Vol 4 – Publitorial – Part 1

It was an issue to remember befitting the homage to an old Master of the Science who had passed away. It was a 425 page Vol. reaching over 96 countries with 15937 visitors as of 1st Dec, 2008 (Vol. 3 was around 5515 visitors – 77 countries) the detailed statistics of it can be downloaded along with the log report in the download section of the site. We would henceforth refrain in supplying stats as it’s in a way boasting around.

We do not know much about computers & sites so with our limited knowledge of website technology we foolishly gave links to the log reports in last Publitorial and the webmaster later disengaged it next day. Scolding us, that people can do cyber-attacks if log reports are given out openly. Our apologies.

Must break our tradition now “USA” Vedic Astrologer Sandy Crowther: Saptarishi Astrology.. it is truly remarkable publication for an astrological community… I don’t know how you all do it but your efforts with seem to top the last issue…which I always think cannot be beat! Anyone with eyes and a heart can surely see the life energise that are put into this wondrous publication. Thank you again

Though the above is of the milder accolades that have been received kindly note the word heart & which we would link in Part 2 of the Publitorial.  Sandy’s & others blessings must go to the writers, volunteers, copy editors, proof readers, translators, designers & webmaster who slog day and night, they need an applause for the revolution these handful of Astro lovers exhibit to the entire Astro community, displaying fully a new concept of ‘Giving Back To the Community’ & maybe to themselves in their next lives as we all would have this website still functioning when we are reborn giving easy access to learn as compared to print magazines where we cannot access old issues. The merit of this charity of education will be earned in this life or next depending on the sign of the 3rd house of one’s chart apart from other factors that need to be considered.

Congratulations must be accorded to those who predicted Obama’s outcome and standing ovation to R.G.Krishnan of USA, DiNorah Kitchener of Canada & Anthony of Hawaii through his dreams prediction which was sent to us via email prior to the event. It is noteworthy that R.G. Krishnan used the newly revealed CSP Arc Method (published Vol. 3) which is not dependent on the correct birth time and even a Western Astrology adept can master it in an hour with some guidance. Norah used profections which is similar to BCP method and she had predicted in Saptarishis Astrology Vol 2, indicating that Hillary would be the 2nd in command. As we write this there are news reports that Hillary could become the Secretary of State which is more powerful than being Vice President. Let’s face it; we all saw what the name Condoleezza Rice came to mean in world politics in the last few years.

There is an astrologer who is 92 years old and praise to him for still pursuing & predicting at this age, sticking to a technique called Age Harmonics (we have requested him to write on this method whenever he can for SA). He is from Netherlands and we had wanted him to present the prediction he made in the “The Real Astrology” forum months back, but due to his age he is not in a position to compose an article for us. Our love for elderly astrologers & astrology compels us to give a standing ovation to Sir Paul Langeveld who predicted in July 2008 the outcome on the TRA forum which is produced below.

Van: [] Namens P.Langeveld

Verzonden: woensdag 2 july 2008 17:23

Aan: Therealastrology@Yahoogroups.Com

Onderwerp: [therealastrology] RE: Obama president 4 November2008 for sure


Now that we have the right time of birth of Obama I made a new investigation about the election and I found that Obama will win without any doubt! I am sorry that it is impossible to send the charts by which it will be proved, like the 12th Harm. Solar Return, the 4th Harm Lunar Return and finally the 47,25357 Harmonic Age by Yahoo, but anybody who would like to have them has only to send me their Email address and I’ll send them by return.


His Mail To Us

Gentlemen, It’s my pleasure to inform you of the method I followed to predict that Obama would win without any doubt. The three charts I made are to be seen in attachments. Especially the Age Harmonic of the 4th November is decisive!

This way of using the AH when we have to do with a corrected Natal is always giving the exact day something indicated by the Stations will actually happen!

It is practically infallible! A great pity is however that in this HA ‐ 8 ruler Sun is in square to both Mars and Uranus, by which there will be a possible attack by gunshot!

Paul Langeveld


P.S: I would be obliged if I could receive your quarterly magazine.

Obama’s Secret Magic Word

 The BCP technique was described in the previous issue, though only some percent of it is revealed due to shortage of space. Let’s apply it to Obama’s Chart. The first problem is that many say his birth certificate is wrong and is a spoof to divert attention. Let’s suppose for once that the chart below is wrong data. It was predicted on an Indian forum called Sohamsa: that in the 2nd year, a dramatic event would have happened in his family. Why, since Dragons Tail (Ketu) sits in the 2H of family and as per BCP method 2nd house is 2nd year, they reported back that around the 2nd year there was divorce in family (2H). But you see if we stick to basics of astrology all of us know that Dragons Tail (ketu) means “Change” or “Break”. So, result would be either in the 2nd year or 3rd year and hence Obama can be either Sagi or Capri Asc. Wherever in your chart Ketu sits there is 100% change in the significations of house concerned, it won’t be stagnant house but a dramatic house. Obama’s Mars is in his 8H of his chart and Mars means the lord Hanuman in the Indian Astrology apart from other things; the President elect is smart or someone smarter is advising him.

Time Magazine revealed that he carries Hanuman Idol (Hanuman stands for Mars) in his trouser pocket, trouser is 8H and Mars sits in his 8H. Why is he activating this deadly Mars Rahu combo by keeping Hanuman Idol in pocket is it since Mars rules the 4H of Throne and 11H of position in his life and Mars will ‘Bless’ the 5th from it when worshipped? What is this 5th from Mars, it is his 12H (Fruit of Throne) & as per BCP it is 12, 24, 36 or 48th year of his life, incidentally when the elections were done Obama was running the 48th of his year. We shall visit this later.

astrology 141

Now the key is that to be President you need to be a performer and if you have no track record of being a President what you need to do is what politicians do best: ‘Perform in your speeches’. What did Obama say that enthralled the voters? He just said ‘Change’ and he created magic around this word ‘Change’2. He said ‘Yes We Can – do the Change & the crowd roared for the Lion’. What does Ketu (Dragons Tail) mean‐‐it means Change and it sits in his 2H of speech, did he use the word Change, so is the chart that of Obama? We don’t know but the power of this change (Dragons Tail) must be judged it is exalted in the 9th divisional sitting in the 4H of Throne in the 9th Harmonic Chart (9th harmonic signifies fruits of the chart). He used the word Change and he gets to sit on the Throne.

