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There are a number of rules and methods in astrology. One can chose any method that one feels comfortable with. As we learn more and more, we develop certain tendencies or enter into traps. We may acquire a tendency to to use more and more complex techniques. Alternatively, we may acquire a tendency to use a number of techniques together – simple or complex, it does not matter which – and result in contradictory or confused analysis. It takes a while, sometimes to understand this and retrace our steps and go back to the basics.

One thing that has always struck me is that it is possible to find many of the results from the House Chart itself using simple analysis. Complex, detailed or other sophisticated techniques may be used to get more specifics or details. It is not necessary to follow complex techniques where simple ones give the results. The best approach is to start with the basics and then follow through, only, if necessary, with other techniques.

Let us take a recent example on the French presidential elections. With Sarkozy moving towards a loss, I was tempted to run a prasna on his victory. It was tempting to be contrary because his loss was so obvious to all. The question I asked was, Will Sarkozy be the President in this election on May 6, 2012? The result was as follows:

chart 94

Dasa running

Su 2-Dec-2009 to 3-Dec-2015

Su/Ju 21-Dec-2011 to 9-Oct-2012

Planet Dignities :


Exalted: Su, Mo, Sa

Debilitated: Me

Own House: Ve


Exalted: Sa

Debilitated: Me


In D-1 LL Su, 12HL Mo, 7HL and 6HL Sa are exalted. 2HL and 11HL and signficator of reasoning Me is debilitated.

In D-1 The LL Su is exalted and in house of fate 9H at Bhav Madhya with 5HL Ju and aspecting 3H of friends. Ju is not combusted and represents capabilities sitting in fate. 9HL Ma is in Lagna at Bhav Madhya. 10HL Ve is also 3HL is in own house and is therefore strong. 7HL Sa of partners is in 3H and is exalted.

These are all very strong indicators and powerful in the chart.

In addition, in D-10 of professional achievements, 9HL and 12HL Me is placed in 6H and under aspect of Ra. The natural significations of Su, Mo, Sa – Power, Nourishment, Public are all exalted. Functional malefics Ra,Ke,Mo do not aspect or impact anyone. (I wondered later where I got this from since they do aspect)

This is a very powerful chart with focus fully on 9H fate 10H profession and 7H partners. He should surely win. What about Me in 8H? The 2HL Me in 8H is aspecting its own house even though it is in stress being debilitated and being in 8H. The 8HL Ju in 9H will show 8H significations in 9H. Obstacles to fate or unknown fate? (I realized later that I believed what I wanted to) 6HL is strong and will support 6H significations in 3H.

Dasa lords Su/Ju. Su exalted in D-1 and in 10H in D-10. Ju in 9H in D-1 and in own house in D-10. Fate will support him.


He is under a lot of stress going through obstacles. However, fate will support him and he will be the President with the help of the public.

We all know that he lost.

What a horrible mess due to the mish-mash. On hindsight this analysis could have been done more simply and neatly as follows:

Let us do it again


Simple House, Lord, Significator approach.


Professional house is 10H. While we could also consider others for the presidential position, they will only answer the details of how and what. As far as this question is concerned it is on the professional position of Sarkozy. We must, therefore, consider 10H, the professional position house.

Ke, Ve, Mo is in ths house.

Consider their nature we see Ke is a malefic in 10H indicating he should get a spiritual awakening or new insights into this professional position. Mo is also a natural malefic in this case while Ve being a natural benefic should help him. Overall, he does not stand a chance.

Considering their functional nature, Mo as lord of 12H in 10H will make him lose. Ve in own house is powerful but being lord of 3H with natural and functional malefics in both of its houses will not be able to help him. He does not stand a chance.

No other aspects other than of course Ra on 10H. He does not stand a chance.

From House consideration alone he does not stand a chance.

House Lord

The 10HL is Ve. Please read the previous para on Ve. He does not stand a chance.


The significators for public offices are Su and Sa. The significator for 10H is Me while some say these are Su, Me, Sa, Ju.

Me is debilitated, placed in 8H of obstacles. How can it provide help even though it is aspected by 9HL and 4HL Ma.

Su is exalted and placed in 9H. Should help. It is placed with Ju the 8HL and 5HL. It allowed him to reach the final competition when he lost out due to obstacles provided by 8H.

Sa is exalted and in 3H. It is aspected by 8HL and 5HL Ju as well as LL Su from 9H. While a number of people were with him, he finally had to lose due to obstacles by 8HL Ju. It was a close contest.

Ju is placed in 9H. It is aspected by 5HL Sa and LL Su. It should help. It did help till the last minute till it was hit by the aspect of 8HL Sa.

Overall, from Significator perspective he cannot win though he could get close.

Overall Result

We see that from the House, Lord, Significator perspective, using simple analysis we find that he would get close but eventually succumb to obstacles.


It is best to analyse from a simple perspective rather than combining a number of methods or using some complex analysis. Straight results are available simply whereas details may be extracted through other methods and detailed analysis.

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