண்டாம் சென்மம்.

Native’s father will listen to the words of others and will act according to them. We say that he will be a person with bad desires. He will be lascivious towards young women. In his palm he will have the symbols of conch and wheel. (the lines appearing on the thumb resemble that of a conch and wheel). He is a calm and meek person. He will have two mother-in-laws. (Meaning that he will have two wives. Here the Rishi probably shifts back to the native.) To a person having such qualities, the native will be the second issue… (continued in the next verse)

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

In the book “Finger Print is a Replica of Religion and God” written by Sri A.M.Padmanabhan, we can find images of the thumb with many kinds of such symbols formed by the lines on the thumb like – Arch, Thiruneer, Accidental, Thirunamam, Whorl, Chakra, Om, Cross, Crescent Moon, Crescent Loop etc.

Notes by C.G.Rajan:

 The Pithru Lagna (Ascendant for father) is the 9th house of Taurus. Kalathra Sthana (7th house) Scorpio is aspected by Saturn. Kalathra Sthana Lord (7th lord) Mars is placed in the 11th house to Taurus along with Ketu. In the 2nd house to Taurus Lagna, 3rd lord Moon is placed. Venus goes to the hidden house of 12th to Taurus. The 2nd Lord Mercury also goes in hiding to the 12th house and is combust. The 2nd wife for Taurus Lagna will be the 9th from it which is Capricorn and its Lord Saturn is placed in Lagna Taurus. Hence the father of the native has the yoga of two wives in a more pronounced manner.

[1] Readers are requested to re-read this part of explanation of C G Rajan.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

There is a ruling that if Lagna Lord is badly placed or weak and also the 7th lord along with Kalathra karaka Venus then there is a possibility of two wives. Here Taurus Lagna Lord Venus is in a trik house and is combust and the 7th lord Mars has joined Ketu.

The father’s house being 9th, his wife should evidently be decided by the 7th to the 9th house which becomes the 3rd house of the native. Even though the 4th house is the indicator of mother, the wife of father should be studied from the 3rd house. If this 3rd house or its lord is afflicted, that will show danger to father’s wife. In this chart the 3rd house Lord is Mars and co-lord is Ketu and both are placed in Pisces (5th house to the 3rd house of the native) and having been placed in the house of Jupiter, they tend to behave like Jupiter who goes to the 12th house. From Chandra Lagna, Jupiter again comes into picture and its lord Sun (3rd House lord from Chandra Lagna) goes to the 8th house. Hence all the trik houses are involved in the matter of wife of the native’s father. Jupiter also owns the maraka house (Sagittarius) for the 3rd house.

ஜாதகருடைய குணாதிசயங்கள்

 உதிப்பனே யிவனே யென்றோம் உரைக்கிறோ மிவன் குணத்தை

விதிக்கிறோம் சிவந்த மெய்யன் விளைபுலம் விருத்தி செய்வன்

ததி நெல் பால் யிஷ்டம் கொள்வன் சரசவான் கல்வி மானாம்

நதிபல தீர்த்தம் தோய்வன் நவிலுவான் சிலேடை யாக.

Characteristics of the Native

 (…Continued from previous verse) [the native] will be born. Henceforth we will tell about his characteristics. He will have a reddish complexion. He will be cultivating the cultivable lands and that will be his livelihood. He is fond of curd, ghee and milk. He will talk amorously or wittingly [The Tamil word ‘சரசம்’ has got two meanings-amorous talk or jesting]. He is educated. He would have taken bath in various sacred rivers or bathed in sacred waters (usually in ponds) at places of pilgrimage. He is capable of using rhetorical figures in which a word or a phrase is capable of a double interpretation or in short pun with the words.

போசன சுகிய னாகும் புண்ணிய மனத்த னென்றோம்

நேசங்கள் அதிகம் கொள்வன் நீழ்நில விருத்தி செய்வன்

பாச பந்தங்க ளுள்ளான் பத்தினி நேய னாவன்

காசுகள் சேர்ப்பா னாகும் கனத்தவன் சினேகம் செய்வன்.

