The words “Rise” and “Position” and Nadi Texts By Dr. Prof. D. A. Negandhi, India

Word rise is used in many contexts. Mostly, it relates to income and post or position. By reading such type of horoscope  it is clearly found that, in the life of the native four next houses or four previous houses from Saturn
are most important.

There are two such cases, where the inveterate enemies of Saturn are either in previous four houses to Saturn or in the next 4 houses from Saturn. There, the sage has clearly written that, up to 30 years of age (one complete transit round of Saturn), are unimportant years (rather than useless) of the native’s life. Similarly, when such enemies are in next four houses (or in front) to them only the FORTUNE or bhagya is up to 30 years of the age of the native, or rise will be only up to 30 years of the native. Both the cases are discussed below at Chart no. 1431 and at Chart no. 1494. In some cases, when native is not having favorable things the forecasts are made about the children (Chart no. 1274) at what time they will rise high.

In one case, native who is squandering away the properties  in that case, best period of father and (Charts no. 1468/368) of his high rise is narrated. In one case of “YOGA of BIG FORTUNE” or “Maha Bhagya Yoga” (Chart no. 0467) due to rise in business the life of the native will be uplifted. The period of rise is narrated in this case.

In most of the cases, rise is due to:
1. Sun is in his own house or
2. Venus-Mercury in own house or
3. Jupiter progresses ahead and getting the contacts of beneficial planets also
give high rise or
4. Slow rises given by Saturn-Mercury combination.
Ultimately “rised state” is known as high position. High position is given by Saturn-Ketu-Sun-Jupiter or Sun-Mars-Ketu combinations.

All the charts are discussed below. It is very difficult to give all charts in CHART FORMAT but instead, all EIGHT and three (TOTAL 8) charts are given in tabular form.

Table of charts “Giving rise” along with their planetary positions:


In Chart no. 1302 and sub-chart no. 052, there are Sun in Virgo. Rahu is in Taurus. Mars is in 10 th house, namely Gemini. Here Sun-Mars are in center to each other. Therefore, this boy will be employed in government. Sun-Mars
combination gives promotion. And there afterwards, Sun-Mars+Rahu will play his role. Rahu will give a push-back effect. And therefore, this boy will be reverted to his original position. But, soon after Sun of Virgo there are Venus-Mercury in the next house. They are highly powerful. It is because Libra is the own sign of Venus and it is an exaltation sign for Saturn. Sun + VENUS MERCURY means, the Government JOB. Saturn is in the next house Scorpio (with Ketu). The sage therefore, has written that “When Jupiter will transit on Virgo and Libra this boy will be taken back, in his original position and he will rise high (Venus-Mercury-Saturn). It will be at 54 years of this boy. (At 48-49, he must have been reverted)”.

In the next Chart no. 1385 and sub-chart no. 025 there are Mars and Saturn in Gemini. Ketu is in cancer. And in the third house to Saturn, there are Sun-Venus-Mercury, and are in Leo. The sage has written that, “There will be several obstructions”. As Sun is powerful, being placed in own house with Mercury. Therefore, “the native will rise high”. But at the same time, the sage has written that, “He will not rise high”. It is due to one principle that, “When Sun and Venus are in the same house (and degree wise there must be SUN and then VENUS and then Mercury) the person will lose the job. Whatever the big post he had achieved will be lost”. Thus, this is a second thought. That is why the sage has withdrawn his words.


Third Chart is given at no. 1303 sub-chart no. 053. Both the chart no. 052 and 053 are same in Nandi-nadi. But the results are different. There in the above chart (052) the sage was not satisfied and he had withdrawn the words “rise”. Here in this chart also, there is Saturn-Ketu in Scorpio. (Here there must be Sun-Mercury- Venus in Leo). Here Jupiter is in Aries. Middle four houses from Sagittarius to Pisces are vacant. “This boy will get service at 24 years of his age. He will raise high at the age of 30”. It is because here Saturn 1st meets Jupiter (not to Ketu).
The sage has commented that, “Sun-Mercury-Venus has next Ketu and therefore this boy will do some business and will earn considerably”. Here it should be noted that, Venus-KETU combination is more beneficial than Venus-Mars
Next Chart is given at no. 1399, sub-chart no. 039. Here Jupiter is in his own house, Sagittarius. In the 4th from him there are Sun and Mercury in Pisces. (This SUN meets first his best friend Mars in Taurus). Here SUN and Jupiter, both are in center to each others which will give Government job to the native. Therefore, “this boy will get high post in government. When Jupiter will pass from the 7th house to Sun (from Virgo, at the age 45 or 57 years old)  this boy will get high rise in his profession. He will be very rich and own houses because there is an exchange between Saturn and Venus forming Saturn-Venus combination”. In the next charts, other principles are applied and they are also to be remembered like the principle of “planets in 3rd and 4th house they jointly create a yoga, for the main planet” etc.