Dragons Tail in 2H of speech makes you cutting edge in your talks, since that is the nature of Ketu cutting edge & sharp. His speech tone can be attributed to Dragons Tail style of speech. This Ketu is an important tool in birth rectification that most don’t use and some of us are still fixed to the charts that we used to predict before the birth certificate of Obama surfaced, let’s revisit some basics. Dragons Tail (Ketu) is the co‐owner of Scorpio which is the 8H of Transformation/Change in the natural Aries Zodiac Asc, his Ketu is exalted in the sign of Scorpio in the 4H of throne in the 9th harmonic & this energy it brings back in the 2H of speech in his natal, being stupendously powerful, Ketu signifies Liberation (Moksha) so when Obama said the word ‘Change’ he created in the minds of his audience that he is going to liberate them from the tyranny of the previous administration & the economic mess.

Astrology does not mean predicting if Obama or a client will win the elections, Astrology means guiding him as to what he must do or say (Change here) to win the Elections & then once elected guiding him to keep his promise (Change) in an honest manner. If we can’t make our political clients or normal clients an honest human being, then let’s throw our astro books and stop calling it a divine science. Lastly apart from many combinations (yogas) that he has, one must be mentioned, 12L in Asc getting debilitated and the debilitation is removed by Saturn (death/misery) as Saturn is in own sign in kendra (Sasa Yoga) and this is called in India as NeechaBhanga, which means due to someone’s misery one will gain. McCain inability & Bush administrations misery coupled with Economic Disaster was Obama’s Gain. Vedic astrologers say where is the combination of King in his chart, Saturn in a quadrant in own sign with a Jupiter is a formidable combination loosely called Famous Man Combination (Mahapurusha yoga), 3rd lord coming to Asc means ‘Man can become author’ if planets are strong, what’s important to understand is the ‘Game of God’, here the game is in order for the combination (Mahapurusha yoga) to get activated he needs to write & publish, 3L of writing Jupiter is in asterism of Sun, Sun means father, Jupiter is also 12L of dreams, Sun in 7H along with 9L of father Mer looks at this Jupiter, well his influential book was called ‘Dreams from My Father’.

Grand Mothers Death: Result Is The King Is Born

Obama is running the 48th year of his life, deducting multiples of 12 the 48th year comes to his 12th house, Jupiter is the ruler, who comes to the Asc (self), 12th lord in Asc means death and hence one must keep quiet as there is no fixed method to determine longevity, though there are many methods of timing death in Indian astrology but they do not work consistently. Now the worry is 12L Jupiter and its degree is 7Cp32, use the calculator provided in download section or multiply 7.32 x 12.166 (365/30)= 90 days, add to his birth date and you get 4th Nov 2008 the day of the elections. But you see death like form especially with Tr Rahu in Asc & Tr Sat in Leo in 8H of longevity. So do you predict death? No, you keep quiet though the buzz on forums is he could be assassinated before Election Day. Now interestingly a death did occur in his life around 4th Nov 2008 when his grand mom died. After the event it is easy to justify: 4H is mother, mother’s mother is 4th from 4th i.e. 7H whose lord Moon (also significator of mother figures) is aspected by Tr Saturn by his 10th aspect from Leo carrying energy of death as he is in the 8H of death on his 7L of grandmother, some mother figure is going to go. Tr Saturn is also on his Rahu (who is significator of grandparents), worst is Tr Saturn in Leo at that moment aspected the Letter M (SBC method) sitting in 8H of death and incidentally his grandmothers name was Madelyn Dunham and this M was also aspected by Ketu. Now we in India know that Ketu means Moksha (liberation) Significator that is after death you go home (light workers know this concept) and Obama tells a crowd in North Carolina: “She has gone home” what synchronicity. Tr Jupiter is in his 12H & it will destroy the 6th from it which is the 5H where Moon the 7th lord of grand mom.


She should be careful during this period is what you can predict at the most. You notice what Tr Jupiter is doing & also the 48th year lord is additionally Jupiter, mark this. Maybe the 19.24 birth time could still be wrong, we don’t know as it’s easy to justify an event after it has happened ‘I Knew It All Along’ Syndrome.

Obama & Negative Approach of Indian Astrology

One of the reasons most Indian astrologers can reject Obama’s 19.24 time of birth is since it contains a very bad combination the 12th lord in Asc, this from time immemorial has been prescribed as not a combination of successful life as 12th house is losses & Asc is self, so Losses (12H) comes to Self (1H) or death (12H) comes to self faster. There is another way the Mystic Astrologer uses it that must be revealed here, see as 1H signifies ones success & standing on ones feet, so the Mystic Astrologer predicts that ‘When Success has to come to Self, someone will die around him’3 . For e.g. 7H is house of Public Life & Attaining High Positions in Masses so if you have debilitated south node (Rahu) posited in 7H of grand mom then when grand mother dies one ®could’ come in prominence, this is what happened in a chart known to us, 1 week before the launch of the 1 st issue of this magazine when work pressures was too stressful one of the team members grand‐mom expired, he was just reminded that the show must go on as they say in Bollywood and within an hour he was back with us. Within 2 weeks the magazine had created ripples in the Vedic Astro world giving him Limelight (7H) effects. In order to end this with Obama lets quickly take an unknown method of timing. His birth date is 4th Aug & Election day is 4th Nov, so its approximately 91 days from his birth day. Let’s see this carefully on the 90th day from ones birth day how to count which planet will have maximum influence. From birth day first 20 days is ruled by Sun, next 50 days is ruled by Moon (masses) and next 27 days is ruled by Mars. On day of election this Tr Mars of Hanuman that we pinpointed in Vol 2, was in his 10H of KingShip and this Mars is that Hanuman Idol that he keeps in his trouser pocket as per Time Magazine. Some say his fate was decided from day one after Hillary was out and it was sealed in 1‐2 months before the D Day, if you notice that would be the period of Moon and his Moon which signifies masses in mundane is exalted in the 5H of Power which he got.

<Figure 2>

This chart belongs to a friend who is also involved in the design of this magazine; we often go together to Narasimha wadi a pilgrimage place in Maharashtra, India with Madhav Deshmukh & his friend Narhari who is the yogi searcher for us. There at the house of the priest, who is well known to us, we have our meals served traditionally and hence it is loved. Now in the house of this priest another pilgrim had come there from somewhere near Satara whose name evades our memory. 3 Using principles of Sage Varahamihira that the house where lord of a particular house is disposited it shows the circumstances as to how the event will unfold in life. O T 8 When the priest introduced us to this man, he said he is a very good astrologer, but this astrologers attitude was somehow not welcoming and manner of speech was exhibitionist, so our group was not impressed, but he said a few things about aspects of Saturn that can be found only in Kumaraswamiyam, an ancient text, so our ears stood up. He gave his number and said he would contribute articles to the magazine. Later he met us in the evening and this scribe decided to share the Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi Methodology with him. He was impressed. He said show me a chart, and this is what dashed out.

