What Will Happen To Saddam Hussein By Raymond Lo, Hong Kong

Edited by Andy Whitewaters

“Saddam Hussein – A weak wood person and hence the need for support of water and wood was must for his survival. Although the strong fire in the year of the Horse, as well as the strong earth in the year of the Goat could not give him a favourable blend. The Goat means dry earth – symbolizing the desert and it can be said as that  it was nothing less than irony of  life that exactly in the last year of the Goat i.e.1991 he was driven out of Kuwait in the Gulf War.

It was again the year of the Goat -2003 which stimulated another Gulf War.

Born in the year of the Ox which is in clash against the year of the Goat, showing that the turbulence was in the offing for him in 2003.  Due to this clash and in addition to his  bad luck of earth element lead to his final debacle .”

The author had predicted all the above mentioned on the South China Morning Post website – on the2003 Chinese New Year special feature. The author again reiterated the same findings , during his  interview by the CNN on New Year eve and the same was replicated in the  Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily on Chinese New Year day on 1st of February.  But as it is said the people donot believe you till your prophecies come true, the same happened in this case also , where-in people were of the opinion that the war against Iraq could be avoided.

The author’s prediction were made on the basis of Saddam Hussein’s birthday which is known to be 28/4/1937 The following is his three pillars of destiny, his birth hour is not known.

Day Month Year
Wood Wood Fire
Metal Earth Earth


68 58 48 38 28 18 8
Fire Earth Earth Metal Metal Water Water
Metal Earth Water Water Earth Wood Wood

Saddam was a yin wood person born in the month of April at the end of spring when wood gets into a weaker state . There is totally absence of water in his know three pillars in the Year, Month and Day. As such, it is very obvious that his wood self element is weak and he would require the  support of water and wood. And Fire and Earth elements will be unfavorable as they shall exhaust his wood energy. At the age of 65, Saddam was in a luck pillar of Earth Dog, with heavy Earth over Earth element., which symbolize’s s bad luck. The current year was Goat which is earth year, adding immense pressure on him. Also he was born in the year of the Ox which would not only clash against the year of the Goat, but also shall  forms a “Three Penalty” with Ox, Goat and Dog coming together in the same year. Which eventually lead him into a very dangerous year.

The Gulf war which took place in 1991, was also a year of the Goat and the clash between the Goat year and Saddam’s Ox actually moved him away from Kuwait. But at that time, 12 years ago, he was still in good luck in the luck pillar of the water pig. Obviously this water element saved his life.

However, today, he is in the luck pillar of the Earth Dog, so it would have required a heavenly miracle to help him escape this bad luck.

In the book “Feng Shui and Destiny for Families” the author has analyzed the tragedy of Lady Diana and mentioned that Lady Diana was a weak wood lady and she died due to a bad luck pillar of Earth Dog, which is very similar to Saddam Hussein’s situation today. Lady Diana died in a tunnel – trapped in Earth element. It will not be surprising that Saddam will face the similar circumstance, surrounded in earth in his final days.

As you are aware the Saddam was hanged till death in a prison made of the earth bricks , which substances the finding of the author again come True.


The author  also did a few I Ching Divination, about the outbreak of the Decapitation Strike and the fate of Saddam. It was interesting to show them here for readers who are also interested in the subject:

  1. Question – What will happen to Saddam Hussien in 2003?

    Date: Water Rabbit (Wood)
    Month: Water Ox (earth) Jan. 2003
    Hexagram Family: Thunder Family Element:Wood
    Subject: Saddam Hussien



  M Goat ( Earth ) // Object
  P Rooster ( Metal ) /
  R Pig ( Water ) /
  M Dragon ( Earth ) // Subject
( Saddam )
C Rabbit  (Wood ) C Tiger ( Wood ) X
  R Rat ( Water ) /


M – Money P – Power C – Colleague I – Intelligence R– Resources

1. Subject is Saddam Hussein and he sits on an Earth element which is getting weak in the month of Jan. Also the Dragon is “void” element on the day of performing this I Ching. It means Saddam is vulnerable and weak.

  1. The active second line is Wood which is active to attack Saddam’s Earth element. Implying he will be under attack in 2003 and this attack is likely to happen in the wood season – Spring.
  2. The active second line is Tiger wood change into Rabbit wood. This is called “Advance” meaning the attack is more serious. And it could mean massive attack in the Rabbit month – March 2003.
  3. The change in the second line results in a total clash Hexagram, this is very clear indication of war.
  4. The strong active line in the inner trigram can also imply there is attack from behind, from within Iraq.

The above I Ching is very accurate and the US launched the “Decapitation attack” in March 2003 – month of the Rabbit.

2. Question – Will USA attack Iraq in the next 30 days?

Date : Earth Ox ( Earth ) 16th March during I Ching class in Singapore
Month : Wood Rabbit ( Wood )
Hexagram Family : Mountain
Family Element : Earth
Object : Iraq

  C Dog ( Earth ) /
M Rat ( Water ) I Monkey ( Metal ) O Subject (USA)
C Dog ( Earth ) R Horse ( Fire ) O
  C Ox ( Earth ) //
P Tiger ( Wood ) P Rabbit ( Wood )  
  R Snake ( Fire ) /

M – Money P – Power C – Colleague I – Intelligence R– Resources

1. Subject line is USA which is active metal monkey attacking the object line wood, symbolizing Iraq. So it confirms the attack will take place soon. However, the USA metal is not in season and is weak in the Rabbit month March. Iraq is wood which is very strong in March. As such, the strike will have difficulty and USA will suffer casualty.

  1. The Subject line is active metal change into water and such water is Money supporting the wood element of the Object line – Iraq. This match well with President Bush speech on the day of attack – offering money to rebuilt Iraq.
  2. In the Upper Trigram, the 5th line is active fire which attacks the subject line metal (USA) it means there is oppositions against USA – worldwide anti – war movements against the US attack. However, this movement cannot stop the attack as it results in Earth element which continues to support the metal subject line.
  3. The Object Line wood – symbolizing Iraq – is active and this represents resistance against the metal attack. However, it is a line changing from Rabbit wood to Tiger wood; this is backward movement in the sequence of the 12 animals and is a symbol of “Retreat”. This could mean Chance of Iraq surrendering.
  4. Iraq the Object line is strong in Spring, especially in Rabbit Month March. As such, it seems the strong resistance will be present in the Rabbit Month and USA cannot accomplish her goal before the Rabbit month expires on 5th April – the Chinese Ching Ming Festival.

This I Ching was performed in front of a class of over 20 students in Singapore on 16/3/2003 when the USA attack has not yet started. And the outcome very clearly reflected the development of affair coming immediately afterwards.

This also matching well with the author analysis of Saddam Hussien’s Four Pillars above. Being weak wood person, he was still under strong support in March, in the middle of the spring wood season. However, this wood support will gradually fade away when the strong earth elements arrives in April.