Next Chart is given at no. 1353, sub-chart no. 153. Here in this chart, Saturn is in Aquarius. Next three houses are vacant. Mars is in Gemini. Ketu-Mercury- Venus are in Cancer. Sun is in Leo. And Jupiter is in Virgo. Here there is a
combination of Mars-Sun-Jupiter (Please refer the principle of “planets in 3 rd and 4 th house makes a yoga for the main planet”). Over and above, Venus-Mercury combination is in 7th from Saturn also creating “Bhagya Yoga”. Therefore, “this boy will begin to earn at age of 22 or 23. Between the age of 26 to 28 (age 27 is the year = 24+3 = 27 the year = 4th house from Jupiter). Due to the aspects of Mars-Sun-Jupiter. This boy will rise high and will get a Government job. It is because of the powerful Sun, who is placed in his own house”. Next Chart is given at no. 1343, sub-chart no. 143. In this chart, there are Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Saturn is in the opposite sign (Capricorn). That is why there is a re-reflectionary aspect between Saturn and Mercury. And also between Saturn and Sun. Saturn-Sun are inveterate enemies. Therefore, they will give slow rise to the native. (In case of Saturn and Mercury when both this planets are combined together they give delay, idleness, fear, frustration etc.) Sun-Mercury has Ketu in the next house. Ketu also SHOWS progress. Due to SUN-KETU, it will be a slow progress. Sun-Mercury always show treasury. “This boy will be employed in a government treasury at the age 20/21. He will rise slowly. In the second, there are Venus and Ketu in Leo. In the 3 rd house there are Jupiter and Mars in Virgo. (Ketu and Mars
will also slow down the speed of progress). This boy will get a good position between the ages of 28 to 30. (‘Jupiter will progress ahead’, than ‘transiting Saturn’ at the age 28 or 29)”.

Next two charts are having inimical positions of Saturn. In Chart no. 1431, sub- chart no. 331, there are Mars in Gemini and Moon in Cancer. Sun and Saturn are in Leo (Mars-Moon-Sun-Saturn). It is not a good position for Saturn, as Moon and Mars are inveterate enemies of Saturn. Mercury-Venus-Ketu are in Virgo. Here Saturn is finding Ketu in the 2 nd house. It will not give progress, but will give push- back effects =12+12 = up to 24 years of age, will not be much beneficial. TRANSIT: As Jupiter is in Capricorn, in the 3 rd round, at the age 30, he will come
to Cancer in transit. Saturn is also there at the age 27 to 29. At the age 31 “Jupiter will progress ahead” than “transiting Saturn”. As per IMAGINARY RULES, such Mars and Moon will not give much fortune to Saturn. And therefore, the Saturn will contact Mercury and Venus, at the age 31 in Virgo. Thus the VIRGO YEAR will be beneficial. Therefore, the great sage has written that, “This boy will rise only after 31 years of age. And at the age of 35/36 (7 th to Mars and Mars has Sun-Ketu combination = at that time IMAGINARILLY, Venus will meet Mars and Ketu.). He will get sounder position”. Here it must be noted that Mars and Moon are in backside of the Saturn. And therefore they will not allow the good position for the native up to the age of 29.
Next Chart is given at no. 1494, sub-chart no. 394. In this chart there is an adverse situation, than the above chart no. 1431/331. In this chart Saturn-Rahu are in Scorpio. Next is Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius. Not only has that, but here Saturn has Jupiter and Venus in 10th house from Saturn. Jupiter and Venus are in Leo. In the 11th house from Saturn, there are Sun and Mercury of Virgo. Here the sage has remarked that, “this boy will rise
only up to 30 years of his age”. It clearly means that, Saturn will find difficult situation, after 30 years of the age of the native. Thus, for such analysis as given above both the charts namely 1431 and 1494 are very much interesting.

