One of the most interesting and special astrological aspect in Western astrology is known under the name of septile – the angle of 51 degrees. It is very few used in astrological readings and my personal opinion is that the astrologer has to have a real spiritual dimension or path, consciously assumed, for using it in his/her profession.

The philosophical background

The aspect of septile corresponds to the number 7 and, automatically, to the 7th harmonics which comes from the division of the zodiacal cyrcle in 7 equal parts. Along the history of mankind, the number 7 was associated with the sacred dimension of existence and with the Divine Creation. The Numerology considers it as being a deeply occult number, corresponding to the self-knowledge, introspection, wisdom and the highest signification of the life. It is the number of meditation, comtemplation, spiritual retreat. It seems to comtain the most elevated essences of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. From all these points of view, 7 tends to be isolated, very distand and from another world.

At the same time, 7 was named „the number of the rest and perfection”, due to its direct analogy with the 7th Day when GOD, finishing the Divine Creation, allowed Himself to rest. But, as Heline notes, „the rest does not mean the ceasing of the activity but the end of the Chaos, the necessary break before a new order, closer and closer to the Perfection”. From this perspective, depending on the implied planets, the septile amplifies different capacities or significations of the number 7, which are those of the divine order just established or of the running order which has to cancel the primeval chaos.

The mistic content of the septile is an energy which gives us the impulse of understanding the Whole and the Perfection and at the same time it indicates in a chart :the capacity of observing the mistery, that something magic which is beyond the visible parts of a subject”. Many times, as the number 7 does, the septile concerns the creativity as the final fusion between the matter and that energy received by the divine inspiration”.

John Addey afirms that the septile rather represents the repressive, disturbing aspects of denying the own personality and sexuality (given by bad using of the Saturn/Neptune/Pluto combination). Or, on the contrary, at the other extreme, the septile could indicate the exceptional tendencies or even skills od sublimating the sexual energies in the highest expression of creative capacities.

Dane Rudhyar consoders that the septile could indicate the anti-social predisposition of a native who rather tends „to escape from the collective constraints, as if he/she were motivated by an occult power or a certain predestination, which could lead him/her to sacriffice and symbolical life”. Delphine Jay says that „the septile hides inside it a fatalist nuance which comes from unusual circumstances or situations of daily life. This nuance generates an inner fight for the expansion of the consciousness which forces the individual to investigate the life beyond all what is concrete or evident”.

Personal consideration

The wisest way of considering the septile is, in my opinion, that it indicates in a chart the potential capacities. Especially when it implies Saturn and Pluto (the borders of the Known and of the Unknown) the indicated area of life tend to force the native for him/her to accept an „unavoidable fate” or an „irrevocable, absolute destiny” which are beyond his/her possibility of control. Thence, the septile works between the karmic debts and the final, total spiritual transcending.

It indicates an event which surely takes place, which we imperatively pass through, it doesn’t matter how less or much we are supported by the others. It could be diminished at the level of its intensity by the Divine Grace or by the help of our Guru, but never avoided.

The septile’s particularities

The septile increases in its importance and power as it engages more and more energies, due to the implied of both the planets and the Signs. So, the angle of 51 degrees is created in two ways:

between a planet placed in the middle/end of a zodiacal Sign and another planet(s) placed in the beginning/middle of another zodiacal Sign, between these two Signs being an „uncut” Sign (for ex: the Sun at 21° Taurus and Mars at 12° Cancer, between them being the zodiacal Sign of Gemini)

chart 241

between two planets placed in two neighbour Signs (for ex: The Sun at 7° Pisces and Saturn at 28° Aries).

Generally speaking, the septile occurs whenever the planets are closer and closer to each others. Today, except Jupiter and Saturn, all the planets, especially during the Western autumn/winter, are together between Scorpio and Aries (we consider the outer planets too). It lasts from few hours, if the Moon creates it, to many years when the slow moving planets realize it. For example, Neptune and Pluto began a septile in 1997 and finish it in 2016.

The Septile Neptun-Pluto

Both of the planets are slow moving ones. Generally speaking, Neptune is the superior octave of Venus and Jupiter, and Pluto is the superior octave of Mars. Neptune could indicate in a chart the refinement, the spirituality or, on the contrary, the confusions, the political area and the mental disorders. Pluto could indicate in a chart the need of power, money and low satisfactions or, on the contrary, the capacity of recovering, regeneration and (even) the radical transformation.

The septile Neptune-Pluto lasts aprox. 20 years but it is not constant during such a period. Both the outer planets Neptune and Pluto are very slow in their motions and both of them have a very long period of being retrograde. Due to these two features, the septile between them “appears” and “disappears” frequently. Its duration thence varies from 67 days long (in the beginning of the aspect) and 167 days long (at the moment of its maximum).

