The moon principle of receptivity from the Sun By Silvia Ceres


Paper presented at the Symposium SINARJ 2007. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Just as the five traditional planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have two homes-one of polarity and other active-passive polarity, the luminaries are assumed as a cleavage-back into a version of active and passive-one principle of identity.

If we define the Sun as individual project, will, itself, own encounter with the center or axis, from which one looks at the environment without losing consciousness of itself or address vital-drawn clearly in the symbolism of the Sun: a point surrounded a-circle, we recorded that claims daily to survive competition, for not falling behind or outside the system, are more akin to an over-Mars-related violent and defensive responses to security-that solar.

The Moon was traditionally defined as feeling, emotional, nutrition, membership, empathy with the environment, family life, connecting with the roots and culture, internal plasticity to respond to multiple external stimuli.

West, culturally founded in the myth of the hero-Semitic tradition as both a Greek-has strengthened the role solar undermine the moon, causing some discomfort, both socially and individually. The mandate of contemporary “self-made man,” joined-homogenized cultural parameters from the “fast food” to CNN-favored growth gaps in the sun on the moon: narcissistic disturbances, individual housing, voluntarism, hampering the extreme selfishness relations with the neighbor, dysfunctional families, food disturbances, negative population growth, and so on.

The point is that if the lunar area is inhibited, concludes the process of interfering solar uniqueness.

A glance SOCIAL

The changing reality, global in recent decades, gave rise to several phenomena directly associated with obstacles to express fully the luminaries. Among these phenomena we choose to point out:


We live in the paradox of a world where half the population lacks food and the other half, exceeded in food, conducts daily stipend to lose weight, cholesterol, diabetes, etc..

As well expresses the anthropologist Patricia Aguirre, the food is the result of nutrient intake in a given culture. Corroborates another route-by-the astrological tradition, connects in the same chain signifier: food, belonging, identity, subjectivity, history.

The industrial production of food, while he ran the ghost of recurring famines of our ancestors, produced the possibility of acquiring food outside station and outside our environment, the broke the connection, the pace-cyclical theme of the lunar – individual with nature.

Aguirre continues wondering: What is good nutrition? In the decade from 50: one that was rich in vitamins, protein at 70, within 90 fibers; from the 2000 round discussion about GMOs.

What is eating well? From the medical discourse: eat healthy, from advertising: eating fast and processed, from the “TV channel Gourmet”: eat rich and developed since the speech of the economies: eat some cheap and grandmother still insists on eating plenty. To sum up: eat healthy one day, another rich, another cheap, fast and another ever abundant. So there is little room for Can I ask-what-Sun-Moon-I want?

But eating is not only feed them selves but to share this food with others, be diner. Since the twentieth century onwards could give the schema of  the following equation:

Body strong – solid food – diners shared.

Body beautiful – rich foods -family diners.

Healthy body – light food – diners individually.

The subject today is full of food in solitude, because although the schedules to share the family table, the man agreed to come to cholesterol diet, to lose his wife, teenage daughter became vegetarian and child under digests hamburgers.

The four are quietly watching television, breaking all interrelated and comments on small or large daily vicissitudes. This picture  reflect how much space expression has lost the Moon.

In conclusion, some statistical data related to global food shortage: be resolved with 40 million tons of grains which is the equivalent to 20% of the food consumed by livestock in rich countries.

Argentina produces food supply for 3181 calories a day for each inhabitant and we have malnourished children. So,  not scarce food production, but lacking the right to access them.


Here quote some comments from Zygmunt Bauman.

The “mixofoby”-rejection towards foreigners and / or non-feeding policies “strike-hard” and “zero tolerance” is based on an intense feeling of insecurity related to situations of violence, robbery, assault, maltreatment, and so on. — Leading to a citizen after parapet walls, closed neighborhoods, private security doors and blinded cars.

