Timing Cupid-From A Researchers Diary By Ron Bippus, Canada

Ron Bippus is a professional Astrologer with 35 years experience. Ron has re-typed all of William Lilly’s “Christian Astrology” and it is now available in modern English. This is the most informative book ever written on the art of horary astrology. As well, Ron has turned Lilly’s horary astrology information into a modern horary textbook entitled appropriately enough the “Horary Handbook”. He lives and practices in Toronto, Canada.

Many people have wondered about the magic that drives the timing of love and romance. All sorts of theories have been proposed, some of them rational and some of them clearly not.


Rules of the Love Game


  1. In astrology, the houses that deal with relationships are the 1st and 7th houses or ascendant/descendant axis. For this reason it is also known as the relationship axis and the signs on its cusps indicate the native’s ability and desire to form partnerships, whether these are romantic or business relationships. The planets that rule the signs that are on the cusps of these houses are crucial to motivating people to start relationships. The 1st house and its ruler represent the personal motivations of the native or person who owns that natal chart. The 7th house and its ruler indicate the marriage partner.
  2. In classical astrology, the Moon always co-rules the ascendant or 1st house and describes the native’s emotional needs. Therefore, it is as important in relationships as the planets that rule the sign on the 1st house cusp. The ascendant/descendant axis and its rulers are always involved at the start of a relationship.
  3. The 10th and 4th houses or MC/IC axis is also involved in relationships because having the ability to earn money and

financially support a marriage partner and children is crucial to long term stability. The 10th house or MC rules career or business and allows the native to earn the

financial resources needed to support a marriage partner. The 4th house rules the home and family and if the MC/IC axis or its rulers are activated by dynamic aspects then the relationship generally grows into

a marriage. Especially effective are easy aspects to the MC/IC axis because a trine to the MC also is a sextile to the IC; a flourishing career or business provides the

native with the money to turn a romantic relationship into a marriage. A square to the MC is also a square to the IC, and if a relationship starts under such difficult aspects it is not as likely to evolve into marriage. Dynamic aspects to the Nodes may also activate the relationship drive, but generally this is a minor issue unless the Nodes are conjunct the angles and so drive a strong need for new social connections.


  1. The 5th house and its ruler signify the native’s sexual attraction or romantic feelings and the desire to procreate and have children. You don’t need to be married to have sex and children, but it is beneficial for the children if they grow up in a stable home under the nurturing guidance of both parents. The 5th house and its ruler generate intense excitement and romantic feelings and are always involved at the start of romantic relationships for at least one of the partners.
  2. When the planets that rule the angles are moved by some dynamic method such as progression, direction or transit and thereby make aspects to natal points then the native will feel the urge for companionship. Or the reverse can also be true, with these planetary rulers of the angles being aspected by any dynamic planet.
  3. The dynamic methods most obviously useful in relationships are Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc directions, except where the angles are in signs ruled by Jupiter or Saturn. Jupiter rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. In the above cases the transits are just as important as progressions. I use both the classical and modern planetary rulers of the signs since the documented data clearly show that they both work. This means that Uranus is co- ruler of Aquarius and Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio. However, I always look at the classical rulers first since they are much more often involved than the modern rulers. Venus and Mars play no role in the beginning of a romance unless they rule an angle or the 5th house. In this case even their transits to natal planets and angles are useful in triggering relationships.

In most cases it is quite easy to see who fell first or deeper in love by looking at the number of dynamic aspects that activate the important relationship points. People who have a dozen dynamic aspects activating the relationship points all at the same time have little choice but to feel a deep need for romantic involvement. Whether the partner’s chart is activated to the same extent does not seem to matter all that much. Generally, the more enthusiastic partner powers the relationship and sweeps the other person off their feet. The above conclusions are based on the analysis of 27 relationships, some of them celebrities, others very ordinary people. What they all have in common is that they all react to exactly the same planetary influences.


Below follows a detailed analysis of the romance between Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. She was a B movie star who met Cuban born band leader Desi Arnaz on the set of the movie Too Many Girls in May of 1940 and they got married six months later. Lucille Ball was born on the 6th of August 1911, at 17:00 in Jamestown, New York. This gives her chart Capricorn rising with Venus ruled Libra on the 10th and Taurus on the 5th. Assertive Mars ruled Aries is on the 4th house cusp. Her father died when Lucy was four years old, and she was raised mostly by her maternal grandparents. At sixteen she was sent to acting school by her mother to keep her away from criminal friends. Her acting skills were not particularly good, and she ended up playing roles in low grade movies. One of these parts was a role in the movie Too Many Girls.

