World War, Then & Now By Sergey Kurapov, Russia


Sergey Kurapov is a famous Russian astrologer. He has been in astrology since the early 80s. Since 1995: the director of the NGO Institute of Practical Astrology. Since 2002: the Head of the annual publication «The popular astrological calendar IPA». In 2003-2005: the Chief Editor of The World of forecasts newspaper. The author and developer of astrological computer programs, including URANUS, one of the most famous programs in Russia. The author of numerous publications and astrological researches. Conducts consulting practice, work-shops and seminars. E-mail:

The Second World War, Then & Now


Sergey Kurapov, Russia

SA Thanks: Veronica Tkachenko, Russia & Lorin Cerina, Croatia

What we don’t know about right wars

So is that, what they mean left

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So many years passed away, but people in the world up to now in different ways appreciate everything, that is connected to the Second World War. Its reasons, the role of different states and powers in making a war and its outcome, its results.

In May of 1945 was drawn the most important line in the Second World War. Though battle actions and the war were continuing. In front were else Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Second World War itself was the most tragical and destructive part of the current civilization’s crisis of last 200th years of our epoch. Division of the time into phases of history epochs is highly relative and frequently is doubtful affair, but for understanding of time and history it is probably very important. Historians, sociologists, politologists and other representatives of modern materialistic sciences make it in accordance with their frequently particularly ideological (the Soviet history is the shining example) object, having any objective instrument of time, past, present and future evaluation. There is such an instrument in the astrology. These are cosmic planetary cycles and a century’s experience of researches their interrelation with the happening on the Earth. Repercussion of cyclical processes and it’s the most important periods and of time are astrological maps.

About the Second World War was written a lot, including different astrologers. A lot of different astrological maps were made and explained for this object. We can look at some maps of the Second World War now.

We will begin with the map, which with all arguments can be called the map of our epoch. This is a map of Great Mutation of 1842. It was made for the moment of the first Jupiter’s connection to Saturn in signs of the Earth. This map showed very brightly all main events of the epoch.

This map has special points of tenderness. As far as it is the map of lunar eclipse with special separated Moon, so the most painful field here is Moon, Sun and zone of the main opposition of Moon and Sun, main line of the map. Moon in mundane map are people, nations, countries. Opposition to Sun in the hard form in this map points at the opposition of power to power system and management in the world and struggle for changes, redistribution of influence, resources. The Second World War began when through the most sensitive area of mutation map (according to Moon and opposition to Sun) went Pluto, the planet of crisis, transformation, the globalist and unconvertible changes, cataclysms and destructions of everything that hinders to the evolutionary process. With Pluto are connected the most serious lessons, which passes the mankind. Saturn and lunar nodes pass the square to this opposition of the period map (changes came and they must pass on the most sensitive level). It will be remembered that the First World War began when the other collective planet Neptune went on this point. During the epoch these two planets only singly were in this zone of Zodiac and were typical for the most critical periods of 20th century’s history.

Transit situation according to the Epoch for the moment of the beginning of the Second World War.

Important maps of war can give Astrocartography. Let’s follow up the movement of astrocyclographic line of Pluto-Dsc. map of Great Mutation in the late 30s, at the beginning of the 40s of the 20th century. It is the line of transit Pluto on Dsc. according to the period map of 1842.


This line goes through Europe on the second half of the 20th, probably reflecting going into world economic crisis. To 1933 the line of Pluto finished passage through Germany, which was at that moment under the influence of fascists. Simultaneously the line of the war destructions Mars progressive for Is went to Berlin. Then the line of Pluto moved through Europe and to the beginning of the Second World War it went to Moscow. This line, which most of all according to symbolism conforms to global conflict, race for power and superiority, zone redistribution of influence and control in the world, crisis and world war connected to Moscow. The war began, when the line of war coupled in time USSR and Germany. The both sides took part in it. Then retrograde Pluto was moving backwards a little, and in 1940-41s the line of Pluto went through Moscow finally and the war came to USSR.


And like this looks the map of invasion of Germany to USSR. (on the 22th of June 1941 at 4:00). We can see the retrograde Mercury and Moon is void of course. In accordance with two the most famous and the easiest astrological positions we can say that the time for beginning of serious project was chosen strangely enough, if was planned successful undertaking. Whether Hitler’s astrologer wasn’t Russian spy?

And now we can apply this map to the map of the USSR and look, what was happening there. We see that Uranus and Saturn went through Moon of the map of USSR. It is very complicated transit. Moon – people, countries, traditions, past. Uranus gives extreme situations, which can turn and change everything. Saturn often brings time of restrictions, problems, ordeals, and check for strength and for conformity of the law of time. Besides Saturn is a planet of karmic debts and karmic requital.

But here is an individual and particular interest in the fact that Moon in the map of USSR in connection to the star Algol, very famous star and with steady gloomy reputation. Algol is the star from the asterism of Hero or Perseus. Algol holds a central position in myth of asterism and represents the head of Gorgon, which was cut off. Decapitation is important in direct and figurative meaning – it is important component of myth’s symbolic. But at first peri (beauty) Gorgon was violated in church by god Poseidon (in astrological tradition – Neptune), after which the peri passed into bander snatch and from her one glance people become stone. Even agape, along with the finest concepts (Neptune’s symbolic), introduced by violence and without readiness and wish to perceive them, can mould beautiful into monstrous and ugly, living into rock unfeeling.


Yet one the most important symbolic line of myth – line of hero and heroism, which is represented as the finest value and ideal and in reality it is crime, murder and sin, caused the chain of karmic requital and damnation for 4 generations forward. Perseus’s generation according to the myth was damned for 4 generations. In generation of great grandson must happen atonement.

There is no more to come. In the same place of Zodiac, aligning with the star Algol and with Moon of Moon map of USSR is Pluto in Stalin’s map. The planet, whose symbolic is totalitarian power and suppression, in the map of leader on the planet, symbolizing nation in the map of state and in conjunction with the star, symbolizing decapitation and other above mentioned mythology with damnation for 4 generations.

And the present stratum was raised from the bottom in June of 1941 through the war, taken away tens millions of lives, when transits of slow planets included Moon in maps of USSR.

Map application of 22.06.1941 to the map of USSR

Perhaps it is the truth that the real history of mankind was written in myths and is reflected in asterism. And it is reproduced again and again in different variations for the everlasting objects about drying up of creeks and their refilling with fresh water.


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