Recently it has come to the attention of Saptarishis Astrology Group that some individuals are teaching/selling Bhrigu Saral Padhdhati, Bhrigu Chakra Padhdhati and other predictive methods published in the Saptarishis Astrology free magazine. Some such individuals have been disowned by other reputed astrologers for their personal misdealings. In this scenario, Saptarishis Astrology would like to grab the attention of the readers on the stance taken by them.

1) Saptarishis Astrology shares information and ancient wisdom of jyotish free of cost with the world through the magazine, Saptarishis Astrology. It has been found that some individuals & organizations are selling these articles in their 5 year jyotish course. The articles appearing in the magazine are copyrighted and this can invite legal action against anyone found stealing these articles for their courses.     

2) We hold no responsibility what-so-ever for the actions of the readers of this magazine. If someone is influenced by our articles and decide to teach the same, neither do we approve or disapprove of such an action. The wisdom of the sages are for everyone and people will react to this based on their individual karma. We don’t wish to involve ourselves in any such karma. 

3) We only deal with our writers and authors at a professional level and are responsible only for the articles published in our magazine.

4) Authors, Contributors, Copy editors are part of the Saptarishis Team but their individual actions are their own responsibility not the magazine’s.

This letter was written when it was found out one individual who seems to have a habit of stealing course materials from Jyotish Jaimini astrology gurus and incorporating them in his own Course material, took more than 80% of the cream of our articles that included BCP, BSP and other Nadi literature brought out by SA in his own 5 year course material.

Kindly keep us away from Jyotish politics and let us do our work which we treat it as a mission and inspite of many hardships and obstacles from Jyotish Gurus/Organisations our team of sincere jyotish lovers continue to do with a zeal. If one cannot contribute anything to SA kindly do not try to harm us by distracting us.


Saptarishis Astrology

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