The Ancient System of Burmese Birthday Astrology

Sandy L. Crowther

By Sandy L. Crowther

Can an Astrologer analyze a chart without the birth time? Absolutely! MaHaBote is one such system and is based on the Day of the Week birth. The exception to this rule occurs for the Wednesday born, where the general time of birth must be known for determining the Birth Lord. Wednesday births that take place before Noon are ruled by Mercury, while Wednesday births that take place after Noon are ruled by Rahu.  Irrespective of having knowledge of the birth time for a Wednesday born, most experienced Astrologer’s are capable of ascertaining whether the birth lord is that of Mercury or Rahu, based on the personality of the client. The qualities present in the Rahu born are much more driven – whereas Mercury qualities are much less aggressive. Rahu and Mercury are also totally different in their unique form of expression – making the relationship between them uneasy. Think of Rahu manifestations as a combination of energy comprising the edginess of Mars – combined with the versatility of Mercury – and this visual image should mentally stage an understanding of the distinguishing differences that exist between the energies of Mercury versus Rahu.

MaHaBote uses a Permanent Planetary Calendar to determine the day of the week a person was born on. No software program, ephemeris, or book of tables is needed to construct the MaHaBote Chart, and the system gives a revealing take on the general personality of the native. MaHabote is completely portable, much more involved than many forms of Astrology requiring no birth time, and can be used right alongside other systems, or stand completely on its own merit. MaHaBote, however, is not as in depth an assessment as the more involved branched of Eastern or Western Astrology. The Little Key is comparable to examining the forest full of elms, maples, oaks, and hemlocks as opposed to examining each individual tree in the forest. It is a system that is wonderful for delineating the personalities of those clients for which no known birth time is available, and in my opinion, MaHaBote it is a tool that belongs in every serious Astrologer’s toolbox. While birth times are often suspect, birth days are very rarely based on pure conjecture.


Date of Birth: August 3, 1977

Wednesday Born:  AM Birth (Mercury Birth Lord)

Natal and Transit Charts

Natal and Transit Charts

MaHaBote House Chart

MaHaBote House Chart

a) Houses 3, 4, 5, and 7 are considered assets or beneficial houses, while houses 1, 2 and 6 are considered liability or challenging houses.

b) Mercury’s Friend and Positive Element: Moon and Venus

c) Mercury’s Enemy and Negative Element: Rahu and Sun

d) Mercury’s Hostile Combination: Major Period: Rahu – Minor Period: Moon

e) Keep in mind that significations in MaHaBote are not all identical to significations in traditional Systems       of Astrology. One such difference is that children are represented by Mercury in MaHaBote, rather than           the traditional Jupiter.

f) Mercury*: Birth Planet posited natally in House of Wealth: House 4:

g) 2008: Mercury is transiting over natal Sun in the third House of Fame

MaHaBote Table of Planetary Relationships:

You will note from the MaHaBote Planetary Relationship Table that Moon and Jupiter are listed as both positive elements to one another, and permanent enemies. This is always somewhat confusing for the new student of MaHaBote; however there is a logical explanation as to why these two diverse conditions exist simultaneously. Moon operates from the core element of intuition, emotion, and feeling, while Jupiter operates from the core element of wisdom, knowledge, and law. So while they are both benefic and very positive forces of energy, they simply cannot agree – or come to terms – with how to best accomplish the greater good. This is due to the fact that they each vibrate at such different levels of inner core impulse. To reiterate, the Moon prefers to operate from her natural emotional vibrations, while Jupiter prefers to operate from his natural disposition of knowledge.

MaHaBote Analysis:

The native’s birth planet is Mercury. Mercury falls in the natal fourth House of Wealth. His birth lord posited in Wealth indicates that this native is well respected by his peers, has high ideals and goals, is a self-made individual, quite generous, and either religious or spiritual by nature. Mercury in Wealth is also suggestive of his ability to be quite successful with children through teaching, or in an education related capacity; although the very noble mission of dealing with youth on a daily basis can often become all consuming and exhausting. With positive element Venus posited in Leader directly above birth lord Mercury, engaging in time away becomes absolutely energizing and necessary for his long-term happiness and well being.