But the root causes of the intense feeling of insecurity and fragility sink in another land: insecurity about the place that deals in the world, the prospects for life, future, frameworks for thinking own shares and others. Insecurity which nutrition  minute by minute by the fluidity of the work market, the fragility of the value that is given to the skills and competencies, the vulnerability of human ties and weak commitments and partnerships that are easily revoked.

In short, we are unsure of who we are-and where we are-Sun-Moon.

Migration / re-locations:

According to data probably obsolete by the day-according to the report Population Fund United Nations-the number of people living outside their country of origin would have risen from 75 million in 1965 to 120 million in 1990 and 150 million in 2000. 90% of the 150 million emigrated for economic reasons and the remaining 10% for political reasons.

It is not a novelty that the industrialized world expels “surplus population” from the centre towards the periphery, though currently invested address: ranging from the periphery to the center. Great masses of people pouring into an uncertain future, arriving in countries where citizens will not achieve status: undocumented, illegal, not enter the job market, being submerged in a marginally productive system and little or no qualifications.

This process, which is verified especially from the countryside to the city and poor countries towards the better-off, has in the era of globalization a new variant, re-location of  firms in search of nations possessing “greatest competitive advantages”: Salaries lowest, poor or no network of social services, tax exemptions, reduced environmental monitoring, etc..

Specifically means that populations are left without sustenance that grew around a manufacturing enterprise. In addition to the lack of activity that gave life to Suburbia, a new phenomenon: the migration of leadership posts.

Not only leave their homes the poor, but staff-qualified technicians, managers, executives, which should be available-along with their families-to be transferred to remote locations, pressured to keep their jobs.

In short, not only uproots the Moon lost its respect of belonging, but Sun is inhibited from being a personal project.

If both luminaries lack a space similar demonstration, risk being forced to speak in signs of his exile-Aquarius, Capricorn, as “evil territory of Saturn,” this is a social model who eat us.

An exiled planet is not “weakened” in the sense of lacking ability to demonstrate, by contrast, shows unwaged intensively with the theme of the sign where it’s hosted.

From this perspective, the Sun in Aquarius denotes the power of multinational corporations. While the Moon in Capricorn, expresses addiction to work,  the obsession with belonging and not remain outside the community.


Dane Rudhyar-a-humanist approach said that while we know through data supplied by astronomical research that the moon has a surface substantially lower than the sun, it is also true that the luminaries are compared with our perception a similar size.

Hence the assumption that derives from luminaries looks  a presence equivalent to the human conscience.

The path of hero:

If we now focus our attention on the myth of the hero, we see that every heroic story filed beyond the traits of the protagonist and his own adventure-a core structural common: detached from its surroundings by any circumstance unmanageable-generally superior to the will their parents, is adopted and raised in half aristocratic and at one stage of life returns to its place of origin to meet the scene that it constituted as a hero.

Consider, for example, the journey of Moses. The Jews lived in Egypt in a state of slavery and servitude. Not content with this, the Pharaoh gave the order to kill all of the men who were born Jewish woman. A child of the tribe of Levi was hiding for three months by his mother, who could not hide it most deposited in a basket at the mercy of the riverbed. From there it will be collected and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. After many vicissitudes,  received a higher mandate: get in front of his people and bring them back to Canaan, the Promised Land.

Let’s see what’s happening with Oedipus, a myth Indo-European, different from that of Moses, belonging to the Semitic tradition. But both can recognize the structural features described above.

Layo, King of Thebes dispossess Jocasta. The union was born Oedipus, who’s to say Delphi, will kill his father and marry his mother. Defying the destination, Layo ordered to leave the child abandoned, condemned to certain death.

The servant charged with the difficult task of  sympathy with the creature and handed him over to some pastors and reached Corinth, where one grows up as the son of King Pólibo.

Already adult,  Oedipus consulting the oracle, and same prophecy again. Decides then go to Corinth and not look any more for his father. Way to Thebes, intersects with a few men, discussed with the head of them and it kills.

