The Art of Synthe-Sizing Different Systems By Yeluripati Krishna Rao, India

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Shri Y. Krishna. Rao was born on 21st March 1943. He died at the age of 65 on 14th Jan 2008 with nearly 43 years of rich experience in astrology. He worked as a school teacher all his life & never married dedicating his entire life for astrology researchers. He was a student of ‘Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy’ since 1975 who was a great Jaimini Siddhanti in India. Sri Krishna Rao practiced parasaryam (Nirayana System), Western Astrology (Sayana-System), numerology & palmistry.  He was also selected as a Lecturer to teach Astrology to M.A (Astrology) students in Telugu University, Hyderabad. He will always remain special to the ‘Saptarishis Astrology’ as he had just finished checking the draft of this article and after which he expired in an hour.

“Ambition” said Napoleon “is the driving force for success”.  Without a burning ambition, man will never do anything and will never achieve anything in life.  Even a saint will have an ambition to achieve nirvana through penance and concentrate on God for several decades.  By nature man has an innate desire to Know his future for various reasons. It differs from individual to individual. There are persons who are ambitious to acquire riches.  There are others who want to achieve a very high position in their political life.  Yet there are persons who want to achieve greatness in fine arts, literature, sports or medicine or some such thing the Conversely we come across persons who want to become famous through notoriety.

When a man becomes sick, he will consult a doctor.  When a man’s ambitions are not fulfilled or when things go wrong in his worldly pursuits, he will consult an astrologer or a palmist or a face reader to find out what is in store for him. – Man’s life is so complicated that he will have 70 percent failures in all his undertakings owing to his misdeeds in his past births which will determine his horoscope in the present life.  “As you sow, so you reap” is a wonderful quotation which is pregnant with greater meaning than that can be envisaged.

The theory of Karma propounded by Hindus has been accepted by intellectual giants such as Max Muller, Pythagoras, Plato, Madam Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Cheiro, Alan Leo and a host of others. This is the only theory that can explain why some are born in congenial circumstances and some are born in uncongenial circumstances and reel under poverty etc. for having violated the law of love and certain other laws of life advocated by the ancient sages for the well being of humanity.  By nature man has a tendency to violate the laws of harmony because of one bad quality and that is ‘Selfishness’.  This quality alone makes man transgress the laws advocated by sages of yore, and with the result of it he will create problems for others and for himself.  This is the basis of the theory of KARMA which pervades through several births which will determine our present life of both pleasant and unpleasant happenings.

Just as there are different systems in, Astrology, even in medicine there are different systems.  1. Homeopathy   2. Allopathy  3. Ayurveda  4. Naturopathy  5. Yunani  6.  Acupuncture etc.  There are hundreds of physicians in every country.  The purpose of following a system of medicine is to cure disease and bring relief for the patient. The practitioners of Ayurveda and Homeopathy use Allopathic medicine at times as it gives quick relief.  There is nothing wrong in using two systems of medicine when the situation warrants it.  It is just like a rich man using a car and a motor cycle at the same time.  When the car is out of order, he will use motor to go out as he cannot afford to cancel his important appointments.  Similarly there is nothing wrong on the part of the astrologer to use different systems of Astrology to draw conclusions provided he knows how to synthesize them.

As far as I know there are three systems in Astrology:-

  • Jaimini Astrology: – Jaimini System was propounded by the sage Jaimini who was one of the disciples of sage Vedavyasa. This system is followed by very few astrologers as it is a highly complicated system.

As far as I know Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy Sastry was one of the few astrologers who used to make astoundingly accurate predictions solely on the basis of Jaimini Astrology.  He was a legend in his own life time; he passed away in April 1985 at the age of 76 years.


  • Parasari: – The parasari system of Astrology was propounded by the sage Parasara. This system is followed by most of the astrologers in India and it has stood the test of time.  In fact Varaha Mihira and a few astrologers of yore have written classics on Hindu Astrology by following the methods advocated by sage Parasara.