The angle of 51° between Neptune and Pluto took place for the first time in the end of November 1997 for 70 days long, it reached its maximum between 19th oc Oct 2005 and 3rd of April 2006 and it will take place for the last time between 8th of Jan – 12th of Feb 2016. Astronomically, speaking, its importance is its longevity.

In the beginning of the septile, Neptune was at 27°46’ Capricorn and Pluto at 05°21’ Sagittarius, in the limits of the 2°00’ admitted orb for the aspect. At that moment, the most of the planets transited the zodiacal Signs from Sagittarius to Aquarius, except Saturn which was in Aries. Below we indicate the chart at the moment when the septile was very active and very clear formed (January 1998).

The septile Neptune-Pluto began on the zodiacal Signs Sagittarius-Aquarius in 1997, it has continued on the zodiacal Signs Capricorn-Aquarius and will finish itself on the zodiacal Signs Capricorn-Pisces as it follows:

  • 11.1997-29.01.1998
  • 11.1998-14.02.1999
  • 11.1999-26.02.2000
  • 10.2000-06.03.2001
  • 10.2001-14.03.2002
  • 10.2002-21.03.2003
  • 10.2003-26.03.2004
  • 10.2004-31.03.2005
  • 10.2005-03.04.2006
  • 10.2006-05.04.2007
  • 10.2007-06.04.2008
  • 10.2008-05.04.2009 – this septile begins with Pluto in the zodiacal Sign of Sagittarius and ends with Pluto in the zodiacal Sign of Capricorn
  • 10.2009-04.04.2010
  • 11.2010-01.04.2011
  • 11.2011-28.03.2012 – this septile begins with Neptune in the zodiacal Sign of Aquarius and ends with Neptune in the zodiacal Sign of Pisces
  • 11.2012- 22.03.2013
  • 12.2013-14.03.2014
  • 12.2014-04.03.2015
  • 01-12.02.2016

The septile Neptune-Pluto passes through three important stages, as it covers, along its entire existence, three from the four “old Signs” which are at the end of the Zodiac:

-the Sagittarius/Aquarius stage

The two Signs have in common the opening of the mind and spirit, and the free thinking, the sincere spiritual aspiration, the capacity to lead the people to the noble aims, the power of bringing and accepting the new, the love toward life. The septile Neptune-Pluto on the zodiacal Signs of Sagittarius/Aquarius brought us a larger mental capacity of understanding the existence beyond its worldly appearances and the spiritual opening and the easiness of traveling from one part of the planet to the other as if the entire world were our home.

            -the Capricorn/Aquarius stage

The two zodiacal Signs have in common the capacity of the natural existence in Space and Time, the civic responsibility and the capacity of leading the human collectivities toward a better social ideal. The septile Neptune-Pluto on the zodiacal Signs of Capricorn-Aquarius force us somehow for us to pass over our own limits, our linear existence, supporting us in our slow but constant transformation inside our heart, inside our consciousness.

            -the Capricorn-Pisces stage

The two zodiacal Signs have in common the quality of profound, of all what concerns both the fundamental resources of the life and its subtle, divine origins. The septile Neptune-Pluto on the zodiacal Signs of Capricorn-Pisces motivates us in assuming superior responsibilities, our inner recover, our planetary mission, as all the human races had whenever the big cosmic cycles changed themselves. Such a septile helps us to understand that are here, on Earth, at an inner transformation school, meant to bring us closer and closer to GOD.

What could offer us the septile Neptune-Pluto?

Being so long, it becomes, firstly, a characteristic aspect of the generations born under it. Because the outer planets are much more important for the spiritual transformations at the level of the human thinking and feeling, this septile has to be understood spiritually. The intellectual ego, the dense ignorance, the foolish need for power and richness, for pleasures and low satisfactions could act like filters, bad filters between human being and the sublime energies of these planets. We can consider Neptune as the energy of the Divine Knowledge and Truth (Jnana) and Pluto as the energy of the Divine Will (Iccha). They support us in abandoning ourselves in front of the GOD’s Will, in accessing the Divine Laws, in receiving the Divine inspiration in any artistic field, compassion and non-possessiveness (Aparigraha).

The septile Neptune-Pluto could indicate the end of all what could be considered as demoniacal and punk – a general crisis at the planetary political level, the wild corruption of mankind through political and financial power, the parasitical action of all kind of religious “systems”, the appearance of extremely severe illnesses, the failure of the most allopathic medicine, the sub-commercial creativity (see the tv-novels), the danger of the officinal industry and the sexual ruin of the human being.

On the other hand, the sincere spiritual seekers and the authentic spiritual paths could reap the fruits of their constant spiritual practice (sadhana), of their firm and deep faith in GOD, of their trust in the power of Well, Beauty, Harmony and Divine Order. As Kali Yuga begins its end, new spiritual ideals, new esthetic tendencies, real spiritual brotherhoods could appear. At the same time the true and old spiritual traditions, the occult spiritual initiations, the divinatory arts, the spiritual healings could resurrect themselves and the human society could restructure itself.

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