The native enjoys having good and tasty food. We say that he will have a charitable and virtuous mind. He will befriend many people. He will increase his cultivable lands. He will be affectionate and will have affinity towards people and relatives. He is fond of his wife. He will accumulate money. He will make friendship with big people.

பால் விருத்தி யுடையனாகும் பலருக்கும் உதவி செய்வன்

சீலவான் இள மனத்தன் சீக்கிரம் கோப முண்டு

காலிகள் விருத்தி யாகும் காலாள்க ளுடைய னாகும்

வேலனைப் பயின்ற மாதே வித்தகி கேட் டிடாயே.

The native’s milk yielding cow and goat population will increase. He will help many people. He will be of good manners. He will have a tender mind. He will get angry quickly. His quadrupeds will increase in number. He will have foot-man laborers (a servant who attends the door or carriage, waits on table etc.). Rishi addresses Goddess Parvati as the one who begot the six headed God-Lord Subramanya and tells her to listen.

ஜாதகருடைய சகோதரர்கள் (சகோதரபாவம்)

 இவனுட துணைவர் தன்னை யியம் புவோம் மூத்தோர் காணோம்

அவனியில் யிளையோர் உண்டு ஆணது ஒன்று தீர்க்கம்

நவனியில் மற்ற தெல்லாம் நசித்திடு மென்று சொன்னோம்

கவனமாய் யிளையோன் சேதி கழறுவோம் கேளு மம்மா.

Siblings of the Native (Sahaja Bhava)

 We will tell about the siblings of the native. We do not see any elder one to the native. He will have younger siblings. One younger brother will have long life. All others will die early. Oh! Goddess Parvati! We will carefully tell about the details of his younger brother. Please listen.

Explanations given by C.G.Rajan:

 Native does not have elder brother: 11th Bhava Cancer indicates elder brother. Lord of this Bhava is placed in the 12th to the Bhava concerned. 11th house is aspected by Rahu and Saturn. Mars aspects Moon. Karaka for the elder brother Jupiter is in the hidden 12th house. Saturn is also aspecting the 3rd house which will bring troubles to elder as well as younger brother[1]. Karaka for brothers Mars is with Ketu. Hence there are more problems with respect to elder brother. The house of younger brother is the 3rd house of Scorpio. This house is aspected by Saturn and Rahu[2]. Lord of 3rd house Mars is with Ketu. Hence there is problem with regard to younger brother also. But when we consider from Chandra Lagna, in the 3rd house indicating younger brothers, Jupiter is placed. Lord of Leo, Sun is exalted and is placed in the 11th to Moon along with Mercury and Venus. These are good combinations. Hence it is stated that there will be one younger brother. Saturn placed in the 3rd Bhava or aspecting the 3rd Bhava readers can refer to Sambhuhora prakasa, 6th Adhyaya, 58th sloka. Here it is stated that there will be trouble to both[3] the elder and younger brother.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

 Sambuhora Prakasa – 6th Adhyaya Sloka:

चन्द्रे खलानां त्रितयेन दृष्टे भ्रातृप्रणाशो न शुभेक्षितश्चेत्।

सूर्योऽग्रजान् हन्ति कुजोऽनुजातान्पूर्वापरोत्थान्सहजान्यमोहि॥५८॥

Meaning: If Moon is aspected by three malefics and there is aspect of benefic on Moon then there will be loss of brothers. The third Sun brings harm to the elder brothers[4] and the third Mars to the younger ones and Saturn to both.