He said ‘Son, this method is correct if the following prediction comes true, let me know by phone. Now hear ‘In the 36th year (12H) which would be between May 2008 to May 2009 he would get lot of pain in the feet, this man’s communication equipment (note moon in 3H) will get spoiled. Moon’s asterism lord Ven is in the 12H with the 8L of destruction and he will have to shell out huge amount of money (Jupiter’s 5th expansive aspect) coupled with Ven in own house to buy a new one. Either the new equipment would be Red or White in colour. This is how it exactly happened word by word 3‐4 months from the prediction and incidentally he had a red colour laptop (Mars aspect) which got damaged completely and was replaced by a white coloured Mac Book (the color of Taurus is white as we all know).

He further said that during this year this friend of yours will talk a lot on the phone (12H has Ven who is lord of asterism of Moon which is in the 3H of communications), he will talk to lot of people while walking (Moon is in 3H of travel) and for long time (Moons dispositor sun is exalted) and could be with astrologers (it’s with Mer) and while talking he would be travelling and stand on black ants killing them (12H has Saturn and all of us know that Saturn denotes black ants) By this way he would make Saturn angry and this bad karma will be done by your friend. But our logical brain crept in. How can he travel and stand on black ants at the same time? Now word to word as predicted it happened and incidentally the chart holder either talks on his mobile via headset while driving (travelling) or when in office he always goes outside his office and strolls on the verandah where black ants are roaming around. Few months back when he was facing problems with his boss (9L of Saturn) he asked us for remedy. We immediately reminded him to check if he is stepping on black ants, and he checked‐‐yes he is doing so and killing them every day, hundreds of them, and then we reminded him of the prediction that he had received. Although we can boast that the astrologer had used the BCP method but we ourselves cannot make such a great & mind‐blowing prediction. That’s the difference between master and student, in fact we are desperately trying to go again to Narasimha Wadi and ask Mr.Mahesh Pujari (priest) the name of that astrologer so that we can ask him to write for us. By the way he did indicate that native’s feet (12H) will have problems and the native developed corn in his feet & also skin infection around his ankles, this was not predicted in detail but one can notice that 8L of chronic disease Saturn sits there aspected by 6L of disease Mars aspected by 8H Jupiter, healing 9 happened only half as Jup is debilitated & Tr Jup from Sagi did not make a link to the 12H of the 36th year.

Biggest Kept Secret Of Astrology: Prelude to the 4th

House in Indian Astrology some traditions teach you to recite mantras to become good in learning astrology and to become mind blowing in predictions. After 10 years of doing all that one still cannot predict on a 50% correct 50% failure case like that of Obama Vs McCain. After 40 years of reciting mantras one is still at the same crossroads, then one blames it on the data not being accurate. How come we astrologers can charge $350 for rectifying a birth chart to the 60th division of the Asc that is 2 minutes variance level but somehow when it comes to rectifying Obama’s or McCain’s chart from a 24 hour variance level we can’t even fix the Asc. Nobody questions this on forums either due to lack of honesty or due to the fact that humans love to be taken for a ride. Mantras or Sadhanas (austerities) does not make one an astrologer or solve all your problems, otherwise as mentor says, ‘India would never be facing so many problems like poverty, racism etc.’ By reciting mantras we love to get the feeling that we are spiritual beings or doing some great spiritual thing and this goes to the head of most.

Take our case of Saptarishis Astrology Magazine. You approach a yogi known to you with whom thrice you have shown your editorials thinking he is impressed, then you ask him the accurate time of Obama, and he shouts back angrily, ‘Has his father asked you to look at his chart, then why are you looking at his chart (‘Uske Baap Ne Tujhe Pucha Hain Kya Kundali Dekhne Ke Liye, Phir kyu Dekhta hain… ) haven’t you read the ancient scriptures (shastras)? If not asked should you predict? The scriptures are very clear that curse comes on those who predict without being asked or without the need of a prediction’. Your head hangs in shame, and they think it is fun to meet yogis. At the end of the meeting he says, ‘Your editorial I have read, it does not speak the truth, the full truth I mean, if you can only do PR astrology (public relations) then you are one among the millions of useless students who call the science divine but do not know what divinity is. To get to the divinity of this science for ‘Useful’ predictions you must learn to speak ‘The Full Truth’ and ‘As It is’ without worrying about the consequences. It requires a huge heart (4H) to speak the Truth. (Heart is 4H which is 3rd ‐ of action from the 2nd house of speech). You try to reason with him on how unbiased an editorial should be & not hurt anyone’s sentiments, how to balance the Indian & the Western reader together. He simply replies Your faith in Gods Path is not their son. Didn’t I teach you that the karma (10th ) of 2nd house of speech is the 11th house and Saturn is the lord of Aq the natural 11th sign. Didn’t I teach you that Saturn is the planet that makes you a super fine Jyotish 4 and spiritualist? When Saturn strikes, what will you do, son? If you are interested in doing PR astrology then you will only build organizations like most of the others but never learn even the meaning of the word Jyotish. Just by calling your books Saptarishis Astrology (Saptarishis is the 7 holy sages in India/7 arch angels of the west) you gain nothing if you can’t reform the ridiculous state of Indian astrologers. Our astrologers have becomes jokes in the name of astrology. They are not astrologers but mantra & tantra experts in the name of astrology, all of them… I had thought you would make a difference, you are like others, get out of my sight.’ Your breath stops, not a single muscle moves and not even your eyelid such is your state when you hear a retort like this. We kept quiet for some time, thinking that the storm is over we again quietly approach pressurizing him to tell us the correct birth time of Obama so that we could go to the internet forums of world astrologers and indicate (boast) the correct time.

 4One will observe that Saturn signifies old age and normally it is the old astrologers who are more revered due to their years of experience of profound observation & deep learning – all the qualities of Saturn of Aq. In old age the pot of these astrologers is filled with knowledge and wisdom gained through experience. After the editorial was finished we realized that as of now no one takes Aq as a Mystic Sign and a new controversy would be created as it happened in one of our lectures in Ahmadabad city done last year where we had mentioned Aq as a very important sign for astrology. Then by Gods Grace on 26th Nov 2008 we read words of Late B.V.Raman ‘Aq is known as a mystic sign’; ref Late Prof B V Raman, in Dec 1949 editorial, Page 738, 16th line. 

Vol 4 – Publitorial – Part 2

He retorts vehemently ‘Marriage will happen or not? This basic question we Indian Jyotishis can’t predict with guarantee. What do you all want to do with Obama? As if he is going to give you all an award. Leave me in peace, he has his own astrologer who is guiding him don’t worry about him, worry about yourself, clean your heart and come back when you are reformed’.