Thebes is torn Sphinx who proposes an enigma that nobody answer. Oedipus the faces, replied, expires, just famine, he married the queen and ends to realize the prophecy of Oracle, because down the road killed his father and married his mother.

Undoubtedly there are many other examples of stories of the hero who, ignoring their identity, is raised as prince and then returns to its origins.

However, the sign of Leo-Sun ruler, leaves behind a Cancer, ruled by the Moon. So here could see the first part of the constitution of the heroic character: someone who gives back to its origin-Cancer-and ignoring his last-Moon,  start  to assert itself in a place regions.

As a metaphor for Leo-home of the Sun-is quite explicit. Leaving behind the shadows, ambiguities, the world subjective, emotional of the Moon to become a being bright, clear, sure of themselves and their destiny. I am who I am, said who has lost his shadow.

Nine signs later, we find the exaltation of the Sun in Aries. Interesting number of closing cycle and return to zero: remember the period of pregnancy and the meaning of the astrological house-search of an equal number transcendent, philosophy, religion, values of life, link to the Absolute.

But in exaltation, the luminaries invest their order, first place the sun-and-then Aries-Taurus-Moon. So the pursuit of transcendent hero relates to consciously back to his home and fulfill their destiny as Oedipus-or-with a mandate from God-as-Moses.

Some authors argued that the traditional exaltation provides that the planet is manifested through events arriving early, or exceed the individual, or they do interact with people from “senior”. To sum up: the planet exalted produces something interesting events but forced tight.

Undoubtedly, Moses or Oedipus must have thought they had found too early with his defiance, that the situation was over, people who had known senior-LORD or the Sphinx.

Of course, defined as those who did not think planetary dignity in the journey of the hero, but that the planet is something forced by exaltation not be the absolute owner of the place, and even a guest of honor goes into the designs of the visitor  , The regent of the sign, which is “like a gentleman owner of his estate, his finances and his servants.”

A different interpretation presents Elmer Bacher. In his view the world is enriched because it lacks an absolute power, is polished in contact with the owner of the sign, are socialized, in his words “is strong but mature” while at home, the planet is strong and impetuous ” at risk of being arbitrary and too sure of themselves, add us.

It might be pertinent to say that the exaltation gives the functioning planetarium, Saturn character,  a certain tinge of delimitation, while the home gives a nuance as Jupiter  of worth and fulfillment.

The Sun in Aries knows that his power is subordinate to Mars and the challenge is to establish itself as an independent individual, forced to take care of itself.

The Moon in Taurus is not cast in with its surroundings as cancer, but he chooses-function-Venus/character clearly belong to its roots, nurtured in its history and its past.

The luminaries at home are passengers who begin their journey, full of enthusiasm, while the exaltation are returning, with the experience and maturity that gives a long journey.

In short, if only we live in the consciousness solar untying the moon, fulfilling half of the task of the hero.

If it is still necessary to underline the importance of both luminaries remember their combination into two major astrological phenomena: the nodes and lunar eclipses.

As a challenge of growth, life intends to respond to stimuli in a creative way, individual-function solar-conscious. But to fully carry out this task and not be confused with a “duty to be” Saturn is necessary to be focused on our root-emotional rather than return to a self that connects us with intimate personal history for the role..

While the sun goes back to being, the Moon takes us back to be.

Moon lacks the mirror, can not at the top of conscience if. By contrast, when the individual is separated into two, through the lunar reflection understands its purpose solar.

Without Sun, I would be tied to the memory of the past, reiterating no possibility to correct, compelled to repeat the same thing. Live a mere physical existence, no single direction, no future and no personal values. Without Moon, the subject lacks sustenance of its territory where I root.

Consider now the expression of the principle soli / mole to be deployed in its two poles, according to development made by Oskar Adler in his series of lectures.

