Vemuri – The Doyen in Jaimini By Late Yelluripati Krishna Rao

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Shri Y. Krishna. Rao was born on 21st March 1943. He died at the age of 65 on 14th Jan 2008 with nearly 43 years of rich experience in astrology. He worked as a school teacher all his life & never married dedicating his entire life for astrology researchers. He was a student of ‘Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy’ since 1975 who was a great Jaimini Siddhanti in India. Sri Krishna Rao practiced parasaryam (Nirayana System), Western Astrology (Sayana-System), numerology & palmistry.  He was also selected as a Lecturer to teach Astrology to M.A (Astrology) students in Telugu University, Hyderabad. He will always remain special to the ‘Saptarishis Astrology’ as he had just finished checking the draft of his article published in SA Vol 1 and after which he expired in an hour.

Earlier printed in Raman Saheb’s ‘The Astrological Magazine, Vol 78, No.9

[Saptarishis Astrology: Beloved Y Krishna Rao was one of our first writers and he wrote his last article for Saptarishis Astrology and died within 2 hours is what was informed to us. A promise we had given him and mentioned in the first editorial was that we would bring out his old researches and articles and re-publish it for the younger generation plus at the same time keeping it digital would make its longevity immortal. For 2 years we could not fulfill it since due to some reason or the other his brother Shri E Raja Rao could not send us the articles of his brother. Mr Raja Rao suffered health issues, then shifting to new residence, not having young hands to remove these old articles, and photocopy them. Now finally after consistently following up with Mr Rao for 2 years he has very kindly done the astrological fraternity a favor and finally sent us around 100 pages of Late Y Krishna Rao’s articles and another 25 articles or so is remaining to be sent by him. Our deepest love has been Shri Y Krishna Rao and in these two years many a times we went into depression if we would be able to keep our word to our late author or not. But by Gods grace through Shri E Raja Rao this has started now. Then it took us one year to get these articles typed by the volunteer team of SA, with able co-ordination of Yenbeeyes. Still due to some reason or other there has been delay of another one year.

This particular article is on the legend of Jaimini Astrology by the name of Shri Vemuri Ramamurthy Shastri, the legend of legends via his dear student the Late Y Krishna Rao.]

Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy Sastri, a renowned authority on Jaimini Astrology was a legend in his own life-time. Born of puritan parents on 5th Oct 1909 in a vaidika Brahmin family, he studied the Vedas for 10 to 12 years in a Vedic School after passing the 4th standard. He then took to Astrology as a duck would take to water. His Vedic background and Sanskrit knowledge helped him a great deal in his pursuit of Jaimini Astrology, a difficult branch which is usually not studied by many students. By the time he was 32 or 33 years old, he had mastered all the available works on Jaimini Astrology. His memory was so sharp that he could quote easily from memory the relevant Jaimini Sutras (from  Jyotisha Kalpalatta, Vaanchanaadheeyam, Jataka Rajeeyam[1], Jaimini Sutras Part 1, 2, 3 and 4[2]) while giving his judgment on horoscopes.

As far as I know, he was the only astrologer who made predictions solely based on the Jaimini system. I met him on several occasions, but I never saw him using the principles of Parasari system. In fact on one or two occasions I heard him say ‘Jaimini system is far superior to the Parasari system’. He used to make accurate predictions using the Jaimini system.

Sir. V.R.Sastry stayed in Purushettapalli, an obscure village in West Godavari District, about 25 miles from my native place. I first came in contact with him in 1975 through a friend of mine who had a high opinion of him. I was fascinated by his ability to give wonderful judgment on horoscopes within 15 to 20 minutes.

On one occasion I was surprised when he told his client in my presence that the horoscope brought by him was that of a person who must have died of some tumor in the stomach a few months ago. His client apologized for showing the horoscope of his deceased wife.

During his stay in Mysore palace, once it so happened that he was asked to give his judgment on a horoscope. After analyzing the horoscope he recited a Jaimini sutra and declared that the horoscope should be that of an animal (Chatushpada Jatakam) and not of a human being. This prediction made by Sri Sastry built his reputation in Mysore.

Sri Sastry passed away on 11th April 1985 in the major period of Virgo which he had predicted much earlier. The Andhra Government honored him in April 1984 with the title ‘Kalasaraswathi’ in recognition of his erudition in Jaimini Astrology. He was also honored by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan of Bombay about 7 years ago. He once told me that he and Dr. B V Raman were good friends and that they exchanged views on Jaimini Astrology on a couple of occasions.

[1] SA Publisher: These two works Vaanchanaadheeyam, Jataka Rajeeyam in Jaimini are not heard of nor talked about in internet jaimini forums specializing in parampara jaimini nor among the scholars of Jaimini., if someone can procure it and pass it on to the astrological fraternity we would be indebted. – SA.

The previous sentence was written by us a year back, now we have been able to procure both the works and a translation of it is almost ready, except Vanchanadeeyam is not complete since quite a few pages of it with us are in bad form. The translator has indicated to us that it is a super fine work in jaimini, if someone has a good copy of Vanchanadeeyam pls send it to us. – SA

[2] Some scholars, are of an opinion due to the last verses of Chapter 2 indicating that Jaimini Rishi wrote only 2 chapters and the rest is bogus and of recent origin, this is false and the unpublished work of around 6 century by the title Phalaratnamala, last Chapter Shloka 27 or so proves that there were 8 chapters of Jaimini.  One must not forget that pundits in earlier times in order to mislead other competitor pundits might have inserted some shlokas to misguide. If one calls one from the Jaimini tradition then he must produce 8 chapters of Jaimini Sutras, there is only one person in whole of India who has it, he has shown it to us, we photographed 2 pages of the lost 4 chapters and passed it on to few friends in India including western astrologer Robert Koch who specializes in applicable Jaimini astrology.  –  SA

chart 310

Jupiter in Navamsa Lagna[1] (SA: the degrees of Jupiter & Mer do not match as per Jhora) and Sun Venus in the 9th house (SA: should be 5th house and might be a typo in printing) in the Navamsa chart gave him scholarship in Astrology. Saturn the lord of Navamsa Lagna is posited in the 10th house in Rasi in vargottama which made him well known.[2]