Here the 3rd Sun/Mars/Saturn means either placement in the 3rd Bhava or aspect to third Bhava. Now if we read the above clarifications it will be easy to understand.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

 Sri Rajan says the 11th house is aspected by Rahu. Rahu is in Lagna. Normally we consider the full aspect of Rahu and Ketu on the houses 5th, 7th or 9th from them. Maharishi Parasara says:

सुत मदन नवान्त्ये पूर्ण दृष्टि तमस्य।

युगल दशम गेहे चार्ध दृष्टि वदन्ति॥

Meaning that Rahu has full aspect on 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th houses and half on 2nd and 10th. The 11th aspect has not been mentioned anywhere in the classic to my little knowledge. But how then such an eminent writer has mentioned it so. Yes. He is correct. Here Rahu aspects Saturn through its 9th aspect and hence influences Saturn. Saturn in turn aspects the 11th house and this aspect of Saturn carries with it the effects of Rahu too. Hence it is correct in a way to say that Rahu influences the 11th house in this chart through Saturn.

Rahu’s aspect:

It is worth quoting here about the 11th aspect of Rahu mentioned in Pulippani Jothidam 300 of Rishi Pulippani. Here is the sloka No 10 of Pulippani Jothidam which Saptarishis Astrology is currently getting it translated since few months:

Sloka 10:

பாரப்பா ராகுடனே கேதுவுக்கும்

பாங்கான வீடதுவே கும்பம் ஆட்சி

வீரப்பா விருச்சிகமும் கடகம் உச்சம்

வீருடைய ரிஷபமது நீசம் சிம்மம்

காரரப்பா பகையாகும் மற்றேழ் நட்பாம்

காண்பதுவும் மூன்று பதினொன்றாம் சொல்லார்

ஆரப்பா போகருட கடாக்ஷத்தாலே

அப்பனே புலிப்பாணி அறிவித்தேனே !


In the 3rd line from the last it is mentioned that Rahu and Ketu aspect the 3rd and 11th houses from its position[5].

புத்திமான் சிவந்த மெய்யன் பூஷணம் சேர்ப்பா னாகும்

சித்தமே மர்ம முள்ளான் சிலேடையாய் வார்த்தை சொல்வன்

வித்தையு முடைய னாவன் விளம்புவான் கட்டு வார்த்தை

அத்தையால் பெருமையுள்ளான் அவர்கட்கு முரிமை செய்வன்.

Younger brother of the native will be intelligent. He will be reddish in complexion. He will accumulate jewellery. He will have secrets in his mind. He is capable of using words while talking, which will have double meaning. He will attain greatness and dignity with the help of his aunt[6]. He will give preference to his aunt and will do his duty to her.

Comment from Yenbeeyes:

In the Tamil verse the word indicating aunt is father’s sister which is indicated by the 11th house as 11th is the 3rd house of siblings from the 9th house of father. Hence any connection with the 11th house of a person will have the flavour from Aunt. So for the native’s brother which is indicated by the 3rd house of Scorpio, the 11th house becomes Virgo where Rahu is placed aspecting Scorpio (as per above ruling) and also lord of Scorpio Mars.  Now from Mars the 11th lord is Saturn who aspects Scorpio. This might be the reason for the influence of Aunt on native’s brother.

  1. சுகி பொசிப்புடைய னாகும் துறாசையு மில்லா னாகும்

பகைவரைச் செயிப்பா னாகும் பால்தயிர் பிரிய முள்ளான்

செகமதில் புகழு முள்ளான் சிலசில ஞானம் சொல்வன்

வகையான பூமி சேர்ப்பன் மறுமொழி யதிகம் சொல்வன்.

Younger brother of the native will like good and tasty food. He will not have any bad or wrong desires. He will win over his enemies. He is fond of milk, curd etc. He will get good name and fame on earth. He is capable of giving advices on spirituality[7]. He will accumulate good lands. Whenever he replies, it will contain elaborate words or explanations.

மனையவள் ஒன்றே யென்றோம் வரைகிறோம் புத்திர பாகம்

கனமுட னாண்பால் ரெண்டு கன்னிகை ஒன்றே யாகும்

அனையவே மூன்றும் தீர்க்கம் அவனுக்கும் வயது பூர்ணம்

இணையிலா செல்வ முள்ளான் இவனுக்கு மேலாய் வாழ்வன்.


