The Cycle of 119 Years In Astrology By Norah Nasturas, Canada

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Professional Astrologer since 1978, and Tarot teacher since 1981. She has studied Astrology with Guy Jurdan in France, as well as Mme Emery and Mme Mars in Geneva, and Alexander Ruperti in Lausane Switzerland. Dinorah is currently teaching Astrology and Tarot in Canada and working with a group of psychologists in Geneva, Switzerland applying Astrology knowledge to find the young children and babies cause of personality’s trouble. She regularly receive request for consultations, especially from Italy, France, Brasil, Uruguay- South America, USA, Canada and Switzerland via phone, fax or email, countries where she was living and traveling. Her website is

The Cycle of 119 Years In Astrology


Norah Nasturas, Canada

Copy Editor: Lorin Cerina

We knows about the ruler of the day, Sun for Sunday, etc, we knows about the ruler of the Hours (Planetary hours) the first hour for Monday the Moon, Tuesday Mars, etc, but we don’t know too much about the Planetary Years.

When the medieval astrologers were talking about the ruler of the year, they were talking about the conjunctions you can see in this table.

For the persons, the critical years are: 21, 45, 70, 94 and 119 because these are years of SA and MA. Please see the copy of the table here. In Latin language climatericus the meaning is critic, or danger, those are the years of the conjunctions of Saturn and Mars. Those are the Climatericus years who are talking the authors in Medieval Astrology.

chart 130

This table was used by Junctin de Florence, Doctor in Theology working for François de Valois, the brother of King Henri II. Junctin de Florence was a very well known astrologer working with the important people of this time as Cardinals, Popes, Princes, and Kings. In his book “Commentaires” talks about the lord of the year; he is talking about this table as the same were being used by the Arab astrologers 500 years before him.

The Bible says:

The man is only flesh, and his days will be in the future only 120 years – Genesis: VI.3

…….Moses dead at the age of 120 years – Deuteronomy XXI.7

Ptolomeo in says: there are 119 conjunctions and is there the knowledge of everything that in this world will be under the effect of the creation and the corruption, the life and death – Ptolomeo, Centiloc 50.  Ptolomeo talks about this table in his book “Apotelesmatique” too.

Other: “….you will add 7 sabbatical years, 7 times 7 years and the year will be 49 – (Levitique XXI.8)

Cornelius Agrippa in “De Oculta Philosophia” – the years 7 is sacred. Is the 7th year that

give the most important changes in the life of everyone. ( II chapter XII)

Is not only in the Indian Astrology that is important the cycle of 120 years (Vimsottari Dasha)

In Western Traditional European Astrology the cycle of 119 years was very important too.

Search about the Medieval method:

The Cycle of the 17 conjunctions in relation with years of life.

Lady – Born 18 Dec 1910 – 3 PM – (+3.00 Zone)

56W 11’ // 34S 42’

1910 –                     Sun/Sun     Birth December 18 1910

1927 – 17 years old  Me/Ma       Meet who will be her husband

1931 –  19 y. o.          Jup/Ma       Engagement

1935 – 27 y.o. –       Me/Ve        Marriage

1936 –  28 y.o.         Sa/Me         University Diploma

1939    31 y.o.          Ma/Jup       Father died.

1940  32 y.o.          Ju/Ju           Moved to her mother’s home

1941 – 33 y.o. –        Ju/Ve          Had a daughter

1950    41 y.o.          Ve/Ve         Build 1st house. (holidays house)

1957    48 y.o          Ve/Sa          Buy Down-town apto. (Home)                                               1st show of her painting (oil works)

1959    49 y,o,         Sa/Sa           Oldest sister died.

1961 – 51 y.o. –        Sun/Mo      Daughter marriage

1962 – 52 y.o. –       Sun/Me .    Daughter had a daughter. (1st Grand daughter)

1964 – 54 y.o. –      Sun/Ve.      2nd  Grand daughter

                               Sun/Ve       Long trip 6 month in Europe

1966  – 56 y.o. –      Sun/Sat      mother died

1976  – 67 y.o.         Ma/Me       3rd Grand daughter

1977 – 67 y.o. –      Ma/Me –    husband had stroke

1978 – 68 y.o.         Jup/Ma       1st Grand Son

1991 – 80 y.o –        Jup/Mars – Her Husband died.

1994 – 84 y.o. –      Jup/Sat –    Daughter move to Canada

1995 – 85 y.o. –       Ve /Sun –   She move to Canada to her daughter’s home.

1998 – 88 y.o.         Ve/Me        Watercolor Show in Art Gallery.

2004- 94 y.o. –       Sat/Mar –   Stomach surgery, Right eye surgery.

2007 – 97 y.o. –      Sat/Ve –     Fall, broke leg, 3 month hospital

2008 – 98 y.o. –      Sat/Sat –     walking  problems, move to nursing home

                             Sat/Sat          Again surgery left eye, cataract problem removed.

2009 –                    Sun/Sun     Recognized as a very good Watercolor specialist.

2010 – 99 y.o.          Sun/Moon  lot of social life.  Sept 2010 sick, Died Oct 7 2010.

chart 131

Note: I took this chart as sample of this method for my classes  because she had a long life,

near 100 years old and I knew her very well.

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