The Magic Of Ashvagandha By Rushikesh Deshpande

Rushikesh is associated with Saptarishis team since its inception & is one of the core team members. He has obtained his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Manchester, UK. He considers astrology as similar to any other branch of engineering and thus believes that its study should be supported with researcher’s practical observations. He analyses events by applying ancient astrology laws from modern perspective. His interests include Indian Tantric Systems, Rituals & Remedies in astrology, and Ancient Indian Astrology. He is currently working in the field of Electrical Power Systems.

Astrology is an art as well as science. It’s an art since the astrologer has to carefully analyse any chart in order to reach a meaningful conclusion. And it’s a science since one has to use the ‘rules’ set by the scientists (ancient astrologers mostly) to solve and understand the chart. The real skill of the ‘artist’ is reflected in the very important (and controversial) domain of astrology named as ‘remedies’. Once it is finalized that the subject is in trouble due to certain planet placements, a remedy or remedies are suggested. Ideally, the intensity of ‘treatment’ should depend upon the gravity of the problem and the receiving capacity of the patient (subject). In most of the cases, mismatch happens, which further raises certain complications. Remedies popularly used in Vedic astrology are the use of gems, mantra, tantra upayas and sometimes ayurvedic herbs. The aim of this article is not to criticise any school of remedies, but to share a practical experience on ‘Ashvagandha’ (an ayurvedic herb).

This is the chart of a native who is also our friend. In a casual meeting on a Sunday morning, he complained about his health and overall low performance in daily life. The main problem with him was that the proper diagnosis of the health trouble was not happening. His complaints were hypotension (low blood pressure) in the rare events of extra stress and consistently short tenures of sound sleep, lack of concentration, low memory, low income, no satisfaction and low in spirituality.


Upon analysing the chart, native was suggested to take ashvagandha as remedy on the problems reported. The best part about the astrologer who suggested the remedy is that, he explained the reasons logically.

  • As Rahu is in 6H, the house of disease and disorders, native would have wandered a lot for diagnosis of his trouble. But as the precise problem couldn’t be detected, thus its treatment is also not possible.

(Native generally has the good health. In the condition of tension he used to have low blood pressure giving rise to body pain, low concentration, irritation, headache, hair fall, etc. He had it for the first time few years back. But no doctor could recognize it and temporary treatments were performed).

  • In the rasi chart, the karaka of heart and the blood circulation Sun (also an AK) is debilitated in the 11H. It is conjunct with exalted Saturn. For Sagittarius ascendant, Saturn being the lord of 2 H and 3 H becomes the malefic. Also, Saturn along with Sun shows low pressure in blood circulation (hypotension).
  • The karaka of blood, Mars, is 12th from Arudha lagna (AL) along with 6H’s Lord Venus. It does indicate the native may suffer from disorder related to blood.
  • Sometimes 10H is examined for sleep[1] and disorders related to it like snoring. Presence of 6HL (which is also the depositor of Rahu) and Mars in enemy’s (Mercury’s) sign of Virgo in 10H may indicate disturbance of sleep. It can even show issues in that respect say drowsiness or general temporary weakness (due to lack of sound sleep).
  • (By Copy Editor) The other aspect of at looking at ‘sleep’ issue is in considering 12H as the house of sleep: Natal Mars is 12L in 12H from AL with 6L that is also dispositor of Rahu. Also, badakesh Mercury is in the 12H of sleep with Lagna Lord and Ketu.
    Ketu in the 12H is a promise of sleep disturbance as Ketu, by virtue of his generosity, gives away karakas of the house where he sits.
  • Benefic planets (Jupiter, Mercury) in 2H (from AL) indicates that disorder can be well treated. Jupiter (1HL) is in conjunction with Ketu in 12H, indicating the spiritual nature of native as well as his benefiting from treatments with occult remedies.

(Native had similar problem in 2006. When he consulted one of the occult masters, he said it’s due to lack of fire element in the stomach[2] and suggested some remedies. Those were effective for the period of 1.5 years. But later, problem started again (with low intensity). For the second time, problem is cured with occult consultation when native was advised to take ashvagandha in 2010).

  • Native is under Mercury MD (18 Sep’1995 – 18 Sep’2012). His AD of Saturn started on 14th Jan’2010. Also Saturn became retrograde on 14th Jan’2010. Native had indicated this period as the starting point of the troubles, which does indicate that Saturn has a major contribution in health related issues for this chart.

Astrologer’s Perception about native’s problem and remedy suggested:

  • Native suffers from Rahu (as per symptoms explained by him).
  • The problems associated or caused by Rahu can be treated by strengthening Mercury[3].
  • In the Rasi chart, Mercury is weak as it’s placed in 12H in Mars’s sign of Scorpio.
  • Thus, it is prevalent that native would suffer from Rahu and, as Mercury is also weak, natural resistance is not observed.
  • Rahu in 6H attributes the native with a blessing of naturally finishing enemies, though it ought to give health issues as Mercury is weak.
  • Ayurvedic herbs when taken as astrological remedies tend to strengthen the planet associated with the planet treated. These herbs act like a medicine (the analogy is of the rapid improvement created by medicine as compared to other astrological remedial measures like gems or rituals).
  • If a planet is ill-placed, the herbs tend to first finish its negative effect and then the process of strengthening begins.
  • Ashvagandha represents Mercury.
  • “Ashvagandha[4] is a rejuvenating tonic and takes care of the adrenal gland (responsible for fight and fright situations). It is especially beneficial in stress related disorders such as arthritis, hypertension,hypotension, diabetes, general debility, etc. It has also shown impressive results when used as stimulant for the immune system. It is considered as an adaptogen that stimulates the immune system and improves the memory[5]”.
  • Though ashvagandha is not suggested for those who suffer from hypertension (High BP). Certain side-effects are observed during studies[6].

Native’s Feedback:

  • When native started taking ashvagandha, he has reported magical results within the span of 4 days.
  • Over the period of week, he found himself to be physically active, less stressed, and cheerful and his working capacity had gone up.
  • Native observed improved memory especially at concentration level.
  • Improvement in the domain of spirituality is also reported by the native.

This does indicate that, if the planetary period is unfavourable, ill effects caused by it can be partially controlled with the use of proper remedy though proper care should be taken in order to avoid any side effects.

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