ROLE only works Monday

Me Me’s internal higher Mirror Higher

World of Ideas World empirical

Subject Object

Men – Yang Female – Ying

Will Heritage

Future Past

Securing Autonomy

Union Essential Union with the land

Address, meaning Hold

Genius: active attitude in training Talent: food that feeds the genius

the future

The sign indicates the solar style that will allow the native find the way to his Self. The area is the solar core of self-determination and personal freedom.

The Moon, by contrast, is associated with the thrust of the drive, according to S. Freud, a concept boundary between the psychic and the somatic-linking the present time, a constant rhythm with the remembrance of the experience cyclical.

That impulse can be seen as signs cardinal-addiction,  compulsion-signs-and fixed-obsession-mutable signs.

Lights in signs of fire

SOL: the essential interest is focused on the will, in the fortress ethics.

Monday: drive aimed at expressing the will and moral values.

Sun Moon

Aries: “the wrestler” Addiction to the will

Leo: “The Victorious” compulsion by victory

Sagittarius “The Conqueror” by the conquest Obsession

Conduct manic, optimistic, willful, lined arguments of moral value, which may denote a tendency to over-enthusiasm and fanaticism.

Lights in signs air

SOL: try to conquer life through thought and perception.

Monday: push forward the construction of mental schemes.

Sun Moon

Libra “The Artist” Addiction to art

Aquarium “The Guide” compulsion to thinking

Gemini “The Search” Obsession by doubt

Conduct paranoid, while being pursued himself in a constant dialogue mentally trying to evaluate all possible options. Locked in his intellectual world, reflected a degree of difficulty for the personal commitment.

Lights in signs of earth.

SOL: the essential task is oriented towards practical work and methodical.

Monday: impulse towards implementation and realization.

Sun Moon

Capricorn “El Sembrador” (who put seeds) Addiction for the dedication.

Taurus “The Guardian” compulsion by the adhesion

Virgo “harvest” Obsession for analysis

Conduct pressing to realize value of the argument utility losing sight of certain nuances of existence.

Light in  signs of water

SOL: puts his emotions-desire, longing, fear, sympathy, antipathy to-life experience objective and concrete.

Monday: impulse to frame the existence under the directives of feeling.

Sun Moon

Cancer “The Romantic” Addiction to under emotional

Scorpio “The Magician” emotional compulsion to power

Pisces “The Medium” Obsession with compassion

Conduct in cycles at the mercy of the value given to excessive and exclusive world emotional or sentimental.

For the sake of making a synthesis of the trail on the functioning of the unified Sun/Moon-beyond the differences of tone in their demonstrations active and passive-worth make some reflections on the astrological universe.

Without discussion the value and importance of the planets -Uranus, Neptune and Pluto-or social-planets Jupiter and Saturn-understand that it is necessary to give new looks to enriching and updated personal planets.

The astrologer-in both subject immersed in a reality which is part-is often a strap transmitter of values and proposals of the hegemonic discourse.

And just as our predecessors were astrologers of powerful kings and lords, when stratified society believed that only influential deserved to have a destination, today many of us just look at how the individual adapts to the social circumstances that cross it, without perceiving the suffering sacrifice that the person performs his own to avoid being excluded from a reality that it dominates over their will and their feelings.

It is certainly easier and easier to decide that our consultant is a neurotic or someone facing a hostile karma, as a thought that sank in a sea of mandates and directives that only benefits beyond their individual interests.

And beyond good intentions, I understand that if the wrong diagnosis of the situation, invariably we were wrong in the orientation.

If the discomfort is exclusively on the side of individual responsibility of consulting and ignore the environment that prevents it from being free and full, we run the risk of leaving it alone and adrift more than before, although full of  astrological information.

Therefore, I propose develop more and better options open as potential personal settings from the luminaries.

Let the astrological consultation becomes a meal where knowledge is transformed into a nutrient comings and goings and producing a full communion between astrologer and consultant; without leave saturated as the lonely diner in the twenty-first century, no more insecure, nor foreign yes Is just an outline of hero without returning to their own territory. From that handles the world without the help of astrologers.

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