The time we met him must have been wrong, yet when truth strikes your heart you are absolutely numb. On the way back we kept on thinking what the yogi said and co‐relating it with the same words in our Bible, and the path outlined in it which we are not following. Our obeisance to our Bible ‘The Last Book of Astrology’ the book that has made our lives, catapulted our path in Jyotish to abnormal level as compared to what was before, though many light years still to cross. That book does not contain techniques of astrology but far more vital secrets of Astrology as it talks about The Path. To understand this Path & the Biggest Kept Secret of Astrology let’s get started below on a journey that would stretch in many of the publitorials. The breathing should be slow and deep, as what follows is complex information even for the seasoned Vedic astrologer who is used to this house to house decoding yet at many places lot of things would need to be unraveled.

4th House – The Astrology of Throne

This house is called the house of Primary Education, although we can split it up to 2H, 5H, 9H of higher education and 8H of occult & so on. But ancients have focused on the 4H as the house of education, throne, heart, Pure Intent, comforts & happiness. We must request the westerner astrologer to stay with us till the end of this long piece to know the Secret Of Astrology that we found only being mentioned in ‘The Last Book of Astrology’. For it is such a secret that no tradition lays stress on and all of us today have forgotten its importance. Let us take 4H and its relation with Natural Zodiac (Aries as Asc) referred to as the chart when God created this Universe by some and called since time immemorial in India as the Naisargik Kundali. We would take the 4H as the central house and move to other houses to judge how this knowledge of the 4H behaves & is in turn influenced so that at the end we realize the key to the 4H of education of astrology that we all seek.


4th house is the central pillar of one’s existence when one is born as it is the house of mother whose breasts we suck to survive, from it the milk (nectar‐knowledge) flows. Your first learning (Education) starts in your mother’s arms when she teaches you the real meaning of the word Maa, Mom, Mother. It is also the sign of Cancer whose lord is Moon which stands for mother, it is a watery sign yet it is not H 11 violent water; it is calm and soothing like mother’s love. So in order to gain knowledge, the student of this science needs to be ‘Calm’ (key) and for the 4H to prosper you need to have movement (watery sign) in this house, so your information (education) should move and cannot be holed up, as stagnant water will one day create diseases. That is the reason they say for an astrologer, if one does not have vices yet suffers from heart disease (4H), then one has holed up the knowledge, if there are blood pressure problems then as blood is not flowing properly, knowledge from your heart (4h)) does not flow properly. If your knowledge is not pure then your heart swells giving you ego and attitudinal problems (5H) as the 2nd from 4H is 5H of attitude, and 2nd  from any house is the gains of that house. That is the reason they say in ancient India that when they see an astrologer showing off information (education) that he did not have a good guru, for if he had, this would not be the result at all. The ‘Last Book of Astrology’ says ‘The weight of Knowledge is so much; man cannot bear it hence he bends down due to the weight (gets humbled) ‐ that is the reason one with true knowledge would always be humble, never have ego, never get angry or run others down on the subject of knowledge.’ Sign ruling the 4H whether fixed, dual, moveable, airy, fiery all will add further color to your approach to education & level of learning, it’s a natural watery sign (Cancer), if fire element comes here in 4H its not comfortable. Suppose fiery sign/fire element has come in watery sign in 4H, then water becomes hot and boils and evaporates, finally no water. So if one’s house (home) catches fire then it means one has done something drastically wrong with ones knowledge (4H) as fire on water is naturally not possible, against nature and Mother (4H) nature is angry with you or it could also mean among many other things that your students are going to deceive you soon as students 1 is 5H and 12th from it (4H) will show the loss of 5H or one has misused ones mantras (5H of mantra) hence there is fire in your home (12th from 5H). Hence astrologers in India do not speak about fire2 in one’s home for they know this rule if they learnt astrology from the way tradition teaches you that is Natural Zodiac or Kaala Purusha Kundali. 4H is mother and education and that is the reason Mother Saraswati is considered the Goddess of Learning in India, she is not called just Saraswati but addressed as Maa Saraswati3. 4H of natural zodiac is Cancer sign which as per our texts mean ‘residing in forest’ hence to gain real knowledge one must go internal in seclusion & not external in forums or organizations, become quiet and calm like the water energy of Cancer. That is the reason it is said ‘Astrology is the knowledge of Monks’ (Jyotish Sanyasiyo ka Vidya Hain) since they are always secluded. Remember Linda Goodman secluded herself from the rest and became the No.1 author, the first to come on New York Times Best Seller List.


2nd from 4H of education is the 5H it is gain of education that gives you knowledge & intelligence (5H matter) and you feel proud at times due to your education as 5h of the natural zodiac is ruled by Leo the Lion who resides in forest and hence for gain of knowledge (5H) one must become secluded where Astrology becomes your religion. But if knowledge becomes a tool for your ego or fame (5H) then your intelligence (5H) gets marred and what you write (3 rd is writing, so 3 rd from 3 rd which is 5H is the Resultant House. the 3rd house of writing) can become egoistical & this ego becomes a harm inflictor (marak) to the 4H of education thereby stopping your further growth of the 4H. In Vedic astrology the 2nd from any house is the house of sustenance and thus if you do not sustain anything properly this same 2nd house becomes a ‘Harm Inflictor’ for the previous house. If you have malefics in the 5H of intelligence or aspecting it (e.g. Saturn, Nodes) then your intelligence will become marred as you cross 36 years of age & worse after 42, the ages of Saturn & Rahu or till those age it will be marred, depending on the sign. If a retrograde malefic influences this house then you will misuse what you gained (5th is 2nd from 4th house) from your education of previous life as you grow old. Most astrologers say this to scare parents (that a child’s education will suffer a break when such malefics influence) to sell remedies and

1 Please keep in mind that the whole article is in context of our discussion of astrologers learning/knowledge gain. 2 Somehow no one bothers to ask what was the karma, what was the esoteric reason behind burning of the ancient libraries of Nalanda University & Royal Library of Alexandria. There has to be a karmic reason. What sin did we all commit that our knowledge got burnt down. 3 There are various schools of thoughts on this, normally we take 5H as Creation (Brahma) & 4H as Saraswati Goddess, but in Tibetan regions they take the reverse for deities of various houses for remedies. Sticking to Brahma for 5H can seem logical as 5H is children and you create (brahma) / give birth to your children.


gain money, yet the other side of the coin is misuse or no use of one’s education & all your mantras (5H) won’t be able to save your children or save you from the wrath of your students as both children and students are 5H matters and the house placement & aspects of malefics in a chart show ones sins. Unfortunately we ignore this rule when we delineate our favorite astrologer’s charts.


