South Node – Algol Conjunction At 27°14’24” Taurus By Rodica Purniche, Romania

Teacher, TV journalist and astrologer. From July 2009, member of ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research). She published 6 astrological books, wrote numberless astrological articles and took part as an astrologer in TV talk-shows. She discovered astrology when she was only 10 years old. Her life became the aspiration of learning and practicing astrology for understanding human life and helping people to understand the Dharma. She put her life in the unconditional service of astrology. She believes that astrology is a divine science and a true path of spiritual evolution which could help in attaining Moksha. She is a yoga student since 1998. Yoga enabled her to discover Jyotish. Today she is the student of Dirah International Academy of Vedic Astrology and prepares herself to learn and to study deeply this spiritual and scientific tradition of mankind, which could show solutions for the harmony between human beings and Universe.

“For whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.” 

We report an interesting and, at the same time, long-term event (10 months!), which deserves attention because it supports in a certain way Jupiter-Lilith relationship, especially as long as the North Node has to transit Sagittarius zodiacal Sign, while the South Node transits Gemini, the exactly opposite Sign. After that, from September 02, the lunar nodes will change their Sign – the North Node will enter Scorpio and the South Node in Taurus.

The South Node is the Moon’s descendant Node or the Dragon’s Tail. Western astrology considers it as one of the karmic clues informing us about the mistakes a native has to correct in this present life, or which he tends to repeat, especially when there are transits in the zodiacal sign occupied at the time of birth. In the Hindu astrology SN is called Ketu and Mars’ nature is ascribed to it. If Rahu (North Node) is the planet of worldly desires, Ketu is the planet of spirituality. It represents the spiritual process of our evolution or refinement of the matter into spirit. It is considered as a malefic for the material world but as a spiritual benefit, because it generates suffering and loss in order that, finally, the native should return completely to God. They say it is, in a theme, the indicator of the constantly focused intelligence, of wisdom, of detachment, of the pervasive inner vision, of invisibility and physical abilities, of liberation. To Ketu is ascribed, out of all planets, “the last maturity”, i.e. the age of 48 years old, when the soul directs itself towards MOKSHA, ultimate liberation. As a characteristic feature of the Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered “shadow planets” (we will discuss about them in the future, in some distinct article). Its domicile is Pisces zodiac sign. It is exalted in Scorpio and in exile in Taurus.

Moon Nodes have a retrograde movement for 99% of the time (they move from Pisces towards Aries). However, at certain times, they are stationary and then direct. Such variation in their movement has a very great importance in astrology and we will talk about it further in this article.

Algol is a binary fixed star of magnitude 2.2 to 3.5 in beta Perseus (27 º 14 ‘Taurus), placed on the head of Medusa. It is said to be the most evil of all the stars, the worst, most violent and most dangerous star in the sky, as the whole astrological tradition states. The word “Algol” comes from Arabic ra’s al Ghul, “demon’s head”. Hebrew astrologers called it rosh ha sato, it symbolizing their own female demon (Lilith).

But the symbols have the meaning we attach to them, when we lose the sacred meaning offered by God to all the things, phenomena and beings, so it is time for us to overcome our own limitations and our own ignorance and to see what is behind this “evil fame” attributed to this fixed star.

It seems that Algol represents one of the gates through which God confers to the human being the chance to transcend his/her mental limitations. If the being lives in a fascination towards his/her own mind, he/she will “froze” finally in his/her own limitations, remaining at the discretion of this mind he/she will never be able to control. Maybe that is why it is said that “all knowledge is a limitation”. Stuck in the diplomas and teachings gathered during our life, convinced of our intelligence and genius, we will remain contented at this level, without even suspecting about the universe existing beyond these barriers. Instead, the moment the social limits and limitations, conventions, mentalities and prejudices have fallen, when we realize we live inside an infinite informational universe at our discretion – the only condition to access it being to know very well what we really want to know – “knowledge is power”. In other words, we open the gate for the spiritual initiations and the leaps in the supramental (the superior parte of the mental structure), major dimension of a spiritually evolved human being, who share with humbleness and grace from the ocean of the endless, perpetual, deep and total knowledge, from the ocean of eternal, liberating present.