In order to set the stage for how the romance worked out I looked at the transits for a time period of four months, starting with the month before the relationship began. That way I could see the astrological motivators before, during and after the start of the relationship. I also looked at progressions and directions for two months before and after the beginning of the romance. Let us look at the progressions first.

In the following section I will state the dynamic aspect followed by its psychological interpretation. In March, Lucy had Solar Arc Mercury, which is natally in her 8th house of debt, square her Moon in the 1st. She needed money badly and felt stressed because of it. In April her progressed Moon trined Venus ruler 5th and 10th, so she was ready to accept a new 5th house love and romance as well as 10th house career and financial opportunities. By July the progressed Moon had conjoined natal Uranus in the 1st, bringing the excitement and thrill of a new relationship with the sexy and much younger Desi Arnaz. Next the progressed Moon squared the MC/IC axis, driving the need to expand her career as well as cement her relationship to Arnaz by marriage and buying a home.

In April Saturn ruler 1st was transiting her 4th and trine the Ascendant and conjunct the North Node; this set the stage for the focus on her relationship and family security needs. By May, Saturn opposed Jupiter in the 10th, indicating that maybe her relationship with Desi brought her unwanted notoriety at work. She really worried about the age difference. Saturn also trined the Moon ruler 7th; she was obviously happy to have found a lover who met her emotional needs. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct the 4th house cusp and trine the Ascendant, again repeating the need for home and marriage.

In June, transiting Saturn trined Mercury, indicating her finances were much better now. Transiting Uranus co-ruler 2nd trined Venus, repeating the theme of greatly improved finances and also highlighting the sexual intensity of her new found romance. Transiting Jupiter trined Moon ruler 7th, bringing thoughts of marriage to her mind. Transiting Saturn squared natal Sun, indicating Lucy`s fear of social disapproval of her relationship with a man who was six years younger. They eventually agreed to lie about their age and both claimed to be born in 1914. Saturn then conjoined Mars ruler 4th in the 4th, driving the need for marriage and a common family home.

Desiderio Arnaz was born on the 2nd of March 1917 at 12:17 PM, in Santiago de Cuba on the island of Cuba. This gives him 23 Gemini rising, Pisces on the 10th and Libra on the 5th house of romance. His family fled to the USA because of political troubles, and Desi was raised in Miami. In April 1940 he had Solar Arc Mars ruler 6th of work and 11th of business income, which is natally conjunct the MC, square the natal Moon. This activated his career and work ambition as well as his sex drive. In May the progressed Moon sextiled Mars, sextiled the Sun and sextiled the MC. His career and finances were doing fabulously well and he could well afford to think about relationships.

In April transiting Jupiter ruler 7th and 10th sextiled Mercury ruler 1st, sextiled Uranus, sextiled Ascendant, squared Saturn. The need to start a relationship must have taken over his whole life. He was in love with love but had serious intentions with Saturn involved. Transiting Saturn squared Neptune co-ruler 10th, conjoined Jupiter and sextiled the Moon. With Neptunes involvement he just had to find his goddess and his feelings were over the top. Also in May Uranus squared Mercury ruler 1st, and the need for the wild excitement of a new love was definitely on his mind.

In May transiting Neptune squared the ascendant, indicating the likelihood of falling helplessly in love and idealizing his partner to the utmost. Transiting Jupiter sextiled Venus ruler 5th, sextiled Pluto, squared Neptune, conjoined natal Jupiter. The need to expand his social and professional relationships as well as his romantic life was on his mind when he met Lucy.

June transiting Jupiter

In June transiting Jupiter sextiled the Moon in his 1st and transiting Saturn sextiled the Sun in his 10th and sextiled the MC. Desi’s career and relationship were doing incredibly well and his romance with Lucy was seen in a positive light by the movie producers. In July transiting Neptune squared the ascendant/descendant axis. The time had come to take this romance to the next level and move forward with a commitment. Transiting Jupiter sextiled Mars, Sun, and the MC. The movie really boosted his career and allowed him to consider a permanent arrangement like marriage. Transiting Pluto co-ruler 6th of work conjoined Neptune. The fame and fortune he had hungered for were falling in his lap. Desi and Lucy were married on the 30th of November 1940. The marriage failed all too soon due to his constant extramarital affairs. He simply could not turn down an offer of sex from a woman. The rules for predicting romance in a chart are simple and predictable and appear to work all of the time. One needs to see the rulers of some or all four of the angles activated, either by being aspected by dynamic planets or these rulers of angles themselves moving through the chart and activating other planets. It doesn’t seem to matter in which direction the energy flows, as long as it relates to the angles. Throw in the Moon as the indicator of the native’s emotional needs and the ruler of the 5th for romance and excitement and the picture is mostly complete.


