The 6th House: Unfolding the Maze By Andree Leclerc, Canada

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The author of an introductory book in French titled “Vedic Astrology: Destiny and Free-Will” published by IQ Editions in Montreal, Andree Leclerc studies and practices Vedic ways of life for over 25 years including Bhakti Vedanta, Jyotish, mantras… She is diving more deeply into Vedic astrology since 5 years. As an entrepreneur, she also co-founded a company wholesaling stone jewellery for which she has designed some 2000 models as well as web sites pertaining to Vedic astrology and various Vedic sciences in English and French that can be seen at Andree is part of the Saptarishis Astrology Research Team and is currently in India learning under the mentorship of the magazine by interacting with various masters.

One fine hot sunny morning when my A/C was mercifully working, I woke up with a new 6H obsession innocuously contacted during an inspiring speech from my Teacher-Ji about the Karma Theory. While ‘surfing’ my own consciousness about possible 6H links, I really banged my small toe on the doorframe following which annoyance an untranslatable word (from French) escaped me (it’s Ok, I was alone with my live-in lizard and one of his occasional cronies)…  While this forced me to stop in my tracks, the vibrating pain reminded of humanity’s ail which usually brings an existential question such as “why would nice folks get it really tough while some bad guys do seem to get it really good?? Life unfair…?

Sure was not my first shot at existentialism because there are so many things that I just cannot change but, this time however, I felt that the magic of the Karma Theory held the key to many such mysteries.  Following are some reflections on the

subject googled on my ‘organic search engine’ on that ‘Fated’ day…

You may or may not have heard about the 6H as being the house of “Prarabdha” karma – meaning the results of our past life’s actions that we must experience in this present existence.

Linked to the Karma Theory, the now hidden 6H was the “out there” 10H of actions in our last life.  Therefore, said 6H – that could be termed as “unknown factor” and which is legally accepted as both dushtana and uppachaya house – does not leave us much scope for negotiation and its effects could be ups or downs, depending on whether we’ve been good boys & girls in the past… or not!

If we take Kalapurusha, we’ll find the 6H to be Virgo, a sign that is all at once feminine (receptive), of Earth tattva (artha) and dual.  Since Virgo in its eternal quest for purity is the sign “par excellence” to classify, quantify and analyse, we might want to consider that the 6th house’s gifts in our life are meant to bring us to some objective conclusions about our own reality.  But then, since Virgo is also known to be opinionated, we might also want to examine on what values our “objective conclusions” are based as partial “truths” might yield only partial conclusions (humanity’s plight it often seems…)

Then, as per Nadi astrology, Jupiter is the jiva (us – you, me…) that is, the conditioned soul – which is differentiated from the Sun as Atma or living force.  Now, Jupiter’s moolatrikona is Sagittarius – that would be Jiva’s starting point.  From this perspective, we see that Virgo is the 10H of actions (!) This boils down to the fact that the birth chart shows, in reality, what we have done in our past life, including acquired patterns of thinking, behaviours &all.  This mysterious past is now mirrored onto this life and our Lagna decides where the compulsive karma lies.

Since Sagittarius is the 9th sign, we get the clue that the 9H should be used as the Lagna for the past life.

Virgo’s Lord, Mercury, is also associated with the Earth tattva so the individual is apprehending his existence from his earthly being perspective and that will modulate his experiences of life.  In the process of analysing matter, this experience of life may remain an abstraction since the essence of life as conscious perception is not found in matter but rather is what animates it.  Mercury oversees the connections of the body (nerves, veins, etc.) so its undeniable bond to the classical 6H Virgo shows how this very house links the pathways of our lives from past to future.

This said, let’s point out that Mercury is one of the two Lords who get exalted in their own moolatrikona sign, the other being the Moon, Mercury’s dad and enemy.  Based on the assumption that an exalted planet shows the sectors it represents were predominant or perhaps even “over-done” in the previous life, this would affect its moolatrikona in this life (ex: for Jupiter exalted, Sagittarius would be damaged).  For Mercury, its exaltation and moolatrikona being one and the same – Virgo – we might rightly conclude that too much of even a good thing could destroy that very thing.  This must be why the 6H is labelled as that of the “shad ripus” or 6 enemies namely lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, envy…  These sure sound like retributions received by good boys and girls for past actions based on dubious motivations – they ring the meditation bell for some serious introspection in this very life in order to identify and trash this mental junk.  The 6H being that of “Health”, failure to clean up will certainly eventually result in sickness since it is first born in the subtle body (mind, intelligence and ego) before manifesting “in the flesh”.  Hence, the 6H is “X-rayed” as the house of diseases, enemies, conflicts and wars…

And then, there is the 6th Lord himself – the fellow who will bring ups and downs where he sits as he may not have completely subdued his ”shad ripus” just yet – his process will likely interfere on the house and grahas he may be associated with for what he is worth.  This lack of stability will be mirrored on its house number position not only from the Ascendant but also from any rashi in the chart – ex: if the 6L sits in the 9H, the 9H as taken from any other house will be destabilized.

