Venus In Trine With Malefics By R. G. Krishnan, USA.

R. G. Krishnan, USA.

R.G.Krishnan is a professional Vedic Astrologer, based at Murphy, Texas. He is also a featured speaker at various international symposiums held in USA. He has more than 50 yrs experience in Vedic Astrology and more than 21 yrs experience in ‘Financial Astrology and study in Stock Markets & Commodity markets. We congratulate him for his published prediction of the stock market meltdowns in Jan 2008. He is also the author of the book ‘Vedic Astrology–Stock Market Analysis’. He has also been publishing e-books on month to month trends in US Stock Markets every year, since the year 2001. Visit his site or

Every one in this world both male and female desire to have a happy married life. But in reality this appears to be a myth in most of the cases, yet it happens that many of the known combinations of Parasari Astrology for unhappy marriages are not existing in those charts. We have also observed that marriages that take place in the west after a long period of dating, courtship etc and which apparently have all the ingredients of a successful marriage ends in separation or divorce.  As compared to this  arranged  marriages based on Horoscope matching as being done in India even to-day seem to be happy and stable. Strangely in such arranged marriages I happened to observe that some marriages did fail despite the situation of very good matching between the two horoscopes. This was one of my burning questions to late Mr. C.S.Patel way back in the year 1982. Mr. Patel opened my eyes when he quoted a verse from some nadi astrology text which ran thus:

“Sukraath mande  tat trikone neshtam jeeve sukha pratham”

means that “If Venus is in trine with Saturn in a natal chart then the married life of the native gets spoiled  and if on the other hand if Venus is in trine with Jupiter in a natal chart then the married life of the native becomes a happy one”

Why Venus is considered for Married life happiness?

We astrologers know that Venus is the “karaka” (significator) for marriage & married life happiness. It is no wonder that this verse gives so much importance to

trinal situation of Venus in any natal horoscope.

Late Mr. Patel was a veteran in Astrological research. He told me that these astrological verses are cryptic in nature and we should actually apply these principles considering not only Saturn but other malefics as well that are in trine with Venus.

Since I had at that point of time a data base of persons with failed marriages he asked me to apply these principles and come to my own conclusion.

Thus started our research & in this research we found that Venus trine Ketu in a natal chart was the worst situation which adversely impacted the native’s married life. As compared to this Venus in trine with Rahu had a less adverse impact and Venus trine Saturn was as bad Venus trine Ketu. We also found that in natal charts where Venus was in trine with Jupiter the marriage of the native was happy and stable. After examining many horoscopes of persons with failed marriages, the following conclusions were drawn in consultation with late Mr. Patel:


  • If Venus is in trine with Ketu or Saturn in a natal chart or if the lord of the 7th house reckoned from lagna is in trine with Ketu or Saturn then the native is likely to be prone to major problems in his/her married life.


Way back in the 80’s I had published an article in “Times of Astrology” on this subject. Thus it will be seen that Vedic astrology seems to hold the key to understand the indications regarding married life prospects.


To make the point as explained in the verse above we discuss below the natal charts of natives who have Venus in trine with malefics in their natal chart with a brief description of their failed marriage. At the same time to young ones it is requested to note that other combinations of failed marriages cannot be ignored.



Chart 1: Aimable (French Musician)


Marriage: Aimable married Odette Citon on 9/24/1949.  They divorced on 6/02/1976 – and remarried on 12/05/1984!


In the above chart Venus as well as the lord of the 7th house from lagna (Jup) are in trine with Saturn and Rahu. No wonder the marriage was not successful.


Chart 2: Paula Abdul

American singer with Syrian-Brazilian-French-Canadian ancestry.


Marriage: In January 1992 she became engaged to actor Emilio Estevez., They married on 4/29/1992 and were together for two years. She married sports fashion entrepreneur Brad Beckerman on 10/25/96, Beverly Hills.


Marriage: She had an early marriage to Salesman Bruce Hasselberg that lasted three months and produced a daughter, Deidra Hoffman, in 1965. Her second marriage was to actor Ross Bickell on 1/28/1974; the marriage lasted for seven years. 



Venus is in trine with Rahu and Saturn in this case.


Chart 3: Jennifer Aniston


Marriage: On January 7, 2005, the actress and her husband of four years, Brad Pitt, announced their separation.



Venus and also the lord of the 7th house are in trine with Saturn &Rahu.



Chart 4: Barr, Roseanne

American comedian from a lower middle-class background who became a superstar comedienne on a popular TV series.

Marriage: Her third marriage came to an end after seven years when she filed divorce papers on 3/04/2002, citing irreconcilable differences. She has requested full custody of their six-year-old son, Buck, with visitation rights for Thomas.





Venus is in trine with Ketu in this case & 7th lord in trine to malefics.


Chart 5: Basehart, Richard

American stage actor in the ’30s who made his Broadway debut in 1938. His film debut in “Cry Wolf” led to a long and successful film career that spanned more than 30 films.


Marriage: He married three times, widowed in 1950 from his first marriage. His second wife was Italian actress Valentina Cortesa; they had a son in 1951, but were divorced in 1959. The third marriage was in the early ’60s, giving him two daughters.



Venus is in trine with Saturn &Rahu in this case. 7th lord Saturn in trine with malefics.


Chart 6: Bayrou, Maurice

French agricultural engineer and deputy for the Socialist Party. State secretary, 1955. Senator, 1959-77, Vice-President of the Senate, 1965-1968.


Marriage: Bayrou married on 9/15/1928, divorced on 6/18/1929 and made a second marriage 16 years later, on 9/14/1945. Died on 12/29/1996 in Lamorlaye dans l’Oise, France



In this case Lord of the 7th house from lagna is in trine with Ketu & Saturn. However there is some relief as Venus is in trine with Jupiter.

Chart 7: Brian, Blessed

British actor of stage, screen and TV, often noted for his aggressive characterizations.


Marriage: He has been married twice, with his first marriage from 1958 to January 1975.



In this case Venus is in trine with Saturn

Desh-Kala-Patra play an important role in using the above rule specifically, suppose we see charts of natives from countries where freedom of rights of women are significant then Venus trine malefics play havoc whereas in countries where tradition forcibly restricts women or men from divorcing the above rule will not lead to divorce but could lead to a partner being unhappy in the marriage.

In part 2 of this article we will discuss the cases of happy marriages in whose case Venus was in trine with Jupiter.

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