Why Astrologers Must Also Apologize? By K.N.Rao, India.

Sometime in 1983 I had written in the Astrological Magazine an article “The Tragedy of a Prediction” and admitted a mistake I had committed. I do it because astrologers must not play God. We are human beings and commit mistakes.

In 1993, I had made a major prediction about the fall of the government of P.V.Narasimha Rao the prime minister in July but he survived by bribing JMM and he was tried in a court of law later  though my prediction went wrong. I apologized again

In 2004 I failed to predict the defeat of NDA government and I apologized in newspaper interviews.

In 2007 I predicted disaster for the government of Manmohan Singh but it survived through the notorious “cash for votes” scandal. I again had apologized in newspaper interviews.

Astrologers must keep a low profile and it is through their astrological work, predictions and morality that they must set a high standard so that the general public comes to know that all astrologers are not cheats.

Look at the way astrologers cheat people in the name of Kaal Sarpa Yoga which does not find any mention in any book of astrology or Rahu Kaalam which does not find any mention in any book of muhurta according to Mr.Sridhar who has written the biggest ever book on Muhurta.

Imagine an astrologer discussing in his book the dashamansha of Jesus Christ when no one know when and at what time he was born.

It is the duty of astrologers to make each other aware of such frauds and keep the public informed.

Then astrologers must also remember that it is through mistakes that we learn and improve.

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