Mercury’s natal position suggests that his versatility and communication skills serve him very well. Sun in Fame coupled with birth planet Mercury in Wealth fosters a reputation supportive of an individual who sports a steady and balanced influence – especially with respect to those who may approach him for advice. Birth planet in Wealth tells us that he alone is responsible for his successes and failures in life, his happiness or lack of it, and that he was very much aware of this fact at a very early age. He will admirably take full responsibility for his own actions, and he admires when others do likewise. He is intellectually pro-active and can be exceptionally productive – with a real gift for teaching, writing, lecturing, or communicating in any form or medium.

This native is also pre-disposed to take on more than one career during the course of his life due to the duality and nature of his birth lord, Mercury. He is driven to learn about, or indulge in the study of subjects involving a philosophical and spiritual bend, or be drawn to partners who possess a number of these characteristics. His mind is not capped by the influential or fixed opinions of others, nor is he limited in his approach by a self-induced set of boundaries. He prefers to keep an open mind and expand his views on all subjects of interest – no matter what the general or popular consensus. He is an individual who enjoys using his mental skills and forming his own opinions on matters of interest to him personally. After all – he is Mercury born in Wealth – and therefore quite aware that HE is the source of his own greatest wealth…in whatever form it arrives.

With Venus in Leader, the native is strongly led by peaceful interactions with others, and is much more likely to be drawn to associate with personalities who lead their lives in a peaceful fashion, rather than by those who have the propensity to either create, or perpetuate difficulties. He is likely to offer assistance when asked, but probably has little patience internally with those who refuse to help themselves.

He also is gifted with figuring out the simplest and most direct way of approaching matters, rather than complicating things unnecessarily. He will prefer the direct and uncomplicated route when solving problems, and has a tendency to save the deep reserves of his mind for studying the more intense and complex natures of those people and subjects he finds most fascinating.

He is a thinker, and he has a ‘need to read’ to feel balanced. Also, time spent alone is very important to him – for both reflection purposes, and for the rejuvenation of his inner spirit. As much as he is very comfortably socially when the need arises – perhaps even witty – he also values his private time and quiet days. Some people have the impression that things have been handed to him, but he has worked quite hard to get what he has, and things are not always what they appear to be.

Mercury is transiting this year over his natal Sun in the House of Fame, activating other’s impressions of who he is and what he is truly all about. Fame is about reputation. This year, people may form different opinions of him than the opinions they have held in the past. He may also have something to give to the world by way of educational material, and this is an excellent year to either begin such projects or ideas, or present them in their raw form to others for consideration. Whatever the case, his personal status and reputation has a good chance of becoming seen in a much brighter light – or becoming much better known because of his accomplishments – both personally and professionally. He may shine this year with birth lord in Fame, but it will not be an entirely comfortable year due to the relationship that exists between Mercury and Sun. In other words, when Mercury moves into the residence of the Sun, the energies are not congenial – and incompatibilities will arise.

This native should be advised to associate with individuals of a very positive nature, because individuals of a negative vibration have very poor and obvious effects on his health and well being – he is quite sensitive to negativity. This native needs to be very careful of whom he befriends.

Current Planetary Period for Year 2008:

Jupiter/Moon – Extremity and Impermanence lords up until August 3, 2008 then Minor Period lord changes to Mars on August 3, 2008 until August 3, 2009.

Jupiter Major:

For Year 2008:

The native’s Birth planet, Mercury, and Jupiter are neutral in their relationship to one another – therefore compatible.

Major and Minor Periods:

Jupiter/Moon – Positive and Enemy relationship, showing mixed results.

Jupiter/Mars – Neutral in their relationship – compatible – but not overly friendly with one another.

Jupiter is posited in Natal 2nd in Extremity Position:

Jupiter Major is running and Jupiter is transiting over 1st lord Moon for 2008:

Jupiter sits liability low in this native’s chart in the House of Extremity, bringing about periods of extreme and intensive learning, followed by periods of learning sabbaticals. With the planet of wisdom and knowledge holding a natal position in a liability house, this indicates that he cultivates extremes in his learning endeavors.


This native will likely have a time in his life (probably more than once) when he will bury himself deeply in an intensive study – or commit to an exhaustive learning mission – only to be followed-up at a later date by the possibility of deciding to completely shelve everything that he has devoted so much time and attention to. The learning curve may eventually sit and collect dust – but the experience is never disregarded or thrown out, as he will always find uses for his learned and acquired knowledge – even if implemented at a later date in life.