  1. Male – Ron Bippus – 5 Feb 1945, 8:02 AM, Slupsk, Poland

Female – Barbara Bippus – 1 Nov 1946, 12:30 London, England

Met on her 23rd birthday, 1 Nov 1969.

He had: SA ASC sextile Mars, PR Moon ruler 5th trine Sun ruler 7th, sextile MC, SA Venus sextile ASC,

TR Uranus co-ruler 1st conjunct Neptune in his 7th, and TR Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter in the 7th. TR Jupiter trine Sun ruler 7th, sextile MC, trine ASC, TR Saturn sextile Saturn, TR Neptune square ASC/DES

She had SA Jupiter sextile Moon ruler 7th, PR Moon sextile Neptune and conjunct SN, TR Jupiter trine Uranus in the 5th, square Moon, TR Uranus trine Saturn ruler 1st 

Married on 24 Aug 1974

He had TR Pluto square Saturn ruler 1st, and TR Saturn trine Moon, conjunct NN, TR Jupiter trine Moon, PR Moon opposite Uranus co-ruler 1st, sextile Sun ruler 7th

She had PR Moon square Jupiter and Sun, opposite Saturn ruler 1st, SA ASC trine NN, TR Saturn ruler 1st conjunct Descendant.

  1. Male – Ron Bippus – 5 Feb 1945, 8:02 AM, Slupsk, Poland

Female – Donna Ritch, 3 Oct 1951, 7:35:47 AM, Toronto, Canada

First Date 8 Jul 2006

She had PR Mars ruler 7th conjunct Mercury, SA Mars ruler 7th conjunct the ascendant, PR Moon trine Node conjunct natal Moon; SA ASC Sxt Neptune

TR Jupiter ruler 5th trine NN, conjunct Moon, trine Uranus; TR Neptune co-ruler 5th trine natal Neptune; TR Saturn ruler 4th trine Jupiter, sextile Sun, square Moon ruler 10th, sextile Neptune co-ruler 5th, conjunct Pluto; TR Mars ruler 7th Sxt Neptune ruler 5th,  sextile ASC; TR Venus ruler 1st Sxt Jupiter 5th,Tri Neptune co-ruler 5th.

He had PR Moon trine Uranus co-ruler 1st, SA Jupiter ruler 10th square ASC/DES, square Moon ruler 5th, conjunct Sun ruler 7th; SA ASC square Mercury ruler 4th; PR MC conjunct Sun ruler 7th

TR Saturn ruler 1st conjunct Pluto, sextile Uranus co-ruler 1st, square Moon ruler 5th, opposite Sun ruler 7th, trine MC; TR Neptune sextile MC; TR Jupiter ruler 10th

Cnj Moon, Sqr Sun, Tri Node.

Married 12 Sep 2008

He had PR Moon ruler 5th square Uranus co-ruler 1st, trine Moon, SA Mars opposite Jupiter ruler 10th, TR Saturn square Uranus, sextile Moon, TR Jupiter sextile Moon

She had TR Jupiter ruler 5th opposite Uranus, TR Saturn ruler 4th sextile Moon ruler 10th and Uranus, conjunct SN

  1. Female – Donna White, 3 Oct 1951,7:35 AM, Toronto, Canada

Male – Bob Ritch 16 May 1949 – Toronto, Canada- No birth time

First Date: 1st of June, 1971

She had PR Moon coruler 1st sextile Mercury, PR Sun sextile Mars ruler 7th, SA Pluto sextile Moon co-ruler 1st. TR Saturn square Mars ruler 7th, sextile MC;  TR Jupiter ruler 5th square Mars ruler 7th, trine MC; TR Neptune coruler 5th sextile Mercury

Married 5 Jul 1974

She had PR MC conjunct Pluto ruler 2nd, PR Moon conjunct SN

TR Saturn square natal Saturn ruler 4th and Jupiter ruler 5th, trine Moon ruler 10th, trine NN, TR Uranus conjunct ASC,

  1. 5. Female – Amy Bippus – 17 Dec 1983, 10:37 AM, Toronto, Canada

Male – Derek Sturge – 15 Aug 1979, 7:30 PM, Owen Sound, Canada

First Date – 21 Sep 2002

She had: PR ASC square Uranus co-ruler 1st, PR Moon sextile Uranus, conjunct ASC, TR Jupiter ruler 10th trine MC, conjunct DES, square Saturn, TR Saturn ruler 1st opposite Sun ruler 7th and opposite Neptune