We say that the younger brother of the native will have one wife. We will now tell about his children. He will have two male and one female child and all the three will have long life. He will also have long life. He will have unparalleled wealth. He will live in a better position than the native.


முடைய னாகும் பந்துவுக் கதிப னாகும்

யோக்கியனாகி வாழ்வன் உறுதியான் கோபி யாவன்

நீக்குவான் அல்ப்பர் தன்னை நிமிஷத்தில் கோபி யாவன்

சீக்கிர நடையு முள்ளான் செல்வியே மேலுங் கேளே.

Younger brother of the native will be a happy, prosperous and wealthy person. He will be a master for his relatives. He will live as a worthy and honest man. He is a person with firmness, an angry person, will avoid bad as well as unfit persons. He will get angry within minutes. He is capable of walking very fast. Oh! Parvati! Please listen to what we are going to say further.

ஜாதகருடைய விவாக காலமும் மனைவியின் குணாதிசயங்களும்

 சாதகன் மணத்தின் காலம் சாற்றுவோ மீறொன் பானில்

மேதினில் வடகீழ் தன்னில் வித்தகி வருவா ளாகும்

போதவே யவள் குணத்தையும் போற்றுவோம் சிவந்த மேனி

சூதுக ளுள்ளா ளாகும் துருசான நடையு மாவள்.

Time of marriage of Native and characteristics of his wife

 We will tell about the time of marriage of the native. When the native is of eighteen years[8] old, his wife will come from the north eastern direction. We will tell about her character. She will be reddish in complexion. She will have a deceptive mind. She will have a hasty gait [She will walk fast].

C.G.Rajan’s notes: Marriage time:

Jupiter Mahadasa, Mars Antardasa will be running for the native from his 17 years-4 months to 18 years-3 months-6 days. Jupiter owns the 7th house of Kalathra Sthana (House of wife/husband) and the Subha Sthana (Suka Sthana or house of happiness) of 4th house. Mars is placed in the 7th house. Hence in the Mahadasa of Jupiter and Antardasa of Mars when the native is of 18 years, it is stated that marriage will happen. Since the Lagna Lord Mercury is placed near the 7th house, marriage at a young age is possible. To know about the time of marriage readers can refer to Jataka Tatva – 3rd Tatva – Sapthama Viveka – Slokas 125 and 126 and also Jataka Parijata 14th Adhyaya (Chapter) 29th Sloka.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

These two verses and their meanings are given hereunder:

Jataka Tatva – 3rd Tatva – Prakeerna tatva – Saptama viveka slokas:


१२५ दारपसंनिहितेऽङ्गेपे बाल्ये विवाहः।

If the Lord of the Lagna be close to that of the 7th house, the native will be married while young.

१२६ लग्नाद्वास्तात् समीपे शुभे बाल्ये विवाहः।

If a benefic be posited near the Lagna or the 7th house, the native will be married while young.

Jataka Parijata – 14th Chapter – 29th Sloka:



लग्नाद्वित्तपतिस्थराशिपदशाभुक्तौ च पाणिग्रहः।

कर्मायुर्भवनाधिनायकदशाभुक्तौ विवाहः क्रमात्

कामेशेन युतः कलत्रगृहगस्तत्पाक भुक्तौ तु वा॥२९॥


Meaning: If the lord of the 7th bhava be associated with Venus, its Dasa and Bhukti may lead to marriage. Failing that, the dasa and Bhukti of the lord of the Rasi occupied by the planet owning the 2nd bhava may have marriage producing efficacy. The Dasa and Bhukti of the lords of the 10th and 9th bhavas come next in order. Lastly, note the planet associated with the lord of the 7th bhava or the one occupying it. During the Dasa and Bhukti of one of these, marriage may take place.


