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मृत्युप्रजायोग – Mrityupraja Yoga

In this part let us see some more Yogas described in Jytosih Sangraha.

One such Yoga is Mrityupraja Yoga. I am keeping the Sanskrit words used by the author as it is to make it more meaningful. मृत्यु means death and प्रजा in this context refers to the subject/person concerned.

पंचमस्थो यदा सूर्यस्तमोमंदध्वजैर्युतः  स्वर्भानुभूमितनयौ भवेतां तनुजेऽथ वा॥१०॥

मृत्युयोगं विजानीयाद् बालकानां न संशयः। अंते सुतीर्थमरणं विष्णुभक्तिपरायणः॥११॥

इह जन्मनि संतानं भवेद्वा न तु जीवति। एको वा जीवति यदा अंते दुःखमवप्नुयात्॥१२॥

When the 5th house is occupied by (1) Sun, Rahu, Saturn or Ketu  or (2) Rahu and Mars – Mrityu Praja Yoga is formed. The effect of this yoga is that the native will get an offspring but that will not survive. The native who has such a Yoga will pass away in a good and holy place where there is sacred water. The word used is सुतिर्थ . Theertha means sacred water and any place having a sacred river, lake or ocean is called Theertha sthal or theertha sthan or theertha kshetra. He is destined to be a Vishnu Baktha or worshipper of Mahavishnu. Even if he gets a child it will not survive. Even if one child survives, in the end he will be sorrowful on account of the child.

Note: I could not get any chart to verify this yoga.

  1. महासागर योग – Maha Sagar Yoga

चतुष्केन्द्रेषु सौम्याश्च बंधुषष्ठे तमःकुजौ। एकादशे शनिस्तिष्ठेन्महासागरयोगतः॥१८॥

महाराजोऽथवा मंत्री राजरोगी कलेवरः। द्विजदेवार्चने प्रीतिः सर्पदोषकृतः पुरा॥१९॥

Benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon should be placed in Kendras (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) and Rahu in the 3rd house, Mars in the 6th house and Saturn in the 11th house, then this combination is termed as Maha Sagar Yoga.  Those born with this yoga become a King or a Minister. He will suffer bodily due to Raja-Roga. He will be fond of worshipping Brahmin Devatas. He carries Sarpa Dosha from his previous life.

Note on Raja Roga: According to Dhanvantari, the Yakshma Roga (Tuberculosis) is a very deadly disease. Previously, it used to afflict only the grate kings. Hence, it is called as Raja-Roga (a royal disease). Not caring about diet, irregular eating hours and not drinking fluids in adequate quantity are the causes of this disease. The body looses its vitality due to some ulterior reason. Eating without any distinctions also is another reason. Because of these, Raja-Roga sets in. With the result the whole body acquires a pale look. Throat-ache, short of breath feeling, a pain that appears to break the body limbs etc. are its other symptoms. This is a highly enervating disease.

द्विजदेवा – द्विज  means Brahmin and देवा  means God.  So the literal translation goes as Brahmin God. Brahmin here has nothing to do the with the caste system. In the Vedic times Agni, Vayu, Surya and Soma or Moon were the main devatas. In the Upanishads we find the word Brahman who are like fire, Vayu and also Sun and Moon. They saw these Devatas as Brahmin. So one explanation of this word is that the native is fond of worshipping these Brahmin Devatas. The Puranic deities and their different forms of Gods that we worship today are also treated as Brahman as they possess the qualities of Brahman. We can go on expanding this principle to include the consorts of the three supreme divinities Brahma, Vishnu and Siva  – Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvati. To quote the words of David Frawley “To see the Devatas (Gods and Godesses) as forms of Brahman is to really see the devatas. Each devata is a doorway on the infinite which is Brahman…”

Has anybody come across such a horoscope? I am yet to see one such chart.

  1. यमाकृतियोगः – Yama Kruti Yoga

मूतौं तमः कुजक्षेत्रे सहजे च रविर्भवेत्। बुधशुक्त्रेण संयुक्तो अष्टमे रविजाकुजौ॥२१॥

तदा यमाकृतिर्योगो ब्रह्महत्या कृता पुरा। तस्मान्महादरिद्रत्वं अनपत्यो भवेत्तदा॥२२॥

राजरोगी तथा राहोः शनिभौमजपाच्छुभम्।

The next Yoga is termed as Yama Kruti Yoga. The word itself describes the Yoga that it is the action of the God or Controller of death –Yama. For For Lagna having Mars as Lord (meaning Aries and Scorpio), when Rahu is placed in Lagna and in the Sahaj Bhava which is the 3rd house Sun, Mercury and Venus are placed and in the 8th house Mars and Saturn are placed, Yama Kruti Yoga is formed.

If we draw the charts it will look like this.

chart 313

Persons born with this Yoga must have done Brahma Hatya in his previous birth on account of which he will be a very poor man in this birth and in spite of having progeny will be a destitute. He will suffer from Raja Roga (Tuberculosis) and he will be a sad person. If he worships Rahu, Saturn and Mars he will be benefitted.

