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The Tithi –its science

Indian sages discovered the science of Thithi’s in course of observation from the longitudinal difference of degrees between the Moon and the Sun while they revolve round the zodiac signs. Let the starter point be the day of conjunction between moon & the sun according to the sages, always at the first point of Aries to explain everything of the Tithis. To cover the full zodiac of 306* degrees the two luminaries make thirty ththis. Our one Tithi. Certainly, the moon rotates faster than the sun. during the new Moon and full Moon days there are ebb tides in the ocean/sea waters/.


The new moon or the Amabashya, is the conjunction day; and when they are 180*degrees apart it is the full moon or the poornima day. Duration of the first Tithi or the Prathama of the sanskrit literature, is formed and measured accordingly, when the moon and the sun make an angle or 12* difference between the moon and the sun is most important from the gravitational point of view. The extent of the gravitational attraction of the two luminaries of earth’s natural components like water of the rivers, seas etc. is minimum. Mathematics show the way as to how the difference between the two luminaries on a lunar month creates Astami Tithi. It is 84* to 96* degree range i. e. 8×120* =96*-12*=84* and measured accordingly.


  1. Health Astrology.

On that day minimum tide takes place. It is neap tide by name when the gravitational pool is least. It is because of the fact that mothers suffer minimum loss of fluids during the child birth if other factors are normal and also the Bhrigu seers select link between the Jupiter and the Moon during the moment of caesarian a section of the child birth in their birth designer manipulation to harvest maximum beneficial rays into the body cells of the child; of course, on any Tithi, Indian sages declare the Astami Tithi to be the most auspicious day if other factors are normal. Again, as the starter of the movements of the two luminaries are the first point of Aries on the New moon day. The moon touches the pushya or the cancri constellations of the bright half of the eight lunar days. Our seers observed the very constellations to be most auspicious. It is the basis of the sign of exaltation for Jupiter, cancer sign is the Royal palace owned by Moon, the queen and creative factor for the mother. Pushyami, the 8th star comes to the star field during the simultaneous movements of the moon and the sun from the first point of Aries, the of the beginning of the kalpurush’s Journey at 0* point of Aries. While the sun attains the highest benefic point at Aries with Navamansha touch at Pushyami , the moon herself stays at the very star field of the Zodical sign of cancer, so, Indian health Astrologers call the Astami Tithi to be healer of the diseases, the cancri star. Which is why healer plants of many incurable diseases of this planet specially linked with negative Saturn are uprooted by the health Tantrik Physicians on the Astami Tithi day when the moon touches the Pushyami star, preferably on Saturday. They select western parts, (root, stems, leaves etc.) Professor B. P. Khambay the scientist of thle prestigious IACR. Rothamsted England whose patron is Her Majesty the Queen opines that chemicals in to the plant sap constantly change their nature and properties during their grownt and development period. Researchers should look in the the practice of the Tantriks. The Bhrigus claim this auspicious star to be the future hope of mankind where the counter part of our universe lies.

  1. Exalted sign of Jupiter: – on the basis of the information as referred above, the geometrical positions of the two luminaries due to their gravitational properties influence sea water’ and the human blood more or less equivalent to sea water’s chemical composition. The electromagnetic energy emanating fro the star field of this zodiac part is the exalted house of Jupiter. Astrologically, he is the confrere of life and evolver of intelligence, the 3rd sign of the kapurush or the Natural zodiac point, the birth womb of intelligence. Which why education of the highest order is judged both form the 4th house and Jupiter. Consciousness and signs of discretion are causation factors of both of them. It is the mile stone for selection of the cancer, the Jeeba i. e bestower of life of this planet as claimed by astrology. However, which the dawn of the 21st century scientists confirm inference of Indian sages. John Noble will ford on June 14,2002 reported in the New York Times New service thus.

Astrophysicists consider Jupiter the Keystone of the solar system its location and gravitational power acting on a protective shield that presumably enabled life to take root and flourish on earth. Jupiter deflected the heaviest asteroid bombardment away from inner solar system particularly to the habitable, zone, where conditions were most suitable for life”.

Also, some astronomers have been trying to located the satellite of Jupiter. According to them the satellite has a perfectly suitable environmental climate for the sustenance of the life forms of our globe.