This may happen either by choice or because of life’s circumstances, over which the native may have no control. Whatever the cause, Jupiter in Extremity indicates an extreme of energy directed at one objective or the other, but not too much “in between energy at play” to actually level things out. Finding a balance with the planet posited in this house is key. Perhaps accepting the intensiveness of both periods by indulging in the expectation that the endeavor will be radical or extreme, is where the benefit of the entire experience rests. There are alternatives to all planetary indicators in MaHaBote whereas challenges may be significantly overcome and dealt with effectively…however not everyone elects to find alternatives and the result is the chart working the native rather than the native working the chart. One simply has to learn how to “turn the key” to unlock the secret.

(MaHaBote is all about “turning the keys” for finding alternatives to the challenges we have been karmically inclined to experience. Although beyond the scope of this article, for the curious reader let me just say that transit Saturn rooming with Natal Mercury in Wealth is in a position for the year to assist both planetary energy preferences by pulling up the individual energy vibration, and therefore Saturn can play a key role in overcoming the apparent frustration with Moon/Jupiter. Transit Saturn in Wealth sitting above the Moon/Jupiter configuration suggest that for 2008, Saturn’s structure and discipline can become a source of great “wealth” for effectively dealing with the energies of Moon and Jupiter as Saturn is a neutral influence toward both planets, and harbors no animosity toward the birth lord [Mercury] that he shares housing with for the year. Pulling it all together you can see how Saturn is the key to the successful integration of the Moon/Jupiter dichotomy – and only needs to be consciously tapped into for effects to be manifested).

Jupiter Major and Moon Minor run up through August 3, 2008. On August 3, 2008 he will begin a Mars Minor in a Jupiter Major. He is currently running a planetary Major period of his 2nd lord of Extremity, Jupiter, and a Minor of his 1st lord of Impermanence, Moon. Both are natally posited in liability houses – which in MaHaBote are houses 1, 2, and 6 – or Impermanence, Extremity, and Sickly/Changing.

In transit, these positions remind me of a start/stop, start/stop mission. With natal Extremity Jupiter, transiting over Impermanence Moon, fluctuations in his approaches are occurring. Jupiter and Moon are both Positive Elements and Enemies to one another – indicating a change of mind about what to do, and a change in plans about how to do it. This transit can result in bringing about a great deal of stress and nervous tension; two divergent energy pulls based on what his mind wants to do versus what the voice of wisdom and intelligence says he should be doing. Jupiter and Moon can actually succeed in canceling out one another resulting in a state of inertia if the stress becomes too much to deal with. The result can bring into play inactivity of any nature.

In other words, this native will more than likely include the experience of having very good intentions to begin a learning experience of some sort or another, but emotionally, to carry a project through with any degree of consistency becomes extremely difficult for him. So although he may have good intentions, he will also have extreme fluctuations in his moods about the projects he takes on. This occurs because of the overpowering changeable nature of the Moon, who actually loves Jupiter, but Moon is also at odds with Jupiter on how to go about accomplishing their similar goals.

As mentioned earlier, these two planets both have very high ideals and good direction, but agree on very little with respect to confluence and timing. So my take on this is as follows – although he may have good intentions for the year, he may not be in the mood to really get anything of a substantial nature accomplished  (not without recognizing that Saturn’s structure and discipline is there for assistance).

The best way to effectively deal with this transit is to refrain from placing a high priority, or avoid placing too high of an expectation for himself throughout this period. He would be better suited to take his ambitions and initiatives at a steady and realistic pace – always expecting, or at the very least, being fully prepared, for his learning endeavors to change direction at the drop of a hat.

  • Moon in Natal 1st in Impermanence:
  • Moon Minor and Moon transiting over natal Venus in Leader 7th:


His natal Moon is in the 1st House in Impermanence. This is highly reflective of a changeable nature, particularly with respect to his interactions and communications with others. In other words, the native can be in a fine mood, and someone may say something that either insults his intelligence, or hurts his feelings, and everything immediately changes. And these changes last more than a minute – he thinks, and thinks, and then thinks some more…maybe even coming to a final conclusion that he himself was perhaps wrong, or that he somehow instigated the whole interaction. This is usually not the reality of the situation – however – it is likely to be his perception of how the scenario played out.

