Spring Equinox (II)

The sky at 20th of March 2012 was impressive and dynamic. It was very interesting organised in planetary configuration, due to the complex planetary relationships. Their energies help us IF we know very well what we do or need. Their messege is that the quality of our thoughts, words and actions will generate corresponding fruits and results. The future is born in every second from what we think, say and act. All what we think, say and act come back to us, sooner or later, because there are us who think, say and do/make. There are US who are the authors, and no one else but US have to reap the fruits of our seeds.

The planetary configurations indicates energies which are given to us by God for special or clear goals and ideals to be fulfilled or very well realised. Let’s see all of them as they were at that day, predicting our manner of passig through this astronomical year.


The Major Trine (The Great Triangle) is the harmonious planetary configuration made by 3 planets at least, each of them placed in each of the 3 Signs of the same Element. It is known as The Pyramid too. There are 4 Great Trines: Fiery Trine (Fiery Pyramid), Earthy Pyramid, Air Pyramid and Watery Pyramid. It shows gifts, abilities and skills which could be our achievements from our past lives but, in the absence of dynamic aspects (as squares and oppositions are), all these capacities could remain only as potentialities. The Element dinamised by the Pyramid indicates the nature of the native’s/event’s qualities: action and impulsiveness in the case of Fire, steadyness and realisation in the case of Earth, knowledge and intelligence in the case of Air, nurturing and intuition in the case of Water.

At the moment of the Spring Equinox the Great Triangle is the Earthy Pyramid, realized by Jupiter, Mars and Pluto placed in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn respectively. This planteray configuration has an interesting dynamic, due to Mars which stays in the Sign of Virgo around 8 months, where it has its complete apparent retrogradation.  The Earthy Pyramid:

-it is very active between the 6 th of November and the 1st of December 2011

-it has a „break” between the 1st of December 2011 and 29 th of February 2012

-it becomes active again between the 1st and the 30th of March 2012.

Our negative and positive qualities could be very much amplified and all our good or bad seeds tend to be „fixed” for a loger or shorter period in our life from now on. The energetical impulse of the Earth Trine makes the thoughts, words and actions to achieve the quality of heavyness/steadyness and they to become our distinctive features from now on.


The Anvil is the planetary configuration made by 4 planets organiyed in 2 squares which have as a result 2 trines and 2 sextiles. Its inner force comes from the fact that it activate 3 of the 4 Elements. This one is a very complex anvil because it is realized both by planets, asteroids and the Moon’s North Node, on Fire, Earth and Water Elements:

-the Moon conjunct with the asteroid Chiron in Pisces squares the Moon’s North Node conjunct with the asteroid Junon in Sagittarius;

-Pluto in Capricorn squares the strong conjunction made by the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in the first 5 degrees of Aries.

            These 2 squares give birth to:

            -the sextil between Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces (conjunct with the Moon)

            -the trine between the Moon’s North Node conjunct with the asteroid Junon in Sagittarius and the strong conjunction made by the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in the first 5 degrees of Aries.

            Due to the 2 squares, the anvil is very dynamic and supports the fructification of all our good qualities signified by the trine and enabled by the sextil to be expressed and shared. The anvil represent the major effort for overdrawing the limitating structures of our ego, in order us to purify our being and to reveal the Divine Self Atman. The anvil confers too an important potential of analitical introspection and mental focalisation. Our anxieties and inner conflicts can be sublimated and become pure spiritual essences and liberating energies from the limitating ego.


The T Square is a planetary configuration made by an opposition and two squares. The planet making the squares with the other 2 planets in opposition is named the “central/focal planet” being the strongest planet of the chart. Taking into account the vibrational mode of the Signs on which this T Square takes place, there are 3 kinds of planetary configurations:

the cardinal T Square, which indicates the presence of the leader abilities

the fix T Square, which indicates the presence of the achieving energies

the mutable T Square, which indicates the presence of the sensitive qualities.

This planetary configuration is a very strong one, although the Western astrology considers it as being malefic. It could announce events which could afflict us in a very unpleasant manner (such as accidents, surgical interventions, conflicts especially). Seen from a spiritual point of view, the T Square finishes a period of spiritual lazyness in our life and forces us to step forward.

At the moment of the Spring Equinox there are 2 Mobile T Squares.


