Yogas for Loss of Child By Gayatri Devi Vasudev

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One of the cruelest blows that can befall one in life is the loss of  a child through  death.  Death may be  inevitable but when it strikes prematurely and snuffs out a blossoming life, nothing can be worse for the family, more especially the parents.  Such loss is often traditionally described as causing unending anguish and pain to the parent – mÉѧÉzÉÉåMÇü ÌlÉUliÉUqÉç.  Most classical works carry several combinations for suffering loss or lack of progeny under the head  Putranasa Yogas (Yogas for the destruction of son or putra) and include the suffix sapat ( zÉÉmÉÉiÉç ) to indicate the reason for such a Yoga in the chart.

Sarpasapa Yogas are the most commonly known Yogas and trace the absence or death of children in a family to the curse of serpents.  Why the serpent has received more importance than any other creature in creation in this context is not clear though scriptural texts do provide some clues.  However, the Yoga seems to centre primarily around the destroying of life-forms or evolving life forms such as eggs, larvae and other.  The acts also include killing snakes.  Here again the main point to note is the killing or taking away of life as the cause for the Yoga to be present in a chart.  Likewise, Matrusapa and Pitrusapa Sutakshaya Yogas are Yogas which are said to show loss of children due to the curse of the mother and father respectively.  It is very important in this context to downplay the significance of the word sapat in these Yogas and focus only on the planetary conditions and the results attributed to these  combinations. 

The underlying factor of sapa needs to be understood and seen in the right perspective.  Oftentimes, no matter how vicious or heartless the children, the parents are willing to overlook everything so long as they get some love, or at least a semblance of love from them. Therefore, the word sapa almost jars in the context of parental psychology when considering the Pitrusapat and Matrusapat Sutakshya or Putranasat Yogas.  The term sapat may be construed, whatever its dictionary meaning, as not the actual hurling or vocal expression of the curse by the parents but the aggregate of anguish and sense of betrayal one could suffer from a child’s heartless behaviour or ingratitude.  This aggregate lies in store in some subtle realm and takes the shape of the Yoga at the birth of one who has inflicted such suffering and pain on a parent to show up as suffering to it on account of its own child.  Since the pain of bereavement through a child’s death almost overrides every other kind of pain, its intensity would equate with that of the cause generating it.  More of these details would be a digression into the philosophy of astrology and so we will stop here and move on to look at some simple combinations for loss of child.

According to Phaladeepika XII – Sl.9,

नीचारिमुढोपगते सुतेशे रिःफारिरन्ध्राधिपसंयुते वा।

सुतस्य नाशः कथितोत्र तज्झैः शुभैरदृष्टे सुतभे सुतेशे॥

If the 5th lord be in a) depression, or (b) inimical house, (c) combustion, or (d) in conjunction with the lords of the 12th, 6th and 8th, the result will be loss of children. So say the learned in astrology.  The same will be the case when the lord of the 5th is in the 5th and not aspected by benefics.

This Sloka gives four conditions under which one loses a child. Though the term used putra refers to the son, it can also include daughter and is to be liberally interpreted as one’s child.  The Sloka refers only to the 5th lord’s position and says nothing about the 5th house.  In the consideration of any Bhava, the basic principle is not only to examine and evaluate the Bhava but also its lord and the influences under which both the Bhava and the lord  come.  The picture that emerges from such a complete assessment can be fairly accurate.

Sloka 19 in the same chapter gives somewhat the same conditions but slightly different results.

पुत्रेशे रिपुनीचगोऽस्तमयगो

रिःफाष्टमारिस्थि तस्तदृत्पुत्र- गृहस्थितोऽपि यदि वा दुस्थानपस्तदृशात्।

पुत्रभावनिदानमेव कथयेत् तत्स्वेचराक्रान्तभ…

If at birth the lord of the 5th house be in his inimical or depression sign or be combust or occupy any of the Dustanas, the 6th, 8th or the 12th, or the planet occupying the 5th be similarly situated or happen to be the lord of any of the 6th, 8th or the 12th, one ought to declare childlessness as an inevitable result…..

The conditions of the 5th lord being in (a) debility, (b) inimical sign, (c) combustion or (d) Dustanas are the same in both Slokas 9 and 19.  But Sloka 19 additionally gives another condition relating to the occupant of the 5th house being similarly blemished or a Dustana lord himself.  But the adverse results of the same Yogas in the two Slokas have been shown as widely differing.  Loss of issue is distinctly different from mere childlessness and more of a tragedy than the latter.

Therefore in a broad sense, we may interpret the result as showing deficiency in relation to the 5th Bhava.  If a chart with these combinations does not get any offspring, then the Yoga may be deemed to have spent itself out.  However, where in a chart with these combinations there are children, then the possibility of the specific result of loss of child gets strengthened, subject of course to the complete analysis of all the relevant factors of the house, its lord, the aspects and association the house and the lord come under as well as the Dasa and Bhuktis running in the chart.

The same combinations showing the two widely differing results of childlessness and loss of child would compel one to appreciate the fact of a horoscope being more of an indicative matrix than a deterministic design.

These Yogas can include loss through abortion, miscarriage, stillbirths or deaths in infancy. These are no doubt painful events but most people tend to get over the loss when it is followed by the birth of a healthy baby.  However, when death occurs when the child, son or daughter, is moving into or has moved into the teenage bracket or youth or even middle age and is at a stage when the parents would have pinned their hopes and dreams on their offspring is a situation that, in terms of its gravity and power to inflict pain is distinctly different from the other.  When this happens, the blow is truly devastating and it may be many years before the loss is accepted and the grief overcome at least to an extent.