In transit, Moon and Venus are neutral to one another – not exceptional helpful, but neither exceptionally hurtful either. He is led by peace with Venus in the Leader position in his chart, and he immensely dislikes disharmony or discord of any type. The native wants people to get along, and this trait is reflective to others by his very nature. So with the natal Moon transiting over Leader Venus, he can certainly expect some emotional situations to surface this year – and in the process – he will find himself very emotionally reactive to these situations, maybe even more so than usual.

This native is also very taken and impacted by appearances – his own and others. Visually looking good and being well-groomed is an important factor in his emotional well-being. If he dresses to go out, and is then unhappy with how he looks once out, he will find this affecting whether or not he can actually unwind and enjoy himself. He is very self-conscious about his appearance and probably overly critical as well. With Venus in Leader, he probably receives comments about his striking eyes or expressions.

Also with transiting Moon over Venus, situations involving both his mother and/or mother figure – along with females in general – will take a leading role at this time in his life. His mother being positioned in the Impermanence position natally is reflective of the native experiencing some difficulty with existing on the same page as her – and they may not be as close – or in agreement – about many things in life – or perhaps they simply have two completely different outlooks on life. Overall, his relationship is subject to fluctuations in life with respect to his mother, or mother-like figures. Also the physical attraction or beauty present in the female form – or his own perception of all that is female and/or beautiful – is intriguing to him, and fosters a prominent place in his life – irrespective of his sexual orientation.

The Year or Transit Chart always changes on January 1, while Major and Minor Period Lords change on the Birthday, with the Minor Period Lord changing each year.

August 3, 1008:

  • Mars in Natal 6th House of Sickly and/or Changing:
  • Mars Minor and Mars transiting over Natal Saturn in Kingly Position:

Mars in Natal 6th House of Sickly and/or Change indicates an energy level that is either naturally on the low side, or erratic in nature. This native needs a good night’s sleep in order to productively accomplish his tasks on a daily basis. He also needs a certain amount of hours of  restful sleep and a on a regular basis to feel at his optimum level of performance. Lack of sleep further impacts his (already compromised) vitality.

When sleep deprived, (by this I am referring to the “normal” amount of time necessary for him to personally feel well rested), he becomes lethargic and sometimes irrational – much more so than the average person due to Mars in Sickly/Changing. Exercise is a must for an increase in his level of energy, as is proper diet. While both of these two factors may be addressed, they are unlikely to take root permanently without working the chart to his best advantage through mitigation and the strict discipline of Saturn. Foods have more of an effect on his health than he may be aware of – so an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables are mandatory for energy when Mars is in this position. Prolonged late nights will do a number on him, and sleep he must. This is not so easy to recognize in his early years, but becomes more pronounced as he begins to age.

Mars transiting over natal Saturn in Kingly Position places energy above him relative to a series of moments – addressed to specifically trying to understand his position in life – along with his structure, his boundaries, and why they are in place. He may never figure this peripheral pattern out – but he will also never cease trying. (This is a generic trait of the planet posited in Kingly Position.) It is unsettling for him to fathom why he often finds himself nervous – especially in situations that he excels in – and in turn gives him an uncomfortable degree of emotional distress and nervous tension that are job performance related.

Worthy of mention is that Saturn in this position of Kingly is afforded a lot of respect in any field he elects; the difficulty falls in the challenge of absolute knowing what it is he wants to accomplish in life, and then how to go about getting it. Staying with his chosen field is another matter entirely, because restlessness impels him to move on and do more, learn more, become wiser, etc.

Mars and Saturn form a neutral relationship with one another, so they are not inimical, just anxious, basically because of the two natural energies of the planets involved. The question then becomes, “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing in this life?”… And then the search begins with no end in sight. Later in life, resolutions to these very questions become much more apparent.

  • Sun in the Natal 3rd in the House of Fame:
  • Sun transiting over Jupiter in the 2nd House of Extremity:

Sun posited natally in the House of Fame is a good position for taking care of oneself, self-esteem, discipline, and reputation. He is likely a courageous individual; ambitious, industrious, and has a father who is well known by many.

