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The Calculations to know the App Time of Death

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In the Thread “Approximate time of Death” I have Posted
1. According to Jaimini
2. According to Prasnamarga
3. According to Kalachakradasa
4. According to Krushna’s Ashtakavarga system and
5. According to KrishnaMurthy Paddhathi .

Now I proceed to mention various methods used in traditional Ashtakavarga System.

It is believed that based on Ashtakavarga system, we can not predict longevity correctly.
But in my opinion and practice three out of these five below mentioned methods prove
To be correct

Rasi Gunakaraka

Rasi Gunakaraka

The bindus after two reductions (Ekadhipatya and Ttikona sodhana), in all 12 signs, should be
multiplied by the above mentioned constant numbers. Next, we have to add all the products.
This is to be done for all seven planets.

Rasi Gunakaraka

Rasi Gunakaraka-2Rasi Gunakaraka-3

Like every Rasi, each planet also is assigned with a constant number which is called
Grahagunkaraka.(multiplier). These should be multiplied by the figures (after two reductions) in
the signs occupied by the various planets. All the products are to be added.

Rasi Gunakaraka-4

The total product of 12 Rasis is called Rasi Pinda and total product of seven planets is called
Graha Pinda. To get Sodhyapinda these two are to be added.
Ravi’s Sodhyapinda is 127+40=167. We have to multiply this by 7 and divide by 27.
The quotient is the years given by Ravi as longevity. If the quotient is greater than 27, it must be
reduced by 27. Here 43.3 is exceeds 27. So 43.3-27=16.3 Years contributed by Ravi.

Rasi Gunakaraka

Except Kuja and Sukra, the years given by other planets are exceeding 27. So they have to be

Rasi Gunakaraka-3

These years need some haranas (reductions).
1. If there are more than planet in a rasi, then the years to be reduced by one half.
2. If a planet is Neecha or asthangata then also the years to be reduced by one half.
3. The years given by a planet in enemy’s camp is reduced by one third.
4. If a planet is in the visible half reduce its portion


rasi longvati

The benefic will lose half of what a malefic does.
5. If a planet which is defeated in grahayuddha one third must be deduced.
6. The years given by eclipsed Ravi and Chandra reduced to one third.

When same planet is subject to a number of reductions, only the highest reduction should be