3rd from the 4H of the Information of Education is the 6th house, and in natural zodiac it is Virgo ruled by Mercury, the planet for communications. So 3rd from 4th becomes the writing that you do in astrology of what you learn (4H), and if there are malefics in this house then you can develop lots of enemies (6H is enemies) and also diseases through your writing. Some of us develop lung problems if our writings demean others educational material & we wonder why. That is the reason the monks of astrology never write as they know that people outside in cities are narrow minded and would not digest their writings, but their gain is freedom from enemies and disease as they gave up writing. They don’t write for forums or fight with other astrologers. Example: if one has Rahu (Dragons Head) in 6th house, ones writings will be read by foreigners more (Rahu means foreigners), it would be research oriented (Rahu shows research), by being a malefic who wanted superiority over Gods (mythology) Rahu will make one demean others in your writings creating fights by being controversial, one would not reveal the true information in her/his writings as Rahu has tendency to hide as per Indian mythology when Rahu the demon cheated the gods to gain nectar by disguising himself as a god. Take another case concerning ones learning, Dragons Head implements its energy in the 3rd from itself ‐ ref Aug 08 Vol 3 issue of SA ‐ so if you have Rahu in 4th house it will make you write (3H) to fool others as Rahu fooled the Gods to gain nectar (money) & to influence naive foreigners (Rahu means foreigner) and create fights (6H is fights) this will give you disease as 6H is disease. Depending on the sign it will be incurable or curable. As 3rd from 4th house of learning is 6H of accidents then if one has an accident combination in ones chart one should be careful of not hiding ones knowledge as 6H gets activated and accident is caused. When we hear of an astrologer having a chronic accident we first enquire if that astrologer was approached by a student or publisher and if he refused sharing the knowledge. Often the answer we get is yes.


4th from 4th is the 7th house of public life & position in public life (pada prapti), this 7H is the Resultant House of the 4H, the concept is called Arudha in Sanskrit, which you calculate by counting the number of houses away from its original position. This can be applied to all houses. Example: if we want to find out the resultant house of the 5th house in a chart we will count 5 places from 5th house and we get the 9th house. The intelligence of the 5H gets converted to the wisdom & philosophy that is seen from the 9th house, e.g. if you see children from 5H, no malefics aspecting it or its lord but you see malefics influencing 9H or its lord then you deduce some problems in area of children. Coming back to 7H (4th from 4th ) this sign in natural zodiac is Libra, the result of one’s education is to make one a balanced individual especially in public life as an astrologer. As it is the resultant house of your education if you become unbalanced in your dealings towards knowledge it in turn affects ones 4H of education. As it becomes the 7th house of relationship, problems in the 4H reflect on our relationships, often one finds that astrologers are the most difficult people to deal with in their strive for public standing and often their marriages are ruined due to wanting self projection & pushing partner in background. Now if the 4th house is pure then your education brings you great success in acquiring fruitful public positions, you become a useful astrologer in the public eye. If 4H has restrictive planets influencing it (like Saturn) then your education can be restricted at any point in your life, and if no positive influences then you do not get public limelight (7H) effect. Example: if you have Rahu influencing the 4H then your knowledge is incomplete as Rahu could not devour the nectar completely and his head was cut off by Chief of Gods as per Vedic Mythology resulting in Rahu & Ketu. 10th from 7th house is the 4H of learning, 10th means karma, the result, how an astrologer behaves in public life ones learning increases or decreases. If lot of time is spent doing conferences (7H ‐ public life), ones further learning is reduced as the action (10th ) is in the 10th from it. That is the reason you find that many famous astrologers after one point stagnate since they spend too much time doing publicity stunts (nautanki). Good learning (4H) ensures good Publicity (7H) automatically since the karma of 7th is dependant in the 4H of learning.


5th from the 4th house of Learning is the 8th house of occult and longevity/survival. You can survive as an astrologer in this world only if you have good learning; the gain of occultness of the 8H is a result of the previous merits of the 4th house of Learning, since the 5th means previous births merits (poorva poonya) & 8th is the Storehouse of Previous Merits (Poorva Janma Raj Kosh). The natural sign of the 8H is Scorpion: if your merits are not good the science will bite you and that is the reason elders in India do not encourage a householder to practice astrology as without knowing the roads (tradition) of the 8H of scorpion you can get sting badly & end up in poverty or misery. From the 8th house the 4th house of learning is in the 9th (fruits) from it, which means Previous good merits in matters of Learning or Knowledge gives fruits of good learning of astrology in this life. This is the hidden logic behind why elders say 8H is the house of occult/astrology. So if we cheat people of knowledge, books or manuscripts or hiding it (8H is house of hidden) you will suffer in next life when it comes to your astrological knowledge and other areas too, but here our discussion is on learning astrology and astrologers, not other areas of life. The 5th shows ones attitude so the attitude by which you do your studies (4H) is governed by the 8H and the fruits therein of ‘Continuous Flow of the Learning Cycle’.

The 8H is the house of darkness and solitude and you need to be the Apprentice of the Master but in solitude that’s the key as it is 8H. Now if your Master has many students you won’t get the solitude (ekant) to do your studies. Often we think that books are our best gurus since we are alone (8H) with our books. Why didn’t our sages have 10,000 students under them? Why did Jesus not have more than 12 disciples? Was their knowledge not superior to attract many? Because they knew that energy could be transferred to very few, unlike today’s Gurus who are in the business of wanting more and more students? Their true worth is seen by the number of students a guru has.


6th from the 4H of Learning is the house of 9th house of Teacher, Righteous actions (Dharma), Wisdom, God’s blessings & Fruits of One’s Life. Now 6th means service/efforts/hard work/obstacles/gratitude, in order to get wisdom to become a Guru one needs to do extreme hard work and serve (6th) ones Guru. It is a fiery sign (Sagi) and your teacher at times gets angry with you but if our ego is so much that it hurts us, then we do not get the Guru ‐ period. But is there a true guru today, one can spend lifetimes in a city or forum and you won’t find one. 9th house is the house of Sagittarius in the Natural Zodiac whose lord is Jupiter the natural teacher. 9H is the house of Gods too so when we don’t get a guru we make God our Guru, and its far better than today’s Guru who accords you titles of Guruism depending on how much you served (6th) them with praise or money. What should be the relationship towards our God (or guru) & our learning, well as it is 6th from 4H and 6th shows serving, faith and bowing down, that’s what it should be as when you have full faith only then you, bow to someone or to God.