His reputation is righteous, however, he has or will experience injustices based on the jealousies of others. Some may think he has not worked all that hard and just has an incredible amount of good fortune at his disposal. That is only true in the respect that he tends to hide his efforts well, and also that naturally – everything may come just a tad bit easier for him than for others. He does not recognize this, but others do, and therefore others harbor some resentment toward him on account of this natural ability within himself to learn with ease.

This year the Sun moves down to a liability house, taking with it Jupiter’s wisdom and good intentions. This position threatens his self-confidence in transient ways. He will probably encounter some difficulty with his level of confidence with respect to learning, wisdom, abilities, or intellectual endeavors – however difficulties will not result in any permanent or lasting effects. Just realizing that he has a low liability Sun for the year should help him to recognize these apparent insecurities and self-esteem issues as they crop up in his life, and deal with them accordingly. It is also possible that he will have wide or extreme swings in issues that involve self-esteem and security.

The Sun and Jupiter are very good friends to one another, however, the Sun is taking a bit of a lower (liability) position and negative hit in comparison the position he is natally accustomed to. He should work with the transits – not against them – and be encouraged to relax, and not take on so much that only sets himself up for disappointments. (It is wise to remember Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens”.)

  • Saturn in the Natal 5th in Kingly Position:
  • Saturn transiting over Natal Mercury in the 4th House of Wealth:

Saturn and Mercury are neutral to one another, and both hold high positions in natal and transit chart for the year. A focus on organization, structure, and discipline are the very positive goals for the year, as long as there is a consideration for an allowance of the mood swings that may change the scenario at a very rapid rate – and self-esteem issues that may arise from the Sun’s position in Extremity in transit. In other words, he is wise to go ahead and set up some structure and maybe even public speaking engagements for himself in moderation – remembering in the back of his mind not to overdue or over commit himself this year. Remember the importance of the luminaries.

Perhaps considerations of some serious down time is good for the soul for the year – maybe even allowing flexibility for change of plans if necessary. A timely allotment for “unstructured structure” – if that is possible – is really the way to go for the year, as the Moon and your emotional nature may experience some real transient highs, but natally the position of the low must never be underestimated either. Balance is key.

  • Venus in the Natal 7th in Leader:
  • Venus transiting over Natal Mars in the 6th:

His natal leader planet, Venus, is going down to Sickly/Changing for the year, indicating there may be a change this year in the things that had previously made him feel alive and happy. Habits and patterns – even his appearance may be changing – and the key advice to this transit is to make sure that he is aware that all these changes are a simple part of evolving, and that he can work with the flow rather than going against it.

(The more you understand MaHaBote the more you will realize that you, as an Astrologer, can discuss the ways in which he your client is able to bring about an improvement to all situations with respect to his health and his happiness by “Turning the Keys”. In my experience, MaHaBote is one system that you either “get” or you don’t…there is no” in between”. And if you get it, it is a gift for life).

One way is to encourage him not to hastily form any habits this year that may take him into a negative lifestyle or environment, because these situations will have future ramifications on his health. Encourage him to evaluate everything he wishes to put his time and energy into, and to make very certain it is all worthy of his consideration before implementing an idea into a plan of action.

This transit goes for personal relationships also, and puts emphasis on same. He should evaluate where his personal relationships have been, and where they are going, as they play such an intensive role in his personal happiness. Are his personal needs changing, and if so are these changes healthy? Again, encourage him to evaluate everything before jumping in with the Mars energy to bring about a changing scenario.

This transit is a good time to establish personal goals with respect to relationships, and to also share those ideas with his loved ones.

He should also evaluate where he wants to be now with respect to his personal appearance, and dedicate some energy involvement into improving his life and lifestyle all the way around. Health, habits, relationships – this is what it is about.

He should not allow anger sit dormant within his psyche, but rather deal with it constructively and in ways that will benefit him in the long run. He should not be afraid to evaluate “who” he is, who he has become, and “what” he needs – or that when he expects and accepts respect, he will surely get it – but not before.

Timing the Dasa Cycles of Influence

  • Sun & Mars: Strongest during the first third of the influential cycle.
  • Jupiter & Venus: Strongest during the middle third of the influential cycle.
  • Moon & Saturn: Strongest during the last third of the influential cycle.
  • Mercury & Rahu: Steady throughout the entire influential cycle.