  • Western Astrology: – I believe Claudius Ptolemy is the father of western Astrologer. He was born at Plusium in Egypt and became a brilliant disciple of the Alexandrian School, he wrote ‘Tetrabiblos’ in Greek, ‘Quadripartite’ in Latin. Also he wrote ‘Syntaxis’ and the Almagest. This system is followed by several astrologers in western countries.  Alan Leo, Sepharial, A.J. Pearce, C.E.O. Carter and a few others have revived the Science by writing wonderful books on western Astrology.

Gifted scientists, inventors, astrologers and writers are born in every century in keeping with the Law of evolution.  Moreover Aquarius Age (2000 years) is now operating since 1881.  In keeping with the Aquarian Age people have lost interest in religion and they are more interested in Science, Technology and

Medicine.  It is interesting to note that several great astrologers are born in the 19th century and 20th century and revived the Science in a splendid manner.  I believe it is a period of renaissance for the occult sciences which were dubbed as pseudo sciences or fortune telling subjects to making a living.

  1. Raja Gopala Aiyar and Bh. Satyanarayana Rao are well known astrologers some 50 years ago. Both of them were well read in western Astrology and Hindu Astrology as well. The former is the author of ‘New Era Directions In Astrology’ and the later is the author of ‘The Laws Of Scientific Astrology’.  Both of them are of the opinion “To this date Astrology in the east has not progressed.  A Crabbed policy of meaningless devotion to the texts with all their anomalies, contradictions and inconsistencies is pursued generally which bars all avenues of research and development abreast with the other Sciences in which also India excelled”.

No system of Astrology is fool proof to make astoundingly accurate predictions. In every system of Astrology there are loop holes.  The success or failure of a prediction depends upon the system to a large extent and the practitioners’ ability in handling the system coupled with intuition & divine grace.

K.S. Krishna Murthi has done original work in Hindu Astrology.  He propounded a new system called ‘Krishna Murthi Paddati’ by dividing each sign into 20 or 21 division.  It gives quite Satisfactory results in practical experience.

My mentor Sri Vemuri Rama Murthi Sastry, who is an authority on Jaimini Astrology, used to tell me “I do not use Vimshotturi dasa system for making predictions’.  I use his own methods for making predictions. There is nothing wrong in following the different systems advocated by Jaimini or Parasara or the predictive Techniques developed by great astrologers such as Alan Leo and Sepharial.  It is just like doctors following different systems of medicine to cure the diseases. In my practical experience I combine the systems advocated in Jaimini, Parasara together with the progressions (Secondary directions) advocated by Ala Leo.  After all these different systems are cosmic laws and there is nothing wrong in blending them to draw conclusions. 

Now a few horoscopes are discussed below to elucidate certain rare principles in all the three systems of Astrology.

Rare Principle 1:

My mentor used to tell me ‘When there are one or two benefic planets in the 5th house either from the lord of the ascendant or from the lord of the 7th house. The native holds important positions in government’.[1]

Chart 1: Political Rise

chart 303

The Second chart is that of Sri N.T. Rama Rao who became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1983.

It is significant to note that two benefic planets are in close conjunction in the 5th house form the lord of the 7th house.

In the horoscope of Jawaharlal Nehru it will be seen that Jupiter is well placed in the 5th house in Sagittarius from Saturn who is lord of the VII house.  He was born on 14.11.1889 in cancer Ascendant. 

Rare Principe 2:

This is a rare principle in Jaimini Astrology, Sri V.R. Sastry used to tell me, ‘When the ascendant is aspected by Mercury the native will become an actor or a dancer.  But where the X house is aspected by Mercury (Jaimini aspects) the native becomes a doctor’.

The 4th chart is that of a doctor settled in America. It is interesting to note that the 10th house and the 10th Lord are aspected by Mercury (Jaimini aspects).


Jaimini Principles can well be extended to the Parasari system depending upon the ability of the astrologer. 

Chart 5: Jaimini Scholar

The 5th chart is that of Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy Sastry[1], a renowned authority on Jaimini Astrology.