When we bow down in full faith to our Gods or Guru or Master, we gets in return the Occult Knowledge (as the 4th house is 8th from 9th) , so in order to learn anything from anyone whether it be a colleague or book or magazine we must show humility (6th ) and be ready to learn, but if we show 9th house trait of already being a Guru, what will we learn? The energy will go into the 12H of loss (9th energy of Guruism from 4th is the 12H). There is a negative side to the 6th as it shows selfishness. And so when we take this selfish attitude of the 6th from the 4th house towards our guru (9H) then true love, true knowledge does not come to self (1H as it is 5th from 9th) but when we convert this selfishness into honest gratitude we get the real knowledge (9H). Here unfortunate is the Guru (9H) who is born with many sins of previous life to get a selfish student, for e.g. Internet Paramparas (tradition) have many gurus who are most hated by their students and Gurus are aware of this, even the student knows the guru is aware of their hatred but all of them butters their gurus alas true knowledge has not come out from the gurus as a result not a single of the Paramparas can predict to save their life. We must pity such students and such Gurus who, in spite of knowing the game they are playing with each other, are so dependent on each other for surviving today in the ‘Age of Fame Astrology’. The 9H is the house of prosperity and is governed by the deity Laxmi, Goddess of Wealth, when we serve our Guru we get everlasting wealth his true love which is unconditional, is not unconditional love the greatest wealth of all since time immemorial.

6th from any house is the house of jealous, as enemies are jealous of us or vice versa and we can’t speak good about our enemies or vice versa. 6th from the 4th house ones knowledge is the 9H which is the house of Higher Knowledge, it is our by our hard work (6th ) that our knowledge becomes refined and becomes higher knowledge (9H). As it is the house of higher knowledge we as astrologers should be careful that we do not carry the negative side of the 6th house energy from 4H to 9H as we can then become jealous of others higher knowledge and this is often the trap of the 6th houses energy of selfishness & greed. When we tend to hate or dislike or argue with others who have higher knowledge (9H) we are converting the 6H of hard work energy to become jealous energy and thereby the Source that is the 4H gets spoilt effecting our own learning. As we tend to continuously criticize others works (9H). Often you will find out that the Supreme Astrologer who has understood the meaning of the word Jyotish never privately or publicly criticizes others higher knowledge whether it be in form of books or articles. You will observe that not a single Sage has ever criticized another Sages work.

You come to know the worth of how one will progress in astrology if he or she reads a great book on astrology and no praise comes from him, if no praise comes you know which type of 6H energy is travelling from his 4H since when one gets jealous of someone’s success surely he is not your friend (4H) but you are taking him as the enemy (6H) and this happens mainly when you do the Astrology of the Throne (4H) and not Astrology of the Heart (4H). This is the difference in the 4H energy. Tis scribe has observed over many years of observation when he learns a secret technique from an astrologer and when he teaches the same to another astrologer, he is not much interested in learning and after learning it has no praise for it as if he has learnt all the techniques of astrology.

We noticed the 4H of heart methodology from a master who had no tradition in astrology, no guru yet he went on to become a Master of the science & also world famous. Those were the nostalgic days when sitting at his feet we would hear stories of him praising other astrologers’ works, always praising. So much love flowed. No doubt the energy flowed from his 4H to 9H and back to his 4H with more higher knowledge, much more than what others ever got.


As the 1st house is self and 7th house is the Man that comes out in the world to interact with it, same is the 4th house of Learning and the 7th from it becomes the 10th house of what comes out of that learning, which, being the 10H, can either be your profession or your free serving to help people. It being the sign of Capricorn in the natural zodiac is ruled by Saturn, one must be careful with what is done with this learning (of the 4th house) as when Saturn strikes no mantra can save, and we know that even Gods had to go into hiding for years due to Saturn. Our obeisance to Gods and planet Saturn both. At times when this 10H is spoilt due to actions of previous or this life, an astrologer develops problems of the knee as 10H & Capricorn is knee, this knee problems cannot be ignored by a prudent astrologer.


This is the best house; the 8th from 4th house is the 11H of gains of money, gain of position and gains in fulfillment of desires. Ruled by Aquarius the Pot Bearer who some say needs to overflow to function and some say it should not overflow being half empty whereas some say the pot of the sign is actually empty. It is the pot of Occult Knowledge of the 4H of Learning (8th from 4th ); this is the real Occult of the Astrology. 4th house sign is Cancer which is water element and this water must flow through ordeals (8H) into the Pot of the 11H of Aquarius and it is then only (struggle energy of 8th ) that the pot becomes full to give you Gains that is signified by the 11H. Now, the 8th house is more to do with magic, tantric activities, austerities and unfortunately the astrology of today, which is far different than astrology of olden days. Think of it this way: if 8H is occult then 4th (education) from 8th is the 11th house. And 8th from 4h is also 11H, both ways we come to the same 11th house that is Aq 4 that is ruled by Saturn and the natural Obstacle House of the zodiac (For Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn the 11th from it is the Obstacle Sign). No wonder to gain money or position or fulfillment of desires humans face so many obstacles and get it after a lot of effort, and as the elders say, Saturn gives results after delayℯit’s not delay, it’s the hard work and efforts signified by Saturn to cross the obstacles (11H). The difference between a good and a bad astrologer is Saturn; the good astrologer has worked hard burning midnight oil to test each and every technique he finds in books. See, oil is signified by Saturn and night is when Saturn is strong.

The problem here is the fortune (4th) of this occult knowledge (11H) is governed by 2H (4th from 11th) and also Saturn implements itself in the 4th from where it sits. Saturn is the Dharma Holder (Judges Righteousness in Each One) so one’s speech has to flow with Truth & what you do with this Mystic Knowledge is governed by Saturn. No doubt the ancients and as late as C. S. Patel have said you must always speak the truth. But this is so tough in today’s world. If you speak the truth in today’s world you are banned from forums of dictator astrologers, if you suggest that before we decide on anything lets first remove those 60,000 manuscripts (Saturn) on the topic you get banned by Fuehrer’s Of Astrology who do not realize that one day people with only 6 years of astro knowledge will come & remove the carpet under you. As 6 year olds represent Indigo Children and color Indigo is the higher octave of Saturn as per some.

4After this editorial was finished, we came across our Nadi notes book and found written there that Aq is another mystic science of zodiac besides Sc, besides 8th from any house is the mystic house of it since it carries with it Sc energy. The color of Aquarius is deep‐brown and if one notices the headings of each article, paragraphs & borders of pages of this magazine are deep brown in color by coincidence.