Also, when there is a link between Lagna and the 7th house or Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord early marriage is a possibility. Here the Lagna Lord Mercury is aspected by the 7th lord Jupiter. Also the Chandra Lagna Lord happens to be the same Mercury and its 7th lord becomes Jupiter.


Direction from which wife will come:

 It is stated that the wife of the native will come from North East direction. While deciding about the direction we have to consider the prepondering influence on the house concerned as well as its lord. The direction denoted by the sign is also to be taken into consideration. Here Pisces is the 7th house and it indicates Northern direction. Mars is placed in the 7th house and is indicative of Southern direction. The direction stated is North East which is indicated by Jupiter. Jupiter is the lord of the 7th house and is the dispositor of Mars whose influence prevails upon and hence the direction given is justified.


  1. சினமது கொஞ்ச முள்ளாள் தேவிநன் நடக்கை யுள்ளாள்

இணையிலா யோகசாலி இவள் மத்திய வயது முள்ளாள்

அனையவே யிரண்டா மாது அணுகிடு மிவனுக்கே தான்

கனமுடன் முனிவர் சொல்ல காதலி கேழ்க்க லுற்றாள்.


  1. Wife of the native will be with a little anger. She will have good conduct. She will have incomparable luck. She will live up to her middle age. Then the Rishi said with authority that the native will be getting a second wife. At this point, Parvati started asking:


  1. என்ன காரணத் தினாலே யிவனுக்குத் தாரம் ரெண்டு

சொன் னீர்கள் விபரமாகச் சொல்லுவீர் முனியே யென்றாள்

மன்னிய ஏழில் கேது மங்கல னிவர்கள் நின்றும்

துன்னிய யேழோன் தானும் சுகமிலா விரயம் துய்க்க;


  1. Parvati told the RishisWhat are the reasons of your telling that the native will have two wives? Tell me in detail about this.” Because of the placement of Mars and Ketu in the 7th bhava and the 7th lord Jupiter becoming weak due to the placement in the 12th house of loss;


Comments of C.G.Rajan – In the matter of two wives:


Kalathra karaka (Karaka for spouse) and lord of 2nd house of family- Venus is placed in the hidden 8th house and is combust with Sun and hence becomes weak. Further 9th house is the house of 2nd wife. And its lord Venus is associated with Lagna Lord Mercury and because of this; yoga for the 2nd wife is present.

[1] We have often mentioned in our writings and editorials that 3H is brothers and when division is to be done then 3H for younger siblings and 11H for elder siblings. Any afflictions to the 3H will indicate trouble for both speaking in general, and then karaka is to be taken that is Mars and Jupiter for 3/11 respectively. The master nadi astrologer Late C G Rajan also seems to be indicating the same here

[2] Rahu’s 3rd aspect has been taken into account. See comments below on Rahu’s aspect. – SA

[3] Note the word both –  SA

[4] Note again this shloka –  SA

[5] Readers will note an article that was written by ‘The Kid’ around 2 years back derived from the teachings of Mr. Ashok Upadhaya where 11th from Rahu was written about, titled ‘3rd from Dragon’s Head-A Master Key’ appeared in Vol. No. 3- Page 251 in colour PDF – full version of Saptarishis Astrology. This article was written without the knowledge of a text like Pullipani Jothidam and the beauty of it is it exactly matches with the verse of Nadi Granthas – SA Publisher.

[6] Younger brother will attain greatness and dignity due to his aunt, is it since 6H shows relatives and exalted Sun along with Venus is placed in 6th to 3rd house? – SA

[7] 3rd house is Younger Brother and 3rd house also stands for Preaching (Upadesha), so 3rd from 3rd will show preaching of younger brother which is the 5H, the 5L is Saturn a Yogi planet placed in the 9H of dharma from Asc, hence probably Rishi gives result that younger brother will give advices on spirituality. From Moon Asc, the 5L is Ven who is with exalted Sun, but 3H from Moon has Jupiter in the 12H of spirituality is also not to be forgotten. Whenever we have to see such details one has to see the basic house (3H here) to determine whole nature and also the relevant house from the relative (3rd from 3rd here) – SA