[1] Publishers Note: Shri Vemuri Rama Murthy Sastry was born in Purushottapalli near Nidadavole Railway Station; this is as per our telephonic conversation with the brother Shri Bhaskar Rao of our late author. The above diagram is a graphic representation & in the paper received from Shri Y.Krishna Rao’s, the degree of Asc is mentioned as 14.30 deg & not 15Ge36, also the co-ordinates used by us are of Nidadavole as Purushottapalli is not shown in the software. The 10th cusp is mentioned as 7.15 deg, the typed article shows Mercury at 2 deg but software gives it at 3.10 deg

chart 306

The Ascendant Degree is 7Ge45, which is in the 8th degree[1] of Gemini; now see what Sepharial says for it.

8° Gemini – Symbol – A house on fire at night time it indicates that the nature will be rash and warlike, inclined to destruction and Successful therein beyond his desire.  He will be apt to stir up disputes among others and to bring desolation upon himself through a false sense of security.  His domestic life will be full of turmoil.  It is a degree of STRIFE (vide Sepharial’s ‘Degrees Of The Zodiac’).

This is so fitting to his life that further elucidation is not necessary. He was handed on 15-11-1949 in the sub period of Saturn in the major period of Jupiter.

According to Varaha Mihira, the nature of death of the individual should be determined from the lord of the 22nd decante who is posited in the 8th degree of Aries.

8° Aries.  A man Surrounded by others seeking a quarrel, it denotes one who is quick to anger, stirring up strife around him, eager to combat the opinions and to disturb the peace of others, persons under this degree have a tendency to run into dangers, and not infrequently fall victims to their own imprudence, it is essentially a ‘Rash And Impetuous’ degree (vide Sepharial’s Degrees Of The Zodiac).

This wonderful book written by Sepharial was first published in England in 1898, Sepharial and Alan Leo were contemporaries and Sepharial used to contribute articles for publication in the astrological magazine edited by B. Suryanarayana Rao B.S. Rao was the grand father of Prof. B.V. Raman, the doyen of astrologers who wrote several books on Hindu Astrology. In western astrology there is a wonderful predictive system called Progressions (Secondary directions). In this system planets, Ascendant and M.C. Point are calculated as per 1 day is equal to 1 year and they are related to the radical positions at birth. This system can be successfully used even on the Nirayana Charts (not necessarily on the Sayana charts).  In my practical experience, I have found the predictive technique of Progressions yields quite satisfactory results.  After all the proof of the pudding is in the eating of it.

In the cases of Godse 39 years were completed by 19-5-1949, by adding 39 days to his birth day we arrive at 27th June 1910, Planets Ascendant and M.C. should be calculated for 27-6-1910 for the same time of birth.

Progr Ase-14° Cancer

Progr MC – 12°-20 Aries

Progr Sun-12° Gemini

Progr Moon – 2°-40 Aquarius

Progr Mars – 12°-30 Cancer

Progr Saturn – 12° Aries

The following unfavorable directions were operating at the time of his death

  • Progr Moon SQUARE natal Sun. This is a very unfavorable direction
  • Progr MC SQUARE Progr MARS. This is a very unfavorable directions which will cause bad reputation through imprudent actions progressed Saturn and progressed mars are in exact SQUARE aspect

The former is the lord of the 8th house (house of death) and the later is the lord of the 6th house.

According to Alan Leo, this SQUARE aspect between a cold plant and a hot planet will not give correct judgment of men and matters.  The native is at the mercy of two opposing forces corresponding to heat and cold, force and inertia.  He will be prone to give expression to very hasty and rash conduct.  It will cause dishonor, disgrace and complete ruin through impulsive desire and willful actions, Progressed Asc. was also much afflicted (Pr Asc SQUARE Progr Saturn).

VIII CUSP – 5 degrees of Capricorn

5° Capricorn + 39 years (14° Aquarius)

In symbolic directions 1 degree is added to planets and cusps.  This has no mathematical basics, but yet it rarely fails to give results.

The 14th degree of Aquarius is in SQUARE aspect with mercury the planet of thinking.  Thus the life of a learned lawyer came to an end through wrong thinking and lack of judgment just at the age of 40 years.

As I conclude this article, I would suggest to the budding astrologers to study various astrological systems to understand and appreciate the cosmic laws which are not easily discernible unless they go deep into the subject.

As I write this article I am reminded of a wonderful quotation “Errors like Straws………………

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