From the astronomical point of view, Algol is a very special and also interesting variable fixed star. It is a binary star that changes its brightness periodically. Its less lighted pair passes between Algol and Terra for 8 hours every 68 hours and 49 minutes. This makes us think that, seen from Earth, Algol seems to „close its eyes”, because its brightness decreases during this interval. Symbolically speaking, it means the permanent transformation of the human being in his/her spiritual evolution during one life but also during all his/her lives. Like all the fixed stars, it moves in the Zodiac by 1° every 72 years, giving the impression that, in fact, it does not move at all.

Conjunction is when two or more celestial bodies occupy the same degree of the zodiac, within an ±8° orb compared to their maximum moment. It is also the major dynamic aspect through which two subtle force spheres or two astral flows tend to act as one or, on the contrary, as two enemies having more or less the same value. For this reason, it represents a complex high-power energy that we feel as inner power or, on the contrary, as a state of duality that, for a certain time, we cannot solve in one direction or the other.

Lunar Nodes conjunctions with any fixed star (hence the Algol) are a fairly rare event. It occurs approximately every 19 years, and takes a longer or shorter time, depending on the signs of long or short ascent where this aspect appears. For the conjunction that begins on June 12, here are below the “technical details” that will be of great help in our home personal interpretation of the theme. Note that all data are shown in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time, ‘UT’ as it is lately used).

  1. SN-Algol conjunction takes place between 12.06.2012, 3h20’ (+1h00GMT) – 10.04.2013, 01h17’ (00h00’GMT), when it covers the ±8° portion of the zodiac compared to its maximum, namely, the celestial surface between 5°14’24” Gemini and 19°14’24” Taurus.
  2. The maximum takes place at November 09, 2012 21h17’ (00h00’GMT) at 27°14’24” Taurus.
  3. At the moment of beginning, there is the following situation in the Sky:

-applicant conjunction Moon-Uranus in Aries

-separant (separating) conjunction Sun-retrograde Venus in Gemini

-separant (separating )conjunction Chiron-retrograde Neptune in Pisces

-Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are in apparent retrograde movement.

In other words, Sky is very loaded in this part of the Zodiac, conjunctions being the most important aspect, because their energetic force is very high. That is what makes that the new conjunction which appears in this context has, in its turn, a considerable impact power, as a bit of fuel over an already blazing fire. In fact, no matter how much we would like to avoid some situations, no matter how much we would like to postpone certain solutions, no matter how much we would lie ourselves that reality is not “just like this”, we shall have to accept reality as it really is and move forward, whether we like it or not. We cannot make the world and life “after our likeness”, but we can create the divine harmony inside the environment we live.

  1. South Node enters Taurus on September 02, 2012, 5h31’ (+1h00’GMT).
  2. Conjunction begins with the South Node being stationary-direct.
  3. Stationary and direct moving periods of the Lunar Nodes are:

-June12-18 and June 28-July 1

-July 11-15 and July 26-28

-August 24-25

-September 7-8 and September 21-23

-October 4-9 and October 18-22

-October 31-November 7, November 14-17, November 20-27 (November 14, 2012, total solar eclipse)

-December 6-11 and December 20-24

-January 5-7 and January 19-21 2013

-February 3-4 and February 7

-March 3-4 and March 16-19

-March 30-April 3

We showed all these periods because they are very important in astrology. At such times, the energy channels for activating our karma are very much open and any difficulty, any hurry or, especially, any lack of self-control can bring us in a position to reap the bitter fruits of our mistakes of the past. Also, these days, our thoughts, feelings and negative attitudes, uncontrolled passions, resentments and any form of disharmony become the seeds that will bear bitter fruit that will call us many times in this life to reap what we sowed. Some of them are even quite long periods, such as June 12 to 18, November 20 to 27 and December 6 to 11. The persons born with stationary or direct Lunar Nodes – from what I have seen so far – are beings that are very much under “the power of their karma” and need much spiritual teaching in order to accept their existence and transcends these limitations.