Brahma Hatya means killing a Brahmin. Here Brahmin is not by birth (caste) but by qualities of the living entity. The qualities as described in Vedas. So if a person has killed a person having the qualities of a Brahmin, then he comes under Brahma Hatya Dosha and he is punished badly in the next birth. If he has done the same Brahma Hatya in the previous life, he will be punished in the present life. One classic Example is the Chart of Sri Rama. Sri Rama had an Exalted Jupiter in the Lagna but was aspected by Saturn and Mars which constituted the curse of a Brahmin. So for the curse of a Brahmin or Brahma Hatya Jupiter plays an important role as he is considered as Brahmin. Any conjunction between Saturn/Mars with Jupiter or Aspect will indicate the curse of a Brahmin in a chart. But here the author has not taken into consideration Jupiter at all. Hence this is a deviation and how far we can consider this to indicate Brahma Hatya Dosha is a big question and needs more extensive study.

For Aries Lagna – the 2nd Lord Venus has conjoined the 6th Lord Mercury and aspected by the 8th Lord Mars.  11th Lord Saturn has gone to the hidden 8th house. No doubt the native will live like a poor man.

For Scorpio Lagna 2nd Lord happens to be Jupiter whose position is not known. 11th Lord Mercury is aspected by the 6th Lord Mars. Venus becomes the 12th Lord and has conjoined the 11th lord.

Position of Sun in the 3rd house is generally considered as one of the strong points in a horoscope. With my little knowledge, I am unable to comprehend in what way this will indicate the results pointed out by the author. Probably if we have some sample charts, the position may become more clear.

Overall, I am not convinced with the results given in the verse for the given combinations. Learned Scholars may kindly enlighten the same to the readers as well as me.

  1. महिषाकृति योग – Mahisha Kruti Yoga

शनिराहू चतुर्थस्थौ दशमे  केतुभूसुतौ। षष्ठेंदुः शुक्ररविणा युतः स्यान्महिषाकृतिः॥२७।

आद्यभ्रातुर्न संतानं भवेद्रोगः पुनः पुनः। तथा मातुर्महाकष्टं जायते नात्र संशयः॥२८॥

Unlike the previous Yoga, this Yoga though named as Mahisha Kruti Yoga meaning the action of a buffalo, there is no mention of any buffalo or any curse on account of some action in previous birth. The combinations for this Yoga are – Saturn and Rahu must be in the 4th house and Ketu and Mars in the 10th house and in the 6th house Moon, Venus and Sun. Results of this Yoga are – Native’s elder brother will have no issues. Native will be afflicted by diseases often. Native’s mother will also be put into big troubles. The author confirms that there will be no doubt on the results mentioned.

This is quite acceptable as the 10th house is the 12th house to the 11th house of elder brothers and the presence of two malefics Ketu and Rahu indicate some problem to the elder brother. The house of diseases-6th house gets afflicted due to the presence of Sun which is not good for health and the frequent troubles to the body is indicated by the aspect of Saturn on 6th house. 4th house indicating mother gets afflicted by presence of two dire malefics.

  1. मातृकघातक योगा – Matru Ghaatak Yoga

लग्नस्थिते यदा जीवे धने सौरिर्यदा भवेत्। सहजे च यदा राहुर्माता तस्य न जीवति॥३२॥

अष्टमस्थो यदा जीवः कर्मस्थाने महीसुतः। सिंहे शौरिर्भवेद्यस्य तस्य माता न जीवति॥३३॥

महार्णवे भृगुमते योगोऽयं मातृघातकः। दैत्याचार्यकृतः प्रस्नो भृगुणा वै प्रकाशितः॥३४॥

Jupiter in Lagna, Saturn in Dhanasthan (2nd house) and Rahu in the 3rd house – Mother of a person  having such a combination will not be living. Also if in a person’s chart, Jupiter is in the 8th, Mars is in the 10th and Saturn is in Leo, his mother will not be living. In the book named as ‘Maharnava’ written by Rishi Bhrighu this Yoga named Matru Ghaatak is mentioned. घातुकः  means matricide. घातक means killing or destroying.

In the latter part of this Yoga, it is also mentioned that the native in his previous birth has murdered his father and mother and hence in this birth he will be without mother.

  1. दरिद्रयोग – Daridra Yoga

क्रूरश्चतुर्थकेंद्रस्थो धने क्रूरोऽथवा गतः। दरिद्रयोगं जानीयाद्राजपुत्रोऽपि यो नरः॥ ४०॥

The next Yoga is Daridra Yoga. Malefics should be placed in all the four kendra places. Or All malefics must be placed in Dhansathan or the 2nd house. Any one who has such a position of planets even if he is the son of a King will be a pauper.

