Science versus Astrology


Most of the scientists are of the view that Astrology is “absolute non-sense” and say that the Planets do not affect the earth and its residents. According to science and modern Astronomy, planets do influence us. Scientific reasons are given below:            

Sun is a star and Moon is a satellite as per modern Astronomy, but in Astrology, they are taken as Planets. In this article we shall take Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune as planets.                                                      Cosmos is a compact body containing millions of Stars, which are different solar systems and high-density objects. They affect the Earth and its residents according to their distances, Masses, Colour of their surface, electro-magnetic field, radiation of energy, refection of light etc. Due to these reasons – the seasons, rain-fall, earth-quakes and behaviour of human beings are affected. To find such changes is Predictive Astrology. Astrology originally meant applied Astronomy and now it is almost confined to the art of influence of the planets in the horoscope, and terrestrial affairs, while Jyotish covers both Astronomy as well Astrology.               

Jyotish has three parts (1) Siddhanta which includes Astronomy and Mathematics (2) Sanhita (3) Hora. The first part is a pure science. The second part Sanhita is concerned with effect of planetary motions on weather, commodities, agricultural products, epidemics, storms, earth-quakes, political changes, wars etc.   Hora astrology is most popular branch of astrology because it deals with the predictions of individuals, their happiness, sorrows, achievements and failures etc.

Now we will discuss the effect of planets according to science

  • Gravitational Pull

Universe is a compact body and any event in it affects the whole Universe. It may be less at some places and more at other places.

According to Newton’s law of motion any two bodies in the Universe attract each other with force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between their centres.

F is proportional to     ( M1 X M2 )/ D2

Where: –

F is the force of attraction between them.

M1 and M2 are their masses

D is the distance between their centres.

As the planets are much nearer to each other than the stars, the force of attraction will be on each molecule of the two bodies according to their molecular weight and it can not be neglected in considering their effect on us. Two examples of this effect are given below:

  • The level of water at sea-shore (and through out the ocean) goes through two high tides and two low tides on each day. The average time between two high tides being roughly 12 hours and 25 minutes. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon on the Earth. The force on the water particles on the side of Earth and nearest to the Moon is greater than the force on the water particles on the side of the Earth farthest from the Moon. 

The Earth is not perfectly rigid. Its solid body is also deformed slightly, just like oceans. Thus, there are tides in the solid body of the Earth too. These tides amount to about 20 centimetres (3inches).

(b)  Precession of Equinoxes

The pull of the Moon and the Sun are largely responsible for the phenomenon of precession. The pull of the planets also contributes to the precession of equinoxes. The Earth has an equatorial bulge because of which the centre of attraction changes. The gravitational pull by the Moon, Sun and the planets on the earth causes wobbling motion of Earth like a spinning top. Because of this, the axis of earth pointing in heaven describes a small circle round the pole of the ecliptic and completes one revolution in nearly 25,800 years. This leads to Aynamsa.

2) Radiation

Every body in this universe radiates. Sometimes the radiation is less or more depending on the condition of the radiating body. Its most common example is Solar Flares

Polarity of the Sun changes in 11 years and thus in 22 years the poles come to their original positions. In five and half years, Sun spots are created and in the next five and half years they fade away. Periodically Sun spots generate electricity and release magnetic energy. This force is sometimes discharged into huge arcs which are known as solar-flares and emits large quantity of short-wave length   radiation which reaches us quickly and produces sudden ionospheric disturbance which disrupts transmission of short-wave radio signals and affect the earth’s magnetic field. In 1989 these flares deluged the Earth with charged particles. This caused power surges in electric supply girds in northern United States and Canada, resulting in burned out transformers and black out in cities. 

3) Electromagnetic effect of Planets

Planets have their own magnetic poles and magnetic field. Magnetic therapy is used to treat many diseases by using variety of magnetic material and they are tried to the human body. It helps in curing many diseases without medicines.

From the above, we can conclude that planets do affect us and thus further probe is necessary to ascertain their influence on us and terrestrial affairs.

4) Light from the Sun and the planets

As per modern astronomy, Sun is a star and produces light. In this solar system, Sun is the only source of light and no other planet has its own light but they simply reflect light received from the Sun and the colour of the reflected light should be of their surface and atmospheric composition.

Treatment through Sun Rays (Surya Kiran Chikitsa)

In this therapy, bottles of various colours are kept in sun rays and their water is used for curing different diseases.

Colour of the light reflected by the planets differ for e.g., Mars reflects red light, Jupiter reflects yellow light etc.

The reflected light of planets does affect us and thus we can conclude that Planets affect us because of their proximity

Human body and mind are such that minor irritation can change the results from success into failure. Similarly small change in space can change the earth’s environment.


Our ancestors have made researches for thousands of years over lot of horoscopes and gave us their formulae in the form of astrology. By using these formulae, a person proficient in Astrology can correctly predict upto 70%. Some of the reasons for not making 90% of 95% correct predictions are given below.

1) Differences in time of birth.

A horoscope tells us the fruits of the deeds of past births which are to be given in this life. It doesn’t include a person’s deeds in the present life. Present deeds can change the results of past Karmas (deeds). Lord Mahavira has said that one can even change his sins (Paap) into virtues (Punya) and vice versa by his present Karmas

Prediction should be according to the place, time and personal environment of consultant.

2) In olden times, observations of the planets etc were made by the crude instruments, while now more precise ones are used. In those days only angular distances and colour etc were known which could be seen by the naked eye. Now their linear distances, masses, colours, satellites etc have been found out with the help of Astronomy, Mathematics and Astro-Physics. Many things given in the classical astrology are either not correct or debatable just as Natural (Naisargika) strength of the planets, exaltation and debilitation of planets etc.

In olden days formulae used to be changed according to the knowledge acquired afterwards but now we are very rigid and don’t want to change the formulae which are incorrect according to the modern knowledge of Astronomy etc.

 3) In olden days, it was the belief that the planets including the Sun revolves around the Earth, but now it has been established that they revolve around the Sun.

Thus, there is a need for research on scientific basis for which groups of modern astronomers and astrologers may be formed who are required to modify astrology and make it a perfect science. These groups shouldn’t be rigid in their thinking and their research should be with open mind.


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