The first of them is realised by Mars and the asteroids Junon and Chiron placed in Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, respetively. The asteroid Junon squares both Mars in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces. Junon’s conjunction with the Moon’s North Node (NN) indicate the importance of Love and Faith in all our emotional events. This Mutable T Square represents the energy which stimulates us to pass beyond any affectiv obstacle in our direct relationship with our spiritual teacher. Or, it is possible that the love relationship between disciples/aspirants and their spiritual teachers to genertate a miracle able to transform the humanity from now on. We have to give up the lies, the fears and the false values which could characterize both our emotional and spiritual existence. The agresivness of all authorities towards the treu spiritual values (Mars-Chiron opposition on Virgo/Pisces) and a serious lack of love towards our fellows (Mars-Junon square of Virgo-Sagittarius) are the general features of our society. Junon-NN squaring Chiron could be an alarm signal for the general planetary attitude towards the authentic spiritual leaders of mankind. Probably we have to pay much more attention from now on to such a subject, as long as Jupiter is in a very close relation with Lilith, from a long time and from a long period from now on too (we will offer sooner the article “The couple of Jupiter-Lilith”). It is about the matter of the true spiritual teachers/leaders of the Earth and the relation of our society with them.

The second Mutable T Square is realised by Mars, the asteroids Junon and Moon-Neptune conjunction placed in Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, respetively. The asteroid Junon squares both Mars in Virgo and Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Junon’s conjunction with the Moon’s North Node (NN) indicates the importance of Love and Faith in all our emotional events. This Mutable T Square represents our creative energies stimulates to find an exprerssion in the fields as health and alternative medicine (Virgo and Sagittarius), paint and movies (Sagittarius and Pisces), spirituality especially (Sagittarius and Pisces). Love could be the strongest motivation of all our actions or unconditioned Love could justify our caritable actions, our creativity, our spiritual aspiration and evolution. Usually the dynamic relationship, as squares and oppositions are between Mars and Neptune, indicare wickedness and misdeeds in which the lie is implied. The same whenever it is about the Moon and Mars. Now Neptune is at home, for around 14 years long. Whenever Mars makes an opposition to it, we can change our badness into compassion, our coldness into deep sensitivity and our tendencies toward lie in the search of ruth. The conjunction Junon-NN squaring this opposition shows the necessity of giving up the old mentalities for a new future. If we hurt each other, we can heal each other by forgiving, by praying, by doing our best to fulfill a planetary ideal.


The Wings is the planetary configuration which takes place between 2 pairs of planets, engaged in 2 trines and 2 squares. It is a dynamic and in the samte time a very strong configuration, made by Mars, Junon-NN conjunction, Pluto and Mercury-Uranus conjunction, and the Signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aries.

They say that Pluto is the big brother of Mars and Uranus, of Mercury. All these planets are connected through the conjunction Junon-NN. Pluto, supported by Mars, is in the last Sign of Earth, Capricorn. It could indicate the end of a planetary age, which takes place easy but for ever. Mercury-Uranus are in the first Sign of Fire – they could indicate the beginning of a new planetary age, which could take place at a sudden or as a result of our spontaneous understanding. The same Junon-NN tend sto say that nothing could succeed in the absence of Love.

Being stimulated the Fire and Earth Elements, it is possible us to experience all kind of crisis and coflicts in our communication, which could have as a result new tendeciesm new directions and beneficial ideas in the field of human relationships. They say that The Wings are very closed to the symbolism of Mercury and the Air Element. The very lack of the Air Element makes this configuration to ressemble very much to Pluto and the Sign of Scorpio. Whenever it is about Earth and Fire, the strong transformations could be realised. In our case, this planteray picture remember us the symbolism of the bird Phoenix. Probably we have to die a little in order to rebirth ourselves. They say that he who dies before dying, doesn’t die after his/her dying.

The liberating aspect is the astrological planetary configuration realized by 3 planets: 2 of them are in opposition and the third makes a sextile with one and a trine with the other of them. Its general symbolism is the harmony, taking into account that the configuration implies compatible Elements (Earth-Water, as here, or Fire-Air).

In our case it is about the Mars-Chiron opposition on Virgo-Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto receives a trine from Mars and gives a sextile to Chiron. It is the most important planet of the configuration, because it could give the solution for solving the conflict or the adversity of the planets in opposition. If, for example, there are conflicts between autorities (Mars) and authentical leaders, teachers or healers (Chiron), they could understand each other by transformig their adversity in harmony. It is necessary a lot of effort, of course, and a real personal will in doing that. But it is possible people to succeed. Any kind of unclear fear of Pisces, and any kind of criticism and perfectionism of Virgo have to become the responsability, the perseverence and the wisdom of Capricorn. Illusions have to cease. Obstacles have to be accepted, understood and finally transcended. Chances have to be used as complex lessons which, once solved, could become the foundation of our existence from now on.

All these could lead to transformation, both inside and outside, both at the individual and planetary level. There are our life lessons which can not be avoided. They exist for every human being, corresponding to his/her level of counscious and to his/her power of evoluating.