He had:  TR Jupiter ruler 10th conjunct Mercury ruler 5th, sextile Moon,

SA MC trine Venus in the 7th, PR Moon sextile Moon

Broke-up Sep 2008

  1. Lucille Ball – 6 Aug 1911, 17:00, Jamestown, NY

Desi Arnaz- 2 March 1917, 12:17 PM, Santiago de Cuba

Met on set of film Too Many Girls May 1940, married 6 months later

She had SA Mercury Sqr Moon; PR Moon Tri Venus ruler 5th, Cnj Uranus, Sqr MC
TR Saturn Trine ASC, Cnj Node,

Saturn Opp Jupiter, Tri Moon; TR Jupiter Tri ASC, Cnj IC;

TR Saturn Trine Mercury; Uranus Trine Venus, TR Jupiter Trine Moon, TR Saturn Sqr Sun, Cnj Mars

He had SA Mars Sqr Moon; PR Moon Sxt Mars, Sxt Sun, Sxt MC
TR Jup ruler 7th and 10th Sxt Mercury ruler 1st, Sxt Uranus, Sxt ASC, Sqr Saturn; TR Saturn ruler 8th Sqr Neptune coruler 10th, Cnj Jupiter, Sxt  Moon; Uranus  Sqr Mercury.

TR Neptune coruler 10th Sqr ASC, TR Jupiter ruler 10th and 7th Sxt Venus ruler 5th, Sxt Pluto, Sqr Neptune, Cnj Jupiter.

TR Jupiter Sxt Moon, TR Saturn Sxt Sun in 10th, Sxt MC.
TR Neptune coruler 10th Sqr ASC; TR Jupiter ruler 7th and 10th Sxt Mars, Sxt Sun, Sxt MC; TR Pluto Cnj Neptune,

Married 30 Nov 1940

  1. Kay Taylor – April 1, 1954, 6:33 am

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Klaus – February 24, 1942, 4:56 am

Bremen, Germany

First Date: February 18, 2001, 7 pm in Emeryville, CA

She had SA Mars ruler 1st sextile Sun ruler 5th; SA Venus ruler 7th square Moon; SA Neptune trine Sun ruler 5th;

TR Uranus sextile ASC, TR Neptune square Saturn ruler 10th; TR Mars trine Sun

He had TR Neptune Cnj Venus ruler 10th and 5th; Uranus Sxt ASC; Jupiter ruler 1st Sxt Pluto,          Sqr  Sun, Trine Venus, Uranus sqr Mars ruler 4th
PR Moon  Opp Venus ruler 10th and 5th; SA ASC Sqr Moon; SA Venus Trine Pluto; PR Moon Opposite Mercury ruler 7th, Sxt Jupiter ruler 1st, Sxt Moon.


October 12, 2006, 6:04 pm in Emeryville, CA

She had TR Saturn ruler 10th trine ASC, TR Uranus sextile MC, TR Jupiter sextile natal Node.

He had Saturn square Mars ruler 4th, trine ASC, PR Moon sextile ASC, TR Jupiter opposite Mars

  1. Gary Paton: 4-10-1968 Fairfax, Virginia. 3:06am

Caroline 12-06-1966 12:20am Takoma Park, Maryland

First Date –Jan 11, 1998 sometime in the late morning. we had breakfast and then I showed her around town

She had PR Moon conjunct Neptune ruler 7th, trine Saturn ruler 5th, conjunct Mercury ruler 1st – TR Jupiter ruler 7th square Mercury ruler 1st and square Neptune coruler 7th, trine MC, TR Saturn ruler 5th trine Sun.

He had TR Jupiter ruler 10th conjunct ASC and opposite Jupiter in the 7th and sextile Sun ruler 7th. TR Pluto trine Mercury. PR Mercury ruler 5th sextile natal Mercury.  PR Moon opposite Saturn ruler 1st, Trine ASC. TR Saturn conjunct natal Saturn, sextile ASC

They married later that year.

  1. Karen Bippus – 5 Nov 1976, 4:05 PM, Toronto

Jeff  Veerden – 29 Apr 1980

First Date – 5 July 2002

She had Pr Moon ruler 4th of home square MC/IC, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto. TR Jupiter square Ascendant/descendant. Saturn ruler 10th sextile ASC, trine DES, opposite Venus ruler 7th,

He had PR Moon conjunct Jupiter ruler 7th, sextile Moon, conjunct Saturn ruler 10th – TR Saturn ruler 10th conjunct Ascendant and square natal Saturn, opposite Neptune, trine MC, sextile Mercury ruler 5th – TR Jupiter ruler 7th trine Uranus ruler 10th and square Mercury ruler 5th.

He lacked self- esteem, later regretted involvement.