[8] 18th year as per BCP theory will be the 6th house of one’s natal chart. See the 6th House from Moon Asc, Venus Asc and Natal Asc for marriage. From Moon Asc, the 6th would be the 3rd house of Bhagya of Marriage and its lord Mars sits in the 7H of marriage linking Moon and Natal Asc, this linking of two Asc is often ignored. 6H from Natal Asc is aspected by the 7L of marriage Jupiter who also signifies religious ceremonies and marriage is a religious ceremony. Hence the 18th year gives marriage here, also the 6th lord is Saturn sitting in the 9H of marriage and other co-lord Rahu is placed in lagna signifying bondage and fixed karma, marriage often is one bondage & fixed karma. This aspect of the nodes has been oft ignored and hence not well used. 6th from Venus Asc is Rahu and in the 1H which is the house of marriage of wife, thus the 18 year is solemnized to give marriage. If one takes all the 3 Ascs and see that the linkage of Rahu Ketu axis is common among three, this cannot be ignored. Must add that some old astrologers have often taken not just Venus but also Moon as significator of wife or marriage, the reason is Moon denotes one’s mind and one’s mind is majorly on ones wife, also Moon is lord of 4H of grihasti (home life) and wife is a huge component of home life, Moon is exalted in 2H of natural zodiac which is again family life significator and 8H of natural zodiac is where he is debilitated, a very important house for marriage sustenance or longevity of wife. Moon cannot be ignored for quality of marriage. – SA Publisher.

ஆவலா யேது செய்தாலும் அம்மனை யிரண்டே யாகும்

தாவிய மிரண்டா மாது சந்ததி சொல்வேன் கேளாய்

சேவலங் கொடியோன் தன்னைச் சேயனாய் வளர்த்த தாயே.

Parvati asked the Rishi to tell the remedy to get removed from these blemishes. Rishi said that whatever remedies the native does, the blemishes will not get absolved[1] and he has to have two wives. We will tell about the children that will be born to the second wife. The Rishi addresses Parvati as ‘Begetter of Muruga as your son who has the flag with cock as symbol, Parvati!’ listen.

ஜாதகருக்குச் சந்ததிகள் (புத்திர பாவம்)

தாயார் குணாதிசயங்கள்

பாலக னாண்பால் ரெண்டு பரிவுள கன்னி மூன்று

ஞாலமேல் விருத்தி யென்றோம் நவிலுவோம் தாய் குணத்தைக்

கோலமாய் சிவந்த மேனி குத்திரம் பேசா ளாகும்

சீலமு முடையா ளாகும் சிந்தையும் வெகுளி யாமே.

Native’s children (Putra Bhava)

Mother’s characteristics

  1. We say the native will have (from his second wife) two male and three female child who will have long life. Henceforth we will tell about the characteristics of the native’s mother. Mother will have a reddish complexion. She will not speak deceitfully or sarcastically. She will have good manners and morality. She will have an open hearted mind (a simpleton).குடும் பத்தை ஆதரிப்பள் குலவிடும் பித்த வாயு

அடவுடன் பொறுமை யுண்டு அன்புள்ள மனத்த ளாகும்

விடம்போலே நிந்தை யுண்டு மேதினில் மாதுர் ரெண்டு

திடமான குடும்பி யாவள் திருத்தமாய் வார்த்தை சொல்வாள்.

Native’s mother will protect the family. She will suffer from flatulency caused by Pitta. She will be a patient woman. She has a trustful mind. She will be reproached like poison. She will have two mothers. She will be a housewife. She will pronounce words correctly and distinctly.

Comments from C.G.Rajan:

 Two mothers for native’s mother:

The fourth house of Sagittarius is the house of mother for the native. For Sagittarius Lagna Pisces is the 4th house of mother (Mathru Sthana). The presence of Mars and Ketu in this house is bad. Further lord of Pisces, Jupiter is hidden in the 6th house from Pisces. Hence native’s mother has got the blemish from her mother. Hence, the native’s mother has got the combination of two mothers.