Now, an additional entertaining feature of the 6H is that it will show the prarabdha of any house – we’ll need to examine the 6th house counting from the house under scrutiny – ex: the prarabdha of one’s mother as 4H is shown by the 9H, our own father (hence, we are born to these people).

Assuming that all of the above are rules laid down to play a game, we’re proposing the “6th House – Unfolding the Maze” adventure!

The magic prarabdha number is 6 – so we’ll apply “magic 6” to all houses of the chart following the “magic 6” logical order.  Consequently, we’ll derive the conclusion that the prarabdha of the 6H is seen from the 11H – then the 11H prarabdha is observed from the 4H, etc.  Here’s the sequence:

6H – 11H – 4H – 9H – 2H – 7H – 12H – 5H – 10H – 3H – 8H – 1H (!)

So, you win the game when the lessons from all these prarabdhas are learned and you have succeeded in capturing the 1st House = your “Self”!

Since this may actually take many lifetimes, let’s launch the game right now and develop our “magic 6” logic muscles (I should trademark this J) by throwing in some thoughts to attempt linking the houses’ “magic 6” sequence…

6H – Alright, here sit those original 6 enemies (or we could say “the original sins”) that may prove a hindrance in our healthy process of discrimination i.e. discerning what is good for us and what should be avoided – something that many people’s logic can tackle actually… but that may be interfered with by the 6H’s prarabdha as seen from the…

11H – …of mental attachments.  You guessed right!  Logic is quite OK but there are ‘things’ that exist beyond logic that just naturally defeat it at times.  These ‘beyond logic’ attachments also have a “magic 6” house so, let us introduce you to the…

4H – This is where we want to feel secure (please mama) and at peace, where our knowledge is seen, where our memories from the past operate, the past influencing our present perceptions and our whole scheme of what feels right and what does not.  In this perspective, the 4H functions, it seems, are essential to qualify the 11H functions.  And since all are interlinked, the 4th house’s “magic 6” links what lies behind it to the…

9H – Of one’s father, guru, higher knowledge, justice, philosophy, religion, faith… Or, the values acquired in previous births that will shape the 4th house’s knowledge, sense of right, wrong or morality if you will, as all perceptions are mirrored onto one’s sense of personal values and beliefs.  This 9H/father link to the 4H goes to show that one’s father need not necessarily be the mother’s husband – our father is “fated” to our mother.  In India, the father is the child’s second guru (the first being the mother – 4H) and is traditionally the person who acts as the family’s bread winner and guide which takes us straight to the…

2H – To seek some light.  What we’ve got now is the place of family life, a full-fledged artha house, associated with food and all that comes in and out of the mouth – this is where what we have learned in the 9H will be spoken… And it is interesting to link what comes in and out of the mouth to one’s sense of justice, faith, philosophy – as if Venus, as the classical 2H Lord and guru of the asuras would come and determine the values of Jupiter, the natural 9H Lord and jiva – leaving no doubt that our eaten food and spoken words do come back to haunt us somehow or other especially considering that this is a classical maraka house – and the mouth is the main entry into the body.  This 2H also stands for education and philosophical depth – the worth of which would modulate the 9H.  So, what can kill us in the 2H is linked to the….

7H – Another maraka house.  Here we choose a life partner for our family life – because if we want the 2H, we need this 7H –, or a business partner for our money-making ventures…  This is, in addition, the place of our own mother’s happiness, our father’s gains, our younger sibling’s child, our open enemies.  Also a house of travels and business, dealing with and loving the public, search for harmony in relationships… (and that can kill us!  Why? Because we need to compress our ego in a way that will accommodate life with a wife and/or business partner, per example, and they will certainly influence our family life and income.)  If all this sheds light on the 2H happenings, the 12H will give indications on the nature of what these people and things will bring in our life.