My own observation is that one will be endowed with extra ordinary intellect if the Sun or the Moon is posited in a Navamsa ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo)[3]

Navamsa Dasas

The primary Rudra is Saturn, Saturn is in Pisces Navamsa, Moon is the Secondary Rudra, Moon[4] is in Capricorn Navamsa. It’s trinal houses are Taurus and Virgo. Virgo is the 8th house from Navamsa Lagna aspected by Saturn (primary Rudra). He passed away in the major period of Virgo.


 2-0-0 Aquarius Dasa

10-0-0 Cancer Dasa

3-0-0  Sagittarius Dasa

12-0-0 Taurus Dasa

9-0-0  Libra Dasa

2-0-0  Pisces Dasa

11-0-0 Leo Dasa

11-0-0 Capricorn Dasa

5-0-0  Gemini Dasa

4-0-0  Scorpio Dasa

5-0-0  Aries Dasa

According to Vimshottari Dasa he died in the sub period of Mars in the major period of Venus.

Date of Death: 11th April 1985

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Ven MD: Mars AD:  1984-08-15  –  1985-10-15

The 8th lord Saturn is in Pisces Navamsa. Its trinal houses are Cancer and Scorpio ruled by the Moon and Mars respectively. Mars is posited in Uttarabhadra ruled by Saturn the lord of the 8th house, the house of death. Hence Mars proved to be a powerful maraka in his chart.[5]

[1] Born on 5th Oct 1909 at 11.12 p.m with a balance of Rahu Dasa of 9 years, 10 months and 24 days at birth. Rasi: Gemini – Ascendant 15 and Moon 12-40;Virgo-Sun 19-15 and Jupiter 5-50;Libra-Mercury 2 and Venus 29-35;Scorpio-Ketu 17-45;Pisces – Mars 5-25 and Saturn 27-45 and Taurus – Rahu 17-45

[2] SA: Here probably a principle can be derived and we can be wrong but it might be noteworthy so see what is being stated to ‘observe the Navamsa Lagna Lords position in Rasi chart’. E.g John Lennon’s Navamsa Lagna is Jupiter and it is placed in 2nd of speech and voice with aspect of Mercury (writing) and he was a famous singer-song writer and getting ranked as the 8th Greatest Briton in a 2002 BBC poll.

Michael Jacksons Navamsa Lagna (presuming his time of birth is correct, taken from his personal astrologer Chakrapani Ullal) Lord is Jupiter placed in Rasi chart in the sign of Libra (public platform) in the 9H of super performer (5H is performer) with Rahu (movies) influencing by being 12th to it, his videos were costliest and immortal (rahu) and Jupiter Rahu is child accusations which he got being placed in the 9h of children. This Navamsa Lagna lord Jupiter is aspected by Mars from 3H of singing and he was famous as a singer having started his profession with his siblings.

John F Kennedys Navamsa Lagna lord is Mercury placed in the 8H with Mars (bullet) in the sign of Aries (head) and he is famous for his death rather than the work he did and he was shot in the head (Mars in Aries) and for his speech (Mercury the Navamsa Lagna Lord) and for his sexual affairs (Navamsa LL is Mercury which shows infidelity is in 8H of sex).

If one follows the KNR time of Mahatma Gandhi to be correct then Navamsa Lagna lord is Saturn placed in the 2H of administration, and like an able patient (Saturn) administrator he lead his country to freedom, he was famous for fasting (Saturn is in the 2H) and for not telling a lie (Saturn in 2H) and for his experiments in abstinence of sex (Saturn is in Scorpio the sign of sexuality and Saturn denotes scarcity and yogi, here in matters of sex.)

An astrologer friend has Navamsa Lagna Lord Jupiter in 8H of occult in sign of Capricorn (Karma) in his Rasi chart and he like Jupiter (light) brings out manuscripts and hidden techniques for the astrological community.

Dr Raman’s Navamsa LL is Saturn placed in the 4H of Education (Vidya) with an exalted Moon aspected by Jupiter from Scorpio the sign of occult, he brought to light (like Moon) for a very long time (Saturn) the knowledge of astrology to the world for the first time freeing it from the clutches and slavery of Paramparas, which incidentally has been his greatest contribution that has gone ignored, unidentified & not written about till date.

K N Raos Navamsa LL is Mars placed in the 1H of self and leadership and fame in Rasi chart,  is with 8L of occult with Moon 10L of fame and dispositor of exalted Jup, all these 3 planets Mars, Venus, Moon are involved in Malavya Yoga, Gajakeshari Yoga, Chandra Mangala Yoga, Hamsa Yoga, Mridanga, Kalpadruma/Parijata yoga etc. Note when the Navamsa LL is involved in lot of rajayogas like above it surely produces a mahapurusha.

[3] One must observe that naisargik (natural) 5L (Sun) and 9L (Jupiter) are placed together in the 4H of Vidya in Vemuris chart and most important, these two planets are in trine to each other in D9, with Sun being in the 5H of intuition in D9. – SA

[4] SA: In original article instead of Moon it was printed Saturn but by hand Mr Y Krishna Rao had corrected it as Moon

[5] To read more on Vemuri Sastri, astrologers may read K N Rao’s book on Chara Dasha – SA

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