  1. Michael Avery: 3 Jul 1980, 19:30, London, England

Met new boyfriend 11 Aug 2008

She had SA MC Trine Pluto; PR Moon Sxt ASC; PR Mercury Trine Moon; PR Venus ruler 7th Trine Jupiter; SA Venus Sqr ASC

TR Saturn ruler 10th Sxt Uranus, Tri MC, Sqr Neptune, Sxt Mercury,  Sxt Sun ruler 5th;  TR Jup Sxt Sun, Neptune Sxt ASC; Uranus Sqr Venus ruler 7th, Trine Mars ruler 1st.

He had SA Moon Trine ASC; SA Mercury ruler 7th Trine        Neptune, Cnj Node, SA Mercury Sxt MC.

TR Saturn Cnj Jupiter ruler 1st, Sqr Venus ruler 10th, Sqr ASC; Uranus Cnj Moon,

  1. Caroline Kennedy – 16 Jun 1940, 10 PM, Toronto, Ontario

Relationship – Aug 2008 –married in November

She had TR Saturn ruler 1st Tri Jupiter, Sxt MC, Sxt Venus ruler 4th, Trine Saturn, Trine ASC, Sxt Moon; Uranus Tri Mars ruler 10th, Trine Mercury ruler 5th,
PR  Moon Cnj IC,  Sxt Venus ruler 4th, Cnj Saturn ruler 1st, Trine ASC; SA Moon  Trine Uranus 

  1. His birth data: Burcu Batur – 16 July 1978 , 7:25 a.m Istanbul Turkey
    His birth data: Omer Keskiner – 9 Mar 1978 , 2.20 a.m Istanbul Turkey
    Our first attraction was on 8 Sep 2008 , 21:00 Istanbul, Turkey
    Our first date was on 10 Nov 2007 ; 23:00 Istanbul, Turkey
    Our serious relationship started on 12 Jan 2008 ; 22:00 Istanbul, Turkey 

8th Sep 2007 – First meeting

He had TR Saturn ruler 7th       Square Moon, Saturn Conjunct Saturn

trine MC conjunct Venus, and Jupiter ruler 5th of romance trine ascendant.

TR Saturn trine MC, TR Jupiter Sextile Pluto, Trine ASC.

SA MC Square Saturn, SA Pluto Square ASC,

Both romance and marriage are indicated.

She had TR Saturn trine ASC, sextile Jupiter ruler 1st, TR Pluto opposite Jupiter, TR Uranus conjunct Moon. PR Moon opposite Pluto

A sudden shift in relationship values that lead to more than a friendship.

10 Nov 2007 – First date

She had TR Pluto Square Mercury ruler 7th, TR Jupiter ruler 1st sextile MC,

TR Jupiter square Mercury ruler 7th and Venus ruler 5th. TR Jupiter opposite Jupiter, TR Pluto conjunct ASC. SA Mercury ruler 7th sextile Jupiter ruler 1st.

SA Mars Sextile MC, PR Moon Trine Neptune

Marriage and home are possible, career will flourish. Good time to start a possible marriage.

He had SA Neptune square Pluto ruler 4th. SA Pluto square ASC/DES

Dreams of a home with Omer. PR ASC conjunct Venus. He is in love.

12 Jan 2007 – Committed relationship

He had Transiting Jupiter ruler 5th trine Venus and Trine MC, TR Pluto Trine Saturn ruler 7th.

Progressed Moon trine Saturn ruler 7th. SA ASC conjunct Venus, SA MC trine NN

Good time to pursue romantic and marriage goals.

She had TR Jupiter ruler 1st square Venus, square the Nodes.

PR Moon conjunct IC

She is ready to make new social connections and build a home.

  1. My ex-boyfriend and I had our first date on Jan. 26, 2007 at 8pm in Oshawa.

Debbie Seeney, Nov 2, 1958, 2:35pm, Belleville, Ontario

No data for the man.

She had TR Saturn ruler 12th square Jupiter ruler 1st, TR Jupiter square ASC, TR Uranus co-ruler 12th trine Jupiter,

SA Saturn square Jupiter ruler 1st. SA MC square Venus. Transiting Saturn trine natal Saturn, TR Jupiter trine Uranus; Transiting Neptune co-ruler 1st trine IC

The aspects are mostly hard, so the relationship was doomed from the beginning. They broke up 9 months later.

  1. Brad Pitt – 18 Dec 1963, 6:31, Shawnee, Oklahoma

    Angelina Jolie – 4 Jun 1975, 9:09, Los Angeles, California

Romance began on set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, November 2003, Australia

She had Pr Sun square Mars ruler 5th and Pr Moon square Venus and Ascendant

Tr Saturn ruler 7th square Moon ruler 1st and square Mars ruler 5th, TR Neptune sextile Mars ruler 5th, Tr Jupiter sextile Saturn ruler 7th, Tr Saturn square Mars, TR Pluto co-ruler 5th sextile IC.