  1. विघात योग – Vighaata Yoga

लग्ने चैकादशे शौरी रिपुस्थाने निशापतिः। भूमिपुत्रो सप्तमस्थो मातृपित्रो न जीवति॥ ४५॥

लग्ने तिष्ठति चेत् क्रूराः पापाः सप्तमगा यदि। मातापित्रोऽतिदुः खार्तः दारा तस्य न जीवति॥४६॥

लग्ने त्रिकस्थिते क्रूरास्तदा पुत्रो न जीवति। अस्मिन् योगे नरो जातो राजमान्योऽतिदुर्बलः॥४७॥

विघातः means Destruction, removing, killing, impediment, abandoning, leaving. This Yoga gives the combinations which lead to the passing away of various relations of the native. Since the word ‘Jeevite’ has been used, the said relations will not survive.

  1. When Saturn is placed in Lagna or 11th house with Moon in the 6th house and Mars in the 7th house father and mother of the native will not survive.
  2. When malefics are placed in the Lagna and also in the 7th house then the native’s parents become very unhappy and the spouse of the native will not survive.
  3. If Lagna, 6th house, 8th house and 12th house are all occupied by malefics then such a native’s progeny will not survive.

Natives born with such Vighaata Yoga will be respected by the King but they will have a weak constitution.

  1. त्रिषुघाती योग – Trishu Ghaati Yoga

रविराहू कुजः शौरिर्लग्ने वा पंचमे स्थितः। आत्मानं हंति पितरं मातरं च न संशयः॥५२॥

योगोऽयं त्रिषुघातारो जन्मकाले भवेन्नृणाम्। पितृदोषः कृतः पूर्वे पुत्रहीनो नरो भवेत्॥५३॥

If in a persons horoscope Sun, Rahu, Mars and Saturn are placed either in Lagna or in the 5th house then without doubt that native not only destroys or brings grief to himself but also to his father and mother. Such a native has done some wrong things to parents in his previous birth on account of which he will be issueless in this birth. This Yoga is called as Trishu Ghaati Yoga. Because three persons get affected – Self,father and mother – probably this yoga is called as Trishu Ghaati Yoga as ‘trishu’ means three.

  1. अन्यप्रकार योग

सूर्यक्षेत्रे गतः शौरिर्भौमक्षेत्रे यदा अगुः। राहुक्षेत्रे दिवानाथो मंदक्षेत्रे धरासुतः॥५४॥

सुते लग्नचतुर्थस्थौ पंचमे संस्थितेऽपि वा। शनिराहू धरासूनुः पुत्रनाशं करोति वै॥ ५५॥

अस्मिन् योगे नरो जातः त्रिषुघाती भवेद् ध्रुवम् । राजपुत्रोऽथवा मंत्री पापकर्मान्वितः सदा॥ ५६॥

Other types of Trishu Ghaati Yoga –

  1. In the rasi of Sun – Leo – Saturn sits and in the rasi of Mars – Aries and Scorpio – Rahu is placed and in the rasi of Rahu – Virgo (Note the deviation here) – Sun is placed and in the rasi of Satrurn – Capricorn and Aquarius – Mars is placed – This is one type.
  2. Saturn, Rahu and Mars are placed in the 5th house, Lagna and 4th house respectively – This is the second type.

A person born with such combination looses his progeny. Persons with such combinations definitely have Trishu Ghaati Yoga, be it a King’s or Minister’s son. He will always be doing bad deeds.


With this I conclude the 2nd part of this Yoga series. In this Yogas, as I could not get sample charts for verification, I have given only the gist of the Sanskrit verses with certain explanations to some of the Yogas as I have understood.

Immediately upon publication of this article in the Astro-Vision, I got two comments from learned and experienced astrologers which are reproduced below for the benefit of the readers:

Comments from Sri CSS:

I see that Jyotish sangraha is not following classic Sanskrit, but that is alright. In Mahasagar yoga again you find that Venus and Mercury are being said to be having to be in two kendras. This may not be possible at least on the equator and our part of the world though it could happen in higher latitudes. Bandhu bhava is the name of the 4th bhava, but the author does seem to use it to indicate the 3rd bhava.

I think by dvija devaa the author is indicating Brahmins and God, not the Brahmin god.

I think Mahishaakriti means in the figure of Buffalo, so it is one of the akriti yogas.

In daridra yoga I think the author is talking about a malefic in 4th bhava or the 2nd bhava. More than one malefic is not mentioned here, if what I am reading is right. I also think that this is an incomplete shloka.

In trishughata yoga harm to father (but not mother) in past life is indicated.

In anyaprakara yoga second line talks of Saturn, Rahu and Mars in 5th, Lagna and 4th respectively or in 5th only (all of them).

On the whole there do not appear to be much mistakes in the translation. The language used in the treatise does not seem to be pure Sanskrit and that might be the reason for inaccuracies to creep in. Viz. Saturn is called Sauri and not Shauri.


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