Next three charts are co-related with either children or with father or with the life of the native. First, Chart no. 1274 sub-chart no. 174 is taken. In this chart, Mars is in Leo. Mars has Sun and Mercury in the next house and Jupiter in the 4th house making Mars-Sun-Jupiter combination. Therefore, the great sage has written that, “This Jupiter will give HIGH PROMOTION, between 35-36 and again 44-45 of age of the native. He will have more chances for ELEVATION”. The sage has not used the word “rise” for the native. Here basically there is a combination
of Saturn-Mars-Ketu. Further, the sage has stated that, “two children of this boy, will rise to VERY HIGH POSITION in their life”. (The children will be Sun and Jupiter, as both have aspect of Mars-Sun-Jupiter and in addition to that, both the planets are having the aspects of Mercury and Venus).

The next Chart is given at no. 1468 sub-chart no. 368. Here in this chart, there is Venus in Gemini. In the next house, there is Mars-Mercury-Ketu combination.
In the 3 rd house powerful Sun is in Leo. And in the 4 th from Venus, there is Saturn in Virgo. Saturn has Rahu in TRINE, forming Saturn-Rahu combination. Here, the sage has given details about the father of the native. Here the sun has, Saturn- Rahu-Jupiter combination in the next house. Thus, “father will start his life as a low paid servant (Saturn-Rahu)”. The reason is given that there is Sun-Saturn combination. But “father will rise high (Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu combination)”. Further the argument given is that, “As Jupiter is in the house of Venus and Venus
himself is in 10 th house from Saturn, father will collect great wealth during his life. Father will rise high, when Saturn of this native, will contact Jupiter (or at the age[0+ trine 10+ second trine 10 = at the age 20] at age of 19 to 21).

Third Chart is given at no. 0467. Here in this chart Rahu-Ketu are not given. Here Saturn is in Virgo. Next three houses are vacant. 12 th house and 7 th house both are vacant. Only in 10 th house there is Mars. This Saturn has Venus in 5 th house (Capricorn) and Jupiter in Taurus is in 9 th house from Saturn. Now Saturn- Jupiter combination is having Mars in center at one side. And on the other side Sun-Mercury are in center to Saturn-Jupiter combination. Mars is not a helpful planet to Saturn. But Mercury is a planet who will help Saturn. Thus, once again
Sun-Mercury has Jupiter-Saturn combination in the 4 th house. The sage has clearly written that, “This boy will RAISE HIGH in his life (Jupiter-Sun-Mars) with the help of trade (Mercury) or business, which he will take”. Or in other words, trade will help him to rise in life.

All the above charts are discussed in GROUPS and one by one, below. Next six charts (3+3 repeated charts from above) are showing “high position” or “good position” in life either of the native or of his relatives.

First Chart is given at no. 1386, sub-chart no. 026. Here in this chart there are Saturn and Ketu in Cancer. And in center to Saturn, there is Sun of Libra. In the 7 th house there is Rahu in Capricorn. In the 10 th house to them, there is Jupiter in Aries. The sage has stated that, “(because of Saturn-Sun-Jupiter combination) this boy will get high position at the end of his life (Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu). He will be an owner of religious institutions which will be on seashore (Ketu is in watery sign)”.
Next Chart is given at no. 1409, sub-chart no. 049. In this chart, words “good position” are used. Here in this chart, Saturn and Ketu are in Scorpio. (In the 3 rd house, there are Mars and Venus.) In the 4 th , there are Sun and Mercury. The calculation of years is given by the sage Nandikeshvara. Due to Saturn-Ketu, his first job will be ordinary. Jupiter is in Pisces. (For year calculations, Jupiter is in middle). As per principle, 4 th house is directly connected there is Saturn+ Sun- Ketu combination. “This boy will achieve improvements, between the age 21 to
28”. It means at the age 22. (Jupiter+ 11 th house Mars-Venus= 12+10 =22). Before 28 th year means before the year of Rahu (=25+2). Thus, the center points from SATURN are working first. It may please be marked that The
HAPPENINGS are calculated from Saturn. And YEARS are calculated from JUPITER. TRANSIT: “At the age 30 this boy will get a good position in life. It will be the year of Leo, means (24/25+5= 30). (When Jupiter will combine with Saturn in transit, at the age 32-33) he will achieve the good position first. Again 2 nd time, at the age 52 this boy will get a big lift in job”.

