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Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

On the auspicious occasion of Datta Jayanti (1st Dec 2009), the day of Lord Dattatreya who is considered the Guru of Gurus and a Guru avatar of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, this issue of the magazine which is a 922 odd page volume is being placed at the holy feet of Late Shri C.S.Patel who started the movement of removing rare shlokas from unknown manuscripts and presenting it in english for the benefit of the astrological world and hope that the injustice done to him by publishers of magazines and books at that time is healed to some extent now. By honoring such a gifted soul who did not have any guru or parampara or organisation or great money behind him one only exemplifies that even you can also become a C.S.Patel of Jyotish if you work honestly without craving for position, money or fame but have true concern of helping the jyotish community and not just for name sake.

This issue has been the one where maximum work has gone and one hopes that the readers of the magazine enjoy it as much as the extreme hard work that has gone into it by the volunteers, writers and team members. Though there has been more than 2 months delay in getting this out due to various factors of administration, it is sufficiently big around 930 pages for readers to mull over it minutely for the next 6-9 months. The only difference would be a new entrant would finish reading this issue within a month whereas a true seeker would spend few years trying to find the meaning of each shloka presented and testing the various techniques presented. Each one of you including the new entrants are requested to mull on it for years and to test each technique aggressively. Our vision is not to be seen every month or every 3 months but to remove the hidden knowledge and manuscripts out as it is felt that today we practice or teach astrology after just 10-20 years of learning without having read all the available material on astrology, this is Un-Shastriac and a practice that must be stopped by us only (complete jyotish community). To translate and hunt manuscripts it takes time and hence would like to come out either once or twice a year and concentrate on travelling over interiors of India with our limited resources. Hence once again a change in policy must be mentioned wherein the next probable date of release could be June-July 2010.


Also one of the significant reasons behind this development is with the resources at hand it’s become a bit tougher and we would rather concentrate on writing on Bhrighu Saral Paddathis and make some steps towards finishing the Rishi Debt that the jyotish community is needed to do. As of now there are 300 Bhrighu Saral Paddathis out of which we have received (for the lack of a better word) around 60, out of which more than 15 are lost by us due to not noting it down properly & memory issues, but the rest of it must be aggressively tested and as quickly as possible written in article form for you all to test it further and understand what the technique is saying and most important what it is not saying. Even if we present 2 BSPs in an issue, in this lifetime we would not cover the complete 300 hence in this issue many are given. There is a specific methodology that is not mentioned in all Bhrighu Saral Paddathis articles which is the key to ‘How to use it’. This is difficult to explain in written form but if you constantly use it then you would get the Master Key yourself of how to use it more and more effectively, after 18 months of constant use you would surely reach at a much higher level than even what we have attained. But one must not forget that to use BSPs the rules of Jyotisha Purusha need to be followed otherwise failure in ones usage will surely result, this is what has been written and observed.

We request more translators, typists, proof readers, Sanskrit scholars, english language editors to come forward as there is a dearth of them especially the ones who can selflessly do this for the future generations. Even a work like typing an article or manuscript is not considered low status volunteer work and infact we here at Saptarishis Astrology have the highest regard for those who do it. These are far bigger than the gurus of today. The amount of manuscripts and old works lying with us is so much that one only worries as to when it would come out for everyone since today there is truly a lack of quality information for Jyotishis and to bridge that gap would take centuries hence our hurry in creating such big volumes. The next issue which would be the 2nd Anniversary Issue would be dedicated to volunteers, translators, authors and copy editors of the magazine. For the Anniversary Issue we invite letters from all to express their criticism or appreciation for the articles presented so far which would be published in the Anniversary Issue.

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