12H – Mmmmm… Hidden enemies, the famous “bed comforts” and private life, expenses and material losses, foreign lands and travel and business, end of things, renunciation, imprisonment, hospitals, suicide…  May sound scary but then, a partner has his/her own inevitable circumstances which are bound to affect us, or we may be predisposed to certain problems while travelling in foreign countries, per example.  And, to get down to bare facts, spouse, bed comforts and spending $$ belong together.  So, the prarabdha of this 12H that is prarabdha of the 7H (not to get confused) will be influenced by none else than the…

5H – Of romance and love received from the spouse (as the 11H of mental attachment from the 7H of partner – kind of makes sense for one’s bed comforts and private life); 5H is also our children, luck, desires, wisdom or applied knowledge, creativity, intuition, entertainment, intelligence, ritualistic knowledge, prayers and meditation techniques, business sense – linked to the brave sign of Leo who needs to shine, this house of rewards from the past life can greatly ease the apparent difficult themes of the 12H which could not, in fact, function without some input from the 5H that (hopefully) provides romance with the partner and (hopefully still) wisdom for our spiritual moksha…  And this 5H, in turn, receives secret influences from the…

10H – Of career, status, one’s actions visible in society, father’s income, power, authority, success, large enterprises, commerce, renunciation, the last rites performed by one’s child…  This is the best place to show the world what we are capable of, should we wish to.  Then, this implies that our actions in this life do play a part in our 5th house’s luck and it seems that both of these are bound to ease or break one another – per example, if we got all the luck we need but use it for harmful or just thoughtless actions, these same actions are bound to reduce our luck sooner or later.  That’s when we come close to completing our 12 houses cycle and must turn to the…

3H – To shed light on our 10H affairs.  As one of the “life” houses, the 3H is concerned with communications and all kinds of activities or hobbies that will channel that life into something tangible, as so many ways to expose one to the diversities and possibilities of the self.  This is where our courage, self-action, motivation and will to live shine forth.  So, logically, the quality of one’s 3H will modify 10H affairs for better or for worst… depending on the…

8H – Hidden and unknown, this is another house of life, where life is designed and created, a place of passion, vitality, potency; and of metaphysical knowledge artfully concealed by the thick veil of matter.  As life can only come from life, the 8H is the origin of the 3H’s vitality.  The 8H is 12th from the 9H and indicates the way we have spent in our last life, the moksha and realizations carried from the past. The 8H focuses on life beyond the mind as the Moon is fallen there.  And finally, to put the cherry on the sunday, if it will function at all, the 8H needs the…

1H – That’s you, the Jiva! That elemental particle of conscious energy channelled through the tube of apparent lives and deaths within matter.  The Jiva who must consciously experience himself through all kinds of distorted circumstances brought about by his own ignorance – the essential ingredient for its own mental moksha sought in the 8H…  The phenomena who will not know itself until he discovers his origin, the noumena (see Kant’s theory).

We could actually summarize this whole topic with the observation that the prarabdha for…

  • dharma sthanas (fire signs) lies in the artha signs (I sow and I reap)
  • artha sthanas (earth signs) are complemented by air signs (think before you act)
  • kama sthanas (the air signs) are balanced by water signs (feelings propel thinking)
  • moksha sthanas (water signs) are qualified by fire signs (actions lead to feelings)

showing how the 6H as prarabdha or “unknown factor” is meant to establish the needed equilibrium between past and future – while Our handling the 6H effects will determine Our future…

This point of the game brings on the proposition that, as a curiosity of logic, it might prove interesting to overturn our “magic 6” scheme and develop the reverse to tackle the mysterious 8H and exhaust some thoughts on this subject as well.

Till then, this game could be continued by practicing on an example chart as a way of adjusting our interpretation of the “magic 6” phenomena.

We’ll sample “magic 6” on Mr. George W. Bush, the seeker of the world’s most wanted and dangerous man, his nemesis Mr. Osama Ben Laden.

First, Lagna is Cancer a feminine and watery moksha rashi indicating a receptivity disposition where perceptions and emotions are all the fashion.  Lagna is in papakartari with Sun in the 12H and Mars in the 2H but he was still a very pretty young man in his days – might just have been perceived as a bit lazy and irresponsible but this is normal as most boys prefer play to work until the age of maturity (that often only comes through a loving lady’s training, God bless girls, the mothers of humanity!)