The science of week days interdiction: –

Once upon a time. Health Tantrik astrologers in collaboration with the disciples of Maha Rishi Bhrigu schools of thought realized from experiences that deseases caused by negative Saturn alone or with Rahu or the Northern lunar. Node are cured by western root, stem or leaf parts of the desired plants if they are uprooted and taken on an interval of 7 days. They name the particular day as shanibar in sanskrit language on Saturday (linked with the name of Saturn.) confirmation of the very observations appeared just before the dawn of the very observations appeared  just before the dawn of 21st century when the scientists of the western world including professor B. P. Khambay, eminent chemist of IACR Roth Amsted, England – the prestigious research station whose whose patron is Her Majesty the Queen of England, Professor vlietence of the university of Antwerp firstly found the broad spectrum antinematicidal property of Typhonium tricoatum, a herb a harvested from the western portion on Saturday by the author and sent to him and later on to buyer Leverkussan, Germany and to the scientist of Rothamsted, the author’s coresearcher. All of hem reported that the bulb powder kills all sorts of Nematodes- plants and animals including the dangerous tape worms. As the very plant does not contain steroid and other compounds toxic for human food Miss Martina NOVATILOVA and Mr. Leander paes, the world-famous Tennis pair along with crores of India’s tennis lover would not plunge into sorrows when had Mr. Leander paes include the Typhonium food daily in his salad meals. Of course, the Bhrigus include the Typhonium plant in Saturn and Lunar node Group and Physicians detected finally Mr. Paes did not suffer from brain cancer but brain cells were attacked by Larvae of Tape groups. Similarly, after observations typical of the use of various healer plants uprooted on particulars days to cure diseases caused by negative planets astrologers arrange in order of particular planetary influence on particular day of an week and select nomenclature accordingly as (1) Sunday for Sunday for moon (2) Monday (3) Tuesday for mars (4) Wednesday for mercury (5) Thursday for Jupiter (6) Friday for Venus (7) Saturday for Saturn. The names are derived fro the Latin language. The sankrit language calls then Ravi. Som , Mangal , Budh, Brihaspati, Sukra, and Shani I. e. Planetary name.

Science: – as the two signs, Aquarius and Capricorn owned by Saturn, the dark planet due to his encircled rings are the darkest regions of the zodiac their opposition signs Leo and cancer are allotted to the sun and the Moon- the Royal couple placed side by on the throne. Astronomically Mars’ Jupiter and Saturn are outer planets i. e. outside the sun and earth. Mars is nearest to the sun. Next is Jupiter followed by Saturn –the farthest one. Mercury closest to the to the sun and next to it, Venus are inner planets I. e. present in between the sun and earth. Our sages observed that alternate planets- one from the outer and other from the inner fit into week day series in accordance with the distance theory as proved when allotment of different apartments of the zodiac were provided. To explain briefly- after the Sunday and Monday (the sun –moon Royal couple factor). The nearest to the is Mars of the outer planet. So, it is mars day of Tuesday. Alternately nearest to the sun of the inner planet is mercury. Next is the chance for the outer or superior planet is Jupiter followed lastly it is Saturn. Thus, the distance theory taking active part for the sun and the earth’s satellite. The Moon and the superior or the outer and the inferior or the inner planets alternately follow:

The Moola trikone on the first root triad.   

 Introduction; – in astrology Moola trikone or the first root tried planets are more important than planets posited on their own signs, actually next to exalted planets. Barah, the great scholar of ancient India claims that the naturally benefic planets placed at 3,6,10 and 11th signs from the ascendant are producer of Basumati yoga which never fails so far as the predictions are concerned.

Science of the Moolatri kone planets (a) Mathematics of formation: in previous discussions it was reported that Moola or the 19th star is most prominently placed on the brightest region of the zodiac whose 2* longitudinal degree is most important ass proved by the international conference held in Moscow in 1958. From the starter point of Moola star when a Royal tried comprising sagittrus. Aries and Leo signs and upachanyas comprising Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, and Libra are formed i. e. link of 3,6,10& 11th signs from Moola star then the Moolatrikona planets are established “Aquarius for Saturn, Taurus for Moona

Virgo for mercury Libra for Venus on the one side and on the great triangle side I. e. Aries for Mars (           ) Leo for the sun (             ) and Sagittarius for Jupiter(              ).

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