The year of 7 Eclipses that follow the comet Hale-Bopp Foci

and Mayan calendar Bifurcation point

© Sergey Smelyakov

December 18, 2010

The Tropical year associated with the cardinal points of the Tropical Zodiac is used as the base for civil and astronomical time count. It is also known that the Winter Solstice is associated in many cultures with giving birth to a “new” Sun and various deities. The epoch of Winter Solstice is also used in astrology for compiling forecasts for the year it starts. That is why the Moon Eclipse (Dec. 21, 2010) on Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) is so important; the more so since it opens the series of 6 more Eclipses in 2010 before the end of this Tropical year.

But what makes all these 7 Eclipses even more dangerous is their tense synchronism with the comet Hale-Bopp’s Foci [1] which had started to manifest themselves so fiercely in climatic, engineering and social extremities in 2009 and 2010 [2]. As the previous years show, such synchronism causes a resonances in manifestations of factors of influence specific to both objects concerned. So, the dates of concentration of the respective phenomena are specified by the following resonances (with a 5 day orb corresponding to 5° orb in Ecliptic):  

* The very beginning of the Tropical year, that is the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21), starts with the Total Moon Eclipse (Dec. 21) that coincides with the Focus T1 (Dec. 21).

* A short time later, the Solar Eclipse (Jan. 4) takes place at the Focus T2 (Jan. 3).

* After then, the Solar Eclipse (July 1) takes place close to Focus T6 (July 4).

* A short time later, the resonant Full Moon (July 15) takes place at the midpoint of the Focus T6’ (July 14) and bifurcation point BP17 (July 16) of the Infinite Auric Spiral of Time of the Mayan Calendar [3] – the only one in the year of 2011.

And we actually see that starting from a 5-day orb of the Winter Solstice (viz. from Dec. 16-17, 2010) the snow drifts  and frost have blocked the Central and even the Southern Europe, as well as the USA; the unprecedented number of people (1700) were arrested in Moscow streets in prevention of inter-ethnic clashes, etc.

Therefore, the comet Hale-Bopp’s Foci and Bifurcation Point BP17 form a background for intensification of  effects specified by other astrological objects; first of all – by Eclipses. On the other hand, since some Foci of the comet HB were specified by the Eclipses of 1997, and in 2011 the HB’s Foci are tightly tangled with the Eclipses and Bifurcation Point BP17, the manifestations of all HB’s Foci, and especially – of the mentioned ones, could become even more severe than what we observed in 2010 in Spring and Summer (as forecasted) [2] and range from extreme weather abnormalities and quakes to large-scale crashes and technogeneous catastrophes, social and international explosions – as specified by the HB’s Factors of influence; moreover, they may engender new trends (e.g. the grounds exist to presume that this year the quakes may affect Southern Europe).



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