He had Pr Moon opposite Mercury ruler 7th and trine Neptune ruler 4th; SA ASC conjunct Moon, Tr Jupiter ruler 1st trine Mercury ruler 7th, sextile Neptune ruler 4th. 

  1. Richard Burton – 10 Nov 1925, 14:48, Pontrhydyfen, Wales

Elizabeth Taylor – 27 Feb 1932, 2:00, Hampstead, England

Met and fell in love during the shooting of Cleopatra in Rome – Jul 1961

She had – Pr Moon trine Jupiter ruler 1st – SA Neptune conjunct MC, SA ASC trine Neptune, Pr Moon trine Uranus and Venus ruler 5th – TR Pluto opposite Mercury

He had – PR Sun Square ASC/DES, PR Moon ruler 5th conjunct MC and square ASC/DES, sextile Mars in 7th, conjunct Venus in 10th, SA Uranus trine MC, opposite Mars in 7th, sextile IC, SA Jupiter ruler 1st opposite Neptune co-ruler 1st, TR Jupiter sextile Mercury, TR Uranus conjunct Neptune co-ruler 1st, TR Pluto square Mercury ruler 7th, TR Saturn sextile ASC/DES

  1. Tom Hanks – 9 Jul 1965, 11:17, Concord, CA

Rita Wilson – 26 Oct 1956, 12:00, no birth time, Los Angeles, CA

Met on set of The Volunteers, Jul 1984 – He was married, she engaged to another.

He had SA MC conjunct the Sun, trine Mars; PR Moon sextile MC, sextile Venus.

TR Jupiter ruler 7th opposite Mercury ruler 1st; TR Saturn ruler 5th square Moon; TR Uranus trine Moon; TR Neptune co-ruler 7th trine Jupiter ruler 7th and 4th;

  1. Paul Newman – 26 Jan 1925, 6:30, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Joanne Woodward – 27 Feb 1930, 4:00, Thomasville, Georgia

Met on set of Broadway play Picnic which opened 19 Feb 1953

He had TR Jupiter trine Mercury ruler 5th and trine ASC, opposite Saturn ruler 1st, trine Venus ruler 4th; TR Neptune opposite Mars ruler 10th; TR Pluto ruler 10th conjunct Neptune.

PR Moon ruler 7th sextile ASC and Mercury ruler 5th, trine Pluto ruler 10th, trine MC, trine Saturn ruler 1st

She had TR Jupiter trine ASC and sextile Venus ruler 5th and 10th, sextile Pluto in the 7th; TR Saturn ruler 1st trine Moon ruler 7th

PR Moon trine Neptune and Nodes, conjunct Saturn ruler 1st, conjunct ASC.

PR Venus ruler 5th square ASC; PR Mars ruler 4th sextile Saturn.

  1. Grace Kelly – 12 Nov 1929, 5:31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Prince Rainier – 31 May 1923, 6:00, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Met in May 1955 at the Cannes film festival

She had: TR Jupiter ruler 5th trine Mars ruler 1st, square Venus ruler 7th, trine Moon; TR Saturn trine Pluto coruler 1st; TR Uranus ruler 4th trine Mars;

PR Moon trine Saturn ruler 4th, Venus ruler 7th; PR Mars ruler 1st opposite Jupiter ruler 5th

He had: PR Moon sextile Moon, trine ASC, conjunct MC; TR Jupiter sextile Mercury ruler 1st sextile Sun ruler 4th; TR Pluto sextile ASC; TR Saturn ruler 10th   square Neptune ruler most of the 10th

  1. Ben Affleck – 15 Aug 1972, 2:53, Berkeley, California

Jennifer Garner – 17 Apr 1972, 8:30, Houston, Texas

Met on set of Daredevil June 2002

He had: PR Moon ruler 1st conjunct Neptune co-ruler 10th, trine Mercury ruler 4th;

TR Neptune opposite Mercury; TR Jupiter ruler 10th trine MC; TR Saturn ruler 7th square MC/IC, sextile Sun, conjunct Saturn; TR Uranus sextile Jupiter

She had: SA Neptune ruler square Mercury ruler 1st and 5th, PR Mercury trine Jupiter ruler 7th; PR Moon trine Mercury, conj SN,

TR Saturn ruler 10th conjunct Moon, trine Uranus co-ruler 10th; TR Pluto sextile Uranus; TR Jupiter ruler 7th square Sun ruler 4th,TR Uranus sextile Sun

  1. Roy Rogers 5 Nov 1911 12:15, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dale Evans, 31 October 1912, Uvalde Texas No Time

They worked on several movies. He proposed in Sep 1947, married NY eve

He had TR Saturn ruler 1st square Sun ruler 7th, Saturn square Saturn, Saturn square Mercury ruler 5th; TR Jupiter conjunct Mercury, conj MC, sextile Uranus co-ruler 1st, sextile Venus ruler 4th.