Why is the water to flow continuously from Cancer to Aquarius since you need to make many pots that can contain your ever increasing learning. See the clay of the Aq pot is made of mud (earth‐ 4H), now this is made with hands (11H & 3H) & some water (4H). The Saturn here is the toughest to deal with, as it is a fixed Saturn here rather than a moveable Saturn of Capricorn, if one is too fixed it breaks the Pot‐ knowledge gone and if one is too soft the Pot cannot be made. This should give a clue as to what kind of energies we require to benefit in gaining knowledge when it comes to the real mystic knowledge of the 4H of our learning. The other clue for Indian Astrologers who take Lord Ganesh (elephant headed) as Lord of astrology and pray to him for excellence in astrology is for the reason that Lord Ganapati is considered as the remover & creator of obstacles (11H) as we all know and the 11H (Aq) is ruled by Lord Ganapati5 . We hope now the logic of Aq‐Astrology & Lord Ganesh is grasped by Indian astrologers. In India the richest city is Mumbai & also hosts Bollywood, this city holds the biggest festival in the whole of India for Lord Ganapati as he removes obstacles (11H) and gives gain of desires & money (11H) which Mumbai has.


9th from 4th house of learning is where the heart of God is, and is called the house of pleasures and spirituality. If you reside (4H of home) in the heart of God won’t you enjoy pleasures & spirituality? 9th from any house is the fruits of that house hence they said donate knowledge as 9th (fruits) from 4H of knowledge is the 12H of charity & also the fruit of the happiness of 4H (sukhastana‐4h). For more into this readers can refer to Sri Krishna’s words in Bhavishya Purana (holy text) that we translated for the first time for the benefit of readers in Vol 2. The sign is Pisces of the natural zodiac and it is the water where fish moves around, so the fruits of this action are ever flowing and also feeds others (fish). This 12th house is the house of the heart (4th from 9th) of the Guru, the Master and of the Gods. So once you donate true knowledge without worrying about the fruits of it then God falls in love with you as his heart is yours and you will automatically get more knowledge as 12H is the Knowledge of the Gods (4th from 9th). That is the reason there is a verse in sanskrit which says that to hold knowledge and not allow anyone to bring out knowledge is a sin which cannot be reversed. Alas today’s organizations and Gurus do not want you to bring out knowledge, if you bring it out their throne gets threatened as they practice the astrology of thrones.

It is important to note this relation that, as the 4th house is the 5th (poorva punya/merits of previous birth) from the 12H of Gods heart/spirituality. Hence it is your previous births merit of donation of knowledge by which you get good education (4H) of this science in this birth. Please re‐read the above verse and see the cycle is complete – 9th from 4th your fruits (9H) of donation (12h) of knowledge in previous life6 (12H) & it comes back (5H) as knowledge (4H) in this life. That is the reason it is said donate without your shadow coming to know of it, without any conditions in your donation, we can’t say ‘Give me $250 for my article or magazine’ but it can’t be free either as anything free has no value since gratitude died 2000 years back.

5House Ruler Deity Wise: 1. Shiva 2. Kubera 3. Kumar 4. Saraswati 5. Brahma 6. Varun 7. Parvati 8. Yama 9. Laxmi 10. Visnu 11. Ganesh 12. Agni – this rulership is as per one school of thought.6 Here it can be this life also depending on the sign occupied there and other multitudinal factors. 



10th from the 4th house is the house of karma (10th) of the education that you learn. This makes you or breaks you by giving you ego about it as the 1H is the house of ego. In reverse, since 4th house is the 4th from the 1H, it bloats your heart (4H) giving you a bigger ego, making the 4H ‘Fixed’ and not flowing like water which it should be as 4h is sign of Cancer. This energy movement becomes cyclic 4th to 1st to 4th and becomes a black hole most astrologers cannot escape including this writer. That is the reason for gain of true knowledge in olden days the monks were advised begging as a ritual so that their ego becomes zero and flow of energy goes on and on in a cycle as the monks were not after gold but after knowledge.


11th from the 4th is the 2H of wealth, speech and family. As such 11th stands for gain and 11th from any sign stands for gain or no gain of that house. If your actions in the 4H are good then there is gain in the 11th from it resulting in prosperity to you & family; if the actions are bad then your whole family goes down. The natural 4H sign is Cancer and hence its Obstacle Sign would be Taurus, which means if you do not allow free flowing of energy in the 4h which is its natural birth‐right (cancer sign) then you create Obstacles7 in the 2H of family, wealth and speech. How is this 4H so instrumental – if one does not want to learn or does not allow one to learn, then one’s heart (4H) will get fixed, which is against the very basic nature of the 4H. Hence the result will be destruction of wealth or family or speech or eyesight at one stage of life. Depending on the sign it will be either in this life or next or next to next and that’s the reason Sage Parasara wrote 5000 years back that ‘Hence, everyone should have knowledge of Jyotish, particularly the Brahmin. The one, who, is devoid of knowledge of Jyotish, blames this Vedic Science will go to the hell called Raurava and will be reborn blind.’

Mark the word blind and knowledge of sage Parashara. The logic of this verse as to why sage has mentioned blind has so for eluded so we here make humble attempt to explain a part of it. See co-relate this with logic as to why it is said that Jyotisha(11H) is the eye of Vedas8 (4H) from whatever you read in the paragraph titled 11th. Vedas means the highest knowledge as per the Indians and is tough to understand.  Take Vedas as 4H, the supreme part & gain of this knowledge of Vedas would be the 11th from it, as 11th symbolizes the highest gains in a chart and the 11th from 4th is the 2H of eyes, hence ‘Astrology is the eye of the Knowledge’ has been cryptically by our ancients as astrology opens our eyes to see the difference between illusion and the reality of our existence, that is our past actions that result in future results. This whole concept deserves an article but let’s see it from other angles. If we take 9th of essence from 4H of the 4Vedas, we get 12H of spirituality & right eye and it is just astrology becomes a Spiritual science. If we take 8H as Astrology of Occult, then the 2nd  (eye) from it becomes the 9H of higher knowledge. Astrology becomes your eye to see the plan of God (Vedas).

There is so much more to this for example see 4H and take 11th from it which is 2H of speech. In India it is said that an astrologer needs Vak Siddhi which means the words (prediction) that comes out of his mouth should become true.


7 Again 11th energy of Ganesh‐obstacles comes here, hence for vak‐siddhi (predictive ability) since ages astrologers pray to Lord Ganesh.


Now mouth is 2H, 3rd from any house is the action of that house which becomes 4H, if malefics are in 4H it becomes an impediment as malefics signify impediments, now as food for thought go to charts of those astrologers whose prediction failed on your charts or those gurus who often fail in their predictions and in some of their charts you would find a malefic in 4H or association of 4L with malefics. Unfortunately, no astrologer writes on this particular aspect since he would lose his business.