Next Chart is given at no. 1421, sub-chart no. 321. Here there are Sun and Moon in Virgo. (They are after, Saturn and Venus of Leo. Therefore, the sage has written that, “This boy will SQUANDER AWAY most of the wealth. And then afterwards this boy will progress in government job (Saturn-Sun combination).
(Due to Ketu-Mars Mercury in Libra in 2 nd from Sun-Moon) this boy will get a high position (Sun-Mars-Ketu) in government job. It will be in commerce or business department of the GOVERNMENT.

Next chart is taken which is given at no. 1431/331. Here in this chart, it is stated that, “This boy will get a SOUND POSITION at the age 35/36”. This native is having Sun and Saturn in Leo. Jupiter is in Capricorn. TRANSIT EFFECTS: At the age 31 both transiting planet Saturn and Jupiter will combine in Leo. There afterwards, Jupiter will progress ahead and it will enter in Virgo where Mercury-Venus-Ketu are placed. As it is recorded earlier that
“exalted Mercury with debilitated Venus creates “Nich bhanga RAJ YOGA”. Here the principle of “planets in center to each other” and the principle of “planets placed in 2 nd and 4 th ” and “planets in 3 rd and 4th ” are working. Therefore the sage has stated that, “This boy will rise, after 31 years of his age”. As Mars is in Gemini, and in 3 rd house there is Sun and in 4 th there is Ketu forms MARS-SUN- KETU combination. Aquarius is a point where Sun and Mars both are giving there aspects. Therefore this native will get a sound position at the age of 35/36.
Immediately afterwards, due to Jupiter-Moon opposition. “This boy will be transferred or will get change of the place”. Thus, this is really a great science of planets, which helps the society at a large.
Next Charts no. 1343 and no.1274 are repeated charts.

Next chart is given at no. 1343, sub-chart no. 143. Earlier this chart was evaluated for “slow rise”. Sun-Saturn opposition gives slow rise. As Saturn have planets in center to him. It will start giving immediate effects. But Saturn has Rahu in next house effects will be given not in second transit round of Jupiter but it will give effects in third (if first is considered for BALYA AVASHA then 2 nd ) transit round of Jupiter (between 24 and 36 years of age).
Here Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. Venus-Ketu are in Leo. Jupiter and Mars are in Virgo. Saturn is in Capricorn. Sun is in Virgo and Saturn is getting 7 th aspect of Sun. Sun and Mars are in 3 rd and 11 th houses from each other, but there are planets from Sun to Mars (and no vacant houses are there in the midst or in between). Here, Saturn is getting aspects of both, SUN and MARS. Jupiter has to cross 4 houses to reach such Saturn. It means, 24+4=28 (direct aspect of Sun).

Therefore, “this boy will get (not high position but) good position between the age 28 and 30”.
Last Chart is given at no. 1274, sub-chart no. 174. Here the words are use “two children will rise to a very high position”. In this chart Mars is in Leo. Sun and Mercury are in Virgo. Here Mercury is exalted. Venus in Libra is in her own houseand is powerful. Saturn is in Aquarius and Jupiter is in Scorpio. Principle of “planets that are in CENTER to EACH OTHER” is only applicable to the native.
Here in this case of CHILDREN, TRINE combinations are important. Here (1) Exalted mercury has the aspects of Mars and Sun. Next he meets his best friends VENUS and SATURN in the next house. Thus SECOND, powerful planet is VENUS or Saturn (who has LESS degree in the house). They both become EXTREMELY POWERFUL.
Now SUN and VENUS are the children. Therefore the GREAT SAGE has stated that “Two children of the native/ this boy WILL RISE TO A VERY HIGH POSITION. They will hold best post and will EARN WELL”.
Thus, seeing all the above cases, if SUN, who is in his OWN HOUSE and if SUCH SUN is connected with Saturn, directly or indirectly gives RISE to the native. If SUCH SUN, is either with KETU or with MARS it will give HIGH RISE to the native. In case of SATURN-SUN opposition it will give RISE. But the RISE will be SLOW. Cases of RISE, like RISE AFTER PARTICULAR YEAR of age and RISE BEFORE THE PARTICULAR age of the native are very much
INTERESTING CASES (Charts No. 1431 and Chart No. 1494).
While SUN-MARS or SUN-KETU are giving GOOD POSITION. If both are COMBINED or SUN-MARS-KETU are combined it gives VERY HIGH POSITION to the native.

II Shree Krishna Arpanam Astu II