Such a Yoga can truly be described as Putrasoka Yoga and has been found to occur when there is a connection between the 5th house (progeny) and the 8th house, the house of death. Another combination which has shown up in a large number of cases is the aspect or connection of Mars in any manner with the 5th house.

Chart 1: Indira Gandhi: Born November 19, 1917 at 23h.13m. at 25 N 27, 81 E 51 with a balance of 1 year 3 months 25 days of Sun Dasa at birth.

Chart 415

The best example for a Putrasoka Yoga is Indira Gandhi’s horoscope (Chart 1).  She had pinned all her hopes on Sanjay Gandhi and would even look up to him for guidance before making important decisions pertaining to the country. 

The 5th is occupied by the 2nd lord Sun and the 12th (cum 3rd) lord Mercury while the 5th lord Mars aspects it.  The occupants of the 5th house, Sun and Mercury, though strengthened by the aspect of their sign-dispositor are in Anuradha ruled by 8th (cum 7th) lord Saturn. Jupiter as the 6th (cum 9th) lord aspects the 5th.  Considered from the Moon-sign, the 5th house Taurus is occupied by 12th (cum 3rd) lord Jupiter in Parivartana with 5th lord Venus.  Sanjay Gandhi died in an aircraft crash in June-July 1980. 

Chart 2: Father: Born September 22, 1962 at 13h.35m. at 25 N 56, 81 E with a balance of 9 years 11 months 5 days of Jupiter Dasa at birth.

Chart 416

In Chart 2, the 18 year old son of the native committed suicide on 31-10-2009 by dousing himself with petrol and setting himself ablaze.

The 5th house in Chart 2 is Aries aspected by 6th (cum 11th) lord Venus.  The 5th lord Mars is in the 7th but with 8th lord Moon.  Jupiter (R) aspects the 5th lord and the afflicting 8th lord Moon but did not give any relief.  Considered from the Moon-sign, the 5th house is Libra occupied by its ruler Venus and aspected by 8th (cum 9th) lord Saturn(R) and Jupiter (R).  Saturn as 8th lord afflicts both the 5th house Libra as well as the 5th lord Venus.  Why did Jupiter’s aspect and more particularly as Ascendant lord, on the 5th lord Mars not help?  Was it because of retrogression?

Chart 3: Male: Born May 30, 1964 at 18h.00m. at 28 N 40 77 E 13 with a balance of 9 years 11 months 5 days of Jupiter Dasa at birth.

Chart 417

In Chart 3, where the native lost his teenage daughter, the 8th house connection is plainly visible.  The 5th house is Pisces.  It is not occupied or aspected by any planet.  Its ruler Jupiter is in the 6th with Ascendant lord Mars and 8th (cum 11th) lord Mercury.  Note the 5th lord occupying a Dustana as also associating with another Dustanadhipati Mercury who is the 8th lord.  Malefic Saturn aspects the 5th lord.

From the Moon-sign or Chandra Lagna, the 5th house Taurus has the 8th lord Sun in it.  The 5th lord Venus (R) is in the 6th (a Dustana) with Rahu.

Chart 4: Female: Born June 28, 1965 at 5h.30m. at 23 N 43, 86 E 53 with a balance of 4 years 4 months 29 days of Mars Dasa at birth.

Chart 418

The mother (Chart 4 is of the wife of native of Chart 3) has the 5th cum 12th lord Venus in the 2nd house in Parivartana with 2nd lord Moon which involves the 5th house indirectly.  Venus has no connection with 8th lord Saturn but is with Ascendant lord Mercury.  However, a closer look would reveal Venus occupies Pushyami, ruled by 8th (cum 9th) lord Saturn.  Considered from the Moon-sign the 5th house has Mars occupying it. The pitch is set for loss of issue (child) in both Charts 3 and 4.

Chart 5: Daughter: Born May 24, 1994 at 28 N 40 77 E 13 with a balance of 1 year 1 month 29 days of Jupiter Dasa at birth.

The daughter (Chart 5) has Scorpio rising with the Ascendant lord Mars in the 6th in a Dustana. Malefics Rahu and Moon afflicted thereby) are in the 1st, Saturn is in the 4th while the Sun and Ketu occupy the 7th.  That makes for only malefics in Kendras.  The benefics offer no redemption.  Venus and Mercury are in the 8th while Jupiter is in the 12th.  Malefics in Kendras and benefics in Dustanas weaken the foundation of a chart, making it vulnerable to early death.  The afflicted Moon only adds to the bleak picture.  This 14 year old young child was found killed in May 2008.  The Putranasa Yogas in the charts of the couple find reinforcement in the chart of the daughter.

 In brief, an 8th house connection with or the Martian influence on the 5th house can spell danger of death to the child of the native.  However, we must clearly bear in mind that these combinations are broad generalizations and should be applied against the background of the chart as a whole, the Dasas and the transits.  It is well-known that a chart where a combination may be present but which does not see the relevant Dasa operate may never experience the results of the Yoga. The same condition applies here too.  Further, the result is itself of such a serious nature that, if expressed, can have a devastating effect on a parent and so needs to be confirmed only after a careful and thorough study of the horoscopes of all the members of the family. l

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