12th from 4H is the natural 3rd house of writing and also the house of charity of knowledge (4th) as 12th means charity. That is the reason when an author writes a book (3H) or gives a lecture he donates (12th) his learning (4H). Donation is always unconditional love and hence if one writes a book but does not reveal his full knowledge in his writing on that topic his donation is not accepted by the Universal Energy which is male female combined that is Gemini of 3H of Natural Zodiac. Reverse is 2nd from 3rd house of writing and good communication skills, it results in gains of more knowledge (4th is 2nd from 3rd) & fortune (4H of fame & fortune). The 3rd house is the natural sign of Gemini, the combination of the male‐female energy, the unbiased one: your writing needs to unbiased, for without which knowledge would not grow. Your writing should be honest, admitting your failures, and not such that one day a 6 year old kid (Mer‐Gemini) comes to tattoo on your hand, this sentence, ‘I Do Not Know Astrology’. Remember Mercury is the kid and the 12th house is the loss of the 4H of knowledge, hence they say in India for those egoistic astrologers that one day a kid (Mer‐Gemini ruled) will come and show your inferiority (loss) to you, if you have so much of ego (4H of pride) on your knowledge. Indians can refer to the ancient story of Prahlada & Dhruva – 6 year olds who reduced the ego of their opponents. It is said in every era they are reborn to drive out the old egoists. As 12th from 4H is 3H of writing, it also means that by writing what was yours (4H) is no more yours (12th from it) and it belongs to the world, as it being 12th it is charity of your knowledge whose sign is Gemini in natural zodiac, which stands for intelligence as it is ruled by Mercury, and in next life or this you are rewarded with more intelligence due to your charity of knowledge. In order to avoid length of this write up we have not used Elements (Tatva) and many other characteristics of each sign. But what is the bottom line, what is the so called Biggest Kept Secret of Astrology. It is the 4H of:‐


Yes without a good heart one cannot learn astrology, one may learn information, become a great predictor but the basic meaning of the word Jyotish (not using the word astrology here) will not be understood by us. You see the 4H is the house of the mother; here the mother and the kid unite as the kid sucks the milk from her breasts which are located also near ones heart, it is not the milk here that flows, it is the mother’s love from her heart which flows to the kid and that is how Learning Flows from The Heart. If heart is not pure, what will one teach to others, what knowledge will you share? Remember what our old teachers said: ‘I taught him with my heart’ (Dil Khol Ke Sikhaya). Because the guru and student are in love with each other. The student (5H) gains from the 4th . When you start a science you start for the love of it, because your heart (4H) wants you to learn that science. At that time you are not worried about what you gain from the science, about the politics of practitioners of this science, just like a mother while feeding her baby does not wonder if the baby is going to take care of her in old age. One of our proof readers was travelling in the local metro train, correcting the articles, and a girl next to her said, Oh Astrology, I want to learn it, go to America and make money out of it, but I am not finding time to start the study. This is the condition of Indian Astrology. It’s not wrong to make money or not to make money out of it, what’s wrong is there is no intention to learn the science for its Holisticity (must coin a new word here). Show us a Guru who checks your intention when you approach him to learn. Too many of today’s gurus are in the business of creating thousands of students, and too many students aren’t concerned enough to check the heart of the guru.

Malefics as we know spoil the houses they sit with or associate with. Forget about the complex rules let’s just stick to this basic rule and see this through an example. If Rahu sits in the 4H of heart, the heart of the person is spoilt and such a person is called Kapati (man who cheats) in India since Rahu by very nature tried to cheat the gods of the nectar. This Rahu in the 4H wants to go ahead in life by hook or crook. That’s what Rahu displayed in the Nectar story of Indian mythology. In India, Astrology is considered a very divine science and of the gods. That is the reason in ancient India one would not teach astrology or mantras to a student who has Rahu in quadrants to the Asc or trinal to the Asc, as when in trines to the ascendant it afflicts the mind of the native or can give him false guru and no guru wants to be that false guru. Just for the record this author also has one of the above negative combinations but which astrologer tried to check that? The moment money is shelled out they start teaching, even if not money then for the sake of increasing ones students count they teach. Do current Gurus check your chart before they start teaching you? No they don’t? This Rahu influence is so beautiful that Parampara secrets are revealed not in India but abroad (Rahu’s influence again) but this is the way the world is. Students join the Guru’s Institution and leave it when they find out the Guru is a politician and a cheat, yet will still join back shamelessly since we are so hungry for this 4th house of Throne of Knowledge as we can easily cheat (rahu) young entrants by imparting further courses and we think Saturn from 10H is not looking at our 4H.

It took this writer incidentally 2 years of gap to decode this verse from ‘The Last Book of Astrology’ – ‘To Learn Astrology Infidelity Is The Most Important Virtue’ – ‘The Rishis (sages) do not like Infidelity’, why did it take so long since we forgot that 4H is the house of chastity. Here Babaji is not referring to sexuality related infidelity but knowledge (4H) related infidelity as one needs to be honest to ones knowledge capability, otherwise guru/higher knowledge becomes obstacle to gain (6th is obstacle & 6th from 4H is 9H of guru or higher knowledge).

As we close this long piece, let’s see a movie that is considered by many to be one of the greatest spiritual movies of recent times ‘Jerry Maguire 9 – starring Tom Cruise & Cuba Gooding Jr, who plays Rod Tidwell. Jerry (Tom Cruise) is a Sports Agent & one day writes about dishonesty (4H) in sports profession and gets fired. He has no clients except his Tidwell, now see what Wikipedia says ‘Tidwell tests Jerry’s resolve through a very long telephone conversation, which culminates in the famed “Show Me the Money!” telephone yelling match between Rod and Jerry. Later on when Tidwell can’t make it big he accuses Jerry of being lousy, then Jerry gives the famous mantra ‘You know why you don’t have the $10 million dollar contract. You Play With Your Head, Not Your Heart’. He goes on to later win a $ 11 million dollar contract ℮ notice the synchronicity of the number 11 and now check what you read in the 11th from 4th and also the 11H of a chart, all of it is governed cum controlled by the Key which is the 4H of Heart, money is just the bi‐product let’s not forget that. Let’s all do the Astrology Of The Heart instead of becoming No.1 & doing the Astrology of the Throne.

9 In June 2008, AFI revealed its “Ten top Ten”the best ten films in ten “classic” American film genresafter polling over 1,500 people from the creative community. – Jerry Maguire was acknowledged as the tenth best film in the sports genre. The dialogue ‘Show Me The Money’ comes in the AFIs 100 movie quotes at 25th ranking.

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