From there, the 6L Jupiter sits with the Lagna Lord Moon in the 3H of courage and competition.  In fact, the Lagna Lord spoils the house where he sits and that would affect his courage and competitive spirit.  However, as Moon and Mercury are exchanging signs (parivarthana), they are reputed to act as if in their own sign – more particularly after 50% of the native’s life is through.  This links the Ascendant, mind and discrimination to Jupiter, our prarabdha Lord for this game – which brings a “non negotiable” flavour to these matters.  Fortunately, Moon’s is behind Jupiter in degrees producing the auspicious Gajakeshari yoga so, some nice “ups” that helps balance his 1H and 3H conditions.  To add zest to this, Jupiter and Moon are both in trine to Rahu, the supreme priest of undiluted karma.  So, the 6L and Rahu aspect each other in full cooperation – must be “love”, a promise of surprises and anything odd you could dream of… Rahu with the 6L of actions performed in his past life indicates that there could have been some form of treachery or something “underground”.  Since this also links Rahu to the Moon – perceptions – and Mercury – buddhi by parivarthana – these also partake of Rahu’s ambitions and grand ideas.

Saturn, the Lord of Time and a “bad” Lord for Cancer Lagna is also placed in Jupiter’s nakshatra and brings the sectors of open enemies, marriage and business partners as well as hidden passion, secrets or even black magic to the Lagna, 3L Mercury and Venus as 4L and 11L.  Saturn’s workings being coloured by the original 6 enemies, we hope his perceptions have escaped being tinted by mirages of enemies, conflict and wars as seen through the lenses of anger, greed, illusion, envy…  This could be a problem since the sign of Cancer, being that of expansive Jupiter’s exaltation, tends to increase the actions of the planets situated therein.

astrology img 009

On to the 6H itself in the sign of Sagittarius, a masculine and fiery sign for some action.  It is in trine to Mars, the brave Lord of war so we can rightly expect that Martian influences will spice it up as trines work together according to Nadi astrology.  So far, this gives us an idea of the 6th house’s network in this chart.

As the 11H, an earth sign here, shows the prarabdha of the 6H, we’ll now notice that Rahuji sits therein, a guarantee that his obsessive nature must influence or perhaps override the 6th house’s healthy practical logic and analysis and could distort the objectivity of Mr. Bush’s conclusions or even the facts on which these are based for that matter (my apologies to all Rahu-in-the-11H folks out there, I did say “influence” and it need not be all negative and I am sure there are some absolutely lovely “11H Rahus” who make the best of this position).  In fact, as uppachaya houses, the 6H and 11H are places where things improve with time and effort.  This said, perhaps his friends or social circles (11H) are not really what they appear to be.  Rahu does benefit from Jupiter’s aspect and his thirst for power and grand ambitions are favoured – as well as his investments in and profits from hidden sources we could suppose.

Said 11H is in turn influenced by the 4H.  We see that Venus as Lord of both 4H and 11H is conjunct Saturn who, along with the Lagna Lord and Mercury (by virtue of parivarthana) are all linked to the prarabdha Lord, mighty Jupiter.  Moreover, as the dispositor of Rahuji, Venus does not constitute a stable influence so 4H matters such as emotions, happiness, intuition and morality could be qualified as “shaky”.  From this perspective, the 11H already tinted by Rahu and which designates Mr. Bush’s friends, mental attachments, gains from the 10H of actions, ambitions… further holds elements of fate, obsession and carries with it a shadow of “subconsciousness”.

This 4H is further influenced by the 9H (and Mr. Bush’s dad), the Lord of which is Jupiter conjunct the Lagna Lord in the natural prarabdha sign of Virgo.  As we’ve already noticed, Rahu has a say here so the father figure and ideology are tinted by Rahu’s obsession of grandeur.  And, being in Virgo, a sign of business and service to others, this influence is channelled through politicking and the oil business (Rahu is minerals and hidden things and the Moon is liquid while Virgo is an artha earth sign).  We could venture that the 4th house’s “subconsciousness” above finds its equivalent in the underground oil business.

Onto the 9H prarabdha which comes to fiery Leo where sits enthroned the Rajayoga karaka and God of war Mars – in fact, “Mr. Bush-Dad” did have his war.  Leo’s Lord, Sun, occupies Gemini, the 11H of gains from its sign (Dad won his war but not without expenses and repercussions – i.e. hidden enemies since Mars is in the 12H from 9L Jupiter).  So, Mr. Bush Jr. and Sr. are Mars oriented fellows and through Mars they philosophize, apply justice and entertain their faith – the whole show being still under the influence of Rahu due to its undeniable influence on the 9L mighty Jupiter for a roller-coaster of ups and downs.  Mars in the 2H of course “peppers” Mr. Bush’s speech with elements of enemies, arms and strategies.  As Mars may not shy before a lie or two, these could also be features of his speech.

