The Palm of Ravi Shankar by courtesy of devesh palmist


RAVI SHANKAR The man who healed with his music.

cometh the hour cometh the man “runs the saying, and on 7th April 1920 Indian musician Ravi Shankar was born witha unique fate indicated by his hands. April is ruled by Aries the first sign of the zodiac and 7 is the spiritual number, so we know that as Aries rules the head
this would be a spiritual leader with good thinking processes a levl head with his feet firmly on the ground,  the tarot card for Aries in the Emporer, the man in power  with all at his feet.

chart 208

His hand print shows a deep straight unbroken destiny line, known as the luck line in India and the Liping in Tibet this foretell’s a  great destiny, but one that could be likened to a railway line through life, it holds you straight to your purpose

if you deviate from this line of karma, you will feel out of sorts and constantly in the wrong place, until you come back to where you should be on lifes path, the closeness of the life and headlines gives caution sensitivity and thoughfulness,

and is known as “The blessing of Shiva”

His Jupiter or index finger is shorter than his third or Apollo finger, giving self-restraint low self-confidence and poor self-image, usually from an overstrict father, these people have an inbuilt fear of failure, and are often perfectionists only

showing what they are very good at because they cannot take criticism.

Ravi excelled at playing the Sitar, the Beatles were astonished at his rhythm and control of such a complex instrument

and George Harrison asked Ravi to teach him what he knew, it was to open a new window both in Beatles music

and in Indian mysticysm for firstly the Beatles and secondly for the people of Britian.

Ravi’s well built Mercury or small finger shows his terrific communication skills, this coupled to his angle of rhythm and timing give his music which his Apollo finger, the finger of love and arts enhances and his Line of Apollo stemming from his heart line shows he will be a success at what he loves, the line at Mercuries base is part of the healing stigmata and shows healing was an itegral part of his work. 

Ravi Shankar was a huge hit here in Britian, today 12-12-2012 is a sacred day, events all over Britian have celebrated his life, he brought to us the love of Indian Sitar music and paved the way for the recent Bollywood successes, but Ravi’s skill did not just cement the love affair for Britian’s for Indian culture philosophy and history, but also helped heal wounds between Hindus Sikhs and Muslims, all regretted his passing.

 The Bible says at Zechariah 2:1 ” and lifting up my eyes i saw a man with a measuring line in his hand ”

 a measuring line, was the measurement of a man’s life, his line of  Destiny, and Ravis ends with a large square under Saturn the planet of destiny, a square is the most  protective sign in palmistry and seen on the Destiny line is called the “sign of the flag” as it’s just like a flag waving on a flagpole and is a supreme sign of fated good fortune,

earnt by hard work in previous lives.

Ravi died aged 92 his message of love and healing was in his music
Shakespeare said; “he was a man and taken all in all we shall not see his like again”

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