PR ASC opposite Venus ruler 4th; PR Moon trine Moon, trine Node; PR MC opposite Pluto ruler 10th; SA Neptune trine Moon; SA Jupiter Opposite Pluto

  1. Tom Cruise – 3 Jul 1962, 15:10, Syracuse, NY

Katie Holmes – 18 Dec 1978, 9:32, Toledo Junction, OH

Met in April 2005, engaged 2 months later in June

She had PR Moon conjunct Saturn ruler 7th, trine Mercury, conjunct Jupiter ruler 5th, trine MC; SA ASC sextile Uranus co-ruler 7th;

TR Saturn ruler 1st sextile Nodes in April; TR Jupiter ruler 5th sextile; TR Neptune opposite Moon

He had PR Moon opposite Venus ruler 7th, trine Mercury; SA Uranus ruler 4th sextile Node

TR Uranus co-ruler 4th opposite Pluto co-ruler 1st; TR Jupiter ruler 5th square Sun ruler 10th, sextile MC, trine Saturn ruler 4th, sextile Node; TR Saturn ruler 4th sextile Mars ruler 1st;

  1. Humphrey Bogart – 25 Dec 1899,13:30, New York, NY

Lauren Bacall – 16 Sep 1924, 2:00, New York, NY

They met and fell in love on set of “To Have and Have Not” Aug 1943

He had SA MC Square Uranus; PR Moon Trine MC, Trine Venus ruler 1st; SA Pluto co-ruler 7th trine Jupiter; PR MC sextile Mars ruler 7th; SA Jupiter Trine ASC

TR Saturn ruler 10th conjunct SN, conjunct Neptune; TR Jupiter Sextile Moon,

TR Jupiter square ASC/DES, sextile Pluto co-ruler 7th

She had

SA MC opposite Saturn ruler 7th; PR ASC trine Jupiter; SA Mars ruler 10th and 5th opposite Mercury; SA Sun conjunct IC

TR Jupiter Sqr Saturn ruler 7st, Cnj Venus ruler 4th, Tri MC; TR Saturn Sqr Uranus, Sxt Node, Sqr Sun, Tri Mars; TR Uranus Sxt Venus ruler 4th; TR Pluto co-ruler 5th Cnj Venus

  1. Brooke Shields – 31 May 1965, 13:45, New York, NY

Chris Henchy – 23 March 1964, New York, NY No birth time.

She started dating Henchy shortly after divorce from Andre Agassi in April 1999

She had PR Moon trine Mercury ruler 1st; PR MC sextile ASC; SA Node trine Saturn ruler 5th,

TR Jupiter ruler 7th sextile Jupiter, sextile Nodes, sextile Moon, sextile MC, sextile Venus, TR Pluto opposite Jupiter ruler 7th ; TR Saturn ruler 5th trine Uranus, trine Pluto

Engagement; July 18 2000 PR Moon trine Nodes and Sun, TR Saturn ruler 5th conjunct Mercury

Wedding Apr 4 2001 – TR Saturn conjunct Mercury, PR Moon trine Venus,

TR Uranus trine Venus, SA Node trine Neptune co-ruler 7th.

  1. Elvis Presley – 8 Jan 1935, 4:38, Tupelo, MS

Priscilla Presley – 24 May 1945, 22:40, Brooklyn Heights, NY

Met in November 1959 in Germany

He had PR Moon Conjunct Mercury ruler 10th, Conjunct Node, SA Moon Conjunct IC,

TR Jupiter ruler 1st Sextile Venus, Sextile Node, Square Moon, Sextile Mars ruler 5th, Conjunct ASC, Square Neptune ruler 4th

She had SA Saturn ruler 1st square Venus ruler 5th, PR Mercury sextile Pluto ruler 10th

TR Saturn ruler 1st Square Neptune, Conjunct ASC, Opposite Saturn, Sextile Moon, Trine Mercury; Pluto ruler 10th Trine  ASC; Neptune Trine Saturn, Sextile ASC

Married 1 May 1967

He had SA Venus conjunct Moon, SA Neptune co-ruler 4th square Sun, PR Moon trine Neptune, PR MC trine Moon, TR Jupiter ruler 4th square Uranus, sextile MC, opposite Venus, conjunct Pluto, conjunct SN, TR Uranus trine Mercury ruler 10th,

She had PR Moon trine ASC, SA Uranus square Neptune, PR Venus square Saturn, TR Saturn opposite Neptune, square ASC, trine Pluto, square Saturn

  1. John Lennon – 9 Oct 1940, 18:30, Liverpool, England

Yoko Ono – 18 Feb 1933, 20:30, Tokyo, Japan

They began their affair in spring of 1967

He had PR Venus ruler 7th Sxt Pluto; SA MC Cnj Moon; PR Mars ruler 1st Cnj DES; PR Moon ruler 5th Tri Uranus, Tri Neptune.