What does this so long conjunction mean for our lives in this prophetical year 2012? Simply put, the significance stems from the biblical proverb put as a motto of this article: those who are with God, who had put Him first in their lives and have worked hard to turn and approach Him will receive many spiritual gifts; those who, on the contrary, are people “without God”, who lived in hatred, enmity, malice, stupidity, thirst for conquest and power, lust, without any faith, will be taken even the speck of deification present in them that they would have had to increase until now.

Therefore, for some of us, many losses or health problems may occur but, despite their severity, they will be transient and will disappear as have appeared. It is possible that the material goods of life are severely selected in order to be kept at a very low level. Values ​​of any kind will also be subjected to very harsh judgment, the consequence being that we will have very little of them or adopt others. The human beings interested in their own spiritual evolution can be tested very hard but also those that will pass them, will enjoy a great Divine Grace and / or special initiations that will help them to make huge spiritual jumps, spontaneous and even unexpected.

For many others, however, this period may be very, very difficult, at least in spirit. It is possible an increase in the feeling of existential anxiety, fear, loneliness, panic attacks, unjustified rush after “more”, crass stupidity, greed of any kind, deep suffering caused by death or separations but also very serious health problems in the head’s area can occur (from the neck up), from physical injury to mental problems such as madness or demonic possession.

Food can become for some a cure, poison for others. Some may recover completely due to a more accurate and clean diet, while others may alternate between bulimia and anorexia and forced / exaggerated diets run for “aesthetic” reasons would result in serious illness affecting the entire digestive system.

World will see a wild and even satanic nutrition alteration, the collapse of educational systems and a drastic impairment of monetary and banking system. Since Ketu / SN aims at exiting the illusion of materiality, it is possible that money to start slowly disappear from our lives and the values ​​that define us to get more and more spiritual influence.

We consider other two interesting intervals.

The first interval is between 30.05-27.07.2012, when Jupiter is conjunct with Ketu / SN. The maximum of this conjunction takes place on 27.06.2012, 2:25 p.m. (+1 h00GMT),   3°31’25” Gemini. This is a very interesting conjunction because including Venus, being in apparent retrogression, enters the allowed orb and also becomes conjunct both with Jupiter and with Ketu / SN. But it will not reach the peak time of this conjunction because, exactly on this day, it resumes its direct motion and “walk away”, transforming the applicant conjunction into a separant (separating) one. It is possible that in such energetic conditions, we would all feel that there is “something” missing, that “something” keeps us from taking certain decisions or that “there is still time to …” Of course, these will only be our subjective assessments and also the karmic limitations which will hardly or never concede to let us achieve our desires.

The second interval is between 22.07-27.10.2012, when Lilith is also conjunct with Ketu / SN, the perfect conjunction taking place on September 08, 2012, 9:43 p.m. (+1 h00GMT), at 29°38’31” Taurus. Lilith’s presence on one or another of the Nodes is relatively common phenomenon. Lilith tours Zodiac completely in about 9 years, and on average, about every 2 years and 3 months it transits one of the two Nodes. At such times, it points out the errors regarding the spiritual path that we can do or our difficulty of choosing between essences and appearances.

Being so busy, Ketu / SN will mark strikingly our events in this long period, their fundamental significance being that of events meant to awaken us to the great and painful realities of the planet – the world domination by a less spiritual civilization compared to that of the  humans but advanced enough as technology to lead us evil,  the existence of the beneficial aliens watching permanently that the Earth lest it were not destroyed (while also protecting the Universe in the area occupied by our solar system), degradation of human civilization through lacking faith and spiritual alienation. All these will “remove” us from our sleep and we will begin to ask questions, to seek, to see, to observe and to draw the necessary conclusions by ourselves. Helped by the planetary transformations which are more and more obvious and numerous, it is possible that within the 10 months of Ketu / SN-Algol conjunction we can grow as the stories say – that is to grow (spiritually) in one year as others in seven (years).

The renewing energies of the universe will also come in everyone’s life according to the vibrational frequency of the resonance / resonances created throughout our entire life. So, no one will complain about anything. To everyone, “measure for measure.”

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