அவளுட துணைவர் தன்னை அறைகிறோ மாண் பாலொன்று

நவனியில் கன்னி காளோம் நாயகன் தனக்குப் புத்திரர்

பவமுள முன்னூழ் தன்னால் பருகாது யிவனுக்கே தான்

தவசியே யிரண்டிலே தான் சாற்றுவோ மாமன் சேதி.

We will tell about the siblings of the native’s mother. She will have one brother. We do not see any sisters for her. Because of the bad deeds in the previous birth, this brother of her will not have any issues. Oh! Ascetic! (Rishi addresses Parvati). We will tell about the native’s uncle in the second part.

Comments by C.G.Rajan:

Native’s uncle has no issues:

 The 5th house of Capricorn is the house indicating the maternal uncle of the native. Taking Capricorn as Lagna, the 5th house of children Taurus is occupied by Saturn. This created the Putra Dosha (Childlessness). Lord of Taurus, Venus is combust with Sun and also conjoined with mercury in Aries. This will also create Putra dosha. In the 8th house to Capricorn Lagna Jupiter is hidden[2] which will also be a factor for childlessness. Hence the uncle of the native has the maximum blemishes leading to childlessness.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

According to classics the 6th Bhava known as Ari Bhava indicates maternal uncle being the 3rd house of siblings from the 4th house of mother. How C.G.Rajan has taken the 5th house as indicative of maternal uncle is not understandable with the little knowledge I have of Jyotish. It is quite possible to have the logic that 9th house indicates father and the 7th from the 9th which is the 3rd house indicates father’s wife and the 3rd from the 3rd house is indicative of her siblings. It is left to readers to decide.

ஜாதகரின் தாயாருடைய முன் ஜன்மம்


அன்னையின் முன் சென் மத்தை அறைகுறோம் தொண்டை நாட்டில்

பண்ணிய பேரூர் தன்னில் பாவையும் கெளரி வம்சம்

இன்னவ ளுதித்தா ளென்றோம் இவளுக்கு மதலை யுண்டாய்

தன்னிலே குடும்பி யாகித் தன்வரன் செட்டு செய்து;

Previous life of native’s mother

We will now tell about the previous birth of the native’s mother. We say that she was born in ‘Thondai Naadu’1 (a specific region in Tamil Nadu, India) in a big village in Gauri community. She got children and she lived a house wife. Her husband was doing business.

Comments from Yenbeeyes:

 ‘Thondai Naadu’ – This is a Tamil word. Naadu in Tamil means a country or state (Just as Tamil Naadu meaning the state of Tamils). The area comprising the Thondai Naadu in olden days were in the North Eastern part of Tamilnadu comprising the present districts of Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Vellore, Chingalpat, Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Pondicherry and Chennai.

Gauri community stated here is a division of Okkiliyan, named after Gauri, Siva’s concert. Okkiliyan is the Tamil synonym for Vakkaliga, the large caste of Canarese cultivators and the name is derived from Okkalu, meaning cultivation or agriculture. In the Madras Census Report, 1901, the Vakkaligas or Okkiliyans are described as “Canarese cultivators, who originally belonged to Mysore and are found mainly in Madura and Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu. The caste is split up into several sub-divisions, and one such sub-division is Gauri, Siva’s concert.”

பலருக்கும் நல்லோ னாகிப் பஞ்சை மேலிரக்க முண்டாய்

குலவிய மாலின் பத்தி கொண்டுமே வறுமை யின்றி

நிலமையாய் வாழ்ந்து பின்பு நிமலியும் பேதி யாலே

உலகினில் மரணமாகி உறைந்தன சிவனே யென்றோம்.

She was good to many people and was compassionate towards poor people. She was worshipping Lord Vishnu. She had not seen poverty and lived comfortably and died because of dysentery and we say that she was born as in this birth.