Unknown Simple Remedial Measures for Each Nakshatra from Sahdev Bhadali By Vinay Patwardhan, India

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Vinay Patwardhan was born on 3rd June 1979 and is an Engineering Graduate from Mumbai University. He has been studding astrology since 2001 from various gurus, Sanyasis and traditional astrologers, learning various methods and remedies given by them. For last 10 years, he is doing vast readings for public. He is focused mainly on Prashna or Horary astrology. 

Om Namo Bhagavate Dattatreyay

In great land of Maharashtra, tradition of Shri Datta, always blessed people with simple yet stunning remedial measures and we are fortunate to hear it directly from Sanyasis, Siddhas & Traditional (parampara) Astrologers. Maharashtra has always had the largest number of saints especially from the Nath Sampradaya.

Even today, astrologers always appreciate the value of Traditional remedies which has been handed down for centuries orally. We are fortunate to have it recorded in written scripts, coming from Gurus mouth and even in poetic forms…

One of such poetic astro grantha has been created in Marathi (an Indian language) by the end of 18th century. This well-known grantha “Sahdev-Bhadali’’ created by great Shahir Haibati Baba. It majorly covers the muhurta & mundane astrology principles besides remedies for each Nakshtra. This

book is famous among Village Jyotishas as it covers mostly Agriculture and rain aspects, effects of major transits such as Grahanas, New Moon, Ekadashi (11th Lunar Day) and mundane affairs.  This gem belongs to Northern parts of Maharashtra, Malwa region and even part of Gujarat.

Shahir Haibati Baba was born in 1794 at Diksal, Pusegaon village in Satara District of Maharashtra. In his young days he was shifted to Triputi Village in search of his Guru Shri Gopalnath. For next 12 years he had studied various shastras and Puranas and finally his Guru ordered him to do Kirtan and spread the knowledge to common people.

At his times Sahadev Bhadali granth (work) was very famous in jyotishshastra. Shahir Haibati, a master in various shastras, had accepted this Sahadev Bhadali Grantha and spread it to common Farmers and villagers by creating folk songs in local language. Due to his efforts Jyotisha knowledge has been retained then and flows from mouth to mouth tradition of general people and making it immortal in Maharashtra. He is the pioneer in creating jyotish poems in local language, in Maharashtra.

His authority to speak on Spiritual and Philosophical subjects is ranked very high. He always quotes shlokas from various shastras to support his opinion and became very famous.

In his last days he met Shri Kaivalyanath Maharaj and focused only on his spiritual growth. He created lot many shishyas from all castes and religions; he even had Muslim shishyas (students) as well. Amruta Karande, Shambhuraju Guni and Balanath Lahari are the main shishyas of Haibati Baba. He left this mortal body in 1854.

Shahir had described Each Nakshtra in 3 segments. That is, Time Period, Vanaspati (plant) of Nakshtra and its Upayas. Details on Vanaspati for each Nakshtra can be obtained from Avakahad system. Time period and Upayas  are appended below.

Its upto an astrologer how he implements the remedies listed below.

  1. Ashwini: – It gives peeda (pain) for 7 days. Uapaya is to serve and feed Brahmin, seeking his blessings. 
  2. Bharani:- It gives peeda (pain) for 10  Uapaya is donate salt and cotton on Saturday.
  3. Kruttika: – :- It gives peeda (pain) for 12 days. Uapaya is to rotate the lemon in clockwise direction around the person and flow it in water.
  4. Rohini: – :- It gives peeda (pain) for 16 days. Uapaya is to feed Milk to 5 children till their satisfaction.
  5. Mrug:- It gives peeda (pain) for 18 On Thursday, offer kheer, rice and single banana in flowing water.
  6. Ardra: – It gives peeda (pain) for 7 days. On Saturday/Wednesday rotate black wool around the person and offer it into Fire.
  7. Punarvasu: – It gives peeda (pain) for 14 days. Take two fists of Urad daal and one fist of Til (sesames), rotate around person and throw it on junction of 3 roads.
  8. Pushya: – It gives peeda (pain) for 11 days. Go to river bank and do puja of red flowers, one fist of rice grains and bundle of cotton thread.
  9. Ashlesha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 15 days. Feed Cow with grass and offer sugar grains to Ants.
  10. Magha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 14 days. Donate salt and “Gul” on Saturday and offer 11 “Rui” leaves garland to Hanumanji.
  11. Purva Falgui: – It gives peeda (pain) for 19 days. Do puja of Horse shoe piece and flow it into the water.
  12. Uttara Falguni:- It gives peeda (pain) for 22  Take 5 pearls and worship them offering Curd Rice.
  13. Hast:- It gives peeda (pain) for 18  Feed Brahmachari (Unmarried celibate person) on Thursday.
  14. Chitra:- It gives peeda (pain) for 17  Do Jal puja (Worship the water bodies like river) with yellow flowers, Chana Daal and coconut.
  15. Swati: – It gives peeda (pain) for 9 days. Rotate supari (nut used with betel leaves) around the person and offer it to Beggar.
  16. Vishakha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 13 days. Make three balls of curd and wheat floor. Rotate them within entire house and throw them towards south.
  17. Anuradha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 16 days. Offer old cloths to beggar.
  18. Jyeshtha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 23 days. Offer oil into Lamp burning in Shiva Temple.
  19. Mool: – It gives peeda (pain) for 23 days. Donate the iron. Offer fist of salt and red chillies (after rotating around person) into the Fire.
  20. Purvashadha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 6 days. Take black wool and Bibba and needle exhale through mouth on it for three times and throw outside.
  21. Uttarashadha: – It gives peeda (pain) for 15 days. Donate Grains to beggar.
  22. Shravan: – It gives peeda (pain) for 13 days. Feed two children and offer milk to them.
  23. Dhanishta: – It gives peeda (pain) for 10 days. Make tambool using 5 betel leaves and offer it to Lord Shiva.
  24. Shattaraka: – It gives peeda (pain) for 7 days. Offer sugar grains to ants.
  25. Purvabhadrapada: – It gives peeda (pain) for 24 days. Take red chillies, salt and “rai” rotate around the person and offer it into fire.
  26. Uttarabhdrapada: – It gives peeda (pain) for 14 days. Do Hanuman abhishek using Goat Milk.
  27. Revati: – It gives peeda (pain) for 26 days. Do saubhagya dana with coconut to Married woman whose husband is alive.

All these remedies majorly used for prashnas pertaining sickness or obstacles in any task which is not accomplished.

Secondly these are applicable in natal chart as well. Firstly take the birth Nakshtra and do the remedy on every birthday (tithi wise). Secondly any particular bhava can be remedied using nakshatra of Bhava arambha (starting), bhavesha, and lastly Karaka of Bhava or planets afflicting that bhava.

E.g. Prashna is regarding profession and 10th Lord is moon placed in Krittika 1st quarter Mesha, remedy is rotate lemon around the head and flow it water, to remove the obstacles in his profession.

These remedies can be used by many more ways and it solely depends on Astrologers own upasana, gurus grace and own experience.

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