And then, once upon a time and forever, the 2H prarabdha was and will be seen from the 7H – the sign of Capricorn here.  We are delighted to proclaim that said 7H is in trine to the prarabdha Lord Jupiter, the Lagna Lord Moon and shadowy Rahu, linking it to fate, fate and fate.  To shed more light on this, 7L Saturn occupies Jupiter’s nakshatra so we can add some fate to this blend for our 2H past life non-flexible influences.  Of course, this ‘fate’ being linked all the way to increasing planets like Jupiter and Rahu, some big ups are to be expected.  7L Saturn being in the 12H from the 2H brings unexpected or unplanned expenses linked to 2H affairs like family, education and income since, as noted above, the sign of Cancer tends to increase the planets situated therein.

After these discoveries, we’ll further examine that the 7H prarabdha is seen from the 12H and there snugly sits between Rahu and Saturn – in papakartari – Lord Sun, the 2L of family life, speech, food, education – the dispositor of Mars… in the home of hidden enemies, foreign lands, material losses – he spoke of a powerful hidden enemy in foreign lands and spent many US dollars to “dig him out of his hole” – his foreign policies leave no doubt about his Martian inclinations (as long as he not need do the fighting on the field himself, of course).  His artfully crafted speeches (with his famed “slips of the tongue” that provided “presidential” material for jokes books) have nevertheless served him and his associates in their common agenda.  Mercury the 12L (and 3L) goes to the 1H in Cancer and we’ve already seen how prarabdha is infusing its celestial Mercurial influence.  So, we’ll venture that his associates are just as “predestined” as he is.

To qualify this “predestiny”, we land in the 5H of past life credits with moksha karaka Ketu parked right in…  His wife’s religiousness (Ketu’s moksha aroma) together with conjugal love has helped him overcome his alcohol addiction and most likely warmed his ‘bed comforts’.  It seems that his business sense did not allow him to flourish with Ketu there however but, since Ketu in the 5H gives more than the person deserves, he did land “The Big Job” as Mr. President of the USA (yes, you bet dad helped!)  Ketu’s releasing effect in a moksha sign as prarabdha of the 12H might multiply losses due to hidden enemies or simply scatter and hide his enemies… or legitimate motives (a recollection of the shad ripus here).  Scorpio is associated with destruction and regeneration; it’s Lord Mars who is also the prarabdha of the 5H due to its being Lord of Aries (natal 10H), goes to the 10H of actions from Scorpio and links with Rahu as Rahuji’s nakshatra Lord (nice duo) – so again, this lands us with fate for both his past life reward and present life actions.

Said 10H of Aries is in turn supplemented by the 3H along with Jupiter and Moon – both self and prarabdha – leading us to think that his actions were fated from his past life, particularly considering that both Jupiter and Moon are in 10L Mars’ nakshatra (so much for “free will”).

The 3H is modified by the 8H as the origin of his vitality – Mmmmm… with Mars facing the 8H of addictions from the 2H, we can easily say that his passion for some 2H matters have not been beneficial for his vitality (like alcoholism) – the 8H being where the subconscious can take over the person’s will – because this is where the mind/Moon is fallen.  He also has the reputation of belonging to some secret societie(s) where rituals to improve one’s personal hidden powers are performed which would be an ingredient of his prominent status and actions…  Still, 2L of family life, Sun, is in trine to the 8H so family brings him “luck” with his 8H matters.  8L Saturn being in Jupiter’s nakshatra and in the increasing Lagna of Cancer – the 4th sign of the public, brings again the origin of this incarnation to some fate that had to be worked out.  The 6 house of prarabdha from the 8H of life’s origins and transformations takes us straight to the 1H – Mr. George W. Bush himself who undergoes this fated life…  From the public external point of view, he’s made his fair share of mistakes (millions of folks think that “he” is the mistake!)  We hope he can face his Self and is able to deal and face his own motives that could still be tinted by the colours of his own 6 enemies after all…

In recognition of the skills and depth of my Teacher-ji’s astrological knowledge, I must admit that there is quite a bit more that could be expounded on about the 6H – and this might be developed in a further write-up(s).

All glories to Seers of Jyotish!

Epilogue: since I completed throwing these thoughts on “screen paper”, I received some carefully concocted 6H injections to inoculate me from any sentiment of obsession concerning the Karma Theory – but not from the obsession as such…! So, God willing, we’ll -see’ya- for more…

P.S. My banged little toe is just fine!

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