TR Sat ruler 10th Opp Mars ruler 1st, Sxt Moon, Trine Pluto, Sqr MC, Opp NNod; TR Jupiter Sxt Mars, Opp Moon.

She had SA Moon ruler 10th trine Mars ruler 7th, PR Moon opposite Mars, SA MC opposite Venus ruler 1st.

TR Uranus co-ruler 5th Sxt Pluto, Cnj Jupiter; TR Saturn ruler 4th Cnj DES, Sqr MC, Sxt Sat, Tri Moon, Cnj Jupiter

Married – 20 March 1969

He: PR Moon trine Sun, PR MC conjunct Moon. PR Moon sextile ASC

TR Uranus conjunct Mars ruler 1st, TR Jupiter trine Moon, conjunct Mars,

She: PR Moon trine Moon, PR ASC trine Nodes, PR ASC trine Mercury

  1. Demi Moore – 11 Nov 1962, 14:16, Roswell, NM

Ashton Kutcher – 7 Feb 1978, 12:30, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Began dating April 2003, married 24 Sep 2005

She: PR Moon ruler 5th square Saturn, Cnj Mercury ruler 7th; PR MC conjunct SN; PR Venus opposite Moon; SA Mercury Sqr ASC.

TR Saturn square ASC/DES, conjunct IC, trine Jupiter ruler 1st; TR Jupiter square Mercury ruler 7th, square Neptune co-ruler 1st, conj Mars,

He: PR Moon Sxt Uranus co-ruler 10th, Sqr Pluto; SA MC Trine Uranus, SA MC Sqr ASC; SA Mars conjunct IC; SA Moon Trine Uranus;

TR Saturn ruler 10th trine Venus, conjunct Jupiter ruler 7th, sextile Saturn;

TR Pluto Sxt Sun ruler 4th; TR Jupiter Sqr Uranus co-ruler 10th, Sxt ASC

  1. Santosh

19/05/1980, 11:50 am as per Indian standard time (+5.30)

place – Berhampur, India 84E51 19N21


15/12/1986, 02:00am as per Indian standard time (+5.30)

place – Barua, India 84E40 18N54

Relationship started on Akshaya Tritiya – 20th April 2007

He had PR Sun ruler 1st Sxt Nodes; PR Moon Trine Uranus co-ruler 7th, Sxt Sun ruler 1st; PR MC Sxt Nodes; SA Nod Cnj Saturn ruler 7th, SA Uranus Sxt Pluto co-ruler 4th,

TR Saturn ruler 7th Sxt Pluto co-ruler 4th, Tri Neptune; TR Jupiter Sxt Pluto co-ruler 4th, TR Pluto Trine ASC;

This is a very powerful social and personal commitment.TR Saturn ruler 7th sextiles Pluto ruler 4th of home.TR Pluto trines ASC. You have a need to build a home and family with a marriage partner.

She had PR Moon ruler 10th Trine Pluto, Trine Venus ruler 1st, Cnj Mars ruler 7th, Sqr Saturn ruler 4th

TR Uranus co-ruler 5th Cnj Jupiter; TR Saturn ruler 4th Trine Nodes; TR Jupiter Trine Nodes, Cnj Saturn, Jupiter Sqr Mars ruler 7th

This is a good financial match for her as well being a love match.

On the wedding day, 29/01/2008

He had: PR Venus sextile Sun ruler 1st. SA Mercury conjunct Venus ruler 10th and PR Mercury square Pluto ruler 4th. TR Pluto trines ASC. The focus is on building a career to build a home and raise a family.

TR Jupiter opposite Venus ruler 10th. This marriage is primarily to start a home and family but is also a very public spectacle to announce the marriage

She had:  TR Saturn ruler 5th sextile Mercury. Words of love and romance will be heard. TR Saturn square Moon ruler 10th. The wedding is very public and everyone admires her. PR Moon squares Uranus ruler 5th and Sun ruler 11th. Her friends will have to take second place to her romance and marriage.


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