His Rahu period – occurring between the ages of 46 to 58 – indicate a time in life that he may be unable to easily avoid the challenges of various stresses, trials and tensions – but through mitigation – these challenges can certainly be minimized. During these years he will then be entering the Planetary Period of his Hostile Combination – more specifically to include the dates from August 3, 2023 through August 3, 2024. The Rahu overall Major hostile influence will be quite annoying and steady throughout the 12 year period, however, the most trying period will run when the Hostile Combination Minor is additionally also in effect from August 3, 2023 through August 3, 2024. The strongest period for overall troublesome influence will run in the last third of the Moon’s Minor Period, as each planet has their respective periods of strongest influence. For Moon, this is a four month period of time and runs from April 3, 2023 through August 2, 2024. (It is beyond the scope of this article to elaborate on how the Hostile Combinations are determined…however suffice it to say that the Directional Chart holds the clue.)

This is a period of his life where things will not run as smoothly as planned – or as smoothly as other planetary periods. He will more than likely be faced with some sort of challenges from deceptive and manipulative people, and caution is advised. He may experience difficulty with deadlines, or any of the factors involving time. Also watches, clocks, timepieces may not operate properly and time is of the essence with many matters (Rahu). Mother or maternal figure (Moon) may experience health difficulties or he simply may be exceptionally emotionally stressed during these months.

The purpose of this information is not given to make him stress or worry – It is simply a time given to allow a client to prepare himself as best as possible for tension and stress in his life, and begin to envision – ahead of time – what can be done to alleviate the challenges. If care is taken in all matters affecting physical and emotional health prior to entering this Rahu/Moon period, less stressful times will certainly be experienced. Forewarned is forearmed. My personal MaHaBote mentor, Barbara Cameron, used to call this a ‘red flag’ period – and caution is advised during these years.

Mercury Mitigation Information:


  • Green is Mercury’s color, and this native would do well to both wear, and surround himself with the color green. Other variances may include the white of the Moon and pastels of Venus. He should avoid red and dark colors.


  • An emerald of high quality set in silver, silver being my particular preference when one is choosing between gold and silver for Mercury born. While the Sun is negative to Mercury, Mars is the energy associated with gold in MaHaBote and an enemy to the Sun, Mercury is a negative element to the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are neutral, and Jupiter rules silver in MaHaBote. However, worthy of mentioning, some strictly associate Sun with gold and Moon with silver – so with Sun and Mercury holding a negative relationship with one another, and Moon and Mercury being on friendly terms – silver becomes the favorite for both sides of logic and reasoning. Enhancing Mercury’s friendly relationship with the Moon, and wearing the emerald on the little finger of either hand, would be a highly beneficial energy for this native, for life. The stone should be the best that he can afford with no physical flaws, and at least 3.5 carats for powerful beneficial effects. Lesser quality stones need to be much larger and exceptionally clear of imperfections.


  • His taste should be a combination of many, with an avoidance of both pungent and hot or spicy flavors – as those are not suitable for a healthy body for his Mercury birth, and may give him problems with digestion.


  • His deity is Vishnu and his element, water. He should drink plenty of good, clean, high quality water, and frequent on many occasions bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes or streams. Meditation near these places is also highly recommended for a calming effect on his nerves.

Period, Directional, and Elemental Period Chart:

1)  His High Post is ruled by the South and Mercury – the direction he would take for looking for success in a career.

2) For doctors appointments, health tests, or crucial exams he would head South West from his residence, and it is ruled by Saturn.

3) He should build in the Western section of the town in which he resides – or at the very least have entrances to his home in the West. Ruler; Jupiter.

4) He should avoid the North West for all habitual or critical activities as it is an inauspicious direction for Mercury born. Also, no doors on his home should be located on the northwest side of the structure. Ruler; Rahu.

5) Money or treasures should be stored in banks in the Northern direction of where he reside. Venus is ruler.

6) Head North East for places of worship such as churches, temples, places of meditation. Sun is ruler.

7) Bedroom should be in the Eastern part of the house for the most restful sleep. Moon rules his sleep.

8) Gardens should be located in the South East part of the yard. Mars rules the gardens.

Note: All major questions should be answered from the place of birth, while others can be answered from the place of the current residence.

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